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10 Tuesday AM Reads

My two-for-Tuesday morning train reads: • Will technology enable workers or replace them? A long-read Q&A with Daron Acemoglu (American Enterprise Institute) see also No, That Robot Will Not Steal Your Job (New York Times) • Puerto Rico’s...Show More Summary

BETC Opens Its First Stateside Office in L.A. and Partners With Dance Superstar Benjamin Millepied

The French have landed in Los Angeles. BETC, one of the industry's most acclaimed global creative agencies, announced the opening of its first North American office today after years of speculation. BETC L.A. will be an enterprise funded by the larger network and its parent company Havas. The group describes itself as "a new breed...

Tax Policy In The Trump Administration

Treasury Department, Unified Framework For Fixing Our Broken Tax Code: American Enterprise Institute, Why Can’t the GOP Come Up With Any Serious Ideas? The Atlantic, How America's Vision of Progressive Tax Reform Died Bloomberg, The Fate of Trump’s Tax Cut Rests With These Six Senators Bloomberg, Potential M&A Boom from...

Jared Bernstein Shreds AEI Spox: 'We're Not Talking About Tax Reform, These Are Tax Cuts'

American Enterprise Institute spokesman Michael Strain tangled with Jared Bernstein over the proposed tax cuts, and it did not go well at all for him. In the end, he ended up agreeing with Bernstein and ceding every point, includingShow More Summary

Future Farms Will Be Run By Robots

I have a love-hate relationship with farmers. I have a great deal of respect for the enterprise and for those who dedicate their lives to it. But, I also become annoyed at the culture in which modern American farming embeds itself. And, I don’t feel a lot of reticence talking openly about that. Having done…

The argument for tax reform, not cuts

James Pethokoukis of the American Enterprise Institute writes: The United States continues to not be the highest taxed nation in the world, even though President Trump keeps saying otherwise. … Total US tax revenue was 26% of the GDP in 2014 vs. an OECD [Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development] average of 34.4% and the top share of 50.9% in […]

Nikki Haley’s Alternative Facts on Iran

In an address at the American Enterprise Institute today, Nikki Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, laid out an assertive and fundamentally misleading case against continuing U.S. participation in the Iranian nuclear deal. Though...Show More Summary

Trump Could Kill the Iran Deal the Same Way He’s Killing DACA

2 months agoNews : Slate: The Slatest

In a speech at the American Enterprise Institute on Tuesday, Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley gave what might be a preview of how President Trump could finally kill the 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran. Most of Haley’s speech...Show More Summary

Why it’s just bonkers to compare fascists to the activists trying to stop them

2 months agoNews : The Raw Story

For my sins, I recently read the Washington Post essay by Marc Theissen, a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. The essay is titled – ‘Yes, antifa is the moral equivalent of neo-Nazis’. Theissen wrote speeches for George W. Bush. His experience with anti-fascism appears to be negligible. He...

Why It's Just Bonkers to Compare Fascists to the Activists Trying to Stop Them

Click here for reuse options! The sooner we stop the false equivalencies, the better we'll be at fighting Trump's agenda. For my sins, I recently read the Washington Post essay by Marc Theissen, a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. Show More Summary

Acorn Falls For ‘Detectorists’; Boards BBC Comedy As North American Co-Producer

Adding a comedy to its string of UK drama co-productions, Acorn Media Enterprises has boarded Detectorists for Season 3. The BAFTA-winning series that’s written and directed by Mackenzie Crook, who stars with Toby Jones, centers on two oddball metal detecting enthusiasts as they scour the English countryside for treasure. Show More Summary

PAPA JOHN'S CEO: American free enterprise is 'under assault' from big government (PZZA)

The founder of Papa John's isn't happy about where the US is headed. In his new book "Papa: The Story of Papa John's Pizza," CEO John Schnatter slams greedy executives and says regulations are steering the country in a dangerous direction...Show More Summary

Tax Policy In The Trump Administration

American Enterprise Institute, Skinny Tax Reform: Did the GOP Just Say Goodbye to Deeply Cutting Tax Rates? Bloomberg, Bannon Is Said to Call for 44% Tax on Incomes Above $5 Million Bloomberg, Individual Tax Reform May Take ‘Two or More Years,’ Says BofA Bloomberg, Ryan Gives Up on Border-Adjusted Tax...

Trump, Congress Reach Agreement On 'Skinny Tax Reform'

American Enterprise Institute, Skinny Tax Reform: Did the GOP Just Say Goodbye to Deeply Cutting Tax Rates? Bloomberg, Ryan Gives Up on Border-Adjusted Tax on Imports After Attack Forbes, Big Six Kill The Border Adjustable Tax And Full Business Expensing The Hill, Ryan Drops Border Tax Proposal as GOP Unifies...

Do Republicans even care about coverage?

I must confess I no longer understand what GOP lawmakers are intending to accomplish in their “vote-o-rama.” Michael Strain of the American Enterprise Institute argues: Conservatives, who value personal responsibility, should be the first to argue that individuals should be covered by health insurance. And in a nation as wealthy as ours, a medical emergency […]

Sally Satel on Organ Donation

Sally Satel, psychiatrist and resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about the challenges of increasing the supply of donated organs for transplantation and ways that public policy might increase the supply. Show More Summary

For the Record

John McCain: In the July 21 Section A, an article about Sen. John McCain’s bipartisan appeal referred to congressional scholar Norman Ornstein as being with the Brookings Institution. He is with the American Enterprise Institute in Washington. LAPD officer: In some copies of the July 22 Section...

The Most Mendacious Graph the Wall Street Journal Ever Published: Paul Gigot and Kevin Hassett Smackdown/Hoisted from 2007:

...Thanks, Paul Gigot! Thanks, Kevin Hassett! Hoisted from 2007: Most Dishonest Wall Street Journal Editorial Ever : Yes, it's the Wall Street Journal editorial page reporting more American Enterprise Institute-quality research from Kevin Hassett. Show More Summary

Work, Family, and Washington

Writing at NRO earlier this week, Abby McCloskey (a former American Enterprise Institute colleague of mine) argued that Congress should fund paid family leave, further subsidize child care, and expand the earned income tax credit. These...Show More Summary

The Pay Gap is Alive and Well: #NowWhat

iStock/portishead1 The pay gap is one American standard that’s going nowhere. Women and minorities aren’t making enough money First came the story about the White House’s growing pay gap. The American Enterprise Institute (AEI) published a report that revealed the gender pay gap in the Trump White House has more than tripled. Show More Summary

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