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Building a Video Game Studio in Post-Revolution Tunisia

Walid Sultan Midani is a man on a mission: prove that video games can be successfully developed in post-revolution Tunisia. Tunisia is a North African country widely considered the only success story of the Arab Spring. Although theShow More Summary

From Arab Spring To Shanghai Summer: How China's Government Fears Have Roiled Global Stock Markets

Analysts who blame this summer’s global stock market correction on China’s current economic woes have been getting the story only half right. Yes, China’s problems have become the world’s problems, but the problems go far deeper than a a slowdown in the PRC’s factory output or a temporary lull in [...]

Twitter must be less cowardly and fight for activists

For years, Twitter has been the go-to communication medium for social and political activists and commentators. Its format is well suited to broadcasting ideas to a large audience in real-time. During the Arab Spring, Twitter provedShow More Summary

The Strange Cause of Air Pollution Decline in the Middle East

The Arab Spring contributed to a decline in air pollution, according to new research

To combat ISIS, refocus international attention on Assad and revive the Geneva process

In March 2011, the Syrian people started their national uprising, motivated by the Arab Spring and following decades of oppression under the dynastic Assad regime. The peaceful uprising lasted for an entire year. The Syrian regime confronted...Show More Summary

Win a copy of Chuck Wendig's ZER0ES

I have a copy of Chuck Wendig's Zer0es up for grabs, courtesy of the fine folks at HarperCollins. For more info about this title: Canada, USA, Europe.Here's the blurb:Five hackers—an Anonymous-style rabble-rouser, an Arab Spring hacktivist, a black-hat hacker, an old-school cipherpunk, and an online troll—are detained by the U.S. Show More Summary

Michael Oren spices up his memoir with revelations about the true nature of Israel

Michael Oren reveals the hypocrisy of Israel's claim to be the only democracy in the Middle East when he quotes an Israeli general on the US and the Arab spring: "To defend Western freedom, they must preserve Middle Eastern tyranny....

Tunisia's Defense Against the Islamic State Is Sparking Fears of a Police State

2 weeks agoNews : Vice News

Five years after the self-immolation of a Tunisian street vendor sparked the outbreak of the Arab Spring, Tunisia remains the only country where democratic transition has not been derailed by authoritarianism, chaos, or civil war. But...Show More Summary

The secret to strengthening online security tools

In the wake of the Arab Spring, the UK riots, and Occupy Wall Street, when the same digital tools that were enabling journalists to share information and organize in unprecedented ways--through Twitter, Facebook, mobile phones--had also...Show More Summary

Old myths die hard, don’t they?

Well, no, not really Geoffrey, not really: Poor harvests, far away, were famously one of the causes of the Arab spring. In 2007-8 grain prices spiked after poor weather cut worldwide production, at a time when food stocks had been run down – and export restrictions, by countries wishing to secure their own supplies, made […]

Libya Peace Talks Underway While Thousands Flee the Lawless State

The consequences of the Arab Spring and the uprising of Islamic State along with the overthrow of Libya’s leader Colonel Gaddafi are ricocheting across the world and landing on Europe’s doorstep - where key peace talks aimed at stabilizing Libya are taking place in Geneva.

Egypt Is Trying to Crush the Muslim Brotherhood. Can It Survive?

In the four years since the Arab Spring, Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has gone from the streets to the presidential palace and back again. Now, with its leader sentenced to death and its followers persecuted by President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi’s regime, the Muslim Brotherhood is at a critical juncture. Show More Summary

The Middle East and East Asia: A tale of two economic trajectories

This post is part of the “International Relations and a new Middle East” symposium. With the hopes raised by the “Arab Spring” faded, the region’s agenda is once again dominated by terrorism, unspeakable human rights abuses, civil wars, use of chemical weapons, failed states and now a brutal would-be caliphate. Was this the only possible […]

Jim Webb Thinks Opposing Iran Deal Is A Winning Strategy

They said Jim Webb was wrong when he didn't support invading Iraq. They said he was wrong when he wanted to include Burma (Myanmar) into the international community. They said he was wrong to question the Arab Spring. They said he was wrong to oppose a Libyan intervention. Show More Summary

Younger Muslim Brotherhood Members in Egypt Bridle at Nonviolent Stance

4 weeks agoNews : NYTimes: News

The group faces a widening generational split at a time when its discipline is fraying and many young members blame their elders for bungling the Arab Spring revolt.

Pentagon Report Admits Disastrous Drought, Not Assad Caused Syrian Crisis

A US Department of Defense report says that a six-year drought in Syria caused vast suffering and social dislocation before the 2011 Arab spring protests and the start of the civil war there.

Tunisia’s Jihadist Pipeline

ISIS recruiters are finding volunteers in the birthplace of the Arab Spring

Terror-struck Tunisia Fears Fighters Coming From Libya

The country that started the Arab Spring casts a wary eye at its neighbor after two bloody attacks

Business as Usual in Bahrain

2 months agoNews : Slate: The Slatest

The U.S. State Department today announced that it is lifting restrictions on military aid to Bahrain, which were put in place after the government crackdown on protests during the 2011 Arab Spring. The U.S. will once again provide antitank missiles and Humvees and the Bahraini government will now be able to request additional arms. Show More Summary

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