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Adam Levine Reportedly Accused Of Violently Abusing Wife And Infant Daughter, Investigation Clears Him Of Allegations [Video]

Adam Levine is the superstar front-man of Maroon 5, he has made himself into a household name as a host and coach on The Voice and he’s even made a cameo or two, including a brief appearance in American Horror Story: Asylum. All in all, Adam Levine also has a reputation for being a good... Show More Summary

OK, American Horror Story’s Shameless Buzzmongering Totally Worked as a Setup for Season 6

For the past few months, American Horror Story impresario Ryan Murphy and his team have been teasing fans about the theme of this fall’s season, the sixth of the anthology series. In years past, the subtitle of the season—Asylum, Coven, Hotel—has always been released ahead of the premiere. Show More Summary

A Definitive Ranking of the “American Horror Story” Seasons

Last year I told you why I thought SPOILER ALERT “Asylum” was the best season of American Horror Story and why “Coven” was the worst, but what about the seasons in between? It seems that ranking seasons of American Horror Story is one of the most divisive questions you can ask someone, as everyone has a different favorite. […]

American Horror Story” Theme Revealed! (Updating Live)

“Murder House” “Asylum” “Coven” “Freak Show” “Hotel” …and now…. The sixth season of FX’s “American Horror Story” started just seconds ago revealing … creator Ryan Murphy standing in front of a Mercedes Benz introducing the new season, and it’s sponsor, straight up killing the buzz. “The following is a true story inspired by real events. […]

Will American Horror Story Answer This Major Asylum Mystery?

We already knew that all the seasons of American Horror Story are connected, but will the mysterious sixth season answer one of the franchise's biggest mysteries? In a new teaser, a trail of spiders is seen parading into a slit cut into the back of a person's neck. Show More Summary

The new American Horror Story spot will make you nervous if you hated Asylum

The mystery aspect of the ads for American Horror Story season ?6 is actually pretty fun. They've finally managed to harness the rabid fan theories that always surround their promotional material. But you know one ad that I desperately...Show More Summary

American Horror Story’ Refuses To Confirm Anything About Season 6 (But Here’s What The New Teasers Suggest)

6 teasers for the upcoming 6th season, most of which seem to have nothing to do with each other. Will this be a fragmented season? Will it take place in many time periods, like Asylum? Is the theme simply ?, meant to imply mystery?

American Horror Story’ Season 6 Drops a Bunch of Creepy, Cryptic Teasers

3 months agoEntertainment / Film : SlashFilm

Each season of FX’s American Horror Story revolves around a theme, whether it’s season 1’s “Murder House,” season 2’s “Asylum,” season 3’s “Coven,” season 4’s “Freak Show,” or season 5’s “Hotel.” But the show likes to toy with its audience whenever possible, and so it’s dragging out the big reveal of the theme for season 6. Show More Summary

American Horror Story Dangles Season 6 Theme In Front Of Fans With THREE Terrifying New Teasers!

Oh, the horror!!! It's been over six months since Ryan Murphy & Co. permanently checked out of Hotel, and yet we STILL don't have any clue about the theme for American Horror Story Season 6! While we knew Murder House, Asylum, Coven, Freak Show, and Hotel long before their usual October premieres, all we really knew about [...]

What's American Horror Story Season 6 All About? Rank The Fan Theories HERE!

American Horror Story has taken fans to a Murder House, an Asylum, a Coven, a Freak Show, and a Hotel. But with the mysterious Season 6 premiering in just two short months, we have to wonder what horrific place creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk will take us next! Like every other season, the writers put a [...]

This Devilish 'American Horror Story' Theory Could Unlock The Key To Season 6

3 months agoNews : Huffington Post

Before there was a hotel, freak show, coven and asylum, there was the murder house. If you dare to remember, the first installment of FX’s anthology series “American Horror Story” ended with with the brutal stabbing of a nanny at the...Show More Summary

Evan Peters On ‘American Horror Story’ And Working With Lady Gaga: “I Learned A Lot”

Ever since American Horror Story's 2011 beginnings, Evan Peters has been an indispensable part of the action. As Tate Langdon in Murder House, Kit Walker in Asylum, Kyle Spencer in Coven, Jimmy Darling in Freak Show and James Patrick...Show More Summary

Jessica Lange And 'American Horror Story' Are Never Getting Back Together

Grab your "American Horror Story" DVDs, a tub of ice cream and brace yourself. After putting up with a murder house, asylum, witches' coven and freak show, Jessica Lange checked out of the "American Horror Story" franchise in 2015. And...Show More Summary

AirBnB ‘American Horror Story’ Murder House Listing Mysteriously Disappears

The American Horror Story: Murder House Airbnb may have had a relatively non-creepy setting compared to the grimy psych ward of Asylum or the bloody stacks of bedrooms in Hotel, but that still doesn’t quite explain what kind of person would want to spend a night living in a space that was used to connect... Show More Summary

'American Horror Story' Season 6 Is Rumored To Be About An Internet Myth

After the Murder House, an alien-infested asylum, a coven, a freak show and a vampiric hotel, "American Horror Story" must truly outdo itself if it wants to build off the momentum of Season 5's critical acclaim. Although many have long...Show More Summary

American Horror Story Tackling The Slender Man Next? Get The Skinny On Next Season PLUS 6 More Terrifying Urban Legends That Could Appear!

After a Hotel, a Freakshow, a Coven, an Asylum, and a Murder House — we were nervous there wasn't any uncharted territory left for Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk to scare us with for the next season of American Horror Story! But we were wrong, because according to the latest reports, the FX horror anthology's sixth [...]

The 1 Thing Chloë Sevigny Wishes You'd Noticed About Her American Horror Story: Hotel Character

9 months agoEntertainment : BuzzSugar

This season of American Horror Story was a doozy. Hotel brought back a variety of the show's key players, including Chloë Sevigny, who last appeared as Legless Shelley on Asylum. While the series isn't known for its subtley, some of the actors were making small choices that have been going unnoticed, possibly overshadowed by the grandeur of the show. Show More Summary

American Horror Story Season 6: Ordered by FX!

FX has officially scared up another installment of American Horror Story. The network announced today via press release that it will go from a murder house to an insane asylum to a coven to a carnival to a hotel to... well... we don't...Show More Summary

The Terror of ‘American Horror Story: Grindr’ May Seem All Too Real – WATCH

last yearLGBT / Gay : Towleroad

Have you experienced the terror that lurks on Grindr? Tumblr user carmenpearl created a video that imagines an installment of American Horror Story where, rather than a haunted house, an asylum, a coven, a freakshow or a hotel, the locus of terror is… The post The Terror of ‘American Horror Story: Grindr’ May Seem All Too Real – WATCH appeared first on Towleroad.

5 Reasons Why ‘Asylum’ is the Best Season of “American Horror Story” (and 5 Reasons Why ‘Coven’ is the Worst)

American Horror Story: Hotel premiered earlier this week, and it came with a rather hefty amount of skepticism (from me, anyway). Ryan Murphy is known for starting his seasons off strongly, only for them to go into a tailspin around the midway point of the season. In the case of American Horror Story, he started off the […]

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