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A Message To Pokemaniacs: "Think About Your Life Choices"

Now that a Google april fools' joke appears to have spawned the zombie apocalypse, one local landlord has finally had enough. h/t @StigAbell Then again, where else will the non-Pokemummified part of the population apply all those anti-zombie skills acquired while watching the Walking Dead...

How A Google April Fools' Joke Unleashed The Zombie Apocalypse

Remember the "Google Maps Pokemon Challenge"? Probably not. It was a one time event that took place on April Fools day in 2014. This is how Google explained it. Dozens of wild Pokémon have taken up residence on streets, amidst forests...Show More Summary

Pokemon GO - the joke that took off

The location-based mobile game Pokemon GO has become a huge hit - but it started as an April Fool’s joke. ||| Tokyo - Pokemon GO, the location-based mobile game that has become a massive hit, began as an April Fool’s joke. Read also:...Show More Summary

Pokémon Go Started As An April Fools’ Joke

“For April Fools’ Day in 2014, Google created a ‘game’ in which users looked on Google Maps for Pokémon à la I Spy or Where’s Waldo. … Accompanying the game was a heart-pounding, highly produced video showing people out in the actual world climbing mountains, riding camels across the desert and taking to the sea […]

Pokemon Go Becomes an Instant Rage; Coming to India Soon

What was initially outed as an April Fool’s joke, has turned out to be one of the largest success in the gaming industry. Nintendo’s augmented reality game, Pokemon Go, based on the anime series from Japan, has become a rage amongst the people in the US. Show More Summary

Pokémon Go becomes global craze as game overtakes Twitter for US users

Nintendo’s share price soars but there have been safety fears over players visiting secluded locations late at night An app that began as an April Fools joke has become a worldwide phenomenon, taking gamers out of the living room and on to the streets as they compete to capture, train and battle Pokémon characters using their mobile phones. Show More Summary

Pokémon Go Will Make You Crave Augmented Reality

It started as an April Fools’ joke. Google released a funny video that mashed up Google Maps and Pokémon. The video, released on April 1, 2014, went viral, drawing more than eighteen million views in all. “We thought, Why not try and make it real?” John Hanke said. Show More Summary

'Pokémon GO', Conceived As An April Fools' Joke But Has Since Secured Satoru Iwata's Legacy

While the release of Pokémon GO has been momentously successful, it’s worth realizing that game originated as an April Fool’s joke on the part of Satoru Iwata. However, the game's impact shows his legacy is still with us.

'Pokémon GO' started as one big April Fool's joke at Google

Before it was a massively addicting game consuming all of our free time, "Pokémon GO" was just a fun April Fool's joke at Google. Google released a video in 2014 inviting people to use Google Maps to catch Pokémon for April Fool's day, Bloomberg first reported. Show More Summary

Adequate Man All My Pokémon Are Boring Trash Idiots | Jezebel Catching Up with Milania Guidice: What

Adequate Man All My Pokémon Are Boring Trash Idiots | Jezebel Catching Up with Milania Guidice: What’s Up with Bravo’s Dreaded Daughter? | Gizmodo You Can Thank an April Fool’s Joke for Bringing You Pokemon Go | Gawker At Least a Dozen Killed in Train Collision in Southern Italy | Read more...

You Can Thank an April Fool's Joke for Bringing You Pokemon Go

2 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Everyone who spent the past week in the throes of Pokemon Go has an April Fool’s joke to thank—or blame, depending on whether you were robbed —for the phenomena. Read more...

Pokemon Go Started As An April Fools Joke On YouTube

2 weeks agoWeb / Web Videos : Tubefilter

Pokemon Go, which sends its players out into the wild to catch local pocket monsters, is currently the hottest free app on the iTunes store, but when its development began, it was nothing more than an elaborate gag. The augmented reality...Show More Summary

Pokemon Go Transformed from April Fool’s Joke to Big Success (Watch)

Think your next business or product idea is beyond far-fetched? Look at the raging success that is Pokemon Go. A few years ago, this started as a prank.

The Pokémon GO craze sees gamers hit the streets but it comes with a warning

2 weeks agoNews : The Raw Story

In 2014, as part of its traditional April Fool’s pranks, Google released a video in which Google Maps VP Brian McClendon announced a job opening for a Pokémon Master. The video showed candidates travelling around the world, from the tallest mountains to the middle of the ocean in their search for...

Google revealed 'Pokemon Go' 2 years ago, and we thought it was a joke

When Google debuted a Pokemon ad on April Fools' Day, we thought it was just a joke. We might've been wrong. Video provided by Newsy        

Seriously, GOP, Our 'Endorsement' Of Mitt Romney Was An April Fool's Joke

You might remember on April 1 that this blog "endorsed" Mitt Romney for President. I wrote that post. It was an April Fool's Joke. Really. But now that the Republican Party is set to commit electoral seppuku by nominating the will of...Show More Summary

Here’s J Mascis Testing Chuck Taylors That Feature a Built-In Wah Pedal

No, it’s not April Fools’ Day: Converse really has unveiled a new shoe called the Converse All Wah, which is the classic Chuck Taylor silhouette, only with a Wah Wah pedal built right in to one of the shoes. All you’ve got to do is plug your guitar into one side and your amp (or […]

[Guest Review] ‘Sadako vs Kayako’ is a Love Letter to J-Horror

Guest Review By: Andrew Campana It should be immediately noted that this film started off as a joke—a fake April Fool’s Day trailer on the website of the latest Ju-On movie, teasing the ultimate face-off between the main villains of J-Horror’s two most popular franchises. In December of last year, though, it was announced that Sadako vs. […]

This Smartphone Case Turns Your Android Phone Into A Game Boy

Originally created as an April Fool’s Day joke, a clever gadget that enables the user to temporarily turn their Android smartphone into a Game Boy will soon be a reality. While some retro game emulators allow gamers to play vintage titles on their smartphones, the Smart Boy actually runs the original Game Boy cartridges from Nintendo. Show More Summary

Hyperkin's $60 accessory turns your Android phone into a Game Boy

Hyperkin teased the Smart Boy accessory as an April Fool's gag last year, but the overwhelming reaction to the concept has led the company to come up with an actual product. Hyperkin is now taking pre-orders for the Smart Boy Development...Show More Summary

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