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Market legend Art Cashin revisits Germany's hyperinflation nightmare

Every now and then it helps to dig through the past. Let's rewind back to 1920s Germany. Back then the country was stuck in a less-than-ideal economic situation after the suspension of the gold standard and Kaiser Wilhelm II's failure...Show More Summary

ART CASHIN: 2 'potential landmines' should keep the Fed on hold in September

The Federal Reserve made a lot of noise in the past week about a possible increase in the federal funds rate at its September meeting. During the annual Jackson Hole Symposium, Fed Chair Janet Yellen said that the case for a rate hike...Show More Summary

Market legend Art Cashin says a 'conspiracy theory' is going around that explains the latest stock rally

Look around the economic landscape and it's not hard to find bad news: Brexit fears, another possible quarter of bad earnings, sliding oil prices, record lows for bond yields, and so on. And yet, the stock market has eclipsed its all-time...Show More Summary

New York Stock Exchange legend Art Cashin is worried about the rise of robots

Art Cashin is worried about robots. Cashin, a managing director at UBS and director of floor operations at the New York Stock Exchange, has been a stalwart on the NYSE floor for 50 years. During Cashin's tenure at the NYSE, the stock-exchange...Show More Summary

The amazing life and career of Wall Street legend Art Cashin, who turned 75 on Monday

Legendary New York Stock Exchange floor trader and director of floor operations for UBS Art Cashin turns 75 on Monday. In honor of his birthday, Business Insider put together a slideshow detailing his incredible career. Editor's Note: Former Business Insider writer Myles Meserve contributed to an earlier version of this feature. Show More Summary

Art Cashin: This Is "What You Get Before You Slip Into A Crisis"

Via Christoph Gisiger of Finanz Und Wirtschaft, Wall Street veteran Art Cashin warns that bankruptcies in the US oil industry could cause severe stress in the financial system. He believes the rate hike of the Federal Reserve was a mistake. Show More Summary

What If There Is No "Fed Put" - Paul Brodsky Thinks Yellen Will Not Bailout Markets This Time

Earlier today, Art Cashin summarized most (very desperate) traders' thoughts when he said that as a result of today's market crash, "the Fed will try anything" to prop up the wealth effect it had so carefully engineered with seven years of central planning in the aftermath of the financial crisis. Show More Summary

Art Cashin Comments On Today's Crash: "The Fed Will Try Anything"

"The Fed will try anything," warns Art Cashin, calmly explaining that markets "are in 'deep concern' mode," currently and if the S&P hits 1857, "there might be another whole new round of selling." The Fed's solution, Cashin stoically...Show More Summary

Art Cashin's 2015 Summary: From Caitlyn Jenner To Confederate Flags

Authored by the venerable UBS NYSE Floor Director Art Cashin, 'Tis two days yet to New Yearbut despite what you’re hopin’The folks in the Board Roomsay “the full Eve we'll stay open” So we'll buy and we'll sellas the tape crawls alongAnd...Show More Summary

Art Cashin Unveils 2015 Christmas Poem: "Resist Ye Grinch Feelings"

Having recently opined that "2015 was one of the most difficult markets in 50 years," the venerable Art Cashin has once again unleashed annual holiday poem: ‘Tis two days before Christmasand at each brokerage houseThe only thing stirringwas...Show More Summary

"2015 Was Like Commuting By Rollercoaster" - Art Cashin Reviews The 2015 Market And Shares His 2016 Outlook

When it comes to the modern market, experienced, carbon-based traders such as UBS floor director Art Cashin (who have traded through not just one rate-hike cycle but several) seem like an anacrhonism from a bygone era: after all, weShow More Summary

Friday the 13th has actually been a pretty good day for stocks

It's Friday the 13th, and while those of us with triskadekaphobia will be on the lookout for broken mirrors and black cats all day, legendary trader Art Cashin is not particularly worried. In his daily commentary, Cashin notes, "It’s Friday the 13th and all of the negative myths surrounding it pop up. Show More Summary

ART CASHIN: '... It is a moment in my life I shall never forget'

Black Monday was 28 years ago today. When people refer to the events of that October day, they're quick to cite the shocking 508-point plunge — or the fact that that three-digit number translated to a 22.6% drop. But those numbers alone don't quite convey the fear that investors and traders felt at the time. Show More Summary

Here's the unsettling historical factoid traders are passing around at the bar this week (DIA, SPX, SPY, QQQ, TLT, IWM)

There's always some piece of stock market history available to make investors nervous. And so in an afternoon email on Wednesday, NYSE floor governor Rich Barry shared a little piece of market history exchange legend Art Cashin of UBS notes is getting passed around this week. Show More Summary

"It Feels Like 1997" Warns Art Cashin, "Watch High Yield"

Submitted by Christopher Gisiger via Finanz Und Wirtschaft, Wall Street veteran Art Cashin warns of a currency war among emerging nations similar to the Asian financial crisis in the late Nineties. He doubts that the Federal Reserve will be able to raise interest rates this year. Show More Summary

The Fed Is Out Of Options, "QE Is All It Can Do Here" Art Cashin Predicts

Weakness in commodities "is not transitory," Art Cashin tells CNBC, if you look at things like copper, "this is really a deflationary push... where things can get a little out of control." The Fed says they must get off zero interest...Show More Summary

ART CASHIN: 'The market is not the random event that academics and other commentators would have you believe.' (DIA, SPX, SPY, QQQ, TLT, IWM)

Art Cashin is not a believer in the efficient-market hypothesis. In his morning note on Tuesday, Cashin responded to a question he'd been getting about why he includes lengthy, detailed chunks of what people were talking about during...Show More Summary

All Trading Halted On NYSE, CNBC Stunned

NYSE SUSPENDS TRADING IN ALL SECURITIES As Art Cashin noted - "it's been a bumpy day... with technical issues even before the open" And CNBC was stunned... Rather hilariously, CNBC just could not comprehend this "broken market"... which happens multiple times a week... Show More Summary

ART CASHIN: 'I think China may be more important than Greece.' (DIA, SPX, SPY, QQQ, TLT)

Art Cashin thinks China might be more important than Greece. In his morning note to traders on the floor and folks across Wall Street, UBS director of floor operations and the New York Stock Exchange legend Art Cashin writes, "WhileShow More Summary

ART CASHIN: The market could face a big test at 1PM (SPY, SPX, QQQ, DIA)

A t 1:00 p.m. ET on Friday, Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen will speak on the US economy. And this could be a big test for the market. In his morning note on Friday, UBS' Art Cashin said Yellen could use this speech as a way to see...Show More Summary

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