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Nice Mutton, Jerry!

Today we interrupt your scheduled Deneki programming to congratulate our good friend, Jerry Roth, for landing this impressive mutton snapper on a bonefish fly during his recent stay with us at Andros South. For those unaware, although plentiful in deeper water throughout the Bahamas, mutton snapper are known for being one of the most difficult […]

3 (More) Ways to Spook Fewer Bonefish

We’re not lying when we say that bonefish on South Andros aren’t typically as spooky as they can be in other parts of the world. That being said, they’re still bonefish, and presenting a fly in a non-terrifying manner is still the name of the game. We’ve brought you four ways to spook fewer bonefish […]

Timeless Tips: Casting Short for Bonefish

We say it all the time, but at Andros South you don’t need to cast very far to catch bonefish. Most of our shots are within the 30-40 foot range, with many creeping in even closer. We know, we know, everybody wants to know how to cast further, but contrary to popular belief, some of the shortest […]

What Species of Bonefish Did I Catch?

Whether you’re wading the flats of South Andros or poling along in Hawaii, odds are the bonefish you’re going to catch are going to look very similar. Sure, there might be some size differences, and perhaps a difference in color depending on their surrounding environment, but for the most part a bonefish looks like, well, […]

Timeless Tips: Flats Fishing and Humility

Conversations About First-Time Flats Fishing When we talk to guests about their first flats fishing trip to Andros South, we always get a lot of questions about angling skill. “Is it really that hard to see bonefish?” “How far do I have to cast?” “What about casting in the wind?” So we explain that the […]

Bonefish Food

Today’s post goes out to all the fastidious fly tyers out there.. The un-pressured bonefish of South Andros aren’t overly picky when it comes to exact fly pattern. That said, we have noticed over the years a few common characteristics amongst the flies that seem to work best on our flats – large profiles (big, […]

Popper Fishing for Barracuda – 3 Tips

A couple weeks ago we gave you a bunch of reasons why we love chucking poppers for barracuda on our flats at Andros South, not the least of which is, well, they work! For that reason alone, we have a feeling a few of you will be tossing poppers to toothy critters this season. That’s […]

Timeless Tips: 3 Things to Look For in Your Andros Bonefish Fly

OK, you’re going to chase Andros Island bonefish over the next 6 months, and you’re trying to decide which flies to bring along.  We’ve written quite a few posts on the topic of bonefish flies, but today we’ll keep it simple. South Andros Bonefish Flies – Three Things to Look For No weedguard.  Here’s an […]

Game On

It’s been a long time coming (or so it feels), but we just kicked off the opening week of our 2017/2018 bonefishing season at Andros South! More importantly, we’re happy to report that, despite some pretty tough conditions, our pal, Barry Abbott still managed to find a few on opening day alongside Andros South guide, […]

South Andros Bonefish – Fish Heavy Tippet

If we’ve learned one thing over the years of stomping around our flats at Andros South, it’s that bonefish on South Andros aren’t leader shy. In fact, we’d go out on a limb to say that bonefish in our neck of the woods hardly, if ever, refuse a fly because of tippet size. Fly selection? […]

Bonefish Buttah Now Available Online at The Fly Fishing Shop

We’re in the process of filling up our fly boxes for our upcoming bonefishing season, and we know many of you are too! Several of you have asked us where to pick up the Bonefish Buttah, one of our favorite flies for South Andros, and we’ve yet to have a great answer.. Until now. We […]

Andros South Open for Business

Our bonefishing season at Andros South is only a few weeks away and we wanted to reassure all that we will indeed be open for the opening day of our 2017/2018 season! Many of you have reached out to us regarding the status of our lodge from Hurricane Irma, and we’re happy to report that […]

Timeless Tips: 9 Questions About Bonefishing You Were Afraid to Ask

Having just wrapped up our seasons at Alaska West and BC West, we’re starting to get antsy about our upcoming bonefish season at Andros South. We know a lot of you out there would love to try your hand on the flats, but might be a little overwhelmed at where to start. Not to worry, […]

Timeless Tips: Casting on the Flats – Top 3 Tips

We’ve given an awful lot of different casting advice to our guests at Andros South over the years.  We could write a book! That being said, there are some issues that we see over and over, and some advice that we give over and over. If we had to pick our top 3 casting tips […]

The Crabs are Walkin’

Our season may have just come to a close at Andros South, but with the end of every bonefishing season marks the beginning of land crab season! Many of our guests ask us how the people of South Andros spend their time during the off-season. Its a great question. Some commercial fish, some travel, some take […]

What a View

Today we present you with nothing more than what we think is a pretty cool perspective of the view out the front door of our ‘Conch Shell House‘ – One of our guest accommodations at Andros South. If you think that looks good, you should see it in the morning! More from Andros South The […]

Nice Fish, JC!

We’ve been looking back on some photos from this past bonefishing season and recently came across this gem – Our pal JC Weeks of Fishwest hoisting a beauty during his most recent stay at Andros South. We think a fish like that deserves some love, so what more can we say, except – Good work JC! Nice […]

Thanks from Andros South

It’s hard to believe, but today we wrap up yet another unforgettable season at Andros South, and want to extend a big thanks to each and every one of you who joined us this year. We know you’re the reason we’re able to do what we love, and for that we’re extremely grateful. See you […]

Timeless Tips Tuesday: 6 Tips When Poling for Bonefish

So you’re in a fishery like ours on South Andros that’s loaded with bonefish, and you’re fishing from the boat, with your guide on the push pole. What should you do to make sure you’re successful? Here’s what. Be quiet. Bonefish are really sensitive to noise, so be quiet! Close the cooler quietly. Don’t drop […]

First Landed Permit at Andros South

While South Andros is known throughout the angling the community an incredibly diverse bonefish fishery, what it is not known for (and accurately so) is a grand-slam fishery – One with decent odds of catching other gucci flats species like tarpon or permit. That being said, over the years a few of our lucky guests have […]

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