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Tunisia Is Becoming The Middle East’s Next Startup Hub

Since the Arab Spring in 2011, Tunisia’s new democracy has struggled to enact prudent economic policy to provide employment and opportunity for its young, growing population. Unemployment is currently at 15 percent, with one-third of jobless youth being university graduates. Show More Summary

Five years after Egypt’s Arab Spring: ‘We didn’t need a revolution’

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CAIRO -- It was a day Ahmed Hassan will never forget. He was in Tahrir Square in the heart of the Egyptian capital, the nexus of the Arab Spring revolution. It was around sunset, and the crowds were dancing and reciting poetry. It was the end of President Hosni Mubarak's nearly 30-year rule. "It was the […]

Why Saudi Arabia Still Needs an Arab Spring

Saudi Arabia stands in the way of meaningful progress. “Thought only sees in reality what a specific formation shows it.” Mahdi ‘Amil, 1936-1987. Popular rebellions reflect the urges of a people, but they are themselves not always capable of victory. Show More Summary

Turkey can't avoid new post-Arab Spring mindset

Occupied with old fears, Turkey must not lose sight of the bigger picture of the Arab Uprisings.

Why 'The Jon Stewart of Egypt' is coming to America

LOS ANGELES — Bassem Youssef, the “Jon Stewart of Egypt” who rose to fame after his satirical show in Egypt during the Arab Spring, is partnering with Fusion's digital entertainment unit F-Comedy to create a new series. Titled The Democracy...Show More Summary

Weekend Roundup: The Bitter Fruits of the Arab Spring

The tragic outcome of the Arab Spring doesn't get any less bitter with time. The repercussions of that pan-Arab rebellion five years ago are still traumatizing the region and the world. As Amira Yahyaoui wrote from Tunis earlier this...Show More Summary

I'm for the Arab Spring -- But Not in Jordan

AL-ZARQA, Jordan -- For as long as I can remember, violence in some form or another has been a part of life in my region. Arabs tend to feel united, and so I've always internalized the suffering of my fellow Arabs in other countries -- and this empathy was encouraged by my family, school and society. Show More Summary

Inside Parlio: Egyptian Activist Wael Ghonim’s New Platform For Social Change

Wael Ghonim is an activist who helped spark the Egyptian Revolution, a wave of protests and demonstrations in Egypt that were part of the Arab Spring, and which helped overthrow the long-reigning Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak. Ghonim,...Show More Summary

What Living Through Arab Spring Taught Me About Starting a Company

3 Lessons one entrepreneur learned from their experiences in Arab Spring that will help you with starting or growing a business.

Q&A: The terrible illusion of the Arab Spring

The revolutionary process is bound to continue for decades to come, says author Gilbert Achcar.

The Arab Spring In Review

For better or worse, the uprisings made clear Arabs do in fact rule themselves. Are they up to the task?

The ‘Jihadist Spring’ Is Bigger Than the Islamic State

Haroro J. Ingram Terrorism, There’s a long way to go. When the Arab Spring reached Syria in 2011, demonstrations in support of political freedoms, anti-corruption measures and democratic governance were met brutally by the Assad regime. Show More Summary

5 Years After the Revolution, Egypt's a Hell After a Paradise

CAIRO -- I do not want to say that I have become indifferent, disinterested or disappointed, but after having been asked to write about the so-called Arab Spring, I felt uncomfortable. It was as if my comfort zone would only allow me...Show More Summary

Social Media Made the Arab Spring, But Couldn’t Save It

The Arab Spring was supposed to jumpstart democracy via social media. Five years later, the promise has faded. What happened? The post Social Media Made the Arab Spring, But Couldn’t Save It appeared first on WIRED.

Syria from the Sidelines: Working in Human Rights in the Thick of the Arab Spring

When the Arab Spring broke out in the Middle East in January 2011, seeds of protest that had been germinating for decades sprouted at an unbelievable pace in nearly every country in the Arab world. At the time, I was an undergraduate...Show More Summary

Cairo’s Tahrir Square was once the symbol of the Arab Spring. Now it’s just a traffic circle again.

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      What a difference five years makes. On Jan. 25, 2011, protests against the entrenched regime of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak broke out in the heart of the capital of the Arab world's most populous nation. The unrest eventually led to Mubarak's departure — an event so seismic that its tremors rippled throughout the Arab world. […]

Five Years After Arab Spring, Instability Remains

Five years after Arab Spring demonstrations and protests led to the toppling of rulers throughout the Middle East and North Africa, one expert said the uprisings were "an open invitation to destabilization."

Arab Spring Generation

(Tunis, Photo/Salma Amer) I happened to be in Tunisia on the 14th of January, which not only marks the 5th anniversary of the Tunisian 2010 revolution; a date that sparked all the 2011 Arab countries' uprisings, but which also marks the 5th anniversary of interrogating my generation: the Arab Spring generation. Show More Summary

The Importance of Civil Society in the Arab World

Why has the Arab spring failed? The fragility of civil societies in Arab countries has to be one of the main reasons first and foremost as this has played a major role in the democratic transitions in Eastern Europe while it has also...Show More Summary

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