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Trump and Graham, the end of an ugly friendship

(Paul Mirengoff) Lindsey Graham, the Arlen Specter of the South, has been trying to ingratiate himself with President Trump, his former adversary. By doing so, Graham hopes to achieve his longtime dream of granting amnesty to illegal aliens. Show More Summary

The Specter of Arlen is Haunting America

The late Arlen Specter rose through Pennsylvania state politics to the office of U.S. Senator. His journey was instructive. From 1951-1965, he was a Democrat. He read the shifting winds, running as a Republican and winning the race for Philadelphia District Attorney. In 1980, he was elected Senator, where he remained for the rest of [...]Show More Summary

James Kerian: How Politics Works

In 2004 the Republican establishment in Pennsylvania backed Arlen Specter for the Republican nomination for the senate because, they said, the more conservative Pat Toomey could not win a general election in Pennsylvania. Pat Toomey is now a senator from Pennsylvania. In 2010 the Republican establishment in Florida backed Charlie Crist for the Republican nomination...

What makes Lindsey run?

(Paul Mirengoff) Lindsey Graham has announced that he is running for president. Whenever a Senate “old bull” with very little support in the polls (e.g., Orrin Hatch, Arlen Specter, Chris Dodd) makes such an announcement, the question always asked is: why? The answer is easy. Show More Summary

HUFFPOST HIll - Joe Biden, Baby

3 years agoNews : Huffington Post

The possibility of a Lincoln Chafee presidential campaign is causing mass euphoria amongst No Labels staffers, and once Chafee announces his running mate -- the ghost of Arlen Specter -- they’ll go absolutely bonkers. Republicans are...Show More Summary


Klein is fundamentally correct about the lessons from Cantor’s loss (side note: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha). This is especially important: If Republicans hadn’t scared Senator Arlen Specter into the Democratic Party and if Democrats hadn’t kept Senator Joe Lieberman on their side Obamacare would never have passed. If the […]

The Lindsey Graham of the Tea Party

(Paul Mirengoff) For many years, I’ve been referring to Lindsey Graham as the “Arlen Specter of the South.” The idea is that, although Graham isn’t as bad as Specter was, he’s the “moral equivalent” of Specter, considering how much more conservative South Carolina is compared to Pennsylvania. Show More Summary

Specter Bills Seek to Rein In Executive Power

Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA) last week reintroduced three bills that he said were needed to limit presidential power and to restore the proper constitutional balance among the three branches of government. The first bill (S.875) would instruct courts not to rely on a presidential signing statement when interpreting the meaning of any statute. (Similar legislation [...]Show More Summary

Specter, Leahy Introduce Bill to “Restore” Habeas Corpus

In another sign of shifting ground in the post-election Congress, Senators Arlen Specter and Patrick Leahy yesterday introduced the “Habeas Corpus Restoration Act of 2006,” which would reinstate federal court jurisdiction over Guantanamo detainees and other suspected enemy combatants. Show More Summary

Odds and Ends

Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA) filed an amendment that would prohibit all funding for the NSA domestic surveillance program unless and until the Bush Administration keeps Congress fully and currently informed of the program as required by law. The Bush Administration welcomed the House version of the 2007 Intelligence Authorization Act for the most part, but [...]Show More Summary

The Toomey-Manchin Compromise Would Not Stop Another Newtown or Columbine

Pat Toomey and Joe Manchin are going to release their compromise at 11:00 a.m. Arlen Specter would be so proud of Pat Toomey giving the Republicans cover to go left. Toomey and Manchin will spend some time making sure everyone knows what their proposal will not do. For example, they are going to be pushing hard that the proposal won’t ban any guns, won’t take | Read More »

There?s Always One: Will Pat Toomey Help Democrats Save Gun Control? Why All Modern Politics Is National.

Somewhere, Arlen Specter is smiling. Two influential senators, one from each party, are working on an agreement that could expand background checks on firearms sales to include gun shows and online transactions, Senate aides said Sunday. If completed, the effort...

Norm Coleman: Minnesota's Forgotten Man?

On a recent episode of Jeopardy!, none of the contestants could identify the state from which Coleman served as U.S. Senator and mayor - but had no problem with Loretta Sanchez, Jim Webb, Arlen Specter, or Michael Bloomberg.

EFCA Is a Job-Killer, Just Ask Arlen Specter

It's been quite a year for Senator Arlen Specter. This time last year, Specter had changed party affiliation and was well on his way to dropping his allegiance to Pennsylvania small businesses and workers in that his...

Friday night cheer-me-up advice

From April 29, 2009, after Arlen Specter switched parties and the Dems gained their SuperMajority in the Senate (pending Al Franken election recount), and the political world looked a lot more grim than right now … Relax, The Dems Will Screw Up: It would be very easy to fall into a depression over Arlen Specter [...]

Big losses

Over the last two weeks, the world’s poor lost two champions. On October 14th, former US Senator Arlen Specter lost his fight with cancer. Both as Republican or Democrat, Senator Spector understood the importance of the international affairs to America’s security and leadership in the world, and while his party may have changed, his support... Read More »

Links 10/17/12

Links for you. Science: Embrace Flexible Work Arrangements A Grand Experiment to Rein In Climate Change Statement on the Death of Former Senator Arlen Specter What are the downsides of winning a Nobel prize? As Scientists Question New Rat Study, … Continue reading ?

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