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Use your wisdom to understand your sexual energy – Anandamurti Gurumaa

16 hours agoReligion / Hinduism : Hindu Blog

Animals are more sensible, as their sexual behavior is as per the law of nature. When... [Visit original source to read the entire content and more such articles.]

Female guppies become better swimmers to escape male sexual harassment

Animal sexual reproduction can involve males attempting to entice or force females to mate with them, even if they are not initially interested.This male behavior is driven by conflicts of interest over reproduction and exerts selective pressures on both sexes. Show More Summary

Ants take drugs: Ants choose to ingest hydrogen peroxide after being infected with fungus

We humans have been using self-medication to cure the illnesses since the dawn of our species. There is some evidence that also other animals can exhibit this type of behavior, but the evidence has been hard to come by.

Wireless Implants Allow Optogenetic Control of Animal Behavior Without a Tether (VIDEO)

Optogenetics, the ability to use light to trigger specific neurons thanks to a bit of genetic modification, has appeared as a promising new tool for studying the nervous system and may serve as a platform for creating therapeutic devices to address various conditions. Show More Summary

Cat-atonic To Your Pleas

(Vet | VA, USA) Vet | VA, USA Categories: Bad Behavior Extra Stupid Pets & Animals Tags: Vet Vet | VA, USA(I’m waiting in the lobby of my vet’s office. Because I don’t own a car and either take a taxi or the bus there, I have my dog’s carrier with me, but I’ve taken him out of it. Another client comes in with a carrier, checks in, and sits down next to […] (Read more...)

Watch Obesity Spread Through the Country Like a Virus [Animated Map]

In 1985, of the 22 states participating in the CDC's Behavioral Risk Factor Survey, none had an obesity rate above 15 percent. Today, 34.9 percent of U.S. adults are obese. This map shows how fast obesity took hold in the U.S., state by state. Show More Summary

A childhood dilemma: Growth or play

Frolicking, wrestling, climbing, jumping – Playing is a lot of fun and promotes development but is also very strenuous. Behavioral biologists therefore suspect that animals only play intensively if they have surplus energy at their disposal or if playing brings about vital advantages. Show More Summary

Monitoring wildlife may shed light on spread of antibiotic resistance in humans

Researchers tested for resistance to 10 antibiotics among cattle and 18 wildlife species to explore key attributes and behaviors that may increase exposure and allow resistance to move among humans, animals, and ecosystems.

When cars and wildlife collide: Virtual reality could prevent real-life road accidents

Using a novel simulation approach, researchers took a closer look at how an interactive system, meant to reduce road accidents involving wild animals, can actually affect driver behavior.

Probiotics improve behavioral symptoms of chronic inflammatory diseases in mice

Probiotics may improve the behavioral symptoms of chronic inflammatory diseases by altering communication between the immune system and the brain, according to an animal study.

NYC's New Crime-Stopping Approach to Animal Cruelty

When is a crime truly treated like a crime? When police consider fighting it a primary responsibility, when criminal laws and sentences match the seriousness of criminal behavior, and when society resoundingly rejects both the crime and the criminal. Show More Summary

Neuroscientists decipher brain's noisy code

By comparing and analyzing the signals of individual neurons in animals undergoing behavioral tests, neuroscientists have deciphered the code that the brain uses to make the most of its inherently 'noisy' neuronal circuits.

Dot Earth Blog: From Apes to Elephants, Wolves to Whales, a Tour of Animals’ Minds and Emotions

A biologist explores the science revealing how animals think and feel, and the many behavioral mysteries that remain.

Cat pheromones may cause increased scratching, focus on scratching devices

A new study on animal behavior theorizes cats scratch more due to pheromones left behind from previous cat scratching.

Modeling a nervous pathway involved in touch-induced behavior

Many animals actively touch objects in their environment and respond to them by appropriate movement sequences. Biologists have captured the key properties of a wide variety of descending neurons that are part of an 'active touch system.'

How To Neuter A Prank Call

(Pet Store | NY, USA) Pet Store | NY, USA Categories: Bad Behavior Pets & Animals Tags: Pet Store Pet Store | NY, USA(The phone ring.) Me: “Hello, You’re through to—” Caller: “—ah, yes. Do you neuter men?” (There is giggling in the background, and it is clearly a prank call.) Me: “Yes, we do. Show More Summary

China Using Farm Animals to Predict Earthquakes

The Chinese city of Nanjing has transformed seven farms into earthquake research centers for the government. According to local media reports, the farms report the animals’ behavior twice a day Read More The post China Using Farm Animals to Predict Earthquakes appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Scientists in China Are Studying the Use of Animals to Predict Quakes

2 months agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Government researchers in China have asked a select group of farmers to monitor abnormal behavior among their livestock — behaviors that could be indicative of imminent earthquakes. Read more...

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