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The challenge of radical Islam

(Scott Johnson) In the latest installment of his series of Conversations, just posted this morning, Bill Kristol talks with Ayaan Hirsi Ali. I have posted the complete video below (about 60 minutes); it is divided into two chapters as posted here at the Conversations. Show More Summary

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Too Controversial for an Anti-ISIS Social Media Campaign

It is a pleasant surprise to see the State Department’s anti-ISIS social media campaign, “Think Again Turn Away” saluting Ayaan Hirsi Ali, one of the bravest voices against Islamic radicalism — going back to her 2004 film with Theo Van...Show More Summary

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: After Paris, America has no choice but to become more like Israel

She told Megyn Kelly that Israel hasn't "declared war on Islam," but mass murder is now "unthinkable" there

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Asks: Whither Islam?

(Steven Hayward) Ayaan Hirsi Ali has a new article up in Foreign Policy magazine with the totally non-controversial title, “Islam Is a Religion of Violence.” Here she repeats several of the themes of her most recent book, which she dilated in her speech and conversation with me out in San Francisco last month. Show More Summary

"I can. And I will"

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a Somali-born author and campaigner who was overjoyed recently, as many people were, at the success of Nadia Hussein, a Muslim woman, in winning The Great British Bake Off. So much so that she quoted Nadiya's words in response to her joyful victory: "I am never going to put boundaries on myself again. Show More Summary

What Dean Obeidallah Gets Wrong About Sam Harris

Sam Harris, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and other vocal critics of Islam have frequently been called bigots by those who say the atheists unfairly lump all Muslims together as extremists. Of course, anyone who actually listens to them knows that's not the case. Show More Summary

The high-risk strategy of Muslim reformers

From Ayaan Hirsi Ali to Maajid Nawaz, the Islamophobia industry preys on the painful experiences of Muslims.

Defending Allies and Avoiding Hypocrisy

Ayaan Hirsi Ali (Photo credit: Wikipedia) When someone we like and possibly even respect as a worthwhile contributor to secular activism is shunned, boycotted, demonized, and/or publicly shamed, we tend to come to this person's defense (here's an example of something like this from a few years ago). Show More Summary

AYAAN HIRSI ALI ON DAVID CAMERON’S NEW PROGRAM: Britain is right to cut out the Islamist cancer….

AYAAN HIRSI ALI ON DAVID CAMERON’S NEW PROGRAM: Britain is right to cut out the Islamist cancer.

The dangerous fraud of the “Islamophobia” excuse

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Islamic extremism is a cancer that is spreading around the world, claiming innocent lives from…

To Medina and Back

I reviewed Ayaan Hirsi Ali's new book, Heretic, for this month's issue of Commentary magazine. Here's the first part. In April of last year, Brandeis University offered Ayaan Hirsi Ali an honorary degree for her tireless campaigning for women’s rights in the Muslim world. Show More Summary

Ayaan Hirsi Ali vs.Jon Stewart: Islam, liberals, and the media’s dangerous double standard

Progressives entangle themselves in "thickets of idiocy" trying not to judge Islam. Jon Stewart was no exception

Megyn Kelly and Ayaan Hirsi Ali Attack Muslim Scholar for Claiming the Majority of Muslims Are Moderate

Hirsi Ali aligned Haroon Moghul with jihadists who wish to impose Sharia law. On “The Kelly File” last night, Megyn Kelly pretended to interview Haroon Moghul, a fellow at the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, but in reality she merely offered him as a punching bag to anti-Islamic thinker Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Show More Summary

Hate Preachers

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a campaigner against Islamic extremism, wrote an interesting article for The Times during the general election campaign. Now that the Conservatives have been returned at Westminster the new government will be bringing...Show More Summary

Killer Mike Talked Shit About Bill O'Reilly on Bill Maher's HBO Show Last Night, and It Was Glorious

Killer Mike appeared on HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher last night alongside Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Heather McGhee, John Waters, Charles Murray, and John Waters (!) and immediately distinguished himself as the perfect talk-show pundit. HeShow More Summary

Killer Mike Talks Racism, Baltimore, Bill O'Reilly on "Real Time With Bill Maher"

Last night, Killer Mike appeared on HBO's "Real Time With Bill Maher" on a panel alongside John Waters, political scientist Charles Murray, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and public policy expert Heather C. McGhee. They discussed racism, the supposed link between hip-hop culture and violence, Baltimore, and Bill O'Reilly. Show More Summary

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