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59 Online Sales We're Pretty Sure You're Going to Love

We know it's like, really nice outside right now, but if you're yearning to park it in front of the computer and spend some cash money on prepping your wardrobe for spring (hey, it sure feels like it!) then as always, Fashionista is comin' through with our weekly roundup of online sales.... Continue reading

'All Star Batman' #8 Will Knock You Upside The Head With A Robot Flamingo [Preview]

It doesn't happen often, but I always appreciate those rare stories where Batman leaves Gotham City and makes his way to the American South. For that reason, I was ready to love All Star Batman #8, by Scott Snyder and Giuseppe Camuncoli, before I even saw the first page --- and then it got better. Check out a preview. Continue reading…

How to work from home and stay sane

Homeworkers need downtime too Some might say I’m living the dream, paid to sit at home all day. Working for myself? From home? You’d love to do it, you think – I know, because you always tell me, at parties. “My dream to never leave the house, no commute, arrive at my desk in my...

Dude Scientifically Proves Which Is The Most Depressing Radiohead Song

Radiohead have always had a special gift for making glitchy sad bastard music sound warm, inviting, and irresistibly catchy. But no matter how much you love to dance to "Idioteque" or rock out to "2+2=5," Radiohead's speciality, as far as most are concerned, lies in their ability to mine the depths of melancholy and find emotional resonance. Show More Summary

The Kitchen Gadget That Sold Me on Kitchen Gadgets — Maxwell's Daily Find

I love gadgets, but not usually in the kitchen. I always find them to be these fads that come and go: you buy it, use it for a few meals, maybe even rave about it to your friends. But then before you know it, the product has become some forgotten thing taking up space in your already crowded kitchen. Show More Summary

Sunday School Lessons For Kids

As Sunday School teachers, we are always on the lookout for new and exciting Sunday School lessons for kids! We love discovering kids Bible resources that help bring our favorite Bible stories to life. If you have been looking for some...Show More Summary

The Adventures of Banana Teacher - 01 Origins

I love being a teacher. It's what I've always wanted to be (unless you count ninja princess as a profession). When I first came to Japan, I spoke zero Japanese. I literally knew nothing about their writing system or pronunciation. I figured that I'd work it out and that it wouldn't affect my everyday life, but boy did it ever. Show More Summary

Chrissy Teigen Brightened Everyone's Tuesday By Adorably Trolling John Legend on Twitter

3 days agoFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

Jumping back into the work grind after a long weekend can be difficult, so in case you needed some comedic relief or a casual reminder that true love exists, as always, model Chrissy Teigen is your girl. John Legend look...

12 Facts You May Not Have Known About The Inhumans

Everyone loves comic book trivia, but with decades of comics behind, there’s always some new obscure fact to learn. That’s why ComicsAlliance is going deep into the minutiae of your favorite names in comics in our continuing video series. Show More Summary

5 Essential Elements of a Sweet Spring Wedding

You love picnics, the outdoors, and floral everything. A spring wedding is the way you've always pictured your special day, and these elements will bring your dreams to life. read more The post 5 Essential Elements of a Sweet Spring Wedding appeared first on Weddingbee.

21-year-old man cremated in giant Lego brick

Losing a loved one is never easy, but they'd always want you to remember their bright personality and sense of humor. A family of a 21-year-old man had that very intention when choosing his coffin. Reddit user helypants shared the coffin...Show More Summary

To The Women Who Always End Up With Fckboys

Once you realize you are worthy of a healthy, passionate, loving relationship, you will attract one. If you don’t recognize and firmly believe in your self-worth, it is easy for others to walk all over you.

12 Facts You May Not Have Known About 'ReBoot'

Everyone loves trivia about their favorite animated features and series, but with over 100 years of animation history behind us right now, there’s always some new obscure fact to learn. That’s why ComicsAlliance is going deep into the minutiae of your favorite names in cartoons in this continuing video series. Show More Summary

13 Cute & Clever Things Voracious Readers Will Love

If you constantly have a nightstand piled high with books, are on your local bookstore's newsletter, or always tuck a paperback into your bag, then it's safe to say that you're a book lover. And while it's easy to jump into your story...Show More Summary

This Is Why You Will Never Get Over Him, No Matter How Long It Has Been

There is nothing you can do to make it go away completely. Because when love comes your way once, it won't completely leave the cells and bones on your body. You'll always have a piece of that love, and you'll always have a piece of him stenciled on your lips.

Writing Tips: 7 Steps to Deal with Overwriting

I love being a writer because there is always more to learn about the craft. And even if you do know something already, it never hurts to revisit the basics.  Today, Charlie Wilson from The Book Specialist gives us some tips on avoiding overwriting. Whether you’re an aspiring fiction author or a seasoned novelist, overwriting is […]

Today: You Call This Love? Seems Like It Always Rains in Southern California.

I’m Davan Maharaj, editor-in-chief of the Los Angeles Times. Here are some story lines I don’t want you to miss today, including our weekend recommendations and weekly look back into the archives. TOP STORIES You Call This Love? President Trump says he loves the Dreamer kids. “DACA is a very, very...

Not Just For Valentine's Day: The Best Year-Round Bouquets to Knock Your Loved One's Socks Off — Maxwell's Daily Find

Well, Valentine's Day has come and gone, and whether you are coupled up, single, or somewhere in between, it's always a wonderful reminder to celebrate all the love in your life. We had a blast rounding up our favorite "flower" delivery...Show More Summary

At the Bookshelf Café...

... let's play board games!No, you can talk about anything, but do consider showing some love for the Althouse blog by using this link — the link that is always in the banner — when you shop Amazon.

Mariska Hargitay & Christopher Meloni Had Valentine's Day Reunion & Fans Are Loving It!

Former Law & Order: SVU co-stars Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni had a reunion during Valentine’s Day week! If you didn’t know, Mariska and Christopher played detective partners on SVU for years, and fans always hoped their characters would hook up. They remain great friends to this day, even though Christopher left the show years [...]

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