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Giving NAFTA Some Teeth

The eighth round of negotiations on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) are expected to take place sometime next month. While progress has been made, the thorniest issues have yet to be addressed. One of the most contentious issues is dispute settlement. Show More Summary

Progress toward a new flu treatment, thanks to a small tweak

(American Chemical Society) This year's aggressive flu season reminds everyone that although the flu vaccine can reduce the number of people who contract the virus, it is still not 100 percent effective. A tweak to a small-molecule drug...Show More Summary

Black Conservative Religious Political Opportunists Are THE SAME AS Their "Immoral" Progressive Targets

These Speeches Are Encapsulated Within The "FAKE RELIGION OF BLACK POLITICS" The Main Reason Why The 'American Containerized Blacks' Can't Achieve More UPWARD THRUST With The INVESTMENT OF THEIR BLACK VALUABLES Is Because With So Much...Show More Summary

Progressive groups investing in district attorney races as path to criminal justice reform

The American Civil Liberties Union, backed by millions in funding from billionaire Democratic donor George Soros, is investing resources and applying organizational muscle in local district attorney races in 2018. … Click to Continu...

The Function Of PROGRESSIVE ACTIVISM Is "Manipulation Of Your DISCERNMENT": A Black Man In Ohio Killed A White Male And It Was Ruled SELF DEFENSE. There Is Not A PEEP OF ACTIVISM (I'll Need To Check On SBPDL Though)


Study: Mexico well ahead of U.S. in LGBTQ rights

Caroline Beer has spent her career researching comparative data between Latin American countries and the United States that often debunks false stereotypes. Her latest study showing Mexico as more progressive than the U.S. when it comes to LGBT rights, especially in the recognition of same-sex relationships, is no exception.

HaBO: Heroine Nicknamed Cottontop

This HaBO request comes from Tabitha, who wants to find this American historical: It is set during the Revolutionary War. The heroine has a nickname of Cottontop. It starts in Maryland, and progresses through both Haiti and New York, though not necessarily in that order. Show More Summary

Medicare Extra’s MoE on Medicaid

I am starting to read through the Center for American Progress’s Medicare Extra proposal.  It proposes to create a huge comprehensive public option with multiple buy-in points.  It also replaces other government programs like CHIP and Medicaid with Medicare Extra.  Most of the financing is federal.  There is something that strikes me as odd with […]

Constructive Feedback University: The New Study In The Washington Post Showing NO PROGRESS FOR BLACK AMERICANS IN 50 YEARS, Says NOTHING About The ABUNDANT INVESTMENTS Made By 'American Containerized Blacks' Which Produced NO UPLIFT, Leaving An Opening Fo

SPIRIT OF DISCERNMENT It is time that YOU STOP being satisfied with a CONSTRUCT and NARRATIVE that you are being feed by the forces that seek to HARVEST YOUR VALUABLES as they KEEP YOU IN PLACE, using a "feed mix" that THEY HAVE LEARNED BY RESEARCHING YOU to know that it is APPEALING TO YOU. Show More Summary

We’ve Made Too Little Progress on Race, But We Have Made Progress

The Economic Policy Institute says today that “African Americans are better off in many ways” compared to 1968, but: With respect to homeownership, unemployment, and incarceration, America has failed to deliver any progress for African Americans over the last five decades. In these areas, their situation has either failed to improve relative to whites or […]

Sunday links: fear is your friend

Q&A: With Steven Pinker the meta-optimistic author of Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science Humanism and Progress.  (Scientific American)

Mavericks scandal shows even progressive NBA needs to improve

Among the North American major men’s professional sports leagues, the NBA often is considered the most progressive. That reputation has been earned by the league’s inclusion and promotion of women — from having the highest-ranking female in North American men’s pro sports organizations (Kathy Behrens,...

Research to uncover factors behind bladder cancer progression receives ACS grant

(Penn State) To find new therapies for aggressive bladder cancer, researchers must first uncover what drives each subtype at the molecular level. That's why the American Cancer Society has awarded a grant to study bladder cancer development...Show More Summary

Five stories on high drug prices

I’ll read through the Center for American Progress Medicare Extra proposal tonight but I actually have things I need to do today.  Instead, I want to highlight a brief by Ari Friedman and Janet Weiner, both at Penn when it was written, that tells five different stories on high drug prices.  I come back to […]

Resistance Is Not Enough—Progressive Leaders Launch Campaign for Sustainable Prosperity to Counter GOP

An “economic justice agenda” is better for the economy than Trump's handouts to the rich. The resistance movement could well be Donald Trump’s greatest legacy. Led by women and people of color, Americans have built a vibrant citizens’...Show More Summary

Why Progressives Don't Get Autism: 8 Years Later

Managing Editor's Note: We first ran this post by Dan Olmsted in November of 2010. We're running it 8 years later because the state of American childhood is just so grim. Autism is at the crux of our wheelhouse here...

"Tribalism is humans’ default mode. De-tribalizing requires effort."

"Americans’ atavistic impulses got the better of us because we grew complacent. Progressives failed to imagine that identity-mongering and victim-worshiping would not only take over the academy but could help elect Trump to the presidency. Show More Summary

'Breach' is an earlier — and more predictable — play by 'Pass Over' writer Nwandu

The American playwright Antoinette Nwandu made such extraordinary progress between "Breach," which is the kind of predictably self-questioning play most writers get out of their systems in school, and "Pass Over," which is a daring fusion of form and talent, you cannot help but be excited about...

The One Word Progressives Must Reclaim from Xenophobes and White Supremacists

"Americanization" can offer a bulwark against the rampant consumerism destroying our institutions. Now that the Senate has failed once again to produce an immigration bill that the president might sign, it’s time for those of us who’d...Show More Summary

“A” Ratings from NRA: See any names you recognize?

Here, via policy analyst Topher Spiro at Center for American Progress, are the members of Congress in particularly vulnerable districts with an A rating from the NRA. But before that, know who else has an A rating from the NRA?...Read more

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