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Ask LH: Where Can I Buy Permanent Downloads Of Movies And TV Shows?

Hey Lifehacker, We keep hearing about streaming services like Netflix, Stan and Presto for our entertainment needs, but what about a service where you can buy a movie or television show to download permanently? Personally, I don’t like streaming, but would pay for a high quality downloadable file. What are the choices? More »      

Ask LH: What Bonuses Should I Ask For When Buying A New Car?

Hey Lifehacker, I’m planning on buying a car soon and am wondering what sort of extras I should try and squeeze out of my dealer? Should I aim for accessories such as a GPS and car-backing camera, or just try for a discount? More »      

Ask LH: Can I Reinstall Windows With Discs From A Different Machine?

Hey Lifehacker, I have an old Lenovo laptop and an old Toshiba laptop. I need to do a full restore of the laptop that’s still working better. Is it OK to use, say, the Lenovo install discs on a Toshiba laptop? More »      

Ask LH: What Can I Do When My Employer Won't Pay My Bonus?

Hi Lifehacker, My employer offered me a bonus on completion of a project, but now that the project is nearly completed, they have reneged on the arrangement. The bonus is mentioned in numerous emails about the project, which has been running for almost two years. Are they obliged to honour the agreement? More »      

Ask LH: Can I Demand A Laptop Refund Because Of Superfish?

Dear Lifehacker, With recent events such as the Lenovo Superfish malware problem, I was wondering if it is possible to return an item discovered to have unexpected features. If it turns out that my laptop was shipped with Superfish, is that grounds to return it? And could I return a Lenovo laptop that didn’t have the problem based on the lack of trust? More »      

Ask LH: Who Owns The Rights When A Professional Photographer Takes My Picture?

Hey Lifehacker, I have a gift voucher for a fashion shoot with a professional photographer. The package includes the photo session itself plus one large print. I was hoping to get digital copies of some good shots (if not all of them). Who owns the rights to those images? Can I ask for them without having to pay for them? More »      

Ask LH: When Is It No Longer Worth Trying To Fall Back To Sleep?

Hi Lifehacker, Sometimes I wake up earlier than my morning alarm. This can be as little as five minutes but sometime as much as an hour. I don’t feel like I get enough sleep on the whole but once I’m awake I can’t help checking the clock. Show More Summary

Ask LH: Can Google Answer My Questions In An Australian Accent?

Hey Lifehacker, Is there an Australian or British voice that can be used to give answers from Google on my Android phone? I appreciate the technology of a human-equivalent voice being used to provide answers when I ask a question, but sometimes the North American accent is unclear in its pronunciation of some words. More »      

How We Work, 2015: Whitson Gordon's Gear and Productivity Tips

Every week, we ask notable people how they work. This week, we're looking within. Here are the apps, tricks, and other junk I use to run Lifehacker every day. Read more...

Ask LH: Is It Possible To Dodge A Driving Conviction By Moving States?

Hey Lifehacker, I was on a 12 month good behaviour bond for speeding in NSW when I got booked doing more than 20km/h over the speed limit. I have moved to Victoria and not paid the fine as it isn’t due yet, and I believe my licence is considered active until I’ve paid the fine. Show More Summary

Ask LH: What's The Best Way To Print Instant Photos At My Wedding?

Hey Lifehacker, I’m on the hunt for an instant print camera that also saves to SD card for my wedding coming up in a couple of months. I have delved the depths of the internet and found two options — the Polaroid Socialmatic and theShow More Summary

Ask LH: Should I Be Buying 4K Movies On Disc?

Hey Lifehacker, 4K TVs have become much more affordable. As someone who wants to start a physical movie collection, is 4K just a phase that will pass by quickly (like 3D) or is it safe to assume that it’s here to stay for a long time? More »      

?How We Work (Out), 2015: Dick Talens's Gear and Productivity Tips

Every week, we ask interesting people how they work. This week, it's our turn. I'm Dick, and here are some of my favorite techniques, insights, and apps. Oh, since I'm a writer for Lifehacker's new Vital's blog, I thought it would be cool to swap out some of the typical questions and turn this into a "How We Work Out" Read more...

Ask LH: Can I Get A Refund Because Presto Doesn't Work On Linux?

Dear Lifehacker, I was recently in hospital and wanted to try out some streaming services in Australia. I have a Linux laptop. I tried out Stan on the free 30-day trial but then realised it uses Silverlight so I cancelled that straight away. Then I wanted to try Presto which has no free trial. More »      

Ask LH: Should I Buy An iPhone 4S In 2015?

Hi Lifehacker, I am trying to find a good cheap smartphone for around $200. Right now the iPhone 4S seems like a good option, though I realise there’s a risk it will not be able to run iOS 9 when that appears at the end of this year. Is it a good idea to get a refurbished iPhone? More »      

Ask LH: Can Shops Demand Your Address Before You Get A Refund?

Hey Lifehacker, I’m wondering if shops have the legal right to ask for your contact details when you are returning something for a refund. Any insight? More »      

Ask LH: When Is It OK To Ignore Traffic Lights?

Hi Lifehacker, I was at traffic lights the other day and despite waiting for ages, the sequence never included the left turn I needed to make. After six sequences, I drove through carefully on a red arrow when there was no risk. Can I get booked for this? And if I do, should everyone else who did it get booked too? More »      

Ask LH: Should International Airport Restaurants Be Charging Me GST?

Hi Lifehacker, I was just reviewing receipts for a work expense claim and noticed that the meal and beverages that I purchased when in the international departures lounge of Melbourne Airport (after going through customs) included a small portion of GST. Show More Summary

Ask the Lifehacker Staff Anything

Hello! Do you have any burning questions for the Lifehacker team? Because here we are, at our keyboards, ready to bare our souls in the comments. Or at least answer your questions! Read more...

Ask LH: Is It Illegal To Have A Camera Installed In Your Swimming Pool?

Hey Lifehacker, Is it illegal to have cameras installed in home swimming pools? I want to rig one up for a variety of purposes, but don’t want to get fined for doing so! Any advice? More »      

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