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Most advanced space weather radar in the world to be built in the Arctic

(British Antarctic Survey) The most advanced space weather radar in the world is to be built in the Arctic by an international partnership including the UK, thanks to new investment, in the region of £4 to £6 million from NERC.

The Thing-inspired game Distrust is out

Indie Russian studio CheerDealers and Alawar Entertainment have announced the Steam release of Distrust, a top-down sci-fi survival game inspired by classic film The Thing. A rescue team and their helicopter crash in the Arctic but fortunately for the survivors they are near an abandoned scientific base. Show More Summary

Methane from tundra, ocean floor didn't spike during previous natural warming period

Scientists concerned that global warming may release huge stores of methane from reservoirs beneath Arctic tundra and deposits of marine hydrates - a theory known as the "clathrate gun" hypothesis - have turned to geologic history to search for evidence of significant methane release during past warming events.

New Arctic Monkeys Album

What's so good? A new Arctic Monkeys' album may be arriving sooner rather than later. The rock band formed in 2002, having since released 5 albums, and with an ever-increasing fandom, the excitement for a 6th album is off the charts....Show More Summary

Warming Arctic spurs battles for riches, shipping routes

From a distance, the northern shores of Baffin Island in the Arctic appear barren—a craggy world of snow-capped peaks and glaciers surrounded by a sea of floating ice even in the midst of summer.

Heatable electric fabric could keep soldiers warm and dry

Keeping safe and comfortable in arctic conditions is a precarious balancing act between protecting one's self against the cold without overheating. This is particularly true of a soldier's hands and feet while working in the cold, so...Show More Summary

To Make More Money, Fur Farmers in Finland Did THIS to Foxes

Huge rolls of skin, fat, and fur crowd their faces. Their eyes are red and inflamed. This is the misery some arctic foxes endure on Finnish fur farms. The post To Make More Money, Fur Farmers in Finland Did THIS to Foxes appeared first on PETA.

What Does the Fox Say? ‘I’ll Steal Your Soul,’ For Starters

They call the Arctic fox of Alaska's Pribilof Islands the 'chocolate bear'—here's why.

Methane hydrate is not a smoking gun in the Arctic Ocean

(CAGE - Center for Arctic Gas Hydrate, Climate and Environment) Methane hydrate under the ocean floor was assumed to be very sensitive to increasing ocean temperatures. But a new study in Nature Communications shows that short term warming of the Arctic ocean barely affects it.

Norway Removes Greenpeace Ship From Statoil Arctic Drill Site

Authored by Zainab Calcuttawala via, Norway’s coast guard has removed Greenpeace protestors from a safety zone near Statoil drilling operations in the Korpfjell field of the Barents Sea, according to a new report in theShow More Summary

GoPro: A snowmobile tows a skier at up to 90mph!

GoPro: A snowmobile tows a skier at up to 90mph! Snowmobile Ride along with Daron Rahlves and Levi LaVallee as they rip the course at Arctic Man Classic. By Anthony Sansott on 15 May 2017

Coast Guard Divers Return to Arctic, with Assist from Navy

After 11 years and some big changes, the Coast Guard is diving in the Arctic again, with an assist from the Navy.

Implications of ocean acidification in the Pacific Arctic: Experimental responses of three Arctic bivalves to decreased pH and food availability

Recent sea ice retreat and seawater warming in the Pacific Arctic are physical changes that are impacting arctic biological communities. Recently, ocean acidification from increases in anthropogenic CO2 has been identified as an additional stressor, particularly to calcifying organisms like bivalves. Show More Summary

Nymphing with Indicators – 5 tips

It’s August, and in our neck of the woods that means our rainbow trout, dolly varden, and Arctic grayling populations are keying in heavily on the conveyor belt of salmon eggs and flesh making its way down river. Therefore, fishing sub-surface is the name of the game this time of year, and with that, like […]

Our Lady of Victory Church in Inuvik, Canada

Our Lady of Victory Church was designed to resemble a large igloo, a temporary Inuit hunting shelter made of blocks of snow. It’s located nearly 125 miles north of the Arctic Circle in Inuvik, one of Canada's most northerly towns. Brother Maurice Larocque, the church’s architect, was a Catholic missionary with a background in carpentry. Show More Summary

Norway Arrests Greenpeace Ship and 35 Activists During Protest at Arctic Oil Well

Norwegian authorities have detained Greenpeace vessel Arctic Sunrise after a protest at a Statoil contracted drilling rig at Norway’s northernmost oil field in the Barents Sea, the environmental group said in a statement. GreenpeaceShow More Summary

ArcticTemperature Rise

Arctic News:: "How much could temperatures rise by 2026? The above image shows how a rise of 10°C (18°F) could occur by the year 2026, based on temperature anomalies from 1750 for February and on progressive growth of warming elements. The image below shows the same rise in another way."

Contrasting physiological responses to future ocean acidification among Arctic copepod populations

Widespread ocean acidification (OA) is modifying the chemistry of the global ocean, and the Arctic is recognised as the region where the changes will progress at the fastest rate. Moreover, Arctic species show lower capacity for cellular homeostasis and acid-base regulation rendering them particularly vulnerable to OA. In the present study, we found physiological differences […]

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