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Researchers Question Process for Reviewing Coverage of 'Off Label' Cancer Drug Use

In a paper published online by the Journal of the American Medical Association, UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center physician-researchers raised concerns that there are inconsistencies between the five reference guides, or compendia, that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services uses to determine which drugs it will reimburse for off-label uses in cancer care.

Pressure Mounts On Mylan From Doctors To Lower EpiPen Price

The American Medical Association joined Hillary Clinton and members of Congress urging EpiPen manufacturer Mylan to “rein in exorbitant costs” of its life-saving device for allergy sufferers

Medical News Today: The war on sugar: 'Children should consume fewer than 6 teaspoons daily'

A new statement from the American Heart Association recommends children aged 2-18 limit their added sugar intake to fewer than 6 teaspoons a day.

Full adherence to guideline-recommend therapies associated with lower rate of MACE

The Journal of the American College of Cardiology (JACC) published the findings from the MINERVA study, which investigated associations between medication adherence and long-term major adverse cardiovascular events (MACE) in patients' post-myocardial infarction (MI) and those with atherosclerotic disease (ATH). Show More Summary

The American Medical Association Takes a Step In the Right Direction

BY LAURIE LEONARD I am very glad the AMA is studying the issue of aid in dying. Opponents to the legalization of aid in dying put quotes around the term, apparently to indicate that it is a euphemism for what they believe is physician-assisted suicide. But aid in dying is not suicide. On 9/11 witnesses

Will the American Medical Association (AMA) Abandon Its Opposition to Assisted Suicide?

There is an effort currently underway within the American Medical Association (AMA) to abandon its long-standing position opposing assisted suicide and take a neutral stance. Assisting suicide is now legal in Oregon, Washington, Vermont, and California, and the practice may have some legal protection in the state of Montana. Why is that important? Both the […]

The American Medical Association Goes Wobbly on Physician-Assisted Suicide

By RONALD PIES, MD Physician-assisted suicide. Physician-assisted dying. Physician Aid in Dying. All these terms have been used to describe a terminally ill patient’s use of a lethal, prescribed medication. Sometimes the medication is used to end the patient’s life; sometimes, it is held “in reserve” to provide a sense of control over the timing

Medical News Today: Prolonged sitting: 'Exercise does not offset health risks,' say AHA

A scientific statement from the American Heart Association says physical activity does not counteract the health risks linked to sedentary behavior.

Patient and Physician Groups Call on Medicare to Cover Virtual Colonoscopy

Colorectal cancer patient advocacy groups, the American College of Radiology (ACR) and associated medical associations call on the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to cover seniors for virtual colonoscopy (known as CT colonography).

Medical News Today: Children failing to meet ideal cardiovascular health guidelines

The American Heart Association's Scientific Statement reveals that most American children have poor diets and low cardiovascular health scores.

Study links increased ovarian cancer risk with lower socioeconomic status in African-American women

Higher socioeconomic status (SES) is associated with lower ovarian cancer risk in African American women, according to the results of a study by investigators at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) and elsewhere reported online August 3 by the American Journal of Epidemiology. Show More Summary

Seattle Becomes Fourth U.S. City to Outlaw ‘Conversion Therapy’

The American Psychological Association has warned of risks from the so-called treatment, including depression, anxiety, self hatred, and self-destructive behavior. Major medical organizations have rejected the harmful practice. The post Seattle Becomes Fourth U.S. City to Outlaw ‘Conversion Therapy’ appeared first on Rewire.

When the American Medical Association Cheered Hillary

By MICHAEL MILLENSON As Hillary Clinton’s motorcade sped toward the Chicago hotel hosting the American Medical Association’s annual meeting in June 1993, the clergyman giving the invocation made a jarring request of God: that the audience not boo the speaker. Those weren’t his exact words, of course, but the prayer pointedly included reminders about the obligation

Shocking Study Finds Thousands of People Euthanized After Assisted Suicide Legalized

A recent research article concerning euthanasia and assisted suicide was published July 5 in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) titled: Attitudes and Practices of Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide in the United States, Canada and Europe; uncovers significant concerns. Show More Summary

Note to AMA et al: Transparency and Sunshine Are In Your Own Best Interest

Mike Magee The American Medical Association and its Federation, including the influential American College of Cardiology, took a stand this week – for “non-transparency”.  When it comes to the pharmaceutical and medical device industry paying the freight for doctors’ continuing education, they’d rather the patients and regulators be kept in the dark. Show More Summary

When the American Medical Association Cheered Hillary

What I remember most was how quickly she won over a crowd that had good reason to be suspicious; how fluently she spoke...and, most of all, the standing ovation some 2,000 doctors and their spouses gave her....Let’s hope the hard lessons Hillary Clinton learned in the 1990s-era health reform debacle imprint themselves in her actions as well as in her words.

Obesity Rate Reaches Record High: 4 Out of 10 Women Obese

A new report to look at survey data revealed that in the US, 4 of every 10 women is now obese. Researchers noted in their study abstract published in the Journal of American Medical Association that between 1980 and 2000 obesity among men and women rose dramatically in the US. The study combines data from a 2013-2014 […]

The President's Assessment Of The Affordable Care Act

I was recently reading a July issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) when a special communication written by Barack Obama, J.D., caught my eye (JAMA; Published online July 11, 2016). It was the first article I had ever read in a medical journal that was written by a president of the United States. Show More Summary

Try Not to Cry When Your Child's Not Dry - Finding Solutions to Bedwetting

Huffington Post is proud to partner with the American Sleep Association (ASA) to promote sleep awareness. What is Primary Nocturnal Enuresis (PNE)? Primary nocturnal enuresis is the medical term for bedwetting. Bedwetting is a very common problem, and parents are often wondering how best to approach it for their child. Show More Summary

AMA, Omada Health, Intermountain Healthcare Launch Digital Health Program to Reduce Type 2 Diabetes

The American Medical Association (AMA), Omada Health, and Intermountain Healthcare today announced a digital health initiative aimed at reducing the alarming number of adults who develop type 2 diabetes. The new partnership will create...Show More Summary

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