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The 1 Smoothie That Will Turn You Into a Beet Believer

For the longest time, I was never really a fan of beets. Although I loved their intensely rich color, I was always a bit turned off by how slimy they appeared. I know - sounds ridiculous, right? But then I kept reading time and time again about how nutritious this earthy purple root is for you. Show More Summary

Can you name a better final boss battle than the one in Super Metroid?

I'll always remember the end of Star Fox Adventures as the perfect example of how not to end a video game. This 25-hour adventure, lightly sprinkled with that classic Star Fox action we all love, goes against everything the game was about in its final moments with a shoehorned Andross battle. Show More Summary

Remembering Adam: How I’ll Always Regret the One I Drove Away

Remembering Adam: How I’ll Always Regret the One I Drove Away This touching story between Mikey and Adam is one of young gay love that ended in the most tragic of ways Hornet Stories - Hornet Stories bring you the best news, pop-culture, and opinions on the web!

Think Yoga Is "Too Slow" or Not Competitive Enough? Bob Harper Will Change Your Mind

A post shared by Bob Harper (@bobharper) on Aug 30, 2017 at 9:02am PDT Bob Harper is known and loved for his ruthless training tactics on The Biggest Loser. You could always find him screaming until his throat hurt, sweating until there were no towels left, and pushing contestants to be the absolute best version of themselves. Show More Summary

These Stars Are All Rocking Fanny Packs, And You Should Too

Nostalgic fashion trends are always resurfacing, but there's none we love more than the fanny pack. Part functional and part retro chic, these modified purses are totally making a comeback - even our favorite celebrities are wearingShow More Summary

21 Matching Harry Potter Tattoos For Couples Who Will "Always" Stay Together

Couples who share a mutual love for Harry Potter are bound to stay together, always. If you and your significant other want to pay homage to the series, we've found magical tattoo inspiration, from matching Deathly Hallows symbols to Patronuses. See 21 ideas ahead for you and the Lily to your James. Related 12 Harry Potter Engagement Rings For When You're Ready to Say "Always"

The Social Arena: ‘Boxing’s’ New Ring

I have to admit to all of you that I am a big boxing fan. Since I was a kid, I have always loved the strategy that boxers use inside that small arena to understand their competition and outmaneuver the opponent to gain leverage in each and every bout. My affinity for the ring has...

My Dad and Two Uncles Died on 9/11—Here’s What I Want You to Remember on the Anniversary

After losing my father and two uncles on 9/11, I've learned that hatred is tempting, but love always wins.

The One Meal You Should Never Order At A Restaurant, According To A Chef

Dining out is always a good idea, especially if it means you don't have to cook for yourself! And it always feels like a special occasion if you're getting together with friends and family. That's why so many people love going out for brunch -- and, well, there's always a bottomless drink special involved too. Show More Summary

"You know, your friends and family, the people who really love you, will always support you no matter..."

You know, your friends and family, the people who really love you, will always support you no matter what, and those that don’t, you probably don’t need anyway.” - Leo Varadkar

Domino’s Just Made The Most Heartbreaking Announcement Ever & We’re Devastated!

Whether you love pizza or not, there's no denying the goodness of Domino's. The pizza chain is always on-point with their food and always manages to deliver your pizza in a flash. Now, your delivery guy is about to get your door even...Show More Summary

T4MVC and R4MVC - Roslyn code generators for ASP.NET Core tag helpers

I've always loved the T4 text generator within Visual Studio. If you are looking for T4 within Visual Studio 2017 you need to install the "Visual Studio extension development" option within the installer to access it. However, T4 development seems stalled/done and if you want to utilize some of it. Show More Summary

When the Racist Is Someone You Know and Love

May you always have the courage to speak out. “Don’t worry, pretty lady. I’ll make sure to use a good, strong lock to keep the niggers out.” He smiled. I blinked. Fifteen years ago, I was moving into my third-floor condo in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana. Show More Summary

Headed to a shelter? Think lifeboat, not 'Love Boat'

2 weeks agoNews : USAToday: News

There’s always the chance you’ll be bunked near that guy who listens to music without headphones and swills from a hidden flask.        

How to Be a Rainmaker Without Networking

Facebook gave us endless 'friends,' although most Facebook friends are fake. So in the evolution of social media, has networking turned into "fake-friending"? Or has it always been that way -- "hello, I love you, won't you tell me your name?" It is the networking game, and it's understood......

Guy crying during an interview for his dream job teaches us a very important lesson

If you, like us, love an incredibly moving story about LGBTQ representation in videogames and in general about the invaluable asset of always being your raw, vulnerable self, brace yourself. It was his first time outside of Australia, and, safe to say, he was THRILLED about the interview though not massively confident about the outcome. Show More Summary

These Are the 18 Stars You'll Always Find in the Front Row at Fashion Week

The celebrities who sit front row at Fashion Week share a genuine love for design. While some of them are model vets, like Cara Delevingne and Miranda Kerr, others just have strong relationships with their favorite brands, and they love...Show More Summary

18 Weird Things You Never Noticed About Your Favorite TV Show Sets

Are you a Netflix addict who always has a new show to watch? Well, then you'll love these fun facts about the iconic sets from your favorite series. From The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to Sex and the City, there are plenty of secret set details that most viewers never notice about the shows they love... Show More Summary

This man's socks created the perfect optical illusion

Everyone loves a good optical illusion. There's a weird sort of delight in realizing that you can't always control your brain's perception of something, even if you try really, really hard to fight against it. SEE ALSO: This viral optical...Show More Summary

Orange You Befuddled: Prince’s Sister Reveals His Favorite Color Wasn’t Actually Purple

Prince’s Sister Reveals Shocking Info About The Late Icon If there’s one thing everyone always knew about Prince, it’s that he loved and cherished the color purple. Good news: everything you’ve ever known is a lie. In a recent

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