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ISIS Commits MASS SLAUGHTER – Murders Hundreds of Syrian Soldier Prisoners & FILMS IT ALL

Sub-human behavior. Animals don’t behave like this: #Assad SAA prisoners from #Tabqa air-base in the hands of #Caliphate soldiers.. #ISIS #Syria — Rami(?) (@RamiAlLolah) August 27, 2014 200 Assad soldiers who escaped from IS's advance on Tabqa airbase have been captured & stripped down to their boxers. Show More Summary

BEWARE: You May Suffer From Sleep-Drunkenness. “Ohayon explains that while researchers aren’t ex…

BEWARE: You May Suffer From Sleep-Drunkenness. “Ohayon explains that while researchers aren’t exactly sure what causes this confused behavior, animal studies give us a clue: Sudden awakenings seem to trigger the startle reflex, which allows animals (and, likely, us) to respond quickly to potential threats. To our poor, half-asleep brains, an abrupt awakening signals an [...]

Wolves yawn contagiously, too, study finds

5 days agoNews : The Newsroom

Contagious yawning is a behavior shared by chimpanzees, baboons, dogs and humans, and researchers said Wednesday that wolves can do it too, suggesting that empathy among animals is a common trait. The research in the journal PLOS ONE focused on a pack of 12 captive wolves at the Tama Zoological Park in Tokyo, Japan. Show More Summary

Spider Personalities Shine Among Friends

5 days agoNews : The Newsroom

Results showed that social interactions can shape an animal's personality, said study leader Andreas Modlmeier, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Pittsburgh. The study builds on a theory of animal behavior known as "social...Show More Summary

This Is Why Anime Just Doesn't Work In The Real World

Anime is known for over-the-top antics like melodramatic speeches, impossible physical feats and just general exaggerated, high-energy behavior. Basically, pretty far from real life. Which leads to the obvious question: What would happen...Show More Summary

21 Dogs Who Have Been Publicly Shamed: Hide Your Thong!

These animals may often quarrel, but cats and dogs have at least one thing in common: They aren't always on their best behavior. Or anything that resembles their best behavior. Recently, we ran down 27 naughty cats who have been publicly shamed by their owners; and now we're here to let those felines know they aren't alone. Some canines eat thongs. Show More Summary

Leaked Video Shows “Most Abhorrent Displays of Unethical Hunting Behavior and Animal Abuse Ever Recorded”

Hunting protected animals with semi-automatic weapons, running over animals with jeeps, and torturing animals before killing them; it sounds too horrible to be true - but a shocking new video shows that a company called Green Mile Safari allowed its clients

Massive Swarm of Tiny Robots Built To Study Collective Behavior, Haunt My Dreams - Nope. Nope nope nope nope nopenopenopenopenope

2 weeks agoOdd : Geekosystem

There are plenty of examples in the animal kingdom of a group working together to accomplish a single task, so naturally this is a behavior scientists are trying to replicate in robots. Harvard University's Kilobots (one letter away from K-I-L-L-B-O-T-S, I'm on to you, Harvard) can collectively and spontaneously replicate shapes. Show More Summary

Our Microbiome May Be Looking Out for Itself

2 weeks agoOdd : Neatorama

You’ve read about parasites that take over an animal and change its behavior for its own purposes. It’s the stuff nightmares are made of. But humans aren’t as immune to these shenanigans as you may think. Carl Zimmer tells us about research...Show More Summary

Animal Behavior: Thugged Out River Otter Attacks 8-Year-Old And Took Grandma’s Eye

Fn’ around with nature… River Otter Attack Leaves Young Boy And Grandmother Mauled Via NYDailyNews Wildlife officials in Washington are hunting for a ferocious river otter that attacked an 8-year-old boy and then mauled his grandmother when she waded

Evolutionary explanation for why some lessons more easily learned than others

It's easy to guess why it doesn't take long to learn to avoid certain behaviors and embrace others. But how do we know what drives these predilections? A new study offers insight into the evolutionary underpinning of animals' innate ability to quickly absorb critical life lessons.

Animalistic descriptions of violent crimes increase punishment of perpetrators

Describing criminals and criminal activities with animal metaphors leads to more retaliation against perpetrators by inducing the perception that they're likely to continue engaging in violence, a new Aggressive Behavior study suggests. read more

Kawai Complex Is Silly, Light-Hearted, and Ultimately Goes Nowhere

The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior is the story of the everyday life of a group of eccentric, diverse people living under one roof. It's silly, lighthearted, and—like most slice-of-life anime tales—ultimately goes nowhere. Though, in this case, that may not be a bad thing. Read more...

10 Tourist Behaviors We Wish We Could Ban

No. 3: Pointing at human beings like they’re exotic animals or buildings.

Dog Butt Science: Why do Dogs Smell Each Other’s Butts? [Video]

Why dogs sniff each other’s butts. It’s a somewhat silly question with a surprisingly complex answer. This behavior is just one of many interesting forms of chemical communication in the animal kingdom. [Reactions]

'Light pollution' may affect love lives of birds in the Viennese Forests

Artificial light in cities exerts negative effects on humans, animals, and their environment. In an ongoing research project, behavioral biologists are investigating how blue tits in the Viennese Forests react to "light pollution." The study might help to understand effects of “light-at-night” on reproductive behavior of birds. Show More Summary

Children as young as three recognize 'cuteness' in faces of people, animals

Children as young as three are able to recognize the same ‘cute’ infantile facial features in humans and animals which encourage caregiving behavior in adults, new research has shown. A study investigating whether youngsters can identify...Show More Summary

Not Just Penguins: Many Animals Partner With Same Sex

A homosexual penguin couple from New York’s Central Park Zoo are back in the news now that a book about their relationship has been banned in Singapore. Keith Wagstaff looks at the core question about homosexual behavior in animals. Read the rest of the story from our partners at NBC News.

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