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Scientists resurrect ancient life forms

A group of Russian scientists has successful brought back to life amoebas last seen millennia before recorded history began, echoing all kinds of horror story plots. Mad scientists worldwide cackled, no doubt, as they read of the project's materials: Under...

Meeting Rooms of the Future

Japan is known for advanced technology, lively pop culture, and its deep and ancient history. Many people do not likely think of libraries, however, when considering Japan’s contributions to its society and to the world. One Japanese...Show More Summary

Loathed By Farmers, Loved By Ancients: The Strange History Of Tiger Nuts

One of the worst weeds in the world had its start as an ancient and valuable tuber used for food and medicine. Now tiger nuts are making a comeback in the health food aisle.

Solange Knowles: Still Pissed at Jay Z! Validated By "Lemonade" Lyrics!

It's ancient gossip history at this point, but you probably remember the 2014 incident in which Beyonce's sister, Solange Knowles, attacked Jay Z in an elevator at a Met Gala after-party. If you somehow forgot (or just want to relive...Show More Summary

The History Of Pizza Told In Eight Slices

5 days agoHumor / odd : Neatorama

Tracing the history of pizza back to its earliest roots is virtually impossible, since ancient people often used bread as a plate and therefore probably ate something similar to the modern pizza. But when did the pizza pie we know and...Show More Summary

Modern DNA reveals ancient male population explosions linked to migration and technology

The largest ever study of global genetic variation in the human Y chromosome has uncovered the hidden history of men. Research reveals explosions in male population numbers in five continents, occurring at times between 55 thousand and four thousand years ago.

Modern DNA reveals ancient male population explosions linked to migration and technology

The largest ever study of global genetic variation in the human Y chromosome has uncovered the hidden history of men. Research published today (25 April) in Nature Genetics reveals explosions in male population numbers in five continents,...Show More Summary

A millenium of Middle Eastern art brings £15.7 million at Sotheby's London

6 days agoArts : Artdaily

Sotheby?s Orientalist and Middle Eastern Week ? a unique group of five fascinating sales, ranging from the contemporary to the ancient, celebrating the history of Middle Eastern art ? realised a combined total of £15,729,798 exceeding pre-sale expectations (est. Show More Summary

Cosmic beacons reveal the Milky Way's ancient core

Astronomers have discovered that the central 2000 light years within the Milky Way Galaxy hosts an ancient population of stars. These stars are more than 10 billion years old and their orbits in space preserve the early history of the formation of the Milky Way. Show More Summary

Cosmic Beacons Reveal Milky Way's Ancient Core --"Preserves Early History of the Galaxy"

Just as London and Paris are built on more ancient Roman or even older remains, our Milky Way galaxy also has multiple generations of stars that span the time from its formation to the present. Since heavy elements, referred to...

Excavating the Forgotten History of Palmyra

last weekArts : Hyperallergic

Palmyra is routinely presented as a city of ruins that had been left to decay naturally for 1700 years, until ISIS came. In fact, the ancient site was continuously inhabited until the early 1930s.

4 Reasons You Should Splurge on Experiences, Not Things

The 1980s might feel like ancient history, but whether or not you lived through the days of big hair, denim, and constantly winding your cassette tapes back with a ballpoint pen, the 1980s staple of excess was pretty much universal. And has been ever since. Accumulating stuff has never been hotter....

Who Were the Ancient Israelites?

As you can see I've been writing a number of book reviews and recommendations recently. I plan to do this on an on-going basis. Because I read a lot of history and people seem interested in getting recommendations on good reads. ButShow More Summary

What ancient Roman history and ‘elite overproduction’ tell us about near-future doom

last weekNews : The Raw Story

The Roman Republic was decaying long before Julius Caesar marched on the city in 49 B.C. and toppled it for good. One of the pivotal moments in that decay came just three decades earlier, during the brief dictatorship of Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix. Comparisons between 21st century America and the...

The History of Pizza, in Eight Slices

last weekHumor / odd : mental_floss

Pizza has come a long way since its ancient origins.

Man bravely risks being cursed by ancient statues to get these hilarious museum face swaps.

last weekHumor / odd : Happy Place

You may think face swaps are a just a silly toy for millennial amusement, but "JakeMarshall91" (let's not make any assumptions about what his name might be) used his phone to get inside history at the British Museum in London like never before. Show More Summary

The Turtle-Centric Burial Practices of Ancient Turkey

A Euphrates soft-shelled turtle, possibly taking a break from ferrying souls. (Photo: Dûrzan cîrano/CC BY-SA-3.0) Across history, various mythologies have incorporated the idea of a being or spirit that guides the deceased to the afterlife—names...Show More Summary

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