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50 Cool And Unique Wall Clocks You Can Buy Right Now

Some people might argue that standard clocks are becoming obsolete. After all, everywhere you turn there is a cell phone or computer screen that clearly displays an accurate time — and you don’t have to wind it or remember daylight savings. But clocks are not purely about functionality. Both timepieces and wall clocks can serve […]

On Goodness

Forget evolution, science versus religion and just, for a minute, concentrate on this: Gen 1:31 –  God saw all that He had made, and behold, it was very good. Creation was made to be good.  Clearly we have strayed somewhere along the...Show More Summary

Women's Bathing Suit Fashion in 1922

Fashion history was shocked into the 20th century with some of the newer all revealing figure hugging swimsuits that revealed the body limbs more clearly than ever before. Liberated from long skirts, young women of the twenties woreShow More Summary

Debloater Blocks, Disables, or Removes Bloatware on Android

Windows/OS X: If you need to clear out bloatware on your Android phone, Debloater makes it easy to sift through all the junk and disable unnecessary apps. If you’re rooted, you can even remove them entirely. Read more...

VIDEO: Reds clearly better team - Rodgers

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers says his side were unfortunate not to take all three points after their 1-1 draw with Everton at Goodison Park.

ALERT! Delta schedule change Saturday has struck again! Please check all your flights!

If you go and check your current reservations you may, or may not, see an UBER tiny little red time stamp on the side of one of your reservations. Please understand it is not like Delta IT tries to make it really clear you have been affected and wants to alert you to issues you may have. Show More Summary

Sunday Morning Garden Chat: October Already?

From faithful garden correspondent Marvel: Early Fall in the Wilammette Valley has been mild and wonderful. Clear, sunny skies, cool breezes, sparkling sun. We’ve eaten the last of our vine-ripened tomatoes, juiced & ‘sauced all our apples and dug up all the potatoes. Most recently, we’ve been filling up on a robust bunch of veggies [Read more...]

Clear Out Old Or Suspicious Gmail Account Activity & Sessions

Google’s services are easily accessible from nearly every OS. Because of this, you probably log into Gmail from plenty of devices: phones, laptops, tablets or TVs. Google keeps a log of all that activity including devices used to access Gmail, the IP address, state, and when the access was granted. Show More Summary

My comprehensive plan for US policy on the Middle East

Four years ago, I put forward a comprehensive plan for US policy on the Middle East (reproduced in full over the fold). Looking back from 2015, I think it’s clear that it would have yielded better outcomes all round than the actual policy of the Obama Administration, or any alternative put forward in the US […]

Amber Rose -- You Can Ask Me All About Slut-Shaming ... But Keep Kim & Kanye Out Of It!!

Amber Rose made one thing very clear at her Slut Walk event in LA on Saturday... mention Kim and Kanye, get the boot. In a letter given to everyone on the red carpet, Rose asked she only get questions about the walk and her personal endeavors. One…

Let’s rank all 6 of the new Xbox One bundles Microsoft announced this week

Despite the fact that the Xbox One is arguably the best console on the market, Microsoft still can’t catch up with Sony when it comes to sales. That’s not to say the Xbox One is floundering, but it became abundantly clear that the company is dedicated to growing its share of the market when it announced six (6) new console bundles this week. Show More Summary

Tempescope Is A Weather Display For Your Home

An inventor from Japan has developed a unique ambient weather display for your home. Now all you need to do is just walk into your living room and check out a display in a clear box that reproduces weather conditions in real time. So, when are you getting your Tempescope? 

Top 5 Foods to Eat for Clear, Healthy Skin

Eating a balanced diet, getting enough sleep and staying hydrated are all vital for your health as well as for your skin and can diminish the need to use lots of fancy (and expensive!) skin products. Generally, eating a diet rich in whole foods and limited in processed foods is good both for your body and skin. Show More Summary

Cathy McMorris Rodgers 'booed, hissed and yelled' at while defending the Benghazi commission

He didn't actually use the words "witch hunt." It's been a rough week for Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers. First, she was "privately urged" not to run for one of the top three leadership posts in the House, even as all her clearly more capable male colleagues jockey for position. Show More Summary

Chicago über alles: Fox News’ directive from on high — if Obama discusses mass-shooting, you mention the Second City

The talking points could hardly have been more clear thanks to the faithful execution of Fox News' hired hands

The Vatican Confirms Pope Francis' Meeting With Kim Davis Does NOT Mean He Supports Her View On Gay Marriage — Details HERE

We're glad this is cleared up a bit! We're all familiar with the whole Kim Davis issue by now — she went to jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples! Well earlier this week, one of Kim reps said that she had a meeting with Pope Francis where Kim said the Pope told her [...]

The Vatican says: "The Pope did not enter into the details of the situation of Mrs. Davis...

"... and his meeting with her should not be considered a form of support of her position in all of its particular and complex aspects." Is that clear?

Adblock for Chrome sold, joins Adblock Plus’ Acceptable Ads program

Ad blocking is becoming a business. While there are still many extensions out there that are not monetized at all or only slightly, for instance by accepting donations, it is clear that there is a drive towards making adblocking profitable for companies involved. Show More Summary

PROMISE MEETS EXPIRATION DATE: Barack Obama in 2008: “I just want to be absolutely clear. Alright, …

PROMISE MEETS EXPIRATION DATE: Barack Obama in 2008: “I just want to be absolutely clear. Alright, So I don’t want any misunderstanding when you all go home and you are talking to your buddies and you say, ah ‘He wants to take your guns away.’ You’ve heard it here, I’m on television so everybody knows […]

Some Thoughts After the Oregon Shooting

For all our progress and telling ourselves we're the "best yet!" in this information age, there are clearly a massive amount of emotional wrecks. These individuals don't stop at withdrawing from the world, but seek to harm society in absolutely horrific ways. Show More Summary

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