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The most important quotes from Greece's meltdown

This is one of the worst weeks in the long, ancient history of Greece The venerable country, which gave birth to democracy as we know it, is broke — without a bailout, without any financial lifelines, and without the sympathy of European leaders, who are openly exasperated with Greece's leaders For Europe, this is a defining time in its identity. Show More Summary

Why Does Egyptian Art Look So Flat and Static?

2 days agoHumor / odd : mental_floss

Anyone who's ever been to a history museum or even seen a cartoon rendering of an ancient Egyptian tomb will recognize the common artistic perspective of flat, forward-facing figures whose faces are in profile. You also have probably...Show More Summary

The Church of the Loaves and Fishes

A STORY OF REVERSALS OF FORTUNE: A history of the Church of Loaves and Fishes: Burned down, again. Originally built in the 4th century, the ancient church was lost to time, rediscovered in the early 20th century and rebuilt – only to be badly damaged by fire last week (Elon Gilad, Haaretz ). Show More Summary

On the Deuteronomistic History

ASKING THE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS: Who really wrote the biblical books of Kings and the prophets? The paean to King Josiah and exalted descriptions of the ancient Israelite empires beg the thought that he and his scribes lie behind the Deuteronomistic History (Elon Gilad, Haaretz ). Show More Summary

UFC 188 'Fight Motion' video: Watch 'Velasquez vs Werdum' PPV highlights in super slow motion

UFC 188 may be ancient history for mixed martial arts (MMA) fans, but that shouldn't stop anyone from checking out this quick refresher on what made the beatdown of Cain Velasquez at the hands of Fabricio Werdum such an enjoyable viewing...Show More Summary

Today’s SCOTUS Decision Has Financial Benefits For Married Same-Sex Couples

While most things about marriage have changed throughout human history, one thing remains true. No, not love: marriage for love is a modern innovation. Married couples have always been an economic unit, from ancient farms to modern condos. Show More Summary

Hangar 1 Tonight!

Tonight on The History Channel, enjoy a new "Ancient Aliens" (9 pm) about aliens and the lost ark and one of my favorite shows, "Hangar 1" (10 pm) with a new episode about UFO superpowers! Y'all know that I adore Hangar 1. It is a very well done UFO show. Show More Summary

Queer Histories Matter: How Ancient History Played a Starring Role in the Marriage Equality Case

5 days agoLGBT / Lesbian : Autostraddle

"Queer histories matter not only for our own sense of identity and pride, but because they impact our legal realities, too."

13 Summery Baby Names Inspired By The Sun

The glorious summer sun is a great source of name inspiration for babies born in June, July and August. Here are 13 baby names whose meanings and histories relate to the sun -- from the French "soleil" to the ancient sun gods. Apollo Apollo was the god of many things -- medicine, music, poetry -- and was also the Greek god of the sun. Show More Summary

Fossil Discovery Could Be Missing Link In Mystery Of Turtle Shell Evolution

5 days agoNews : Huffington Post

An ancient reptile that doesn't have a shell is an important link in the evolutionary history of the turtle, according to new research. The fossilized remains of the newly described creature, named Pappochelys rosinae, were found inShow More Summary

Workshop on Ancient Greek Pottery

The WORKSHOP FOR RESTORATION AND DOCUMENTATION OF ANCIENT GREEK POTTERY will guide participants through the history of Ancient Greek pottery, its production and consequent stages of archaeological conservation, documentation, study, and restoration. Show More Summary

Did ancient Athens have an Ebola outbreak?

last weekHealth : The Checkup

Might the first recorded Ebola outbreak have occurred not in Africa less than 40 years ago but, rather, more than 2,400 years ago, in ancient Greece? That’s what one professor of infectious diseases and history now suggests.Read full article >>

When Charters Go Union, Reporters Love Writing About It

Rachel M. Cohen of The American Prospect has written an important piece on the history – both ancient and current – of the relationship between charter schools and teachers’ unions. It is superior to most articles on the subject, which tend to oversell both the trend in unionization and the unions’ commitment to organize charter […]

Tiger Woods Last Major Win is Ancient History: 7 Things That Have Happened Since June 2008

last weekSports : The Big Lead

Tiger Woods last won a major in June 16, 2008, beating Rocco Mediate in an 18-hole playoff. Two days later, he announced his knee injury (...)

Long Island: Kitchen Table Mummy Fragment a Children's Plaything

Collectors claim that by having ancient objects in their homes they are showing "respect" and "saving history". One burial group that was dismembered for the trade included lopping the head off the deceased which disgustingly has ended...Show More Summary

10 times in history when polyamory was surprisingly embraced

Monogamy has been the norm for centuries, but that wasn't always the case. Just ask the ancient Mesopotamians

Groovy Paisley Underwear Looks

The history of paisley prints dates back to ancient Persia. These days, we see paisley everywhere - from formal neck and bow ties, to casual scarves - to underwear. Paisley underwear can either make you look like an on-trend hipsterShow More Summary

Ancient DNA sheds light on how language, cultures evolved in Bronze Age Europe

It's tricky studying the history of a time when no one wrote things down. Archaeology pieces together how people lived in the past by studying artifacts they left behind; linguistics by analyzing newer languages to reconstruct the o...

DNA Deciphers Roots of Modern Europeans

For centuries, archaeologists have reconstructed the early history of Europe by digging up ancient settlements and examining the items that their inhabitants left behind. More recently, researchers have been scrutinizing something even more revealing than pots, chariots and swords: DNA. Show More Summary

Egypt’s New History Museum Isn’t Even Open Yet, And Already Staffers Have Been Caught Stealing Objects

2 weeks agoArts : Modern Art Notes

Two curators at the new National Museum of Egyptian Civilisation “were arrested while replacing a pharaonic statue of (fourth dynasty) King Menkaure, discovered in Luxor’s Karnak temple, and an ancient Islamic lantern with fake ones...

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