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Misusing Religious Freedom as a Weapon of Mass Discrimination

Religious discrimination is a real thing. History -- both modern and ancient -- is tragically full of examples of times and places where religious discrimination has been the source of persecution, death and destruction. The perversion...Show More Summary

#TBT: Kohl Eyeliner

This week, we’re throwing it way, way back. As in, B.C. Kohl eyeliner is possibly one of the oldest beauty products in history, dating back to Ancient Egypt. This beauty …

UFC 185 'Fight Motion' video: Watch 'Pettis vs. dos Anjos' PPV highlights in super slow motion

UFC 185 may be ancient history for mixed martial arts (MMA) fans, but that shouldn't stop anyone from checking out this quick refresher on what made the "Pettis vs. dos Anjos" pay-per-view (PPV) event such an enjoyable viewing experience. Show More Summary

As ISIS Destroys Ancient Pre-Islamic Artifacts, Academic Apologist Blames the West for its Desecration of History

Feigning ignorance about ISIS and contextualizing their horrific acts within the intellectual and material legacy of Western colonial archaeology. It's not Islam's fault, it's the West's.

Ariana Grande does a pretty amazing Celine Dion impression

Though it seems like ancient history now, Ariana Grande was making her living not so long ago as an actress on Nickelodeon's "Sam & Cat." But if you assumed the demands of pop stardom have caused her to lose touch with her dramatic abilities,...Show More Summary

Ariana Grande does a pretty amazing Celine Dion impression

Though it seems like ancient history now, Ariana Grande was making her living not so long ago as an actress on Nickelodeon's "Sam & Cat."

The Homosexual Agenda

Mean Girls and Girls Will Be Girls Had a Gayby and They Named It First Period by Adrian Ryan THURSDAY 3/12 WHO'S ON FIRST Madness! Never in the ancient history of the Homosexual Agenda have we ever (and I'm talking EVER) been faced with such a fabulous abundance on a flipping THURSDAY, for Christ's sake. Show More Summary

Fort Ancient Earthworks and Nature Preserve Lecture Series Continues

This Saturday March 7, 2015 from 10:30 AM-12:00 PM the Fort Ancient Earthworks and Nature Preserve will present the second of three lectures on Archaeology and the History of early Native inhabitants of Ohio This Saturdays lecture will be presented by Mr. Show More Summary

RepiTitiationes ~ 03.06.15

Alexander the Great, & his wife Roxanne/Roxana, (By Pietro Antonio Rotari -1707–1762). From:Hermitage Museum, Russia — Ancient History (@ahencyclopedia) March 6, 2015 The ancient sites now under threat from...Show More Summary

RepiTitiationes ~ 03.07.15

a very busy day … A 2nd century CE Roman sculpture of infant #Hercules strangling the snake put into his cradle. — Ancient History (@ahencyclopedia) March 7, 2015 Video: The archaelogical...Show More Summary

RepiTitiationes ~ 03.04.15

A fresco of #Apollo playing the kithara, from a building in the Forum of Rome. (Museum of the Forum Romanum, #Rome) — Ancient History (@ahencyclopedia) March 4, 2015 Dating the Shroud? Crucified by hands or wrists? @Goodacre answers yr #FindingJesus questions. Show More Summary

Detailed genetic map of the British Isles reveals all

The history of Britain’s population is a familiar story to many. It tells of an ancient people (retrospectively dubbed the Celts) and subsequent invasion and settlement by the Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Normans and Vikings. And many people today still identify strongly with one or another of these groups. However, historical records have their weaknesses. Show More Summary

Mystery Solved: South American Ungulates (NotoUngulates) are Crown Perissodactyls (Horse, Rhino Cousins)

Ancient proteins resolve the evolutionary history of Darwin’s South American ungulatesAuthors: Welker et alAbstract:No large group of recently extinct placental mammals remains as evolutionarily cryptic as the approximately 280 genera grouped as ‘South American native ungulates’. Show More Summary

Leather Glassware, Lighting & Furniture by London’s Simon Hasan

Designer Simon Hasan is a self-described “design archeologist” whose leather-adorned products are informed by a unique blend of history: his use of the material derives from the intersection of his contemporary aesthetic and ancient… The post Leather Glassware, Lighting & Furniture by London’s Simon Hasan appeared first on Selectism.

Islamist Extremists And The Destruction Of History

Jon Lee Anderson: “All around the Middle East, archeological treasures of the ancient world have been stripped of their original glory – often, of what some call graven images. ISIS’s fanatics do so hatefully, as if to spite all others, but they are not the only perpetrators. Muslim extremists have long sought to destroy the […]

New acquisitions spotlight: Malory’s History of King Arthur (1634)

The Most Ancient and Famous History of the Renowned Prince Arthur King of Britaine was the last seventeenth-century edition of Thomas Malory’s great medieval prose romance, the Morte Darthur. After […]

THE TYRANT’S HOPELESSNESS: Tyrants, degenerate kings who ruled according to their own will and no…

THE TYRANT’S HOPELESSNESS: Tyrants, degenerate kings who ruled according to their own will and not the law, occurred relatively frequently in the history of ancient Greece (with the exception of Sparta) and Rome. They are also the protagonists of tragedies, dialogues, and histories written by classic authors, from Herodotus to Tacitus, from Plato to Cicero. […]

Brixton Byways: 9. Fast Forward and Backtrack

The series Brixton Byways set out to describe the ancient history of the Brixton bit of the Streatham and Brixton Chess Club combo, insofar as we have been able to reconstruct it. By episode 6 we had got to the end of the 19th century,...Show More Summary

From Ancient Sumeria To Chipotle Tacos, Cumin Has Spiced Up The World

Cumin has been popular since the dawn of written history: It's the only English word that can be traced directly back to Sumerian. Since then it has insinuated itself into cuisines around the world.

ISIS bulldozing Khorsabad?

RECENT REPORTS indicate that ISIS is now destroying Khorsabad: Isis attacks on ancient sites erasing history of humanity, says Iraq. Antiquities ministry reiterates calls for international community to intervene after reports of newShow More Summary

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