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Deepwater Downturn: Bump in the Road or Long-Term Slowing of Growth?

IMA/World Energy Reports has just completed a comprehensiveassessment of the five year outlook for the deepwater sector.  The new report – the 19th annual

Deepwater Downturn: Bump in the Road or Long-term Slowdown?

IMA/World Energy Reports has just completed a comprehensive assessment of the five year outlook for the deepwater sector. The new report – the 19th annual

Asia to Become World Leader in Gas Demand by 2030, Outstrip US

Asian countries’ consumption of natural gas will overtake that of the United States by 2030, making Asia the world leader in the sphere, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said in its latest annual World Energy Outlook report.

BP: ‘Modest’ Carbon Price Would Make Carbon Capture Economical

BP says a “modest” price on carbon would make some types of renewable energy competitive with gas-fired power and would make carbon capture technology economical, according to the oil giant’s Technology Outlook. In the annual report, BP says the power sector offers the greatest scope for reducing carbon emissions. In the power sector, which currently […]

Is United States Energy Independence in Sight?

The U.S. Energy Information Administration's latest Annual Energy Outlook features the key finding that the US is on track to reduce its net energy imports to essentially zero by 2030, if not sooner. That might seem surprising, in light of the recent collapse of oil prices and the resulting significant slowdown in drilling. read more

Projections Show U.S. Becoming a Net Exporter of Natural Gas

In its recently released Annual Energy Outlook 2015, the Energy Information Administration expects the United States to be a net natural gas exporter by 2017. After 2017, natural gas trade is driven largely by the availability of natural gas resources and by world energy prices. read more

Highlights of the 2015 Annual Energy Outlook

Last week the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) released its Annual Energy Outlook 2015 (AEO2015). The report presents updated projections for U.S. energy markets through 2040 based on six cases, defined as follows: Reference — Real gross domestic product (GDP) grows at an average annual rate of 2.4% from 2013 to 2040. Show More Summary

Increasing Domestic Production of Crude Oil Reduces Net Petroleum Imports

In its recently released Annual Energy Outlook 2015, the EIA expects United States crude oil production to rise through the year 2020 as oil prices recover from their steep decline, reducing net petroleum (crude oil and petroleum products) imports. read more

EIA 2040 Forecast Understates Renewables, Policy, Contingencies

Last week the U.S. Energy Information Administration released its Annual Energy Outlook. EIA’s big news: American energy imports and exports will come into balance for the first time in over 50 years. Says EIA Administrator Adam Sieminski: “EIA’s AEO2015 shows that the advanced technologies are reshaping the U.S. Show More Summary

Latest EIA Predictions Should Be Taken With More Than A Pinch Of Salt

The U.S. government released its landmark Annual Energy Outlook on April 14, with some rather bold predictions about the future of oil and gas. The EIA released the 2015 edition of its report at a Washington conference hosted by the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Show More Summary

This Federal Report Keeps Underestimating America’s Renewable Future. Here’s Why That’s A Problem.

An annual energy outlook report released Tuesday fails to correctly price or predict renewable adoption, which could harm wind and solar businesses. The post This Federal Report Keeps Underestimating America’s Renewable Future. Here’s Why That’s A Problem. appeared first on ThinkProgress.

EIA Projects "U.S. energy imports and exports come into balance, First time since the 1950s"

New long term projections from the EIA: Annual Energy Outlook 2015 and press release: EIA's AEO2015 projects that U.S. energy imports and exports come into balance, a first since the 1950s, because of continued oil and natural gas production growth and slow growth in energy demandU.S. Show More Summary

Crude Dips After EIA Forecasts Increased Oil Production For A Decade

The EIA's annual energy outlook has something for everyone as it attempts to forecast energy markets out to 2040. For the bears, US crude oil production is expected to rise (even more than they had forecast last year - before the price...Show More Summary

The Insiders: Global warming might be real, but the Democrats’ solutions are not

BP recently published its annual Energy Outlook report, which, as the company describes it, outlines a “view of the likely path of global energy markets to 2035…[and] highlights the challenge of delivering energy supplies which are sustainable, secure and affordable.”  The bottom line in the report is that taking into account the trajectory of global demand […]

Energy Giant’s Bleak Outlook Forsees 25% Rise in CO2

The British-based oil and gas “supermajor” BP, in its annual energy economics report, says it expects global emissions of carbon dioxide to rise by a quarter in the next 20 years.

BP: Put A Price on Carbon, Let The Market Cut Emissions

One of the world’s six major oil and gas companies supports a global price on carbon – and no, this is not an early April Fool’s joke. In the latest version of its annual Energy Outlook report, BP recommends that governments set a meaningful global price on carbon emissions to level the playing field for businesses and let the market choose the best climate solutions.

BP Energy Outlook Proclaims Possible 25% Carbon Emissions Increase By 2035

One of the world’s six “supermajor” oil and gas companies, BP, has released its annual Energy Outlook, and in addition to predicting a 37% increase in global demand for energy, the company also believes that — if nothing is done to corral...Show More Summary

Are Battery Boosters Risking A Blowback?

Citi, the global banking behemoth based in New York City, joined the solar-plus-batteries bandwagon in January. Citi GPS, the bank’s annual investment outlook report, described about half a dozen growth markets for 2015. Energy storage made the short list. “We view energy storage as a technological advancement that can tie together all the other disruptive […]

The IEA's Stressful Outlook

For an organization established by energy-importing countries in the aftermath of an oil crisis, the recent launch of the International Energy Agency's annual World Energy Outlook (WEO) took surprisingly little satisfaction in the current dip in oil prices, and none in the difficulties it is causing for OPEC. read more

We’re getting cleaner and greener, but not fast enough to save the planet

Today, the Paris-based International Energy Agency released its 2014 World Energy Outlook, an annual data dump outlining where the world's energy use patterns are heading in the future. The basic upshot is that planet Earth is definitely moving in a cleaner and greener direction -- just not fast enough to save us from dangerous climate change. First, the good […]

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