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Arena of Valor Guide - The Best Heroes to Support the Team

2 weeks agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

Arena of Valor might just be the best MOBA on mobile, and a ton of people are playing it. The only problem is, everyone wants to play as a carry or other high damage dealing character. While I get the appeal of wanting to lay waste to...Show More Summary

Chinese 'Arena of Valor' Player Swaps Teams in $1.2 Million Deal

While Tencent tries to grow the Arena of Valor [Free] esports scene in the west, the Chinese esports scene is on fire right now with a million-dollar player transfer that just took place. Chinese team GK E-sports Club recruited player-coach Zhang "Loa Shuai" Yuchen, a former player for AG Gaming in the Kings Pro League,

Tencent-backed 'Arena of Valor' World Cup boasts $500,000 purse

Mobile eSports are becoming a big deal. Last year, mobile MOBA Vainglory's big eSports tournament was backed by Amazon. Supercell put on a Clash Royale $1 million tournament last summer, too. Now China's Tencent Games is getting in on...Show More Summary

Tencent Announces Mobile Esports Arena of Valor World Cup

Though it might not be the most familiar title to Western audiences, Arena of Valor — the hit MOBA title known in other territories as Kings of Glory — is one of the most popular games to land on mobile devices over the past few years. Show More Summary

Tencent Details Massive Global Esports Plan for 'Arena of Valor'

While Arena of Valor [Free] is bigger than sliced bread in Asian territories, the game hasn't yet made a similar massive impact on the Western market. You could point your finger at a lot of reasons for this, but the one I find the most reasonable is the stigma towards mobile games from people who

Tencent will launch Arena of Valor’s World Cup tournament

Tencent already has a PC esports success on its hands with Riot Games’s League of Legends, but it wants to expand into mobile as well. An insider at Tencent said that the company will announce a World Cup tournament for its mobile multiplayer online battle arena game Arena of Valor. The event will be held sometime […]

Dates and Details for Arena of Valor's Switch Closed Beta in Europe

Arena of Valor’s European closed beta on Switch will begin at midnight UTC on Jan. 27th and run until midnight on Jan. 29th, after which all player data will be erased. Fans are encouraged to join the game’s Discord channel to shareShow More Summary

Arena of Valor - interview with the audio director

Watch Gamasutra talks game audio with GDC speaker Richard Ludlow from Gamasutra on Gamasutra sits down for an interview with Arena of Valor audio director Richard Ludlow to discuss his work on the upcoming Switch game.

Here's How to Unlock Wonder Woman in 'Arena of Valor' Right Now

Arena of Valor [Free], the latest mobile MOBA to take iOS devices by storm, finally has its first big licensed character hitting the US version of the title. Starting today, players can start the journey to obtain Wonder Woman, the DC-licensed Amazonian Warrior. Starting today, a multitude of quests are now available that will each

Arena of Valor devs discuss Switch development, testing, unsure on timeline for release, considering mobile data transfer

The following info comes from a ComicBook interview with Tencent... - Switch version of Arena of Valor is being handled by a different team - Tencent is supporting the Switch version with beta testing, branding, and everything company-side -...Show More Summary

'Arena of Valor' Junglers Nerfed, Skins Award Gold, and More in Upcoming Patch

We've already posted the video from Tencent where they were teasing a few things coming in the next Arena of Valor [Free] update, but earlier this morning they posted the full patch notes over on the official Arena of Valor forums. So, what we already knew is that the daily gold cap is shifting to

Tencent Teases New 'Arena of Valor' Update Highlights

We're all about Arena of Valor [Free] these days, and for good reason: The game is amazing. We published a review when the game was new, and I've been slowly working on a newbie guide that's growing whenever I have time to work on it. Anyway, it sounds like we're on the verge of getting

'Arena of Valor' Is Switching From a Daily Gold Cap to a Weekly Gold Cap

One of the weird things about the freemium side of Arena of Valor [Free] is that (currently) there's a daily gold cap. In our region of North America, without any gold doubling hijinks, the most gold you can earn in any given day is 750. Gold allows you to do important things like buy Arcana

'Lord of Dice' Pre-Registrations are Now Available for North America and Oceania

Among the many interest things about the mobile game scene is when you hear of a game that's super popular in Asian regions and then seeing how it does in the west. Arena of Valor [Free], for instance, is the biggest thing ever in China and comparatively has had a super slow launch so far

Kriknak Hero Build and Play Guide: 'Arena of Valor' Gets a Bad-Ass Assassin Bug

While it's a little annoying that North America is so far behind the curve on Arena of Valor [Free] compared to Europe and Asia, the up-side of this is they can have a super fast-paced release cycle of new content that is already available in other regions. We're seeing one new hero released every week,

'Arena of Valor' Beginner's Guide: How Arcana Works, What Arcana to Buy, and How to Spend Gold

Picking up from yesterday's Arena of Valor [Free] guide series, in this entry I'll be focusing on the Arcana system and how to spend your in-game gold. If you missed the previous guides the best place to start is at the beginning with the basics of MOBAs, but below I include the full table of

'Arena of Valor' Beginner's Guide: The Armory and How to Win Through Items

Continuing where we left off yesterday in our Arena of Valor [Free] guide series, today we are focusing on The Armory and how to win games through intelligent itemization. If you missed the previous guide on the basics of MOBAs, go check that out. Also, if you're totally new to what Arena of Valor even

'Arena of Valor' Beginner's Guide: The Basics of a MOBA

Tencent's Arena of Valor [Free] has been "soft launched" in North America for a couple weeks now, and while I gave it in our in our launch day review, I'd score it even higher than that if I could today. It effectively is League of Legends, which is one of my favorite games of all

Arena of Valor’ is turning me into a MOBA fan

In all my years of gaming, I've encountered very few genres that fail to strike a chord with me. From RPGs to shooters to racing games to digital card games, I've always found an entry point. Except for when it comes to MOBAs. League of Legends and Dota 2 are probably the two most popular multiplayer online battle arenas on the planet. Show More Summary

Cresht Joins the North American 'Arena of Valor' Hero Roster

Tencent's Arena of Valor [Free] launched late this month, and I really just can't get enough of this game. I posted a launch day review, and I still completely stand behind all five of those stars. Arena of Valor is a ton of fun. The one strange thing about the game, however, is the way

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