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Art Cashin: Fed Actions In 2004 (“Patience”)

Form Strategas by way of Art Cashin of UBS:   Everything old is new again. Here’s an interesting surprise from Jason’s people at Strategas, courtesy of my good friend and remote FoF member, Alan Battles of Salt Lake City. (Fed statements 2004.) Please note the “patient” in the March statement.

ART CASHIN: The Greek deal could turn into 'financial ebola' (GREK)

Wall Street legend Art Cashin says the Greek debt crisis can spread across the world like Ebola. In an interview with King World News, he said Greece's deal with Europe to extend its bailout by four months does nothing to stave off the potential for a real economic disaster: "This can turn into a financial Ebola. Show More Summary

ART CASHIN: Traders used to have a bizarre ritual for Friday the 13th to scare away evil spirits

It's Friday the 13th. Art Cashin, the veteran trader at UBS Financial Services, notes that stocks tend to rally on Friday the 13th up to 60% of the time, despite all the myths associated with the day. In note Friday, Cashin also explains how traders dealt with the fear of this date in a tradition that's sadly disappeared. Show More Summary

Art Cashin On The Anniversary Of The Unsolved Murder Of A Banker With "Too Many Enemies"

For those who enjoy going through offbeat anniversaries, today's pick by Art Cashin is sure to raise a few eyebrows. On this day in 1955, the police were called to the five story, Fifth Avenue, mansion of Serge Rubenstein. There they found the corpse of the controversial 46 year-old "Financier." He had been strangled with a curtain cord. Show More Summary

50-Year NYSE Veteran Art Cashin Unleashes New Year's Poem - From ISIS To The Ice Bucket Challenge

Hot on the heels of his Xmas Poem, 50-year NYSE veteran Art Cashin, UBS Director of Floor Operations, has unveiled his New Year's Poem summarizing the year behind and looking at the year ahead. From ISIS to The Ice Bucket Challenge and from Joan Rivers' death to Kim Jung Un's life, Cashin covers it all... Show More Summary

Art Cashin’s Tis the day before New Year’s

‘Tis the day before New Year’s and despite what you’re hopin’ The folks in the Boardroom say “the full day we’re open” So we’ll buy and we’ll sell as the tape crawls along And though “Bubbly’s” verboten we may still sing a song Two Thousand Fourteen was okay, not really a wow Till a Santa...Read More

PRESENTING: Art Cashin's New Year's Poem Featuring Joan Rivers, The Polar Vortex, And 'Frozen'

Happy (almost) New Year! Wednesday is the final day of 2014 and the final trading day of the year, which means that New York Stock Exchange legend Art Cashin — who on Tuesday celebrated 50 (!!) years on the exchange floor — publishes...Show More Summary

10 New Year’s Eve Day Reads

My nasty headcold is starting to break, just in time for celebrations this evening. Oh, and our morning reads: • Here’s The Brilliant Trading Advice 50-Year NYSE Veteran Art Cashin Has For Investors (Business Insider) • Zweig: Lessons From a Year of Market Surprises (WSJ) • S&P 500 will finish 2014 without ever having four consecutive...Read More

Here's The Brilliant Trading Advice 50-Year NYSE Veteran Art Cashin Has For Investors

UBS's Art Cashin rang the opening bell on the New York Stock Exchange to mark his 50th year trading on Wall Street. So, what kind of wisdom does this veteran have for us after all that he's seen? He shared a time-tested strategy in an...Show More Summary

ART CASHIN: 'It Has Been A Most Interesting Half Century'

Wall Street legend Art Cashin will ring the opening bell today to mark his 50th anniversary on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. "It has been a most interesting half century," he wrote in this morning's Cashin's Comments newsletter. Cashin...Show More Summary

Art Cashin: 2015 Issues to Watch

I am never a fan of forecasts, but I am interested in an informed discussion from knowledgeable people like Art Cashin who have have a half of a century experience on the NYSE floor:

Art Cashin Unleashes Chistmas Poem: "Count Your Blessings... Along With Your Wealth"

From no greater laureate than UBS' NYSE Floor director Art Cashin... the year behind us (and the one ahead) in rhythmic narrative. 'Tis two days before Christmas and at each brokerage house The only thing stirring was the click of aShow More Summary

PRESENTING: Art Cashin's Annual Christmas Poem Featuring The Fed, Putin, Oil, And Kim Kardashian

Legendary New York Stock Exchange floor trader and director of floor operations for UBS Art Cashin has sent out his annual Wall Street Christmas poem. This year he wove in some of the financial and political highlight of 2014: Wall Street waiting for the Fed rate hikes, Putin's annexation of Crimea, and the oil plunge... Show More Summary

Oil As A Weapon

Art Cashin of UBS shares the following observations from Don Coxe this past week. I thought it was interesting, and wanted to pass it along: “The incomparable Don Coxe, one of the very best observers and analysts of global commodities recently wrote this: Most observers thought the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) would cut...Read More

On This Day, 138 Years Ago, The Idea Of QE Was Born

From Art Cashin On this day in 1876, a group of influential, yet irate, Americans met in Indianapolis. Their primary purpose was to send a message to Washington on how to get the economy moving again. America at the time was going through a difficult and unusual period. Show More Summary

ART CASHIN: Traders Are Passing Around A Hedge Fund Manager's Warning Of 'Powerful And Dangerous' Delusions

The Federal Reserve and its central bank peers around the world unleashed unprecedented amounts of monetary stimulus in its efforts to pull the economy out of the financial crisis. While growth remains anemic, we are no longer in crisis-mode. Show More Summary

Art Cashin Recounts What Happened 85 Years Ago Today When The Stock Market Crashed

The stock market crash of October 29, 1929 is probably the scariest Halloween story you can tell a trader. On Wednesday, UBS's veteran trader Art Cashin recounted the tale of the infamous crash in his "Cashin's Comments" newsletter. He...Show More Summary

ART CASHIN: If The S&P 500 Falls Below 1925, The Ensuing 'Cascade Effect' Could Compound On The Way Down

Is this the end of the 5-year-old bull market in stocks? Thursday's 2% plunge in the S&P 500 puts the index 4.5% below its September 19 all-time high of 2,019. The S&P is currently at 1,928. Veteran trader Art Cashin warns that we should...Show More Summary

Art Cashin Warns "Stay Wary" As S&P Sits At Critical Support

It "all depends on Draghi," warned UBS' Art Cashin early this morning... and Draghi disappointed. Historically October 2nd, Cashin notes, usually sees a rebound but payrolls may complicate that pattern (and rumors that ISIS is consolidating west of Baghdad). Show More Summary

BofAML Repeats Art Cashin's Concerns Of A September Seasonal Slump

Having cautioned investors this morning of the historical tendency for market reversals on September 22nd after hitting all-time highs, UBS' Art Cashin's warning has been echoed by BofAML's Macneil Curry who notes risk assets are set to correct as negative seasonals dominate the S&P500 this week. Show More Summary

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