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Russia Set to Deploy Tactical Drones in the Arctic

Russian drones will be deployed in the Arctic and along the Northern Sea Route starting May 1 to monitor the climate situation and the deterioration of Arctic ice, as well as to aid in navigation and search and rescue missions.

Phytoplankton, reducing greenhouse gases or amplifying Arctic warming?

Scientists have presented the geophysical impact of phytoplankton that triggers positive feedback in the Arctic warming when the warming-induced melting of sea ice stimulates phytoplankton growth.

Russia Wants To Melt More Arctic Sea Ice

Russia's deputy prime minister says his country needs to expand drilling rights and allow for more companies to explore and develop offshore Arctic oil.

US Commander Denies US, Russia in Race for Strategic Control of Arctic

US Northern Command Commander Admiral William Gortney stated that the loss of sea ice in the Arctic does not imply there will be a race between Russia and the United States for dominance in the region.

Land-based food won't sustain polar bears in a low-ice Arctic, study says

As summer and autumn sea ice diminishes in the Arctic Sea, polar bears spending more time on shore have been spotted eating eggs, hunting down the nesting birds that lay them, hunting other land animals and even chewing on edible plants...Show More Summary

News from a Warming World

There’s been a lot of interesting environmental news recently, much of which seems to have gotten little notice. The topics range from U.S. wind power (growing) to U.S. coal power and Arctic sea ice (both shrinking), with a bit of Ted Cruz to spice things up. Here’s the round-up: Out with coal, in with wind. The […]

Arctic Death Spiral: Sea Ice Extent Hits Record Winter Low As Thickness Collapses

Arctic sea ice has been in a death spiral for over 30 years with serious implications for extreme weather, sea level rise and permafrost melt. As the surface area of sea ice has declined, the ice thickness during the summer minimum dropped...Show More Summary

Designers fuss over little details and so should you

Those who attended my dataviz talks have seen a version of the following chart that showed up yesterday on New York Times (link): This chart shows the fluctuation in Arctic sea ice volume over time. The dataset is a simple...

Globally, this was the hottest winter on record, with the smallest measured Arctic sea ice maximum

The National Climatic Data Center is terse and to the point: The globally averaged temperature over land and ocean surfaces for February 2015 was the second highest since record keeping began in 1880. Both the year-to-date (January–February)...Show More Summary

Arctic Sea Ice Hit a Forty-Year Low This Winter

last monthTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

The National Snow and Ice Data Center has just released the results of its latest analysis of Arctic sea ice. Surprise—the prognosis is not good. The maximum extent of Arctic sea ice occurred early this year, and, at 5.61 million square miles, was the smallest in four decades. Read more...

Another ‘polar bears are in trouble’ story….yawwwn

From the University of Washington and the department of unbearable press releases: First global review on the status, future of Arctic marine mammals For Arctic marine mammals, the future is especially uncertain. Loss of sea ice and warming temperatures are shifting already fragile Northern ecosystems. The precarious state of those mammals is underscored in a…

Arctic sea ice hits record low winter peak

According to the NSIDC, Arctic sea ice extent has declined by an average of 4.52 percent per decade

The Extent of Winter Sea Ice in the Arctic Hit a Record Low This Year

last monthNews : Vice News

The National Snow and Ice Data Center reported this week that the extent of winter sea ice in the Arctic reached a record low.

Warm Arctic winter starts sea ice off at a record low

Temperatures up to 10°C in some areas of the Arctic suppressed ice growth.

World Briefing: Coverage of Arctic Sea Ice Shrinks to a Winter Low

There was less sea ice coverage in the Arctic this winter than in any year since satellite measurements began nearly four decades ago, researchers said Thursday....

Arctic sea ice cover hits a record low

last monthTechnology : Tech Talk

"The planet is heating up, the ice is melting, and this means we should expect new records to be set"

Satellite observations show arctic sea ice has hit a record low

last monthNews : The Raw Story

Arctic sea ice has reached its lowest winter point since satellite observations began in the late 1970s, raising concerns about faster ice melt and rising seas due to global warming, US officials said Thursday. The maximum extent of sea ice observed was 5.6 million square miles (14.5 million square...

Warm Winter Sends Arctic Sea Ice to Record Low

Recordings of the maximum extent of Arctic Sea ice, taken before Spring every year, show that the region's ice sheet has retreated to its lowest level on record.

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