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12 Things People With Anxiety Can Teach You

By Laura Lifshitz Dealing with anxiety can make life difficult. I sometimes feel as if my anxiety takes over the control center in my brain and puts me in the backseat. I may not even realize it, but anxiety can fuel a response, reaction, or behavior. Show More Summary

Depression and Men: Why It’s Hard to Ask For Help

Close to one in 10 American men suffers from depression or anxiety, but fewer than half get treatment.

The 2 Types of Perfectionism: One Helps While The Other Sabotages You

15 hours agoAcademics / Psychology : PsyBlog

A certain type of perfectionism can lead to depression, anxiety and eating disorders. » Continue reading: The 2 Types of Perfectionism: One Helps While The Other Sabotages You » Read, the new site from PsyBlog's author Related...Show More Summary

Parenting Anxiety Centers Around How Kids Will Turn Out

My daughter had just finished her spring semester of her junior year at college when I asked if she might be interested in a mother-daughter trip to Utah. I love the desert, but most of all, I wanted to spend time with her. Especially since I wasn't sure she'd say yes. Show More Summary

8 Creative Techniques to Cope with Painful Emotions

Many of us have a hard time coping with negative emotions. This makes sense. “Painful feelings like anxiety, sadness, anger and shame tap into the parts of our brain that are connected to survival,” according to Joy Malek, M.S., a licensed marriage and family therapist. […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Anxiety (Myths Debunked)

You have what we call, generalized anxiety disorder,” my doctor said. After years of unending worry, I had decided to... The post 5 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Anxiety (Myths Debunked) appeared first on Lifehack.

Scientists Find That Anxiety Can Be Genetic

Often times, we tell people experiencing anxiety to just “get over it” and move on with their lives. We do... The post Scientists Find That Anxiety Can Be Genetic appeared first on Lifehack.

Things I'm Scared Of Right Now, Ranked

As one of the Nervous Ones, there is a cloud of fear-causing things floating in my brain and coating each and every neuron with a fine mist of anxiety at all times. Some of the culprits, like death, are persistent. Others, like whatever disease is currently making news with hyperbolic headlines, come and go on an hourly basis. Read more...

Texas Gay Man, 32, Dies in Custody After Being Denied Medication

Jesse Jacobs, who was denied his anxiety pills, suffered seizures and later died at a Galveston hospital. 1 - Name: w-line read more

? Listen: Stress - Release

That back and forth with your body always wanting to implode and explode at the same time. Internally ready to break free with an pent up state that anxiety only measures in a meter to the right of your “busted retina.” Barely sitting up straight at work after the rager you pulled the night before. Show More Summary

How Depression Is Linked to Intestinal Bacteria

Link between the gut and low mood found in study of mice. Related articles: The Unexpected Connection Between Gut Bacteria and Depression and Anxiety High-Fat Diet May Disturb a Range of Thoughts And Feelings Chronic Stress Early inShow More Summary

The Insiders: Democrats can’t pretend forever

With all the media focus on Donald Trump’s antics and the anxiety over the upcoming Republican primary debate, the mainstream media are mostly ignoring the surreal drift of the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton’s troubles. Despite the fact that the Democrats seem to be escaping harsh media scrutiny, this is no easy time for them. […]

Dakota Johnson Looks All Sorts of Sexy and Smart in Hot New Instagram Photo

Post by Lisa Fogarty. We're totally going through Dakota Johnson withdrawal anxiety over here, but — finally — a new photo of the actress has surfaced and she looks all kinds of smart and adorable. The major news about the Fifty Shades...Show More Summary

How Early-Life Stress Could Increase Risk Of Anxiety And Depression Later In Life

2 days agoNews : Huffington Post

The trillions of organisms living in your digestive track can literally change the way your brain works.  Scientists continue to find more and more evidence of the significant influence gut bacteria has on mental health. Studies have...Show More Summary

Generation Stressed: A Hands on Guide Helping Kids Overcome Anxiety

Michele Kambolis' New Book Gives Play-Based Strategies for Anxiety The post Generation Stressed: A Hands on Guide Helping Kids Overcome Anxiety appeared first on The Good Men Project.

What my schedule looks like vs. what my anxiety has planned for me today.

2 days agoHumor / odd : Happy Place

My anxiety is like a helpful personal assistant, if that personal assistant was trying to help me ruin my life. Laying on this couch for seven hours is a GREAT idea. (via Thinkstock) I have plans for my day, but my anxiety has other ideas. Show More Summary

T-Mobile will swap your iPhone 6 for the next model at no extra cost

If you've ever had to upgrade an iPhone months after launch, you've likely felt some anxiety: you need a new device right now, but you know you'll feel buyer's remorse when the next model shows up in September. T-Mobile thinks it can set your mind at ease, however. Show More Summary

Lena Dunham Gets Motivational About Running In Instagram Post

?Lena Dunham isn't one to shy away from talking about her struggles with body image and anxiety, and in a recent Instagram photo, she got extra motivational.  The "Girls" creator posted a paparazzi snap on the image-sharing app, which...Show More Summary

The Future Of American History

Topic: Archives So why is the number of history majors diminishing? "Experts blame anxieties about the job market for steering students into fields they think will translate to jobs quickly after graduation," the Columbus Dispatch story observes. Show More Summary

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