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In the space of dreams: Wendy Ortiz's 'Bruja' is vivid and dark

If you chart the history of dream writing, you get a map of ideas about fate and individual agency through the ages. With a few notable exceptions, the ancients and medieval Europeans saw dreams as divine messages; spaces in which you might learn about the destiny assigned to you. In Native American...

Archeologist claims to have found proof that Hebrew was the first written alphabet

(—Douglas Petrovich, an archaeologist with Ontario's Wilfrid-Laurier University in Canada has sparked controversy in the ancient history scholarly community by making claims that he has found proof that Hebrew is the world's oldest alphabet. Show More Summary

The Equation That Explains It All

Authored by Mark St.Cyr, If you were just woken from some form of suspended animation from let’s say 2010 (ancient economic history in today’s terms) then informed of the current state of global political affairs and upheavals, U.S.Show More Summary

'Punch Club' Guide to Pixel Art Is Worth a Read

Punch Club [$4.99] made quite a splash when it came out partly because of how well it captured a long-gone era (sorry guys, the 80s are ancient history now) while still managing to modernize the tycoon-genre gameplay. We liked it quite a bit in our review, and I personally really enjoyed the pixel art that

History of Art: Byzantine and Islamic Art

Welcome back to our series on art history! From the lands of Ancient Rome, we now journey onward to experience the world of Byzantine and Islamic art. Let's see how history significantly affected the art of this time. Byzantine art mosaic from the ceiling of St. Show More Summary

How to Look After Your Skin Properly

The history of men’s skin care can be traced back to Ancient Egypt. Centred around a holistic approach to beauty and grooming, thorough cleansing... The post How to Look After Your Skin Properly appeared first on The Idle Man.

A Popular Sony Character may Be Coming Back

New information released recently hinted at a popular character from the ancient past of Sony's PlayStation history making a return to form for the PlayStation 4, according to some new rumors.

Just another day, living in gangsta...I mean art market...paradise...

last weekArts : ARCAblog

History is subjective. History is alterable. History is, finally, little more than modeling clay in a very warm room.” ? Bradford Morrow, The Forgers Papyrologist and ancient historian Dr. Roberta Mazza once coined a phrase to describe...Show More Summary

5 deadly poisons that are used as medication

last weekNews : The Raw Story

Doctors throughout history have used some pretty funky substances for medicinal purposes, like the ancient Egyptians who mixed crocodile poop with honey and inserted the concoction into vaginas as a weird form of birth control. But excrement is just the tip of the iceberg — modern medical...

Rebuilding history? Debate rages over lost Afghan Buddhas

last weekArts : Artdaily

For centuries they stood, two monumental ancient statues of Buddha carved into the cliffs of Bamiyan, loved and revered by generations of Afghans -- only to be pulverised by the Taliban in an act of cultural genocide. It felt like the...Show More Summary

A History Of Cataloging The Heavens: The International Astronomical Union's New Star Catalog

In celebration of the International Astronomical Unions new list of 227 official star names, we look back at the rich history of ancient and medieval cataloguers of stars.

Latest Dallas sports radio ratings: Results from Rangers postseason, three Cowboys wins, and more

It only seems like Nielsen's radio ratings arrive via Pony Express. This may seem like ancient history but it's actually interesting. At least to me. The first two games of the Rangers-Blue Jays series back in early October did boffo numbers for 105.3 FM The Fan. Show More Summary

Lessons from ancient Athens: the art of exiling your enemies

Throwing one’s political opponent in jail has a long history to it, especially in countries where democratic principles struggle to take hold. The fate of Egypt’s Mohamed Morsi, who went from directly elected president to now languish in jail, is one high-profile contemporary example. But there are plenty of others, often in countries that are notional democracies.

Mythbusting ancient history: How were Christians treated in the Roman Empire?

2 weeks agoNews : The Raw Story

‘CHRISTIANS TO THE LIONS!’ rang without end through all quarters of the city. So writes Henryk Sienkiewicz in his novel Quo Vadis (1895). By the end of the 19th century, the image of cowering Christians huddled in the arena awaiting their deaths as lions prowled towards them was the defining symbol...

The Dirty Secret About Ancient Bathrooms

2 weeks agoNews : The Daily Beast

Excavations at the most famous racing stadium in the ancient world have been completed, and one of the best preserved parts turns out to be the toiletsadding to a rich history of the disposal of human waste.

What History Says About Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

One expert on the history of monsters sees J.K. Rowling returning to an ancient notion of what a "fantastic beast" can be

World's earliest 10 Commandments tablet sold for $850,000 by Heritage Auctions

2 weeks agoArts : Artdaily

The world's earliest-known stone inscription of the 10 Commandments ? one of the most important documents in history, and a "National Treasure" of Israel ? sold for $850,000 Wednesday evening, Nov. 16 at a public auction of ancient Biblical archaeology artifacts by Heritage Auctions in Beverly Hills, California. Show More Summary

Words and bones tell a similar story about deep history

Ancient language families linked to anthropological features, say Tübingen re

HBO is Working on a ‘Game of Thrones’ Prequel Series

Preliminary talks could see the show set anywhere in Westeros' ancient history.

New pictures reveal how ISIS have reduced the ancient site of Nimrud to rubble

It was once a capital city and a landmark in Iraqi history, but now Nimrud lies in ruins after relics were destroyed by ISIS

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