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Sunday assorted links

1. Arnold Kling on Jordan Peterson. 2. Skepticism about Amazon in health care (NYT). 3. Norway rats exchange different commodities. 4. Justin Wolfers on women in economics (NYT). 5. Lasers uncover the complexity and density of Mayan civilization.  Was it the most densely populated part of the world at the time? 6. Show More Summary

Thursday assorted links

1. Atlas Network covers Marginal Revolution University. 2. Arnold Kling on tournaments and talents. 3. The economics of theme parks, part I and part II. 4. Russ Roberts video, The Paradox of Household Income. 5. LRB on Chinese science fiction. Show More Summary

Kling on Bruno Leoni

(November 14, 2017 11:34 AM, by Alberto Mingardi) Arnold Kling has published on EconLib a fine article on Bruno Leoni's Freedom and the Law. Leoni passed away fifty years ago, on November 21. The Liberty Fund has kept in print Freedom and the Law, Leoni's book which originated... (0 COMMENTS)

Monday assorted links

1. Arnold Kling on Kurzweil’s predictions. 2. Charles Koch and foreign policy. 3. Brazil fact of the day.  And Judith Butler in Brazil. 4. Should physicists give up on dark matter? 5. No posh cabal here, British Vogue edition. 6. Solve for the chatbot equilibrium. Show More Summary

Saturday assorted links

1. Robin Hanson on Posner and Weyl, property and monopoly. 2. The Kevin Williamson piece everyone is reading. 3. Scott Sumner argues people do not hate inflation.  And Arnold Kling on the banking dispute. 4. 1994 Edward Luttwak on the return of fascism. Show More Summary

Friday assorted links

1. Five Karl Polanyi lectures from 1940. 2. The plans to guarantee everyone a job. 3. Arnold Kling on mark-ups. 4. The evolution of women’s stock photos (NYT). 5. Catalonia’s insurrection day (a quick read will offer numerous reasons to be skeptical of this initiative). Show More Summary

Procrastinating on July 9, 2017

Over at [Equitable Growth]( Must- and Should-Reads: Arnold Kling vs. Brad DeLong on the New Deal: Hoisted from 2007 | Equitable Growth Equitable Growth: Equitable Growth’s Jobs Day Graphs: June 2017 Report Edition: "The prime-age employment rate rose by 0.1 percentage points to 78.5 percent in June. Show More Summary

Arnold Kling vs. Brad DeLong on the New Deal: Hoisted from 2007

Hoisted from 2007: Arnold Kling vs. Brad DeLong on the New Deal : UPDATE: Bruce Bartlett writes: >I just read your WSJ piece and you make one mistake. If Hoover had been re-elected in 1932, Ogden Mills would have been Treasury secretary, not Andrew Mellon. Show More Summary

Real and nominal shocks

(June 5, 2017 12:40 PM, by Scott Sumner) Last July, Arnold Kling made the following observations: Tyler Cowen on Brexit, Steven Pinker, and Joseph McCarthy Posted on July 22, 2016 by Arnold Kling And also other topics. The link goes to a Twitter post with a video. Judge... (1 COMMENTS)

A thought for Sunday: the Left is winning the battle of ideas. The right’s own man says so

by New Deal democrat A thought for Sunday: the Left is winning the battle of ideas. The right’s own man says so Prof. Arnold Kling, a conservative neoclassical economist who has taught at George Mason University and been affiliated with the Cato Institute, has a post up this morning in which he  reflects upon whether […]

How many direct reports should an American president have?

Arnold Kling writes: One way to improve government operations would be through re-organization. I once wrote, “the total number of executive entities is 157. I cannot think of any corporation in which the CEO has so many direct reports. Show More Summary

Euro sentences to ponder

The point is that a country like Italy or Greece is not trapped by being in the euro. It could increase its competitiveness by raising value-added taxes on consumption and cutting payroll taxes. That is from Arnold Kling, channeling Gita Gopinath.  The interview with her at the link is worth reading. The post Euro sentences to ponder appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

Arnold Kling on monopsony

Suppose that we accept as true the finding by Richard Freeman that the highest wages are paid at the most profitable firms. If there is a monopsony story there, I do not see how to tell it. A monopsonist would exploit its workers by paying low wages, so I would expect that if monopsony were […] The post Arnold Kling on monopsony appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

United States fact of the day

The Democrats alienated roughly 14 percent of their 2008 voting base. That is from David French, via Arnold Kling.  David also states: It turns out that the GOP is more functional and united than the Democrats. Arnold makes some interesting...Show More Summary

Wisdom and Courage from Arnold Kling

(November 10, 2016 01:26 PM, by David Henderson) Former co-blogger Arnold Kling writes: I am not going to be bullied into supporting policies that I believe are bad just because they are popular. If you want to talk me out of my position against a policy, tell me... (0 COMMENTS)

Business In A Highly Specialized Economy

Our economy is highly specialized, with trade enabling us to consumer many products that we do not make. Business leaders should understand the extreme specialization of the modern economy, a point made by Arnold Kling in his new book, Specialization and Trade: A Re-Introduction to Economics, which I reviewed recently. Show More Summary

Monday assorted links

1. Arnold Kling on Cass Sunstein and books to change people’s minds. 2. “Methodological terrorism“?  With a significant cameo by Andrew Gelman. 3. Dan Wang on Melancholy. 4. “A 2015 analysis published in The BMJ found 727 potential references...Show More Summary

Specialization And Trade: The Key To Economic Prosperity

Specialization and trade are the key to economic prosperity argues Arnold Kling in an important new book, Specialization and Trade: A Re-Introduction to Economics. Kling has important insights about the overall economy, about business operations in a specialized economy, and about public policy. The importance of specialization was well known to [...]

August 31 roundup

“If you want lifetime employment, go into compliance.” [Daniel Yergin, WSJ via Arnold Kling] A Supreme Court with new Clinton nominees likely to spell bad news for business in arbitration, class actions, employment/labor, environmental...Show More Summary

The new "voodoo"

(August 15, 2016 05:54 PM, by Scott Sumner) Here is Arnold Kling: John Cochrane writes, Economics is a work in progress. But it is certainly brand-new, made-up-on-the spot economics, designed to buttress policies decided on for other reasons. He is describing the economic analysis that claims that policies... (3 COMMENTS)

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