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The Effects of Retirement are Complex

1 hour agoHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

Whenever looking at correlations between behavior and lifespan, or behavior and health, one should always ask whether calorie intake or physical activity level could be involved. Both animal and human studies tell us that the effects...Show More Summary

Stress? Fear? Or “Displacement Behavior”?

Have you listened to any CAABChats lately? Hosted by PhD’s Suzanne Hetts and Dan Estep, a CAABChat is “A professional discussion among Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists (and occasionally invited others) about timely, useful, controversial and foundational topics in the field of pet behavior and training.” The monthly podcasts are free if watched in real time […]

Wild Birds Mysteriously Guide Humans To Honey When Sung To

Humans have had symbiotic relationships with domesticated animals for over ten thousand years. Many domesticated animals, like dogs or horses, have been selectively bred over the millennia to respond to human behaviors and be docile. It’s much rarer for wild animals to respond to human interaction in...

Building artificial connectomes

Artificial connectomes have the potential to teach behavior into a system without the need to remove behavior from established animal connectomes. I have emulated the C elegans connectome (i.e. how a nervous system is wired) in robotics and shown that the connectome with a simple neuron model displays behaviors similar to the animal itself. Show More Summary

Animal Behavior: Mother Killed Trying To Save Her Daughter From A Tiger Attack In Beijing [Video]

Tiger Kills Mother And Mauls Daughter In Beijing We’ve seen many an animal bring the ruckus to an oblivious bystander, but this story in particular is sad on several levels. Via NewYorkTimes A woman was killed by a tiger

Why Is Death Always the Answer to Society’s Issues?

What makes human beings unique in the animal kingdom? It isn’t the capacity for Reason — we know ravens and other creatures can solve problems and use tools. It isn’t a tendency to display compassionate behavior — we know chimpanzees share food in lean times and care for abandoned young when their mothers die. So [...]Show More Summary

The Wrong Focus

Train (v) – “teach (a person or animal) a particular skill or type of behavior through practice and instruction over a period of time.” From CDGW’s EdTech Focus on K-12: In a recent survey by Education Dive, sponsored by Sprint, 86 percent...Show More Summary

Bigfoot: Portrait of an Animal That May Not Exist

Sasquatch, Yeti, MoMo, Nape—the creature goes by different names around the world. A sort of pseudoscience has emerged to suss out the biology and behavior of this animal. Here’s what it says.

Beluga Whales Deeply Suffer At The Vancouver Aquarium, Experts Agree

It's not Happening at the Zoo There is so much happening in the study of animal behavior, cognition, and emotions that it is almost impossible to keep updated about the latest research and books and essays that are published on these topics. Show More Summary

Similarities found in bee and mammal social organization

New research shows similarities in the social organisation of bees and mammals, and provides insight into the genetics of social behavior for other animals. These findings, published in PLOS Computational Biology, use sociogenomics -...Show More Summary

TV Club: Smurf clamps down on her sons’ wayward behavior in Animal Kingdom

Here’s one thing “Dead to Me,” the fourth episode of Animal Kingdom, offers that I didn’t expect based on its first three episodes: an honest-to-God Biblical reference—especially one coming from Pope (Shawn Hatosy), the live wire of the Cody family. Show More Summary

Why People Keep Taking Deadly Selfies With Animals

Experts say a desire to be close to nature overwhelms our understanding of safe behavior—leading to the death of people and wildlife. The photos, or the stories behind them, are horrifying. Last week a group of lifeguards and tourists in the Dominican Republic pulled a shark from the water and posed for photos with it until it died. Show More Summary

How the Parasitic Disease Toxoplasmosis Can Affect How Humans Behave Around Cats

last monthHumor / odd : Laughing Squid

In a new lesson Ted-Ed lesson, biologist Jaap De Roode explains, through animation by Anton Bogaty, how the parasitic disease toxoplasmosis reproduces, how it can be spread and can affect the behavior of its hosts, including humans. Today, about a third of the world’s population is infected with a strange disease called toxoplasmosis — and […]

I Asked Leading Entomologists: 'What’s The Smartest Bug In The World?'

Honeybees returning to their apiary. (Photo: zlikovec/ You kind of know, going into it, that scientists who have spent their lives studying animal behavior are not going to love being asked, “What is the smartest bug?” “It's...Show More Summary

My Pet Playstation

Office | USA Categories: Bad Behavior Pets & Animals Tags: Office "SAVE MY PLAYSTATION! My girlfriend has a dog. Let the little buddy burn; he's lived a long life..." (Read more...) The post My Pet Playstation appeared first on Funny & Stupid Customer Stories - Not Always Right.

Introducing a New Pet to a Senior Pet

Introducing a new pet to a home with a senior animal can be hugely successful, or it can be a decision everyone in the family ends up regretting. When an existing pet and a newbie don't get along, it can create lots of behavior problems...Show More Summary

Wiretapping the senses

Many types of sensory information enter the brain at a structure called the primary sensory cortex, where they are processed by different layers of cells in ways that ultimately influence an animal's perception and behavioral response. Show More Summary

Males were saved by agriculture

Once upon a time, settlers in the Fertile Crescent of West Asia domesticated few wild plant and animal species. To be precise, it was about 11-12 thousand years ago (kya), and nowadays we name this behavior as, agriculture. read mor...

The Problem With Super-Muscly Pigs

A version of this article first appeared in the Spring 2016 edition of Issues in Science & Technology. Animal research is moving rapidly in two divergent directions. Research on animal cognition, behavior, and welfare is teaching usShow More Summary

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