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Animal Behavior: $50,000 Raised For Rescue Dog Who Saved 7-Year-Old Girl From Rattlesnake

A lil positivity… Dog Saves 7-Year-Old Girl From Rattlesnake A hero dog who stepped in between his young owner and a venomous snake is being honored. 2-year-old Haus was bitten three times while defending 7-year-old Molly from a rattlesnake. Strangers

Why animals court their own sex

Same-sex sexual behaviour is common in animals but puzzles evolutionary biologists since it doesn't carry the same obvious benefits as heterosexual courtship behavior that leads to mating and production of offspring. A study from Uppsala University sheds new light on the pervasiveness of same-sex sexual behaviour in the animal kingdom. read more

Veterinary Expert Explains the Often Odd Behavior Exhibited in Domestic Cats

4 weeks agoHumor / odd : Laughing Squid

In a recent Ted Ed Lesson “Why do cats act so weird?“, veterinary expert Tony Buffington takes an animated look at the odd behavior of domestic felines and explains what makes them act that way. They’re cute, they’re lovable, and judging by the 26 billion views on over 2 million YouTube videos of them, one […]

Number One Tip Of The Day

(Pet Grooming | Nashville, TN, USA) Pet Grooming | Nashville, TN, USA Categories: Bad Behavior Pets & Animals Tags: Pet Grooming Pet Grooming | Nashville, TN, USA(I’m working on a dog when a customer enters to pick up a dog that I finished earlier in the day. Show More Summary

The Look On His Face Was Pure Goldfish

(Video Store | WA, USA) Video Store | WA, USA Categories: Bad Behavior Pets & Animals Tags: Video Store Video Store | WA, USA(I am dealing with a customer who’s raising hell over late fees on his account that we refuse to waive. Notably,...Show More Summary

Animal Behavior: If You Wake Up This Tiger, You Might Be In Big Trouble [Video]

Tigers At A Dublin Zoo Fight Over An Interrupted Nap Let this be a lesson to any of you who planned on waking up a sleeping tiger… You don’t want those problems. At all… Image via YouTube

'Winner-winner' behavior may shape animal hierarchies, study argues

Researchers have developed a behavioral model that explains the complexity and diversity of social hierarchies in ants, and which scientists believe may help us understand the nature of other animal societies -- from primates to dolphins.

Trauma-Free Cleaning

(Office | UT, USA) Office | UT, USA Categories: Bad Behavior Pets & Animals Tags: Office Office | UT, USA(I work in an office that handles cleaning and we generally get snobby younger ladies as clients that just like to complain. I answer the phone:) Me: “[Company], how can I help you?” Customer: “Your lady traumatized my dog. Show More Summary

Monster Mom Leah Messer Accused Of Animal Abuse After Leaving Family Cat In Car

Leah Messer has come under fire for her bad mom behavior all season long, but now the mother-of-three is receiving backlash for leaving the family cat in her car on… READ ON

Grazing Muzzles: New research shows grass length affects grazing behavior

It’s that time of year. The grass in the pastures is waking up and springing to life. But animals at risk for laminitis require effective strategies to prevent weight gain and overeating that may trigger insulin dysfunction and possibly...Show More Summary

You Can Help Shelter Dogs by Participating In This Study

2 months agoHumor / odd : mental_floss

Animal behavior and welfare researcher Karen Griffin is looking for pet owners and shelter employees willing to record themselves playing with their four-legged friends.

3D-printed eggs could radically change how conservationists monitor endangered species

When it comes to monitoring endangered species, the less invasive the method the better. Conservationists have used camera traps and drones to gain insight into wildlife populations, but flashes and buzzes can change animal behavior....Show More Summary

What's the Best Way to Steer Kids to Good Behavior?

Our latest reader contributor, Sophie, circles back to the article that sparked this discussion thread: Anyone who believes that Alan Kazdin’s technique is “radical” has clearly never trained a dog... or any other animal for that matter. His...Show More Summary

Stephen Colbert Interviews Animated Donald Trump About Anderson Cooper Calling His Behavior 5-Year-Old-Ish

While Jimmy Kimmel talks to Ted Cruz tonight, Stephen Colbert interviews an animated Donald Trump tonight, about Trump’s town hall time with Anderson Cooper on CNN the previous night. Hours before that town hall, Trump's campaign manager...Show More Summary

Predators drive social complexity

Variation in social organization and behavior of highly social animals like cichlids is primarily explained by predation risk and related ecological factors. This stresses the significance of predation for social evolution, report scientists.

Her Bark Is Worse Than Her Dog’s Bite

(Coffee Shop | ON, Canada) Coffee Shop | ON, Canada Categories: Bad Behavior Family & Kids Pets & Animals Tags: Coffee Shop Coffee Shop | ON, Canada(I work in a coffee shop, and it is against the rules to bring pets into the store. A young woman comes inside, yelling into a phone. Show More Summary

A Sober Look at Ourselves and our Economic Growth Models

By Lodewikus Lombaard, member of the St. Gallen Symposium's global Leaders of Tomorrow community Humanity is cunningly brave, lucidly paranoid and sensibly greedy. This human behavior keeps us fed, differentiates us from the animals and forms our economic growth models. Show More Summary

In death, a crow’s big brain fires up memory, learning

2 months agoHealth : The Checkup

The behavior reinforces the idea that crows are among the smartest animals.

MEH. “SEXUAL HARASSMENT” IS SOCIALLY CONSTRUCTED. Finding sexual harassment everywhere, even among…

MEH. “SEXUAL HARASSMENT” IS SOCIALLY CONSTRUCTED. Finding sexual harassment everywhere, even among birds. Modern society has become so obsessed with finding gender discrimination that we are now finding it in animal behavior. First let me point out that this is being done by just a handful of researchers, in a single scientific journal. Science isn’t […]

SeaWorld Ends Orca Breeding: Experts Weigh In

SeaWorld just announced that they would no longer let their orcas -- also known as killer whales -- breed. I asked several killer whale and animal behavior experts for their opinions. Barbara J. King, whose books include How AnimalsShow More Summary

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