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Donald Trump spied on Mar-a-Lago guest phone calls: Report

2 years agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

Wonder what kind of NSA commander-in-chief Donald Trump would be? Well, he had a phone console near his bed that could connect to every phone in his Mar-a-Lago estate, reports Aram Roston at Buzzfeed. Several workers told Buzzfeed that Trump used the equipment to secretly listen in on phone calls in the mid-2000s. (more…)

Report: Trump Spied on Mar-a-Lago Phone Conversations Using Personal Switchboard

This is potentially very creepy: BuzzFeed’s Aram Roston has a bonkers scoop that four former employees at Donald Trump’s Florida resort Mar-a-Lago say he had a telephone console in his estate bedroom that he used “to eavesdrop on calls...Show More Summary

NSA Official Handing Off Contracts To Government Contractor Spouse?

3 years agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

Aram Roston at Buzzfeed has seemingly uncovered a very cozy link between an NSA official and a government contracting firm. The NSA official, Teresa H. Shea, is director of the Signals Intelligence Directorate, which means she oversees electronic eavesdropping for intelligence purposes. Show More Summary

Who Cares If Zimmerman Molested?

6 years agoNews : The Daily Beast

The unidentified woman told prosecutors George Zimmerman sexually molested her for a decade, beginning when they were children. Aram Roston reports on the legal relevance of the bombshell.

Obama’s “Global Jail” in Afghanistan

6 years agoNews : The Daily Beast

The administration says three detainees shouldn’t have access to the U.S. courts. Aram Roston reports.

The Supremes’ Poker Faces

6 years agoNews : The Daily Beast

While the country waited to hear the fate of Obamacare, the mood inside the court was tense, hushed—and all business. Aram Roston reports from the belly of the beast.

Battle Lines Drawn on Holder

6 years agoNews : The Daily Beast

With the GOP voting to hold the attorney general in contempt and Obama invoking executive privilege, a new war of words is exploding on Capitol Hill. Patricia Murphy and Aram Roston report on the showdown.

The Face-Eating Victim’s Sad Life

6 years agoNews : The Daily Beast

Meet the men who tried to get Ronald Poppo off the streets days before the grisly attack. By Aram Roston.

Prosecutors Say Zimmerman Lied

6 years agoNews : The Daily Beast

Startling new disclosures in the Trayvon Martin murder case have led the court to revoke his accused killer's bond, reports Aram Roston.

Martin Was On Top: Witness

6 years agoNews : The Daily Beast

The trove of new documents answers some questions but raises others, reports Aram Roston.

Shoot First, Learn The Law Later

6 years agoNews : The Daily Beast

After George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin, Aram Roston wanted to see how hard it was to get a concealed-weapon permit.

The Secret Service’s Unusual Probe

6 years agoNews : The Daily Beast

Homeland Security’s Office of Inspector General, the agency that should be investigating the Colombia prostitute scandal, is itself being probed. By Aram Roston.

‘I’m Sorry’ for Trayvon’s Loss

6 years agoNews : The Daily Beast

Aram Roston reports from the courtroom on what Zimmerman’s testimony could mean for the trial.

Trayvon's Last Words

6 years agoNews : The Daily Beast

In an exclusive report, Aram Roston offers a new inside account of Zimmerman’s story to police.

Zimmerman Case Already a Tangle

6 years agoNews : The Daily Beast

George Zimmerman was arrested just last week, but already the lawyers are tangling, reports Aram Roston.

Mr. Stanford Goes to Washington

6 years agoNews : The Daily Beast

Allen Stanford ran a massive Ponzi scheme. But his political donations will be tough to unwind, Aram Roston reports

Do Iran’s Hawks Want Israel to Attack?

6 years agoNews : The Daily Beast

Israel is pressing for military action against Iran’s nukes. But that may be just what some mullahs want, reports Aram Roston.

Komen CEO’s Mysterious Expenses

6 years agoNews : The Daily Beast

Nancy Brinker billed her charity for $133,507 in unclear expenses, Abigail Pesta and Aram Roston report.

Secret Bush-Era Link to Pyongyang

6 years agoNews : The Daily Beast

Communicating with North Korea has never been easy, as Aram Roston and Tara McKelvey report.

Gitmo Commander: Close It Down

6 years agoNews : The Daily Beast

A decade after the prison camp opened, its first warden tells Aram Roston the facility should be closed.

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