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Pre-School for Dogs

Broad Ripple Animal Clinic & Wellness Center has staff members that are trained animal behaviorists to offer comprehensive behavior services. They’ve decided to do this for the same reasons that CattleDog Publishing and were born: seeing so many animals put to sleep because of behavioral problems rather than disease or injury. Show More Summary

Music just for cats exists, and they "like it."

21 hours agoHumor / odd : Happy Place

Cats enjoying something besides sleep? "Play it again, Sam." (via Thinkstock) Charles T. Snowden published a paper on Applied Animal Behavior Science's website hypothesizing that cat-appropriate music would...make cats dance? I don't...Show More Summary

This is the Platonic ideal of Russian YouTube videos

last weekHumor : Boing Boing

ECards says this video may be the Platonic ideal of Russian YouTube videos. It has every element necessary: A bear. Someone engaging in reckless behavior around a large animal. People speaking calmly in Russian while faced with certain death. Bleakness. Raw meat.

Russian man feeds giant bear raw meat through his window in the most Russian YouTube video ever.

2 weeks agoHumor : Happy Place

Don't feed the bears. This video may be the Platonic ideal of Russian YouTube videos. It has every element necessary: A bear. Someone engaging in reckless behavior around a large animal. People speaking calmly in Russian while faced with certain death. Show More Summary

Crocodiles just wanna have fun, too

Crocodilians engage in all three main types of play distinguished by behavior specialists: locomotor play, play with objects and social play. Crocodiles have also been seen playing with other animals. In rare cases, individual crocodilians have been known to bond so strongly with people that they become playmates for years.

From “Penis Fencing” To “Sperm Transference”: A Look At Homosexuality In The Animal Kingdom

3 weeks agoLGBT / Gay : Queerty

There are plenty of documented examples of same-sex relations in the animal kingdom, but is it fair to call them gay? And if this behavior does reflect a genetic abnormality, what does that mean for Darwin’s Theory of Evolution? If the goal for a species is to mate, why would a gay gene get passed on, lowering […]

Swimming reptiles make their mark in the Early Triassic

Vertebrate tracks provide valuable information about animal behavior and environments. Swim tracks are a unique type of vertebrate track because they are produced underwater by buoyant trackmakers, and specific factors are required for their production and subsequent preservation. Show More Summary

Western Scrub-Jay Funerals

Western Scrub-Jay Back in 2012, a paper in the journal Animal Behavior presented a study about Western Scrub-Jays titled “Western scrub-jay funerals: cacophonous aggregations in response to dead conspecifics.” Researchers placed several...Show More Summary

Paradise Lost: First Contact Kickstarter update - Nerds, cameos and more

We also want to show you some animations and the behaviors of the G.E.R. scientists. We have always showed you the actions undertaken by the armed enemies, but the scientists rely on a different set of routines, focused on their tasks...Show More Summary

Giraffes at night: Disney Research is on the case

Disney researchers have developed a video technique for automatically detecting unusual behaviors of giraffes at night, providing naturalists with an improved tool for monitoring the health and safety of the animals in the wild and under human care. read more

Adopt Don't Shop This Holiday Season

Meet Georgia, my 7-year-old foster pup. About a month ago, she was on death row at Animal Care & Control of NYC. She landed there not because of behavior problems or an untreatable illness but instead because of a general lack of space...Show More Summary

Contrasting views of kin selection assessed

Researchers have used several different ways of testing Hamilton's rule, the core mathematical formula of kin selection, as an explanation for the evolution of much altruistic behavior in animals. These vary in their realism and their ability to generate predictions. Show More Summary

Animation workers suing major studios first learned about Hollywood wage theft by reading Pando

3 months agoTechnology : Pando Daily

As previously reported by Pando, workers in the computer animation industry have launched a major class action lawsuit against major Hollywood studios, accusing them of wage theft and other anti-trust behavior. The lawsuit — filed in...Show More Summary

Show us how you play and it may tell us who you are

The ways animals play with inedible objects may be precursors of functional behaviors such as tool use and goal directed object manipulation. For these reasons, species of high technical intelligence are also expected to play intensely with inanimate objects when no obvious goal is pursued. read more

Video: Incredible Sperm Whale Birth Caught on Film

A pod of sperm whales and the new calf off the Azores. (Photo: Caters TV / YouTube) Spotting elusive, deep-diving marine animals in the wild is certainly a treat for anyone, but catching them engaging in particularly rare behavior like giving birth or bubble-netting is especially rewarding. Show More Summary

Stop What You're Doing And Watch This Owl Swim Lake Michigan Like A Pro

3 months agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

There is something fascinating about watching an animal behavior that we don't normally witness. After two Peregrine Falcons forced this Great Horned Owl down into Lake Michigan, the owl managed to escape with a few strokes of butterfly. Read more...

Study: Different species share a 'genetic toolkit' for behavioral traits

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. -- The house mouse, stickleback fish and honey bee appear to have little in common, but at the genetic level these creatures respond in strikingly similar ways to danger, researchers report. When any of these animals confronts an intruder, the researchers found, many of the same genes and brain gene networks gear up or down in response. read more

Drivers of sexual traits: Age and a whole lot more

Many male animals have multiple displays and behaviors to attract females; and often the larger or greater the better. Understanding what has driven the evolution of these traits is an important evolutionary question.

Is it now OK to have sex with animals?

I have a very 2014 question for you: How would you respond if you found out that a man living down the street regularly has sexual intercourse with a horse? Would you be morally disgusted? Consider him and his behavior an abomination?...Show More Summary

Why Elephants Never Forget

3 months agoHumor : Neatorama

YouTube Link I love animals, but elephants are some of my favorites. They are soulful, smart and sweet to their species and others. This video provides facts about the intelligence of elephants and lists some common behaviors in the context of their brain capacity and function. Show More Summary

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