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The Prettiest #OOTDs You've Ever Seen

Whether you love to dress up every day or once in a blue moon, there's always inspiration for that special look you're searching for. And we can learn a thing or two from the stylish bloggers who know just the right thing to throw on. Show More Summary

Zoe Kravitz -- Lenny's Greatest Hits ... Teeny Black Bikini Edition (PHOTOS)

Zoe Kravitz stacks up just fine against "Are You Gonna Go My Way"... "Always on the Run"... "Fly Away" or "Let Love Rule." The "Dope" star was hanging on South Beach in a little black bikini -- reminding us Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet's music,…

5 Indie Games You Might Love on Xbox One in 2016

People always pour their attention and energy into the big budget games, forgetting that some of the smaller indie games can be just as amazing (and in some cases, even more so) than the big games. Here are 5 indie games for Xbox One you should keep your eyes peeled for next year. Show More Summary

The Story Behind This Woman's Tattoo Will Move You to Tears

Ink is forever and so is this woman's love for her late husband. In honor of him passing away five months ago, she got a tattoo that would always remind her of him. She posted a photo on Imgur of her newly inked arm and a handwritten Valentine's Day letter that inspired the now permanent words. Show More Summary

If You’ve Always Wanted to Wear a Snuggie in Public, You’ll Love Blanket Scarves for Fall

Scarf season is arguably the most wonderful time of the year. More » If You’ve Always Wanted to Wear a Snuggie in Public, You’ll Love Blanket Scarves for Fall is a post from TheGloss - Get the best women's beauty, make up, hairstyles tips. Get sex, dating advice, culture news and hot trends for women..

The Carter Crater: Mobile Gaming is More Convenient, and Convenience Always Wins

The reaction to Tasos's editorial on the oncoming irrelevance of PC gaming and Eli's editorial on how the things you love aren't going away once mobile takes over from the last couple of days struck some nerve, for sure. And it's interesting because there's usually a lot of gaming enthusiasts and even media that are

Value Sized Meals Give You No Value

When I was an overweight woman I loved to eat huge amounts of food. Chip bags – the whole thing. Oreo cookie trays – all three. Ritz cracker sleeves – two. I always thought “the more food the better.” This was especially true when dining at a restaurant or driving thru a restaurant drive-thru window. Why   Continue Reading...

The Grass Isn’t Always Greener: Ways to Find Joy in Your Living Arrangement

Hope and Pete's Bohemian Modern Abode Pin it Is there any greater joy than opening your front door after a grueling, seemingly infinite work day and coming face to face with someone who you love, who cares about you and who's happy to...Show More Summary

Rooms with a view: 6 of the best in Canada

If, like me, you love water, you will always choose a hotel near a lake, river or the ocean. But that is only the beginning. Then you have to choose the right room. You need to get a room overlooking the water. Yes, it costs a few pounds...Show More Summary

How To Be Cool At Social Gatherings And Get Everyone To Fall In Love With You Always

Social gatherings. Hanging out with people, on purpose. Face-to-face communication. What a concept. It's a fad that has been sweeping the nation ever since it began back on the Boston Harbor in 1773. Some called it, "The Boston Tea Party" but I like to refer to it as just a couple of friends having a good time. Show More Summary

Thinking different – a couple of distinctive creative lighting techniques to try

I always love playing with light, creating new techniques or finding a new gadget to help my images stand out from the crowd. I also love creating mood and texture with my light. So I would like to share with you two pieces of kit that are always at hand in my studio when I [...]Show More Summary

Kim Kardashian Dishes Fashion Advice; Reveals Baby’s Due Date

Whether you love her, or love to hate her, one thing is certain – Kim Kardashian is always up to date on the latest fashions. But considering how much her fashion has changed since hooking up with Kanye West, is it all his doing? InShow More Summary

Comcast wants you to keep using Comcast even for web video

Comcast loves when you watch regular TV. But, it also knows that you're also watching web-only content on YouTube and other video sites. To try to get your eyeballs always on its properties it announced the beta launch of its curated video platform, Watchable. Show More Summary

You’ll (One) Love this House of Marley Bluetooth speaker

Music doesn’t always have to be tightly funneled into our ear canals for us to enjoy it. Audio companies are finding ways to bring a big sound to an open space from a portable package. Add House of Marley to the growing list of Bluetooth, water-resistant speakers currently vying for our listening attention. Show More Summary

12 Facts You May Not Have Known About the Teen Titans

Everyone loves comic book trivia, but with 75 years of superhero comics behind us right now, there’s always some new obscure fact to learn. That’s why ComicsAlliance is going deep into the minutiae of your favorite characters in our continuing video series. Show More Summary

From Inked Hearts to Painted Wood Veneer :: Scrapbooking with guest Nancy Damiano

I think you will love today’s guest project – I really do! I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a page made by Nancy Damiano that I didn’t love. Her style is so clean and crisp but detailed and nuanced. It’s just always a breath of fresh air to me. Show More Summary

Bird knows that a kiss on the head is always the best medicine

Nothing makes you feel better than a little kindness. This blue Indian Ringneck knows a thing or two about friendship. When he saw his friend, a yellow cockatiel, was sick, he made sure to give him a little tender love and care. SeeShow More Summary

Nationalism Is Hard, But Worth It If You Love America

One thing frustrates me about people who purport to be my allies on wanting to enforce America’s immigration laws anew and restore the value of our citizenship. They won’t willingly pay any price for it. It’s always someone else’s fault. Show More Summary

See All the Diverse Faces in H&M's Close the Loop Campaign

There are plenty of reasons to love H&M: it's affordable, on-trend, and always collaborating with high-end designers. But if you're looking for another bullet point to add to that long list of positives, its time to watch H&M's Close...Show More Summary

Lottery Winner Credits Psychic and Lucky Store and Make It Stop My Brain Hurts

You know what I hate about the lottery?The winners never say, "I randomly won!"They always have some "magic trick" that gave them an edge. Maybe they used the birth dates of loved ones. Maybe they prayed. Maybe they played their lucky numbers. Show More Summary

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