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A Cat Cafe Obsession; How Looks-Based Discrimination Works in Restaurants

Five things to know right now Happy Thursday. You there, with the cat allergy or fear of animals or germs (or both), this paragraph is not for you. For everyone else, Los Angeles joins over a dozen other American cities this week when it opens its first-ever cat cafe. Show More Summary

Cat is determined to relax despite too-small cat hammock

This cat is determined to relax at all costs. It's just a little difficult right now because his new hammock — you know, the coziest of all relaxation tools — is way too small. SEE ALSO: Man animates stop motion flame on his cat’s head You...Show More Summary

Selecting the right house plant could improve indoor air (animation)

PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 24, 2016 -- Indoor air pollution is an important environmental threat to human health, leading to symptoms of "sick building syndrome." But researchers report that surrounding oneself with certain house plants could combat the potentially harmful effects of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), a main category of these pollutants. Show More Summary

Tuesday’s Take Your Best Shot: Archery Pronghorn

Scenario: Pronghorn quartering toward a bowhunter who is sitting in a ground blind. Animal is down a steep hill. Bow: Mathews Halon compound Range: 15 yards Conditions: Sunny, 85 degrees, breezy from left to right Archery pronghorn season is in full swing in Wyoming, and your waterhole setup has been less than active. Show More Summary

Alleged Dog Rapist Dragged Naked From Home And Beaten After Animal Rights Activists Discover 'Evidence' He Posted Online

A man in Chengdu, China was recently assaulted by animal rights activists and neighbors after allegedly running a "dog brothel" and raping a number of dogs — on film. Related: Disney Alligator Who Killed Lane Graves Lost Its Fear Of Humans According to online footage, the naked man was dragged out of his house by an angry [...]

VOTD: ‘The Animated Adventures of Firefly’ Is What The World Needs Right Now

Any fan of Joss Whedon‘s sci-fi series Firefly will tell you that it’s one of those shows that came to an end far too soon. It only lasted for a single 14-episode season, but that was enough for it to become a cult favorite TV series...Show More Summary

12 Facts You May Not Have Known About 'My Little Pony'

Everyone loves trivia about their favorite animated features and series, but with over 100 years of animation history behind us right now, there’s always some new obscure fact to learn. That’s why ComicsAlliance is going deep into the minutiae of your favorite names in cartoons in this continuing video series. Show More Summary

Creating Animated GIFs the Right Way – with Cloudinary

3 days agoArts / Graphic Design : Noupe

Animated GIFs are very popular, although there are other options – such as HTML5 video, CSS, and JavaScript – for animations. Short video clips are often created in GIF format and then shared on social media. Cloudinary, a cloud-based image and video management solution, enables you to quickly and automatically create animated GIFs. Show More Summary

New Mega Man animated series creators talk history, art style, airing on Disney XD

A portion of a Nerdist interview with Man of Action: Steven T. Seagle, Duncan Rouleau, Joe Kelly, and Joe Casey... Nerdist: Tell us, why is now the right time for a new iteration of Mega Man? Duncan Rouleau: Why did we get on board? Well, obviously Capcom is excited to have this legacy character. Show More Summary

DC Unveils Covers For Young Animal's November Releases [Exclusive]

DC's upcoming "pop-up" boutique Young Animal is one of the most anticipated projects of the year, and its debut is right around the corner. Curated by The Umbrella Academy's Gerard Way, it seeks to capture the spark of classic Vertigo...Show More Summary

A Godzilla anime is coming from Toho and Polygon

Toho's Godzilla is back. The iconic monster is rampaging across screens in Japan right now in his latest film, GODZILLA: RESURGENCE (pictured above), and there are already plans in place to bring him back for another round. ThisShow More Summary

Cult Classic Fantastic Planet Has Its Own Vibe

6 days agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

by Andrew Wright Many movies may aspire to cult status, but only a few can slither right in and stake an unquestionable claim. The 1973 French/Czechoslovakian animated film Fantastic Planet, thankfully, is absolutely one of the latter. Show More Summary

Animal Rights Activists Oppose Fishing Because Fish Feel Pain, What About Babies in Abortions?

Animal rights activists don’t want us eating fish or catching them recreationally. Fish may feel pain, don’t you know. Thus fishing is too cruel, When the usual suspects advocate destroying a trillion dollar industry, it is one thing. But when an outdoors magazine sympathizes, attention must be paid. From, “Fish Have Feelings: Does That Mean We […]

The War on Fishing

Animal rights activists don’t want us eating fish or catching them recreationally. Fish may feel pain, don’t you know. Thus fishing is too cruel, When the usual suspects advocate destroying a trillion dollar industry, it is one thing. Show More Summary

To 3D Or Not To 3D: Buy The Right Kubo And The Two Strings Ticket

Pretty much every animated movie these days arrives in theaters with a 3D option -- and the trend has very much continued throughout 2016.

This Beautiful Creature Must Die: what is Morrissey's animal rights game like?

Peta has launched a game approved by the Smiths frontman, complete with a bleepy rendition of Meat Is Murder – but is it any good? Can anyone remember magician Paul Daniels’seminal retro computer game Rabbits? Maybe, on the grounds that it was one of the worst computer games ever set to code, you can’t. Show More Summary

Horror Movie Hotties: Animals (2008)

These days it's rare to stumble upon a so-called "monster movie" that doesn't find a way to conjoin sharks with natural disasters. We just can't seem to get the genre right anymore, and most attempts wind up going directly to cable or DVD. That was evidentally the case with 2008's ANIMALS, despite having an extensive... Read More...

Amy Schumer -- Fur Protesters Crash Book Signing ... Amy Fires Back (VIDEO + PHOTO)

Animal rights protesters blasted Amy Schumer at her NYC book signing for her decision to sport fur -- but Amy says they've got the wrong idea about her wardrobe.  This pissed off group busted into the Barnes & Noble where Amy was holding…

Coming Distractions: Adam West and Burt Ward camp it up in trailer for animated Batman ‘66 movie

Ben Affleck may be brooding it up as the onscreen Batman right now, but there’s still room for lighter fare, like Adam West’s campier iteration from the ’60s television show. The series recently saw new life in the Batman ’66 comicsShow More Summary

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