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Treks to the North Pole Might Be a Thing of the Past

12 hours agoNews : Vice News

As sea ice melts, yachting and sailing may become a more common adventure sport in the Arctic Ocean.

Arctic Sea Ice Decline in 2015

The surface ice in the Arctic has been melting to historic low levels every year for the last several years. The graph above shows the first ten years in the National Snow & Ice Data Center records, meant to indicate what Arctic Sea Ice “normally” does as it melts off during the northern warm months.…

Arctic Sea Ice Decline

Sea ice in the Arctic Ocean is at its lowest May level since records began in the 1980s, says Al Jazeera.    The lowest levels in the history of Arctic sea ice

Arctic sea ice disappearing at record rate

Coverage has fallen to a new low for this early in the year with the prospect of further melting in coming weeks.

Noted Climatologist BLASTS Obama over His Latest Crackpot Global Warming Claims

Yesterday Barack Obama warned Coast Guard cadets that global warming was behind the rise of ISIS and Boko Haram and is causing the creation of a new ocean. As Admiral Zukunft already mentioned, climate change means Arctic sea ice is … Continue reading ?

Global temperatures hit another record high

Record highs from January through April coincided with warming sea surface temperatures and declines in Arctic sea ice

Will the Arctic Become a Temperate Zone?

(John Hinderaker) Sea ice has been shrinking in the Arctic (although that trend has reversed in the last couple of years) while ice has been expanding in the Antarctic. But here is a dramatic prediction for the Arctic region: This article...Show More Summary

Study Speeds Up Arctic Sea Ice Death Spiral, Climate Science Deniers Get Confused

A new study finds that the Arctic sea may go ice free in the summer faster than previous models had projected. Climate science deniers get the story wrong. Go figure! The post Study Speeds Up Arctic Sea Ice Death Spiral, Climate Science Deniers Get Confused appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Arctic sea ice extent second lowest level ever recorded in April

Note that the Y axis on this chart and the one further down the page does not start at zero. The National Snow & Ice Data Center has published its assessment of the extent of Arctic and Antarctic sea ice for April. The average extent...Show More Summary

Sea Ice News Volume 6 #1: Antarctic Sea Ice Expands To New Record

Bipolar disorder continues, Arctic reaches lowest maximum extent while the Antarctic sets new records Time to take a quick look at the sea ice situation down under, as I must have missed it on BBC News. According to NSIDC, a new record high has been set for April, beating last year. Ice is above average…

NASA satellite data used in first global review of Arctic marine mammals

3 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmag

NASA satellite measurements have contributed to the first ever study focusing on the current status of 11 species of Arctic marine mammals, all of which depend on sea ice to survive. The study, which revealed details on ice loss in the...Show More Summary

Exploring Canada’s National Parks in the land of the Midnight Sun

The days are getting longer in Canada’s Arctic. The sea ice is breaking up, Arctic heather is poking through the snow-covered tundra and the arrival of the migratory snow bunting is days away. Summer is right around the corner. And today,...Show More Summary

BOMBSHELL: Scripps says Arctic Sea Ice may return, forecasts based on ‘simplified arguments’

From Scripps Institution of Oceanography Research Highlight: Arctic Sea Ice Loss Likely To Be Reversible New research by Till Wagner and Ian Eisenman, scientists at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego, resolves a long-running debate over irreversible Arctic sea ice loss. Ever since the striking record minimum Arctic sea ice extent in 2007, the…

Whitening the Arctic Ocean: May restore sea ice, but not climate

Some scientists have suggested that global warming could melt frozen ground in the Arctic, releasing vast amounts of the potent greenhouse gas methane into the atmosphere, greatly amplifying global warming. It has been proposed that such disastrous climate effects could be offset by technological approaches. Show More Summary

Russia Set to Deploy Tactical Drones in the Arctic

Russian drones will be deployed in the Arctic and along the Northern Sea Route starting May 1 to monitor the climate situation and the deterioration of Arctic ice, as well as to aid in navigation and search and rescue missions.

Phytoplankton, reducing greenhouse gases or amplifying Arctic warming?

Scientists have presented the geophysical impact of phytoplankton that triggers positive feedback in the Arctic warming when the warming-induced melting of sea ice stimulates phytoplankton growth.

Russia Wants To Melt More Arctic Sea Ice

Russia's deputy prime minister says his country needs to expand drilling rights and allow for more companies to explore and develop offshore Arctic oil.

US Commander Denies US, Russia in Race for Strategic Control of Arctic

US Northern Command Commander Admiral William Gortney stated that the loss of sea ice in the Arctic does not imply there will be a race between Russia and the United States for dominance in the region.

Land-based food won't sustain polar bears in a low-ice Arctic, study says

As summer and autumn sea ice diminishes in the Arctic Sea, polar bears spending more time on shore have been spotted eating eggs, hunting down the nesting birds that lay them, hunting other land animals and even chewing on edible plants...Show More Summary

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