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The Only 10 Songs You Need to Celebrate Dolly Parton's Birthday

17 hours agoEntertainment : BuzzSugar

Whether she's belting out ballads like "I Will Always Love You" or bitching about PMS in the form of a song, Dolly Parton demands - and deserves - your attention. The sassy, smart, and gifted country singer turned 71 this week, having written thousands of songs over the course of a career that's still going strong. Show More Summary

Charles Martinet, the voice of Mario (and more) is always delightful to watch

While you'd be hard pressed to find someone who works at Nintendo and says they hate their job on camera, Charles Martinet, the voice of Mario (and many more like Luigi) seems to genuinely love his job. He kind of has to if he's been doing it for 26 years, and this short interview from Great Big Story encapsulates why he loves it so much. Show More Summary

Richard Curtis Is Just a Boy, Standing in Front of Your Phone, Asking You to Engage With His Davos Pokémon Go Poverty-Awareness Campaign

If basic appeals to human decency aren’t coming through, there’s always Pokémon. According to a frankly baffling report from Business Insider, Richard Curtis, writer of Love Actually and Notting Hill, is involved in a campaign to educate people at Davos about world poverty through the formerly very popular app Pokémon ... More »

Winc Offers The Best Boutique Wines On The Market For Under $7 A Bottle

If you’re one of those people who always thinks it’s a perfect time to have a glass of wine (we don’t judge), you’ll love Winc Wine Delivery. [ more › ]

12 Facts You May Not Have Known About Black Canary [Music Week]

Everyone loves comic book trivia, but with decades of comics behind, there’s always some new obscure fact to learn. That’s why ComicsAlliance is going deep into the minutiae of your favorite names in comics in our continuing video series. Show More Summary

This Chart Explains What Those Numbers on the Bathroom Scale Really Mean

Some days you love your bathroom scale, other days you want to chuck it in the trash and set it on fire. You may not always agree with the numbers, but if you take emotion out of it, your bathroom scale is trying to tell you something. This chart helps you decipher what. Read more...

12 Facts You May Not Have Known About Gorillaz [Music Week]

Everyone loves trivia about their favorite animated features and series, but with over 100 years of animation history behind us right now, there’s always some new obscure fact to learn. That’s why ComicsAlliance is going deep into the minutiae of your favorite names in cartoons in this continuing video series. Show More Summary

5 Tips From Toddlers For a Healthier You

When my brother and I were growing up my mom fed us 3 meals a day. Each of those meals always included bread (she made homemade biscuits every day) and delicious desserts. Mom loved to bake and she was famous for her made from scratch cakes and pies. Show More Summary

Weird Al Yankovic Releases a Box Set in an Accordion

Fans of Weird Al Yankovic are going to love this news. This is the box set that you have always wanted. Weird Al released his first album in 1983, and since then he’s released 14 studio…

Don’t Be Afraid To Love

I’m here to tell you, love is always worth the try.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Rumors: Brown Family Pays Hefty $12,000 Felony Fine With Barely Time To Spare?

One thing you have to love about the Brown family: they’re always finding themselves in the middle of some mess, and while that’s terrible news for them, it’s great news for bloggers who get to write about their exploits. And the latest Alaskan Bush People rumors fail to disappoint the members of the entertainment news... Show More Summary

CleanTechnica’s New Mobile Design — Love It? Hate It? Meh?

As you may have noticed (unless you're like me and do almost all of your web surfing on a laptop), we updated our site design on mobile this week. As always, I'm curious what you readers think — love it? hate it? don't care CleanTechnica’s...Show More Summary

WATCH: How to Recognize and Prevent Injection-Site Lipohypertrophy

Whether you are using insulin injections or insulin pump therapy, one major side effect that you must watch out for is lipohypertrophy. So, one thing I’ve always loved to do is to break words down into their parts. With this one, you can break it into three parts: Lipo-, meaning to do with fat and […]

Love Is Always Scarpering, Or Cowering, Or Fawning

This month’s Cillizza Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field Of Hackdom goes to…Chris Cillizza: You should watch this Paul Ryan town hall on CNN. The guy is extremely impressive. — Chris Cillizza (@TheFix) January 13, 2017 Um… It is very difficult to have a working understanding of health policy and simultaneously be impressed by […]

If He’s The Right Guy, He’ll Make You Feel These 9 Things

The best kind of love makes us want to be better. Better people, better friends, better children. If he's the one, he'll inspire you to always grow to be the best you possible.

Resident Evil 7's trying to trick you into its cannibal-filled home

An inviting home is not always a home you want to be invited to. Maybe the design is spot-on -- an open concept and "Live, Laugh, Love" scrawled on the wall -- and that sounds pretty nice. But, the owners of that modern chic house, they want to murder you. Show More Summary

Incredible Little Things You Can Do To Show Friends You Love Them

It's always amazing when a pal goes out of her way to show you that she's thinking of you, so here are some ideas on how to spread those fuzzy feels yourself. If you have a Thelma to your Louise, text her just as you're turning off your alarm clock, or live for those happy hours you have after work, then show her just how much you care! READ MORE »

This Is the Stupidest Mistake You Can Make While Cooking

Listen up, people who love to cook. You're about to read a brief cautionary tale about why you should always measure ingredients and never shake the salt or dried herbs over the pot. The other night, I was making a sauce for my spaghetti squash while I waited for it to roast in the oven. Show More Summary

When You Love What You Have, You Have Everything You Need

How much do you focus on what you lack? Do you always notice your single status, the perfect job you... The post When You Love What You Have, You Have Everything You Need appeared first on Lifehack. Love what you have and begin to feel more fulfilment in your life.

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