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10 Questions To Ask Before Marriage

Getting married is a huge decision. Aside from the common wedding planning blunders, you’ll need to think about the more... The post 10 Questions To Ask Before Marriage appeared first on Lifehack.

Ask LH: What's The Best Way To Backup And Share Business Files In The Cloud?

Hi Lifehacker, We’re thinking about updating our file server in the office so that it automatically backs up data to the cloud. We would ideally want to continuously sync the data as users modify the files quite often. More »      

Ask LH: How Can I Share Streaming Services With Others?

Dear Lifehacker, I’m thinking about subscribing to Netflix, Stan and Presto, but I’m wondering about the best way to share services with others. In my case we have four adults in the house and my preference would be for each to have their own account and password. Is that possible? More »      

Ask LH: How Can You Trust A VPN Provider?

Hey Lifehacker, It seems that VPNs are about to become a lot more attractive to Australian downloaders. Some claim not to keep any logs of any traffic or meta-data, but how can one trust that this is actually the case? It would be aShow More Summary

Gawker Why We've Decided to Organize | Jalopnik What It's Like To Drive Across Manhattan In An Alfa

4 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Gawker Why We've Decided to Organize | Jalopnik What It's Like To Drive Across Manhattan In An Alfa 4C | Kotaku Ask Dr. Nerdlove: Help, She's Way Out Of My League! | Lifehacker What's the Best Way to Wash My Produce Before I Eat It? | Kinja Popular Posts Read more...

Ask LH: Should I Mention Dropping Out Of University On My Resume?

Hi Lifehacker, I plan on submitting my resume for a couple of new jobs soon. One thing I feel that I should put in it (but which I also feel ashamed of) is that I withdrew from university earlier in my life; even though I didn’t complete any courses within the degree or learned much from it. In fact, I left after the first week. More »      

Ask LH: Should I Defragment A Hybrid Drive?

Hi Lifehacker, I just bought a new Seagate 1TB SSHD. I’m wondering whether or not this hybrid drive can be defragmented, as I have been seeing some very conflicting answers when Googling. More »      

Ask LH: Are Politicians Allowed To Spam Me Via SMS?

Hi Lifehacker, Just before the NSW election, I received an sms from Mike Baird about voting for him or something. I tried replying to the number but Android would crash every time — I guess I wasn’t the only person who was annoyed by this. More »      

Ask LH: Can A Home Network Use More Than One Frequency?

Dear Lifehacker, My question is about dual-band routers: can they create a single network that uses both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies? More specifically, if my newer PC is connected to the 5 GHz frequency, and my older wireless printer is connected to the 2.4 GHz frequency, can I print wirelessly? More »      

14 Things To Do To Be A Great Writer

I am an author, a playwright, and a freelance editor. I get asked all of the time what advice I... The post 14 Things To Do To Be A Great Writer appeared first on Lifehack.

Ask LH: Do I Need A Lawyer To Make A Will?

Hi Lifehacker, what’s the cheapest and easiest way around making a will? Can I just write down what I want to have done when I die and then have it signed by a witness or a JP? Or are lawyers needed no matter what? More »      

36 Quotes From Successful People About The Wisdom In Asking Questions

I was 7 years old when my grandfather died. That was the first time in my short life that I... The post 36 Quotes From Successful People About The Wisdom In Asking Questions appeared first on Lifehack.

Ask LH: Can I Be Fined For Driving In A Car Park Without A Licence?

Hey Lifehacker, On a recent visit to a hotel with a mate, I decided to shift his car as a prank. I started his car and moved it six spaces over in the same car park. As I pulled in, a police car pulled up behind me, checked my licence and issued a fine as it was expired. Show More Summary

Ask LH: How Deep Does A Grave Have To Be In Australia?

Hey Lifehacker, What is the law in Australia in regards to human burial? Is it really mandatory for it to be six feet under? And does it have to be in a cemetery? More »      

Ask LH: What Should I Do When Goods I Ordered Online Never Got Delivered?

Hey Lifehacker, I recently bought a GoPro 4 from an online retailer (BecexTech). It never arrived and I have been stuck in a seemingly endless loop of emails with BecexTech customer support blaming Australia Post and refusing to refund the purchase. Show More Summary

Ask LH: What Can I Do With My Old Plasma TV?

Hey Lifehacker, I’m moving to a new house in a month and plan on upgrading my TV. I’m currently still using my big, heavy, power-hungry Panasonic Plasma (funded with my Kevin 07 $900!) So I’m wondering: what does everyone do with their old big-screen TVs? More »      

Chill Out in this Week's Open Thread

Taking a break from our usual crazy at Hackerspace, the reader run branch of the LifeHacker family, this week's open thread is a calm little place for y'all to ask questions, share tips, discuss DIY, and just pull up a keyboard and tell us all about what's new and interesting and random. This week we bring you the following awesome: Read more...

10 Questions To Ask Yourself To Stay Positive When Facing Difficulties

Everyone faces difficulties from time to time.  It’s a natural part of the cycle of life.  Just like we can’t... The post 10 Questions To Ask Yourself To Stay Positive When Facing Difficulties appeared first on Lifehack.

Ask LH: What's The Cheapest Way To Buy An iPhone On Telstra?

Hi Lifehacker, I want to change back from an Android to an iPhone 6. I am a Telstra fan and have no intention of going with another network. I am also a fan of finding the best possible price or deal. Is there anywhere that offers Telstra iPhone plans with any kind of discount or added incentive? More »      

Ask LH: What Is The Right Vaccination Schedule For My Child?

Hey Lifehacker, With all the talk of vaccines and immunisation in the media, what child vaccinations are a one-off and which ones need to be boosted or reapplied to protect themselves and others? More »      

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