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Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Israel's Creed Based on Life, Hamas' Based on Death

On Saturday’s “Huckabee” on the Fox News Channel, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somali-born activist that crusades against the brutalities of Islam, explained to host Mike Huckabee why stopping radical Islam is imperative, particularly to the United States and for the security Israel. Show More Summary

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Critic of Islam, Will Headline American Atheists’ 2015 Convention

Fresh off her honorary degree rejection from Brandeis University, critic of Islam and author of Infidel Ayaan Hirsi Ali will be the keynote speaker at American Atheists' 2015 convention, the group officially announced yesterday:

Brandeis University, Which Notoriously Excluded Ayaan Hirsi Ali From Speaking There Due to Her Allegedly Extremist, Intolerant Comments, Runs a Secret Listserv In Which Leftwing Israel-Haters Slur the Jews and Call Obama a "Chicago Schwartze"

First, let's step into the time machine and journey back to yesteryear, to times lost in the primordial mists. Let's journey all the way back to ten weeks ago. Following a discussion today between President Frederick Lawrence and Ayaan Hirsi...

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Questions Why America, the West Can Unite Against Apartheid But Not Sharia

On Friday’s “The Kelly File” on the Fox News Channel, Harvard Kennedy School fellow Ayaan Hirsi Ali made an appearance to discuss the plight of Meriam Yehya Ibrahim, a Sudanese woman who was sentenced to death for her Christianity that recently gave birth in a Sudanese prison. Show More Summary

Ayaan Hirsi Ali and the “Villains” of Islam

A few weeks ago, Brandeis University announced that Ayaan Hirsi Ali would be the recipient of an honorary degree. Controversy followed the announcement, encompassing those who believed that Ali follows the steps of Louis Brandeis (the man who the University was named after), those who think she is not as conservative as she could be (depending [Read More...]

No, Condoleezza Rice is not a war criminal

Reader responses to my column about this year's commencement follies ranged widely, as always. But there were nonetheless certain patterns. The most common one was this: indifference about Brandeis dumping Ayaan Hirsi Ali, irritation...Show More Summary

American academia and echoes of the Third Reich

Those who object to the invitations of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Condoleezza Rice, Charles Murray and others to appear at American universities suffer from an acute case of historical dyslexia.

Today’s College Motto: Shut Up Already

First the censorious left went after Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the Somali-born critic of Islam’s treatment of women, after Brandeis University had invited her to receive an honorary degree. Bowing to political correctness, Brandeis rescindedShow More Summary

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Liberals Take Heed, Boko Haram the 'New Wave of Jihadism'

From Ayaan Hirsi Ali at The Wall Street Journal: Since the kidnapping of 276 schoolgirls in Nigeria last month, the meaning of Boko Haram—the name used by the terrorist group that seized the girls—has become more widely known. The translation...Show More Summary

Christopher Hitchens Never Said That Memorable Line About Islamophobia

When I posted Sam Harris' interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali last week, one of the most memorable parts involved a line attributed to the late Christopher Hitchens: A few weeks ago, Ayaan and I had a long conversation about her critics and...Show More Summary

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Gee, If Only Someone Had Been Talking About Islamism's Extreme Hostility to Women For the Last Few Years

I think Hirsi Ali's sin was taking her activism beyond the "Hashtag" stage. Since the kidnapping of 276 schoolgirls in Nigeria last month, the meaning of Boko Haram?the name used by the terrorist group that seized the girls?has become more...


I BET THEY’RE ASLEEP IN NEW YORK. I BET THEY’RE ASLEEP ALL OVER AMERICA: The Nigerian terror group Boko Haram reflects the general Islamist hatred of women’s rights. When will the West wake up?, asks Ayaan Hirsi Ali in the Wall Street Journal.

Why It’s Insane That Much of the Left Rejects Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Sam Harris as Their Liberal Bedfellows

I found much to enjoy, even relish, in the friendly conversation between Ayaan Hirsi and Sam Harris that you can read in its entirety here. Hemant quoted some great highlights from it earlier, but there are a couple of other passages that stood out for me, including those about liberalism.

Highlights from Sam Harris’ Interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Islamophobia, Western Hypocrisy, and the Best Prank Ever

Following a controversy where Ayaan Hirsi Ali was offered an honorary doctorate from Brandeis University only to have it quickly rescinded, Sam Harris posted a nearly-9,000-word interview with Hirsi Ali on his website today. It's a fascinating...Show More Summary

'Tis A Silly Thing

I've been following the incredible hypocrasy at Brandeis University regarding the the rescinding of an award of an honorary degree to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the Somali-born activist whose work has focused on the barbaric misogyny rampant in Islamic societies like the one in which she was raised, for her humanitarian work. Show More Summary

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Western Feminists Life Safe, Soft Decadent Lives, and Focus on the Trivial at the Expense of the Profoundly Important

My words, not hers, but that's her point. "The white man is held to a moral standard that, in the West, men [who have immigrated] from other cultures are not held to," she told the Herald. ''If a white man...

Kagame does Brandeis

(Scott Johnson) When Brandeis University withdrew its invitation to honor Ayaan Hirsi Ali, I spoke with a knowledgeable source on campus who told me that Rwandan President Paul Kagame was scheduled to visit campus on April 23. I reported...Show More Summary

Where The Hard Left Says No, Ctd

Eric Levitz takes stock of the Ayaan Hirsi Ali controversy: One of the most popular lines of argument in the Ali apologias is that Brandeis is guilty of applying an outrageous double standard, one that allows for the hateful criticism of Judaism, but not a fair critique of Islam. Bill Kristol complains that while the […]

Ayaan Hirsi Ali and the dangerous anti-Islamic logic of the war on terror

Ayaan Hirsi Ali lost an honorary degree from Brandeis for articulating the same twisted thinking as Dick Cheney

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