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People who deserve to be raised in status

Let’s stick with the living, here are a few who come to mind: Adam Minter Charles C. Mann Laura Miller (formerly of, now of Slate) Ted and Dana Gioia Christopher Balding Fuchsia Dunlop Stephen King Arnold Kling Kendrick Lamar Viktor Zhadanov Chow Yun Fat To be clear, I am not suggesting these people are […]

Lee Ohanian, Arnold Kling, and John Cochrane on the Future of Freedom, Democracy, and Prosperity

Lee Ohanian, Arnold Kling, and John Cochrane talk with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about the future of freedom, democracy, and prosperity. Recorded in front of a live audience at Stanford University's Hoover Institution as part of a conference...Show More Summary

A battle plan against “regressive regulation”?

2 months agoIndustries / Law : Overlawyered

In a new Cato white paper, Brink Lindsey considers the possibilities of assembling a political coalition aimed at trimming at least some kinds of excessive regulation [Arnold Kling, Coyote]: Despite today’s polarized political atmosphere,...Show More Summary

McArdle on Foreign Intervention and Blowback

(July 3, 2015 12:05 AM, by David Henderson) About two weeks ago, I challenged the following brief statement by Arnold Kling: We can also find this normative analysis among libertarians. Blaming terrorism on blowback for foreign intervention. Arnold was claiming that many libertarians are finding government intervention in... (0 COMMENTS)

Does Foreign Intervention Cause Blowback

(June 21, 2015 04:31 PM, by David Henderson) In a blog post today, Arnold Kling cites Robert Nozick's term "normative sociology." The idea is that many people point to what they want the causes of something to be rather than trying their best to find what the causes... (0 COMMENTS)

Occupational licensure pays off for the licensed

3 months agoIndustries / Law : Overlawyered

No wonder incumbent members of the occupation or profession are willing to lobby so hard for it [Morris Kleiner, Cato via Arnold Kling]: Our empirical analysis finds that after controlling for observable heterogeneity, including occupational...Show More Summary

The Long and the Short Runs

(June 7, 2015 12:50 PM, by David Henderson) After noting how high payroll tax rates are in Europe, Arnold Kling comments: I had not realized that these tax rates are so high. I find it hard to reconcile Germany's relatively low unemployment rate with this high payroll tax... (0 COMMENTS)

How Tax Reform Could Help Stabilize the Housing System

I recently attended a lecture given by Arnold Kling, who is a former Federal Reserve economist on the Board of Governors staff, former senior economist at Freddie Mac, and all-around financial and monetary expert. The talk was very interesting--his...Show More Summary

'Unit Roots, Redux'

John Cochrane weighs in on the discussion of unit roots: Unit roots, redux: Arnold Kling's askblog and Roger Farmer have a little exchange on GDP and unit roots. My two cents here. I did a lot of work on this...

Fringe Benefits and Stagnating Wages

(March 12, 2015 04:22 PM, by David Henderson) Former co-blogger Arnold Kling has an excellent post this morning on measurement of worker compensation. He quotes a question from one of his readers. I'll let you read it for yourself. Then Arnold answers: There is a measure of wage... (1 COMMENTS)

The Austrian Solution to Greece

Submitted by Tom Cullis via Mises Canada blog, Arnold Kling asks economists to fill in the blank: “Greece will achieve economic success when ____” There is an answer from the Austrian perspective, but first I want to highlight some thoughts from other prominent bloggers. Show More Summary

Inconvenient truths

(February 18, 2015 08:07 PM, by Scott Sumner) Arnold Kling has a post pointing out that anti-science attitudes are not confined to the right. He starts by quoting Jonah Goldberg: Why does the Left get to pick which issues are the benchmarks for "science"? Why can't the measure... (0 COMMENTS)

Friday assorted links

1. Apes prefer the glass half full, more here. 2. Jeff Bezos is involved at WaPo. 3. Profile of Anthony Mason. 4. Those least admired by Arnold Kling (not Anthony Mason). 5. Is Washington in economic decline?  An interesting argument, although I would put more weight on high asset values. 6. Data about on-line education […]

Mortgage borrowers “helped” — at mortgage borrowers’ expense

7 months agoIndustries / Law : Overlawyered

Who could possibly have seen this coming? [Arnold Kling]: Servicing [of mortgages] has been traditionally a very low-margin business, with the whole ballgame about keeping costs low. Back in 2009, policy makers treated mortgage servicers like a piñata. Show More Summary

Assorted links

1. My 2006 post on how to read fast. 2. Henry Manne biography and appreciation. 3. How L.A. became a powerhouse for Chinese food. 4. Previous MR posts on Yemen. 5. Arnold Kling is right: few people understand the non-dictatorship axiom either, or the portfolio separation theorem.  And political philosopher markets in everything. 6. An […]

Did the North and South Converge?

(December 26, 2014 04:46 PM, by David Henderson) Former Econlog blogger Arnold Kling's latest post is titled "Why Did the South Not Converge?" In it, he quotes from a book by Ira Katznelson and goes on to suggest various factors behind the failure of per capita incomes in... (0 COMMENTS)

Monday links: rejecting information

Quote of the day Bill James, “Given an option to do so, all men prefer to reject information.”  (Arnold Kling) Chart of the day The […] The post Monday links: rejecting information appeared first on Abnormal Returns.

Tax Roundup, 11/3/14: Elections tomorrow; good riddance. And: $3,000 unmentionables!

Tomorrow is Election Day. Good Riddance.  Tomorrow ends the current Festival of Democracy. Because I share Arnold Kling’s view of election seasons as […]

A very good sentence (Arnold Kling policy theater)

Afterward, I found myself with a lot of negative feelings. The first act of the (short) tale can be found here.  Here is one bit: I asked Baily, as an expert on productivity statistics, whether he thought that any economist would claim to have a reliable measure of bank output. “Of course not,” he replied, […]

The difference economists have made

11 months agoIndustries / Law : Overlawyered

Tyler Cowen and Arnold Kling salute the new Robert Litan book Trillion Dollar Economists, on how economists and their ideas have contributed to the world in practical ways ranging from auction design and financial innovation to telecommunications and prediction markets. Show More Summary

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