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My World Of Flops: Not princess material Case File #39: I Wanna Marry “Harry”

When the reality-show revolution began with 1973’s An American Family, the PBS miniseries about the Loud family, it had noble aspirations. An American Family set out to document the curious customs and rituals of upper-middle-class Americans while at the same time examining how the process of being filmed affects its subjects. Show More Summary

America's Daughters: More than Ribbons and Pins

As we remember our Independence, every American owes a debt of gratitude to the Daughters of the American Revolution. Last week Washington D.C. was a center of attention for multiple reasons, yet rustling through the streets of Washington, D.C. Show More Summary

June 28, 1778. Battle of Monmouth

Every war produces a few battles which serve as axioms for that conflict. In my view, the American Revolution produced two battles which really let you understand the war. The first of these is the rapid fire combination of First Trenton, Second Trenton, and Princeton between December 26, 1776 and January 3, 1777. Show More Summary

Liveblogging the American Revolution: June 29, 1777: John Adams to Abigail Adams

[Letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams, 29 June 1777]( >My dearest Friend >The enclosed Newspapers will communicate to you, all the News I know. >The Weather here begins to be very hot. Show More Summary

Liveblogging the American Revolution: June 24, 1777: John Paul Jones

John Paul Jones takes command of the USS Ranger: Wikipedia: [John Paul Jones]( >Jones sailed from the Delaware River in February 1776 aboard Alfred on the Continental Navy's maiden cruise... Show More Summary

GLASS HALF FULL PART 3 – I’ve previously covered how the revolution in American law will benefit c…

GLASS HALF FULL PART 3 – I’ve previously covered how the revolution in American law will benefit consumers and the legal profession.  Today I argue it will even help law schools. The challenges law schools face are very real, but when we reach the other side of the tunnel the law school experience itself will […]

The secret number to the sharing economy

Labor trends come and go. Occasionally, they come back again. Earlier in American history — especially during the Industrial Revolution — piecework was a common labor practice across all fields of work. Workers were paid on a per-piece basis, and this offered a high level of flexibility to employers and incentives to good employees. Show More Summary

Monk Or Martyr: One American's Strategy For Survival In The New Normal

Submitted by Warren Pollack, Revolution In America: Speaking Truth To Power A Quaker essay from 1955 entitled “Speaking Truth to Power,” has over time evolved into a single soundbite used by academicians and intellectuals alike to describe the bravery, and personal absorption of risk, required to be candid with people firmly in power. Show More Summary

Grave of Uncle Sam in Troy, New York

The original Uncle Sam was a meat packer and is now buried in Troy, New York. Born in Massachusetts shortly before the American Revolution began in that colony, Sam Wilson joined that patriotic movement as a teenager just as the war was ending. Show More Summary

More reasons why I overestimate the quality of life for most Americans

Infovores are indeed much better off from the recent digital revolution. And since most journalists and tech leaders are infovores (many academics too), they extrapolate too readily from themselves. That is Tyler Cowen explaining why...Show More Summary

2014 Was Another Great Year For American Craft Beer [Infographic]

The craft beer revolution isn't showing any signs of slowing down with 2014 proving another great year for brewers across the United States. According to the Brewers Association, there were approximately 1,521 operating craft breweries nationwide in 2008. By the end of 2014, there were 3,418. Of those, 1,412 were [...]

Gold Star Holsters Introduces the Mini Revolution

Gold Star Holsters announced a new concealed carry rig called the Mini Revolution. Designed for the North American Arms mini revolvers, the rig is a pocket holster with what I believe is a unique twist: it clips to the pocket like a folding knife. Show More Summary

Vintage American cars in Iran

The Iranian Revolution put an end to American car sales in that country, but before 1979 they were a common sight. Some now believe U.S. cars could make a big comeback if sanctions are lifted, in a land where vintage Mustangs, Chevrolets, Plymouths and Cadillacs are paraded at rallies organized by car enthusiasts. Elizabeth Palmer reports.

Liveblogging the American Revolution: June 13, 1777: Lafayette, He Is Here!

[Lafayette arrives in South Carolina]( >On this day in 1777, a 19-year-old French aristocrat, Marie-Joseph Paul Roch Yves Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette, arrives in South Carolina with the intent to serve as General George Washington’s second-in-command. Show More Summary

Rubio’s claim that two-thirds of Americans make less money today than in 2002

“We are living through a moment of transformation that we haven’t seen since the Industrial Revolution. And yet we have all these leaders, especially on the left, that are stuck in the past. Two-thirds of Americans today make less money than they did in 2002.” — Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), speech at “Roast and Ride” […]

Sons of Liberty on Blu-Ray (A Review)

Not long ago, a miniseries aired on the History Channel that depicted the American Revolution through the eyes of the Founders. I made sure to DVR it so that I could watch it over and over if it... Read More

Five-buck bulbs: The LED revolution is on

Long-lasting bulbs are now available for less than $US5 on American shelves, down from $US25 just a few years ago.

[Comic Review] “Rebels” #3 Shows The Toll Of War

Reviewed by Brady Steele. The story of the American Revolution continues to unfold and garner more and more interest with each passing issue. Rebels #3 stays in line with this upwards trajectory. This historical series sheds insightful and touching light on the men and women and the tolls a growing war takes on them. WRITTEN […]

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