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Genetic code of Upland cotton cracked

In a groundbreaking achievement, scientists have decoded the intricately woven genetic makeup of Upland cotton for the first time in the ancient plant's history. Upland cotton, which accounts for more than 90 percent of cultivated cotton worldwide and has a global economic impact of $500 billion, is the main source of renewable textile fibers.

Russian Archeologists Unearth 'White Walls' of Ancient Memphis

The Head of the Russian archeological expedition Galina Belova expressed hope that "other archeological witnesses of this early period of Ancient Egypt’s history dated back to nearly 3,200 B.C." will be discovered.

More Evidence of Cannibalism Found in Gough’s Cave

(The Trustees of the Natural History Museum, London) Ancient human remains from Gough’s Cave, located in southwest England, exhibit signs of a sophisticated culture of butchering and carving of human remains, according to scientistsShow More Summary

Petra: Of ancient history and context

By Mark Pattison PETRA, Jordan –- Imagine going to your parish’s mission to hear a guest preacher speak, but your parish is in the Holy Land. That’s what it’s like when you tour an archaeological find like Petra – which was only reintroduced to Christians from the West about 200 years ago — and you […]

Hidden in Plain Sight: Great Art in Downtown LA

So, my friends, here is the latest. For the next two weeks, I am off to France for a press trip, organized by the Poitou-Charentes region in Western France. How can I say no? The region is famous for its ancient Roman history, medieval architecture, plenty of small museums, and beautiful landscapes - including the area known as Cognac. Show More Summary

Hillary's Better on Iran Diplomacy Than Key Senate Democrats -- and Rand Paul

Do you remember when Rand Paul was threatening to run for president to Hillary Clinton's left on war and peace? It seems like ancient history now, doesn't it? When the administration announced the framework deal on Iran's nuclear program, Hillary backed it right away. Show More Summary

History Lesson

I'm a wee bit late in posting this, but the Thirsty Monk is hosting a Dogfish Head Ancient Ales Week that started tonight. This week will feature four of Dogfish Head's historical ales, three of which have never been on tap in Asheville before. Show More Summary

History Into Dust- ISIL Demolishes Ancient City of Nimrud

The recent video posted online appears to show ISIL militants smashing artfacts in the ancient Assyrian city before blowing up the site.

Paul and “Judaizing”

FIRST THINGS: Paul and “Judaizing” (Peter J. Leithart). The ancient history of a Greek verb.

Ep. 216: Archaeoastronomy

The Sun, Moon, stars and planets are visible to the unaided eye, and so they have been visible to astronomers since before recorded history. Some of the earliest records we do have tell us what the ancient astronomers thought about the heavens, and how they used the changing night sky in their daily lives.

Ep. 184: History of Astronomy, Part 2: The Greeks

With the earliest astronomers out of the way, we now move to one of the most productive eras in astronomy; the ancient Greeks. Even though they didn't have telescopes, the Greeks worked out the size and shape of the Earth, the distance to the Moon and Sun, and even had some accurate ideas about our place in the Universe.

On spring, and dogs

Back when I started this blog, in September 2001 (blogging ancient history), I used to put quite a lot of personal stuff on it. And because I wanted to preserve the privacy of our kids, a lot of the personal stuff was to do with our dog (latterly dogs). You can see some of the [...]

Giuliana Rancic Says Jerry O'Connell Cheated On Her With Ginger Spice

In her new book "Going Off Script," E! News anchor and "Fashion Police" co-host Giuliana Rancic is spilling secrets some of her exes might have thought were ancient history. The 40-year-old, who dated Jerry O'Connell from 2003 to 2004,...Show More Summary

Video Shows Islamic Fighters Destroying The Ancient Hatra Site

2 weeks agoNews : Jonathan Turley

We have yet another disgusting video of Islamic fighters systematically destroying their own history and culture in the name of Islam. The latest images are from Hatra, a UNESCO World Heritage site, which is in an area controlled by the Islamic State. We have previously discussed videos of these fanatics destroying museums and ancient cities […]

An Overly Optimistic Take on Our Post-Human Existence

2 weeks agoArts : Hyperallergic

In the years when I taught an undergraduate art history survey course, I would invariably encounter a student who wanted to know how ancient builders could have produced structures of such precision as the Giza pyramids without the aid of laser devices.

More Evidence South American Notoungulates are Perissodactyls

Ancient collagen reveals evolutionary history of the endemic South American ‘ungulates’Author:BuckleyAbstract:Since the late eighteenth century, fossils of bizarre extinct creatures have been described from the Americas, revealing a previously unimagined chapter in the history of mammals. Show More Summary

TV Review: The Dovekeepers tells a muddled Bible story from the female perspective

If history is truly written by the victors, it makes sense that men get all of the glory in biblical-era tales. So what does it say that more ancient women are having their story told now? Historical fiction has been tackling the other side of these women for some time, and now television has adapted these stories as well. Show More Summary

The top boxing nations current and in history

3 weeks agoSports / Boxing : BoxingNews24

By BN: Boxing has always been a popular sport throughout the world and has dated back to the ancient times. With that of course, there's always been the top dogs in boxing as well, by nation. Historically [...] More boxing news on

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