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How To Get Through The Next Four Tumultuous Years On Social Media? Anne Midgette Says Opera Can Help

After all, there's no better way to learn how to make your voice heard over a lot of noise without wearing yourself out.

The Arts and 45

A couple of articles to leave you depressed at the state of the world. Anne Midgette, Donald Trump, Taste, and the Cultural Elite Philip Kennicott, A Trump Attack on the Arts Would Be More Than Just Symbolic My suggestion: get out there and volunteer or protest or both. Show More Summary

Midgette: Kennedy Center Honors Demonstrate Marginalization Of High Art

2 months agoArts : Modern Art Notes

Anne Midgette: "My keenest experience of the Kennedy Center Honors this year had to do with the marginalization of the high arts. This is not usually my position: I have no problem celebrating the artistry of popular culture, placing Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” above the level of many works of contemporary art music or recognizing the quality […]

When Music Teams Up With Other Art, The Results Can Be... Less

3 months agoArts : Modern Art Notes

Anne Midgette: "This kind of conceptual kinship, an inspiration of approach, is the only real link between a painting and the work of music it inspires. Yet the idea that music can convey something literal, and that conveying it will make the resulting piece more “accessible,” is widespread, and pernicious."

The Elusive Martha Argerich Sits Down To Talk With Anne Midgette

3 months agoArts : Modern Art Notes

"Argerich’s is a story about someone with superhuman gifts trying to find a way to live a normal life. Many musicians live a life of monkish order, focusing on the discipline of music. Argerich, by contrast, has seemed to go out of her way to be disorganized. She’s so given to canceling performances, sometimes at […]

Anne Midgette, Classical Music Critic, Turns Her Reviewer’s Eye And Ear To Art

4 months agoArts : Modern Art Notes

“The work of the Icelandic artist Ragnar Kjartansson is all about the quest for beauty and the ways in which that quest is doomed to failure, bogging down in mediocrity or kitsch, or, in these works, the trappings of Las Vegas. But the work radiates so much theatricality and glitz and humor that it feels […]

When The African-American Museum Presents ‘African-American Music’, What Exactly Will That Mean?, Asks Anne Midgette

5 months agoArts : Modern Art Notes

“When it comes to musical performance, the Museum’s tacit mandate is to spotlight all of African American music – which is like trying to put a frame around a living person and call it a portrait. It’s tough to pick ‘African American’ music out of the fabric of American musical history, of which it is […]

When Do Musicals Cross The Line And Become Operas? Anne Midgette Considers

7 months agoArts : Modern Art Notes

“What’s the difference between an opera and a musical? Theories abound. Some say opera is through-sung while musicals include spoken dialogue (although there are many operas with spoken dialogue; think Carmen). Some say opera is unamplified, while musicals are mic’d (except that there are many operas written for amplification, and many musicals that weren’t). But […]

‘A Musical Whose Time Has Gone’: Three D.C. Critics Have At ‘Phantom Of The Opera’

7 months agoArts : Modern Art Notes

Anne Midgette: “With its emphasis on spectacle and size, Phantom certainly reflects a particular era of musical theater: the stage equivalent of 1980s-style big hair.” Philip Kennicott: “Phantom looks better today than it did when it was new … [it] seemed to me then as it does now a testament to the degradation of theatrical […]

Citizen journalist

8 months agoArts : Parterre Box

Happy birthday to critic Anne Midgette.

The exit interview of an operatic powerhouse

David Gockley has been a leading figure in American opera for four decades. As he prepares to step down from the San Francisco Opera, he shares his thoughts on the field with Anne Midgette.

Beach Reading For Classical Music Fans: Anne Midgette’s Crowdsourced Guide

9 months agoArts : Modern Art Notes

When she asked followers on social media to suggest works of fiction that did a good job of treating classical music, Midgette “got back a veritable flood of titles: short stories and novels, popular fiction and Nobel Prize-winners, and many books I’d never even heard of. So here you go: your summer fiction reading list, […]

The “Ring” is over. Two critics weigh in.

Four operas, two critics: Anne Midgette and Philip Kennicott trade their views on the completed “Ring” cycle in DC.

‘This Isn’t A Condemnation, But A Challenge’ – Anne Midgette On The Canadian Opera/National Post Review-Spiking Affair

9 months agoArts : Modern Art Notes

“What it shows is a waning understanding of, and tolerance for, not differences of opinion – those rage happily on in every paper’s Comments sections – but the role of criticism and the arts in a society where they have less dominance. [The National Post features editor] will be vilified in the arts community for […]

‘There Is A Genuine Greatness To Bad Singing’: Anne Midgette On Why We Love Florence Foster Jenkins

10 months agoArts : Modern Art Notes

“Great bad singers take our greatest fears and put them on the stage in front of us. Florence Foster Jenkins lives out all of our worst nightmares: getting up in public unprepared, being mocked without knowing it, realizing you have forgotten to get dressed before going out.”

Two critics trade thoughts on Wagner’s ‘Ring’ in D.C.

Anne Midgette and Philip Kennicott trade views on the “Ring” at the Washington National Opera

Your Next Binge-Watch Should Be Wagner’s ‘Ring’ Cycle

10 months agoArts : Modern Art Notes

Anne Midgette: “Indeed, with its giants and dwarves and dragons and battles and love duets, it bears marked resemblances to a lot of today’s most popular screen sagas: the political shenanigans of House of Cards, the epic flavor of Game of Thrones, the fairy-tale elements of Lord of the Rings. … (And by the way, […]

‘If Only It Hadn’t Taken Him So Long’ – Anne Midgette On Levine’s Retirement From The Met

10 months agoArts : Modern Art Notes

“It wasn’t just the illnesses, but the constant alternation between concealment and an excess of revelation that kept so much attention focused on them and away from the music.”

Give Me A Break: Anne Midgette On Classical Stars Who Take Sabbaticals

12 months agoArts : Modern Art Notes

“Pierre-Laurent Aimard did it quietly. Evgeny Kissin did it in a casual remark to a presenter. Piotr Anderszewski, evidently, has done it in an interview with the website Humans of New York … What’s ‘it?’ Time off. Stepping off the treadmill.”

Anne Midgette: New Opera Is Very Healthy If You Know Where To Look

“Classical music, some say, is in decline. I say, over and over, that it isn’t. Classical music is just fine. It’s the institutions that perform it that are having trouble. … Of course, new work has an audience. It just may not be a traditional opera audience.”

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