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Why is space three-dimensional?

(—The question of why space is three-dimensional (3D) and not some other number of dimensions has puzzled philosophers and scientists since ancient Greece. Space-time overall is four-dimensional, or (3 + 1)-dimensional, where time is the fourth dimension. Show More Summary

Spring Greek Farro Salad Recipe: A Healthy Dose of Ancient Grains and Spring Greens

Farro salad takes a swing at Greece and wins with this delicious recipe, full of spring arugula, chickpeas, and a light vinaigrette to match. Spring is my favorite season for a number of reasons. Most notably, the vegetables that come...Show More Summary

8 Places From Shakespeare That You Can Actually Visit

Juliet's Balcony in Verona. (Photo: Spencer Wright/CC BY 2.0) Ah, the Bard! While Shakespeare is known for his iconic characters and poetic dialogue, he was also a master of establishing place. From Ancient Greece to fair Verona, heShow More Summary

Olympic torch relay begins with lighting ceremony in Greece

The torch relay for the 2016 Summer Games began Thursday with a ceremonial lighting of the flame in Greece. With officials gathered at the ruins of Ancient Olympia, the president of the International Olympic Committee predicted that Rio de Janeiro "will provide a spectacular stage" for the 17-day...

Rio's Olympic Flame Begins Its 15-Week Odyssey

The Olympic flame has been kindled at the birthplace of the ancient games in Greece, heralding the start of a 15-week journey leading to the Aug. 5 opening ceremony in Rio de Janeiro, reports the AP. IOC and Rio organizing committee leaders attended Thursday's flame-lighting at Ancient Olympia, where antiquity's...

Olympic torch lit at ancient Greek site

The flame for the Olympic Games in Brazil is lit in southern Greece before it is taken on an international torch relay ahead of the opening ceremony.

Ancient Mass Graves Discovered in Greece

Archaeologists have discovered two mass graves near the Greek capital containing the skeletons of 80 men who may have been followers of ancient would-be tyrant Cylon of Athens. PLAY VIDEO What Did Ancient Wine Taste Like? France is famous for its wine, and for good reason... Show More Summary

What Is The Real Date Of Cylon's Murdered Conspirators From Ancient Greece?

Shackled skeletons found in Athens are purportedly from the coup of Cylon in 632 BC. So why are other media outlets reporting the grave's date at 675-650 BC?

Olympic flame to begin its journey in stunning style

On Thursday 21 April, all eyes will be on Olympia in Greece, site of the ancient Games, when an imaginative ceremony will see the Olympic torch lit in front of the Temple of the Goddess Hera – beginning the long-awaited Greek section...Show More Summary

The Rise Of Anti-Intellectualism: A Lesson From Ancient Greece

On March 23, I wrote the popular article titled “The Rise of Anti-Intellectualism and Its Repercussions for Society.” Due to the article’s reception, it is apparent that my concerns about the rise of anti-intellectualism are shared not only by other Americans but by people around the world. Show More Summary

"Curse tablets" discovered in 2,400-Year-old grave

4 weeks agoTechnology : Tech Talk

Five lead tablets that "cursed" tavern keepers in Ancient Greece have been discovered in a young women's Athens grave

Archaeologists To Study Shackled Skeletons From Ancient Greece To Understand Rise Of Athens

A new bioarchaeology project is cataloguing and analyzing 1,500 burials from ancient Phaleron, Greece, to understand the rise of the city-state of Athens.

The Hacker’s Notebook: a Mission Log for Every Project

While “writing it down” might seem like common sense, it wasn’t always the case. From the times of Ancient Greece, Plato tells a story of a worried Egyptian King, who, upon witnessing the invention of writing, remarks, “If men learnShow More Summary

Next '300' Sequel Set During the Revolutionary War or the Alamo?

2 months agoEntertainment / Film : MovieWeb

Original '300' director Zack Snyder wants to take '300' out of ancient Greece to focus on other parts of history.

First ancient wood caissons found in Corinth harbour

The ancient Greek city-state of Corinth was fortuitously located on the well-traveled isthmus that connects the Peloponnese peninsula to mainland Greece, but it was three miles inland. To take advantage of its central position on the narrow isthmus, Corinth built two ports: Lechaion to the north for maritime trade headed west towards Italy and Kenchreai [...]

She is Eris, Goddess of Chaos

In Social Studies Kayla's class is studying Ancient Greece. One of their assignments was to be assigned a Greek god or goddess and do a research report and a presentation as that god/goddess as part of a "Greek Museum" day. Kayla's goddess was Eris: The Goddess of Chaos. Show More Summary

Maps of the Moon Mountains Once Thought to be the Source of the Nile

A map from 1805 show the fictional Mountains of the Moon bisecting the African continent. (Photo: Wikipedia) The search for the source of the Nile captivated civilizations for centuries. For a long stretch of time from ancient Greece right up into the 19th century, the answer to that mysterious question was the Mountains of the Moon. Show More Summary

'Gods of Egypt'? So bad, the gods of ancient Rome, Greece and Babylon are ROTFL

2 months agoHealth : Booster Shots

Wow! Where to start? The effects-driven (into the ground!) "Gods of Egypt" is so screwy, yet so feeble, its already-infamous whitewashed casting issues are the least of its troubles. As we hear in the opening voice-over, in a line recycled from any number of '50s TV variety shows featuring Sammy...

Abandoned Bogomils Graveyard in Nea Chalcedon, Greece

Located near the small Greek town of Nea Chalcedon is an ancient graveyard, that has long since been pillaged for riches, but is still home to a beautiful collection of stone crosses established by a gnostic Christian sect. The Bogomils were a European gnostic cult that survived up to around the 16th century. Show More Summary

Flaunt February’s Birthstone with 13 Thrilling Amethyst Designs [SLIDESHOW]

3 months agoLifestyle / Travel : RobbReport

View slideshow Carolyn Meers Fascination with the hypnotic lavender hues of February’s birthstone, the amethyst, dates back to ancient Greece, when the gem was worn to ward off drunkenness and ill will, and to support clear thinking....Show More Summary

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