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Ten Things that Caught My Eye Today (June 23, 2016)

1. At an event at the American Enterprise Institute this morning, Cardinal Wuerl cited this Q&A from NRO I did last year with Arthur Brooks. I was glad he did as it was a reminder that Arthur’s book on the conservative heart is key reading for rebuilding. Show More Summary

After accusations of suppressing conservative news, Facebook has added political bias training (FB)

Facebook has added political scenarios to its bias training program in the wake of the controversy that the site was suppressing conservative news, Sheryl Sandberg announced during an interview with the American Enterprise Institute. In...Show More Summary

[CV Loop] Democrat stage ‘sit-in’ on House floor over gun control

2016 // Representatives of CatholicVote will be in Washington to attend a conference at the American Enterprise Institute. The daylong summit with feature leading Roman Catholic thinkers and Church leaders to discuss the intersection of Catholic thought and human flourishing. Show More Summary

AEI & TPC:A New Proposal For Corporate Tax Reform

American Enterprise Institute & Tax Policy Center, A New Proposal for Corporate Tax Reform: Eric Toder & Alan D. Viard, A Proposal to Reform the Taxation of Corporate Income: Reduce corporate tax rate to 15 percent Tax at ordinary rates dividends and marked-to-market capital gains of taxable American shareholders of...

Saturday Morning Open Thread: Happy Thought

“Republicans Should Worry About Losing the House” — Charles C. W. Cooke (@charlescwcooke) June 17, 2016 And that’s “senior editor for National Review and a visiting fellow at the American Enterprise Institute” Ramesh Ponnuru worrying in public: … Republicans accept the conventional wisdom that Hillary Clinton is favored to win the presidency, and they […]

Economic Output: If States Were Countries, California Would Be France

AEI graphic: data from Bureau of Economic Analysis and International Monetary Fund This article first appeared on the American Enterprise Institute site. The map above was created (with assistance from AEI’s graphic design director Olivier Ballou) by matching the economic output (GDP) in each U.S. Show More Summary

AEI Hosts Panel Discussion On U.S. Corporate Tax Reform in 2017

American Enterprise Institute, U.S. Corporate Tax Reform in 2017: Exploring the Options: On June 7 at AEI, two expert panels discussed business- and shareholder-level taxation in pursuit of solving current problems with corporate taxation. The Senate Finance Committee’s Christopher H. Hanna remarked that tax reform efforts almost exclusively promote efficiency...

A Leg Up For The Little Guys: Why Whole Foods Has Loaned $20 Million To Local Producers

When Native American Natural Foods, a for-profit social enterprise based on the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota, sought to expand its Tanka brand of dried buffalo and cranberry snacks, they turned to Whole Foods for a $150,000 low-interest loan. Show More Summary

The Strange Politics Of A Universal Basic Income: WSJ For, NY Times Against

Following up on my previous post, Interest In Negative Income Tax Spreads: 'Freeing The World Of Bullshit Jobs': Wall Street Journal Saturday Essay: A Guaranteed Income for Every American, by Charles Murray (American Enterprise Institute): When people learn that I want to replace the welfare state with a universal basic...

The Dow: An Index of Winners

The Dow Jones Industrial Average turns 120 years old today. While it’s a popular measure of American enterprise, it doesn’t reflect the nature of the U.S. economy.

Stock Share Buybacks Now Bought Out — American Enterprise in Decline

Published originally on The Great Recession Blog by David Haggith I have pointed out in previous articles how most of the growth in stocks over the past few years has been due to stock share buybacks. Without this hideous (and at one time illegal) practice, there would have been no bull market over the last few years. That’s right. Show More Summary

Can the NYT Get Its Columnists to Move to Using Data?

Arthur Brooks, the the president of the American Enterprise Institute, used his NYT column to complain that people in the United States were not moving enough. He argues that people were reluctant to move from depressed areas of the country to the growing areas which offer more opportunities. Show More Summary

Facebook's Zuckerberg meets with conservatives

The Wednesday meeting also includes American Enterprise Institute president Arthur Brooks, Tea Party Patriots CEO Jenny Beth Martin and also Brent Bozell, president of the Media Research Center, which says its "sole mission is to expose and neutralize the propaganda arm of the Left: the national news media."

American Well Unveils Supply & Demand Telehealth Exchange Platform: 6 Things to Know

National telehealth provider American Well, today has unveiled its newest enterprise telehealth service called the Exchange allowing healthcare organizations the ability to redistribute their services online to new patient populations. Show More Summary

Expert: Iran is on a Weapons Shopping Spree in Russia and China

During an Oversight Committee hearing Tuesday on Capitol Hill, American Enterprise Institute Scholar Michael Rubin warned the vague language in...

Ben Sasse: “Core Republican voters are dying.”

Speaking to the American Enterprise Institute today after a tumultuous weekend Nebraska GOP convention, Ben Sasse sounded a lot like a man who was giving up on the GOP. He blasted the party for not having ideas that solved modern problems...Show More Summary

Facebook CEO to meet with Glenn Beck, other conservatives

NEW YORK (AP) — Radio host Glenn Beck and American Enterprise Institute president Arthur Brooks are some of the conservative leaders Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg plans to meet with this week. A report in the tech blog Gizmodo claimed that Facebook downplays conservative news subjects.

Macro Musings Podcast: Ramesh Ponnuru

My latest Macro Musings podcast is with Ramesh Ponnuru. Ramesh is a National Review senior editor, Bloomberg view columnist, and a Visiting Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. Ramesh has written widely on many topics from health...Show More Summary

Economics 101, Good or Bad?

James Kwak: Economics 101, Good or Bad?: Over at the Washington Post, Michael Strain of the American Enterprise Institute is upset that people are picking on Economics 101. He singles out Paul Krugman and Noah Smith in particular for claiming...

Man Who Predicted Trump’s Primary Win Says THIS About His Chances Of Becoming President

Norman Ornstein, of the American Enterprise Institute, predicted that Donald Trump and Ted Cruz would be the last two candidates standing. He then predicted that Trump would win the nomination.

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