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An "artificial leaf"

3 weeks agoOdd : TYWKIWDBI

A graduate student working with the Tufts University silk lab has created an "artificial leaf" by extracting chloroplasts from plants and suspending them in a matrix of silk protein. When provided with water and exposed to light, the leaves will produce oxygen. Via Fresh Photons.

Artificial leaf’ technology can cleanly produce hydrogen fuel

Researchers Peidong Yang, Bin Liu and colleagues may have found a way to mimic plants' ability to produce hydrogen from sunlight. Yang's team has used a process borrowed from the paper industry to create a flat mesh from light-absorbing semiconductor nanowires.

Toward a low-cost 'artificial leaf' that produces clean hydrogen fuel

For years, scientists have been pursuing "artificial leaf" technology, a green approach to making hydrogen fuel that copies plants' ability to convert sunlight into a form of energy they can use. Now, one team reports progress toward a stand-alone system that lends itself to large-scale, low-cost production. Show More Summary

Artificial Wind Tree provides a fig leaf for unsightly turbines

2 months agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmag

Generally speaking, the peculiar appearance of wind turbines coupled with the fact they perform better when up high and out in the open sees them banished to uninhabited countryside, or even out to sea. But a French entrepreneur believes...Show More Summary

Toyota Could Be Wrong About The High Cost of Hydrogen

In a twist on the "artificial leaf" theme, a research team from Australia has developed a new way to lower the cost of hydrogen for FCEVs, with solar power. Toyota Could Be Wrong About The High Cost of Hydrogen was originally published on CleanTechnica. To read more from CleanTechnica, join over 50,000 other subscribers: Google+ | Email | Facebook | RSS | Twitter.

Solar Cell Breakthrough: “Artificial Leaf” Beats Photosynthesis At Its Own Game

In the latest solar cell breakthrough, a new "artificial leaf"mimics the electron transfer of photosynthesis, at a much faster rate than observed in nature Solar Cell Breakthrough: “Artificial Leaf” Beats Photosynthesis At Its Own Game...Show More Summary

Oxygen-Producing Synthetic Leaf May Allow Man To Colonize Space

An artificial, synthetic leaf that has recently been developed turns water and light into oxygen, and along with the possible environmental benefits, the invention may have implications that are out of this world. The synthetic leaf is the brainchild of Royal College of Art graduate Julian Melchiorri, according to IFLScience. The leaf technology was developed

Artificial Leaf Produces Oxygen

CNET: One of the persistent challenges of manned space exploration is that pesky lack of oxygen throughout much of the universe. Here on Earth, trees and other plant life do us a real solid by taking in our bad breath and changing it back to clean, sweet O2. Show More Summary

RCA graduate develops an artificial leaf that’s capable of producing oxygen

Human beings have long since been looking up at space, wondering when mankind will finally be technologically-advanced enough to colonize space. While staring heavenwards recently, we stumbled across this jaw-dropping development by.. RCA graduate develops an artificial leaf that’s capable of producing oxygen is a post from The latest in tech and gadgets -

New Bionic Leaf Could Solve Solar Energy Storage Problem

Researchers from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory are developing a new bionic leaf that can convert energy from sunlight into an energy-dense fuel, imitating the photosynthetic process of plants. We’ve covered the artificial leaf...Show More Summary

Artificial Leaf Technology Clears Major Development Hurdle

The technology of artificial photosynthesis has cleared a major hurdle in its development — researchers from Arizona State University and Argonne National Laboratory have identified and addressed one of the primary limitations in their design of a functional artificial leaf. Show More Summary

Artificial leaf jumps developmental hurdle

Scientists report advances toward perfecting a functional artificial leaf. Designing an artificial leaf that uses solar energy to convert water cheaply and efficiently into hydrogen and oxygen is an important goal. Hydrogen is an important...Show More Summary

Artificial leaf jumps developmental hurdle

?In a recent early online edition of Nature Chemistry, ASU scientists, along with colleagues at Argonne National Laboratory, have reported advances toward perfecting a functional artificial leaf. Designing an artificial leaf that uses...Show More Summary

The Artificial Leaf

If only scientists could figure out how to use the sun as efficiently as nature does -- or have they? From BBCWorldWide via YouTube Tweet !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src="//";fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,"script","twitter-wjs");

Tiers (mems Cult of Youth) ready new EP, playing NYC record release show tonight with Dead Leaf Echo (dates, streams)

by Wyatt Marshall Tiers Minimalist coldwave duo Tiers have a new 12" titled Winter, out via Artificial Records, a new arm of Hand Drawn Dracula that will specialize in "minimal synth, industrial, post punk and dark corners of the music scene."...

The Artificial Leaf

"I still think there is so much hope for our world. We just need to persevere, cultivate and fund the creativity that exists in our society. This is a prime example of what we can do when minds are allowed to explore and bio-mimicry is encouraged." - Noah Sabich

Polymer-coated catalyst protects 'artificial leaf'

One option is to use the electrical energy generated inside solar cells to split water by means of electrolysis, in the process yielding hydrogen that can be used for a storable fuel.

Polymer-coated catalyst protects 'artificial leaf'

This news release is available in German. Researchers at the HZB Institute for Solar Fuels have modified so called superstrate solar cells with their highly efficient architecture in order to obtain hydrogen from water with the help of suitable catalysts. Show More Summary

Nanoscale artificial leaf can extract hydrogen from water with just sunlight

Researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has shown what they call the "first fully integrated nanosystem for artificial photosynthesis".

New “Artificial Leaf” Concept Could Blow Up Fuel Cell Market

The idea of an “artificial leaf” sounds simple enough: Take a small, cheap, light-collecting device the size of a typical leaf, dunk it in a quart of water, and use solar energy to generate enough hydrogen gas for powering a small fuel cell. Show More Summary

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