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How reformers beat the Koch brothers in South Dakota

Opinion polls tell us that 70%, 80% and even 90% of Americans believe our political system is broken and there’s nothing we can do about it. People think that a few progressive states like California and Massachusetts may enact isolated reforms, but the rest of America is mostly hopeless because...

With Carrier trip, Trump embraces theater of the presidency

No matter how many times Obama and his advisers touted the number of jobs created under his watch or the steady decline in the unemployment rate since 2009, many Americans have felt disconnected from that progress. The company cited state incentives and Trump's promises to "create an improved, more competitive U.S. Show More Summary

Why America Needs Identity Politics

The debate about what lessons American progressives need to take from the 2016 election is just beginning. One of the first shots in that war was fired this month in an editorial by Mark Lilla, “The End of Identity Liberalism“, that implores us to stop thinking or talking about race and gender so much. Show More Summary

Trump unveils new cheap hat to sell to supporters

6 days agoNews : The Raw Story

Trump Unveils New Cheap Hat for Supporters to Buy Somewhere between falsely claiming millions of Americans voted illegally and threatening to scale back the progress Barack Obama made in normalizing relations with Cuba, Donald Trump got himself a nice new hat. It’s red. It’s white....

Trump Unveils New Cheap Hat for Supporters to Buy

6 days agoNews : Newsweek: US

Somewhere between falsely claiming millions of Americans voted illegally and threatening to scale back the progress Barack Obama made in normalizing relations with Cuba, Donald Trump got himself a nice new hat. It's red. It's white.Show More Summary

Here's How We Can Really Protect America

Click here for reuse options! A progressive argument for an American Brexit. From Thomas Friedman to Barack Obama, from Mitt Romney to John McCain, it's fashionable among the "intelligentsia" and elites of both parties to ridicule "protectionism"...Show More Summary

8 Houses Shot Up In Philly Strains Filled Negro's Dwendling Redirection Scheme. Fidel Castro Is Great. Donald Trump Is A Scoundreld - BUT The Street Pirate Causing Terror For 'The Philadelphia Negro' CAN NEVER Be Inspected As The Fruit Of 'Black Faced P

The Diminishment Of Filled Negro As A Serious Voice Of Development For Black People, While His Value To Black Faced Progressive Fundamentalist Nationalism Hits New Heights As The Active Americanized Negro Must Be Convinced That The 'All...Show More Summary

Trump The Great?

Authored by Paul Craig Roberts, Liberals, progressives, and the left-wing (to the extent that one still exists) are aligning with the corrupt oligarchy against president-elect Trump and the American people. They are busy at work trying...Show More Summary

Pilgrim’s Progress: Inside the American Nuclear-Waste Crisis

On a mild September day in 2012, Paul Rifkin asked a friend with a helicopter to help him perform an experiment. Rifkin, a retired restaurateur turned amateur photographer, wanted to capture aerial images of Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station, which sits on the shores of Cape Cod Bay, a quick drive from his home. Show More Summary

The U.S. Cities Where The Largest Homeless Pop [Infographic]

Approximately 550,000 Americans were homeless at the start of this year with one out of every five of them livingin New York City or Los Angeles. Despite that, there has been some progress in the fight against homelessless with the number of people sleeping on the streets falling by three [...]

Even Saturday Night Live Mocks Liberals’ Fears of Trump with ‘The Bubble’ Skit

It was a very well-done, satirical skit from Saturday Night Live on the liberal, progressive American mindset post-Trump:

Paul Craig Roberts Asks "What If Trump Fails?"

Authored by Paul Craig Roberts, Did Donald Trump win the election because he is a racist and misogynist and so are the American people? No. That’s BS from the Oligarchs’ well-paid whores in the media, “liberal progressive” activist groups, think tanks and universities. Did Trump win because he stole the election? More BS. Show More Summary

Why So Called "Black Conservatives" Are Little Use As A Force To Stop The Molestation Of The 'Active American Containerized Blacks'

This guy keeps appearing on my YouTube recommended viewing list because I watched one of his videos about a month ago.JUST AS IT IS THE CASE that a "Black Progressive Fundamentalist Operative" can't see his way into talking about something...Show More Summary

INJUSTICE IN PHILADELPHIA - Right Under The Noses Of "Filled Negro" And "Progressive Philly Rising": IF You Need Social Justice Protections In 'Progressive Mission Accomplished Zones' YOU ARE SCREWED If There Are No White Right Wing Enemies In Power To Mo

FILLED NEGRO (and many other Embedded Black Fox Confidence Men who manipulate the 'Active American Containerized Negro) is the EPITOME of the need for a 'GOD' who resides above the FRAY OF HUMAN 'MASTURBATORY MOLESTATIONS'. In his mind...Show More Summary

The Enduring Importance of Identity Liberalism

In his 1962 essay “Letter From a Region in My Mind,” James Baldwin identified the largest obstacle to progress in this country as the undying belief in American greatness. This is a myth that would have to be abandoned, he argued, if the country were to see itself as it truly is and redress its wrongs. Show More Summary

As The "Embedded Confidence Men" Attempt To Distract Black America's Attention Toward The "INCREASE IN HATE CRIMES....FROM DONALD TRUMP SUPPORTERS" - They Continue To Show Their Contempt Toward And Incompetence In GOVERNING THE BLACK COMMUNITY

While The Left Wing Allies Understand That YOU NEVER OFFEND THE 'ACTIVE AMERICAN NEGROES' Because Their BLACK VOTES And ACTIVIST SENTIMENTS Are OF VALUE In The Collective Progressive Fight Against The WHITE RIGHT WING...............Show More Summary

Why America Called 'Bullshit' On The Cult Of Clinton

Submitted by Brendan O'Neill via, The one good thing about Trump’s win? It shows a willingness among Americans to blaspheme against saints and reject the religion of hollow progressiveness. If you want to see politics based...Show More Summary

CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK UNIVERSITY: "From MLK To Obama - How The Active Americanized Negro Has Been Molested By A Narrative Of Harvest" - If Dr Henry Louis Gates' Accounts Of MODERN EVENTS ARE FRAUDULENT, What Credibility Should Be Afforded To His Ability

I just finished watching a documentary (From Progressive Fundamentalist Nationalist Laura Flanders) about two cities: BALTIMORE and NEW ORLEANS. In both cases it brought home one painful truth:DESPITE the fact that the "Active American...Show More Summary

Donald Trump Assembling Team of ‘Swamp Creatures,’ Says Democratic Lawmaker Keith Ellison

2 weeks agoNews : Truthdig

By Lauren McCauley / Common Dreams Progressive lawmaker said it’s clear the president-elect is “not doing what he’s said he’s gonna do for average working Americans.”

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