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Freedom From Self-Doubts, Anxiety, and Procrastination

Self-doubts, anxiety, and procrastination commonly occur together and each adds to the misery of the other. There is a way to exit this triple trouble pattern.

Crohn’s Disease Is Something You Have, Not Something You Are

These are the moments where it is so easy to become the disease. It takes up such a large space in your mind, because of the worrying and the planning and the anxiety. Often, by accident, this illness becomes the only thing from which you derive your sense of self.

How Anxiety Feels

Hannah Gordon takes us inside the anxious mind. The post How Anxiety Feels appeared first on The Good Men Project.

How to Know Anxiety

When will anxiety turn into a friend you can rely on?

Kylie Jenner Dares To Bare Her Toned Tummy By Posing In A Bikini On A Red Couch!

Better wear sunscreen Kylie Jenner, or you're going to be as red as that couch! From her feud with Blac Chyna, to the anxiety she has regarding chemtrails, the 17-year-old has a lot on her mind! [ Related: Kylie Jenner Is Rocking A Suspicious Gold Ring! ] So what's a girl to do to get away from it [...]

Tomorrowland: Previewing Toronto’s Architecture of the Future

9 hours agoCanada / Toronto : Torontoist

A new exhibit shows what the future of Toronto development looks like. As Toronto’s astronomical rate of development shows no sign of slowing down, the debate surrounding the city’s future can be fraught with anxiety. New cranes continue to speckle the skyline, and the population of the downtown core is expected to almost double to 130,000 by 2031. Show More Summary

Would Invisibility Solve Social Anxiety?

We’ve all felt social anxiety to a certain extent. Maybe you would do anything to get out of giving a presentation. Maybe your hands get all clammy when you have to walk into a meeting full of people you’re meeting for the first time. Perhaps social […]

College Students Anxious Like Never Before: Why?

Last week’s New York Times had a huge piece by Jan Hoffman on how the sheer number of college students experiencing anxiety is overwhelming the campus mental health centers. Why are young people so very anxious? Anxiety has become emblematic of the current generation of college students, said Dan Jones, the director of counseling and psychological services […]

Humanity hangs in the balance in the sinister 'The Whispers'

High-strung parental anxiety is not limited to obsessing over organic baby food or pushing teens to pick up that fourth AP class. Kids are scary, as writers including Henry James ("The Turn of the Screw"), Ray Bradbury ("The Small Assassin") and Stephen King ("Children of the Corn") like to remind...

7 Ways to Overcome Shyness and Social Anxiety

It is estimated that nearly 17 million American adults at some point will meet criteria for social anxiety disorder or social phobia. The number of adults who struggle with shyness greatly exceeds that number. Fortunately, there are some effective strategies to overcome shyness and social […]

?anna wintour thinks social media is making us anxious

The legendary editor and youth anxiety charity supporter is worried about information overload and how we speak to each other online.

(Un)documented: the Truth About Why I'm Afraid to Fly

Last week, I boarded a plane for the first time since arriving in the US from Slovakia 15 years ago. Despite having all my papers in order, I couldn’t shake the anxiety of all those years I was unable to leave, and the fear of being deported. Show More Summary

Looking for life among the dead: a 19th-century invention

Infocult readers probably know about the great nineteenth-century panic over being buried alive. Edgar Allen Poe is the most famous exponent of this anxiety, but there were many ways people responded. Some turned to invention. For example, patent US 371626...

4 Traps to Avoid When You're Filled with Anxiety

When we're slipping on anxiety's slopes, it's usually not pretty. We rant. We rave. We make blanket statements on the condition of our lives. When under pressure, inaccurate self-judgments are likely to creep in. We forget to factor in that we're overworked, tired or just plain depleted. Show More Summary

The Founder And The Inferiority Complex

I’m a serial entrepreneur with an inferiority complex. I was diagnosed by an overly-cheerful psychiatrist about a year ago as I was getting help for anxiety and depression, which were a result of this underlying disorder. This is how I’ve overcome it. Read More

The Hunger Games: New CBS reality show exploits poor families by making them grovel for $101,000

2 days agoNews : The Raw Story

As if to prove there are new depths to be plumbed in the world of reality television (because who knew?), CBS just debuted The Briefcase, a show which takes poverty porn, class anxiety, emotional manipulation and exploitation and packages them all neatly into a pretty despicable hour of primetime...

A Nation of Millennial Entitlements

by Walter Brasch A student sued Misericordia College because she failed a nursing class. Twice. She said she suffered psychological problems. Those problems included anxiety, depression, and poor concentration skills. The college had agreed to allow her to retake the final examination last summer. It set her up in a stress-free room, gave her extra [...]Show More Summary

Can Ecstasy Replace Xanax?

2 days agoNews : The Daily Beast

A new study urges clinical trials of MDMA to treat social anxiety in autistic adults. Four studies are already testing it to treat PTSD. Will the benefits of MDMA cause a change in societal attitudes?

Drake concert review: Paranoia, anxiety as the new arena rap

It was an odd way to open a stadium concert, with a death wish, in the dark, with beats that rummaged through a vast emptiness.

The power of the fear of missing out

May 29 (Reuters) – Call it status anxiety, call it greed or just call it clever momentum trading, but the fear of missing out is an under-appreciated force in financial markets. No one likes to miss out on a good thing, especially when they see their friends, neighbors and rivals cashing in, a phenomenon three-card-monte […]

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