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India "Surprises" 51 Out Of 52 "Experts", Slashes Rates More Than Expected As Easing Bonanza Continues

Late last month, we asked how long it would be before the RBI hit back in the wake of China’s yuan deval. The Indian government’s chief economic advisor Arvind Subramanian had just told ET Now television that India may need to "respond" to China’s monetary policy stance, and also hinted at further export weakness. Show More Summary

Congratulations, Arvind Subramanian

Press release on Arvind's appointment Greenprint CGD Research from Arvind This morning (Thursday) came the news that Arvind Subramanian, a joint fellow at CGD and at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, is being appointed Chief Economic Advisor to the government of India. Show More Summary

Meet Arvind Subramanian, the Man Who Could Be India’s Next Chief Economic Adviser

Economist Arvind Subramanian is the front-runner to become chief economic adviser to India’s finance ministry, a hotly anticipated appointment for the country’s new government.

Good news from India

U.S.-based economist Arvind Subramanian is poised to be named as chief economic adviser to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government, two sources at the finance ministry said on Friday. There is more here, via David Wessel.  Here are previous MR posts on Subramanian.

Links I liked

PhD math camp, online Arvind Subramanian’s development reading list As usual, I could just copy all David McKenzie’s links on impact evaluations A rare youth training program that worked! Dan Altman on “Why poor countries need more factory workers and fewer entrepreneurs“. … Continue reading ? The post Links I liked appeared first on Chris Blattman.

Undervalue/Overvalue: The Great Yuan Debate Continues

When last China Real Time delved into the valuation of the yuan, Arvind Subramanian of the Peterson Institute for International Economics said the currency was no longer undervalued. Nowhere was that conclusion more controversial than at the Peterson Institute itself.

Globalization and premature deindustrialization

Arvind Subramanian has a nice post, which provides additional evidence on the phenomenon of premature industrialization that I have talked about and documented previously. Arvind works with data on industry rather than manufacturing per se, which I prefer. But the...

Four changes to trade rules to facilitate climate change action

Aaditya Mattoo, Arvind Subramanian, 4 May 2013 Global climate cooperation has collapsed but the need for action has not disappeared. This column argues that only radical technological progress can reconcile climate-change goals with development. Show More Summary

The Challenge of Climate Change in One Chart

By Arvind Subramanian - This is a joint post with Aaditya Mattoo. Is the world making progress on climate change? Recently, the OECD struck a hopeful note, reporting that emissions were growing more slowly than GDP in both the high-income and developing countries, including China. This decoupling of emissions and growth, if true, would be good news indeed, since [...]

India’s 4-10s: the New Not-Poor Not-Middle Class — and its Implications?

By Nancy Birdsall - I was in Delhi recently for the launch of CGD’s India Initiative. Along with CGD colleagues Lant Pritchett and Arvind Subramanian, I participated in a session hosted by Pratap Mehta of the Centre for Policy Research and moderated by Minister Jairam Ramesh (Minister of Rural Development, former Minister of Energy and Environment). Arvind blogged about [...]

CGD’s Understanding India Initiative Launches in New Delhi

By Arvind Subramanian - The audience in New Delhi, India clung to their seats well past the scheduled end of the program at the recent launch of CGD’s Understanding India Initiative. India’s minister for rural development (and former minister for the environment) Jairam Ramesh, presided over the event, which was organized and hosted by Pratap Mehta (president of the [...]

Is the Yuan About to Replace the Dollar as the World's Reserve Currency?

Once again we are seeing articles and research papers stating the Chinese renmimbi (yuan) is about to replace the dollar as the global reserve currency. Here is a working paper by Arvind Subramanian and Martin Kessler at the Peterson...Show More Summary

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Micro-level conflict data, the map. And other analysis of the HiCN working papers Arvind Subramanian reviews Why Nations Fail in one graph Top-tweeting African politicians Surely xkcd should get an honorary political science PhD for this…    

The renminbi bloc is here: Asia down, the rest of the world to go?

Martin Kessler, Arvind Subramanian, 27 October 2012 As China becomes ever more important in the global economy, will its currency take on an international role? This column argues that in some sense, this is already happening

Arvind Subramanian is pessimistic about Indian growth prospects

“The Indian state is increasingly unable to provide a range of basic services: health, education, physical security, rule of law, water and sanitation. The writ of the Indian state, for example, covers only about 80% of India, with the tribal belt essentially contested by Maoist insurgents. The private sector can substitute for some of these [...]

The Economist Debates: Is Indian Growth in Jeopardy?

By Marla Spivack - As India’s economy slows, is Indian growth losing its way? CGD senior fellow Arvind Subramanian thinks so. This week Arvind faces off against Shashi Tharoor, a member of the Indian parliament, in a debate on the Indian economy hosted by The Economist. Their opening remarks were posted today, and you can read them here (free [...]

The New Indian Politics: No Slowdown, No Panic

By Arvind Subramanian - This piece originally appeared in the Financial Times on September 23, 2012 (gated) and is posted here with permission. The Indian government’s recent reforms to reduce government subsidies and embrace greater foreign direct investment were unexpected and bold. Show More Summary

Can India’s Power Problems be Solved?

By Arvind Subramanian - This post also appears on the Peterson Institute for International Economics Real Time Economics Watch. In Lord Richard Attenborough’s movie Gandhi, an underling of the British Empire heatedly warns his supercilious boss that Mahatma Gandhi’s impending protest march to the sea poses a far greater threat than the Raj realizes: “Salt, sir, is a symbol.”  [...]

Flailing IMF? Who is really to blame?

By Nancy Birdsall - Last week our CGD and Peterson Institute colleague Arvind Subramanian called on the IMF to speak truth to power, in an elegant cri de coeur in the Financial Times. The IMF, he notes: “has not provided independent intellectual leadership, most evidently on the eurozone crisis. And it is unprepared to provide stability for the next [...]

CGD Non-Resident Fellow, Devesh Kapur, Wins Book Award

By Arvind Subramanian - Congratulations to CGD non-resident fellow Devesh Kapur whose terrific book, Diaspora, Development, and Democracy: The Domestic Impact of International Migration from India (Princeton University Press) has just...Show More Summary

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