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Beware The Siren Of The Richmond Parking Deck

2 days agoVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

No, not that sort of siren, you uneducated cretin. The sirens were mysterious creatures that plagued the Ancient Greece of Odysseus, singing beautiful songs that lured sailors to their deaths. People thought they were myths, but they weren’t. They still exist. Except instead of plaguing the seas, they plague parking garages. Read more...

We Need to Stand Together to End Rape and Support All Who Have Been Victimized

He is 6'3" with dark curls circling his head. I think he has broken free from his marble pedastal in Ancient Greece to walk amongst us mere mortals. His sholders and biceps make him look like a modern day Ken doll. He is standing patiently toward the back of the two dozen students who have circled me after my pre-prom assembly. Show More Summary

Episodes of Eating Children in Ancient Greece, Ranked in Order of Unreasonableness

5. If anyone has ever had a good reason to kill and serve their own child for dinner (they haven’t), Procne did (even though she didn’t). After Procne’s husband, Tereus, raped her sister, Procne took revenge the only way ancient Greeks knew how: She killed their son, Itys, and fed him to his father. According […]

How Greece's golden age became a giant mess

Athens embodies the contradiction between Greece's glorious, ancient history and its disastrous current predicament.

Exclusive: Marc Lüloh Goes Greek

Fashionisto Exclusive: Seul à La Maison Spanish model Marc Lüloh (VN Athens/UNO) plays muse to photographer Antonis Delta for a new story inspired by a fusion of ancient Greece, Greek gods and modern adventurous fashions. Outfitted by...Show More Summary

Exhibition at Hixenbaugh Ancient Art explores ancient wine and revelry

last weekArts : Artdaily

Hixenbaugh Ancient Art announces its latest gallery exhibition, ?Symposium.? The Symposium was the quintessential drinking party in ancient Greece. The show explores ancient wine and revelry including vessels used in the Symposium, musical instruments and images of the god Dionysus and his followers. Show More Summary

Review: 'Ex Machina'

A grandly ridiculous theatrical tradition born in ancient Greece, deus ex machina meant, literally, a god borne by a machine descending from the sky to determine a story's outcome.

Life Explained In 27 Seconds (Feel Good Video Of The Day)

Philosophers have been pondering the meaning of life since the ancient days of Greece and Rome. They’ve been pondering that question even before that when you consider Chinese philosophers, I’m sure. Well, the Farrelly brothers thought on this question and distilled the answer into a 27 second video. Show More Summary

Tunics - The secret of the ancients.

2 weeks agoLifestyle / Shopping : Fash365

Tunics The secret of the ancie nts. All the rage in ancient Greece, the tunic remains today the goto summer staple for casual elegance. Slip it on with ease, accessorize as you please and strap on a pair of gladiator sandals. You'll be ready to make history! We The Free Vienna Tunic $78, BP. Show More Summary

Embracing skeletons unearthed in Greece

Almost 6,000 years ago, the man was placed behind the woman with his arms around her body, and their legs were intertwined. They were buried. A rare ancient Greek gravesite containing two intertwined corpses was discovered by an international...Show More Summary

Greek Fleet (Still) Rules

Since ancient times, maritime trade has been a backbone of Greece’s economy with shipping playing the dominant role. Today, it is the second largest contributor

Familiar Yet Forgotten Tax Lessons from Ancient Greece and Rome

Alan Reynolds In Ancient Greece, “The politicians strained their ingenuity to discover new sources of public revenue…. The results of these imposts was a wholesale hiding of wealth and income, Evasion became universal, goods were seized, men were thrown into jail. Show More Summary

Archaeologists Uncover Ancient ‘Spooning’ Couple in Greece

Almost 6,000 years ago, the man was placed behind the woman with his arms around her body, and their legs were intertwined. They were buried. Why they were interred in this manner is not yet determined, but the international team that discovered them in Greece is still searching for answers.

Greece condemns British refusal of mediation by UNESCO on Parthenon sculptures

3 weeks agoArts : Artdaily

Greece on Saturday criticised the "negativism" of the British Museum in rejecting mediation by UNESCO to help resolve the decades-old dispute over returning ancient Parthenon sculptures to Athens. The sculptures are part of the collection...Show More Summary

The Robot Revolution Is Here

? Building a robot has been one of humanity’s longest-standing dreams. Mechanical helper beings appear in the stories of ancient civilizations the world over, from Greece to China to Israel. On the flip side, the thought of robots running amok is one of our most enduring collective nightmares, a la Terminator and The Matrix. Show More Summary

German paper photoshops Chancellor Angela Merkel with a bunch of Nazis

One of Europe's largest news magazines published a shocking juxtaposed photo of Germany's Angela Merkel standing with Nazi's in front of ancient ruins in Greece. Under the headline, "How Europeans look at the Germans — The German Superiority,"...Show More Summary

Chris Borland isn’t the one who’s out of his head

last monthNews : ComPost

Ancient Greece, 648 B.C. — Popular pankration contestant Dikaeopolis Isosceles announced Friday that he was retiring. “I just don’t think it’s worth the risk,” he observed to Epsilon Sigma Pi Nu’s Outside the Lines. “I thought to myself, what am I doing? The other day I watched a man stab another man with his fingers […]

THE TYRANT’S HOPELESSNESS: Tyrants, degenerate kings who ruled according to their own will and no…

THE TYRANT’S HOPELESSNESS: Tyrants, degenerate kings who ruled according to their own will and not the law, occurred relatively frequently in the history of ancient Greece (with the exception of Sparta) and Rome. They are also the protagonists of tragedies, dialogues, and histories written by classic authors, from Herodotus to Tacitus, from Plato to Cicero. […]

Apps: Age of Sparta, Google Calendar, Snow White + more

last monthTechnology / Mobile : iLounge

New Apps + Games Age of Sparta (free) — A new strategy game from Gameloft takes you to ancient Greece where you must build a city and defend against Xerxes’ invasion. Age of Sparta combines traditional city-building with strategic battlefield...Show More Summary

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