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State-of-the-Art Russian Warship Enters Open Sea for Drills

The sophisticated Russian frigate Admiral Grigorovich, which was specifically built for the Black Sea Fleet, is currently undergoing sea trials in the Baltic Sea water zone.

Exclusive: Should the GOP Steal Jefferson from Dems?

(Steven Hayward) One of my fellow cruisers on the Baltic Sea last week was Seth Lipsky of the New York Sun, who wrote a terrific column about 10 days ago for the New York Post arguing that since Democrats are giving up on Thomas Jefferson...Show More Summary

Wärtsilä Scrubbers for Finnlines Vessels

Finnlines, a Ro-Ro and passenger vessel operator with services in the North and Baltic Seas, has contracted Wärtsilä to supply three of its vessels with exhaust cleaning scrubber systems.

Grimaldi's Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems Order Again for Wärtsilä

  Finnlines, a leading Ro-Ro and passenger vessel operator with services in the North and Baltic Seas, has contracted Wärtsilä to supply three

Russian Baltic Fleet Ships Enter Sea for Artillery Drills

Baltic Sea vessels will train anti-submarine, anti-mine and air defense.

Warming-Assisted Rapid Evolution of a Parasitic Host

Craig D. Idso In 1980, heated water from a nuclear power plant in Forsmark, Sweden (60.42°N, 18.17°E) began to be discharged into Biotest Lake, an artificial semi-enclosed lake in the Baltic Sea created in 1977 that is adjacent to the power plant and covers an area of 0.9 km2 with a mean depth of 2.5 m. Show More Summary

Watch Typhoons Intercept A Russian Intel Plane From Inside The Cockpit

last weekVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

This video shows what it looks like to intercept a Russian IL-20M electronic intelligence collection aircraft, high over the Baltic Sea. The Royal Air Force Typhoons that were scrambled on August 17th to intercept the aircraft were launched out of Estonia as part of NATO’s rotating air defense mission in the Baltics. Read more...

Surprise! Germany Has Tons Of Islands And They're Stunning

While you might not think of sandy dunes and oceanic horizons when you picture Germany, the country that borders both the Baltic and North Seas and is perforated with lakes, boasts dozens of offshore and inland islands. They range from...Show More Summary

"Sea Monster" Raised From the Bottom of the Baltic

last weekHumor / odd : mental_floss

It has the ears of a lion and the mouth of a crocodile.

Why Russians decorate their cars with World War Two battle cries

2 weeks agoNews : BlogPost

The German tabloid Bild was outraged on Wednesdey over a “macabre maneuver” in the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad. Not that Russian military drills on the Baltic Sea have been that uncommon this past year. What struck the newspaper this time were pictures of missiles with the World War II battle cries “To Berlin!” and “For Stalin!” inscribed on them. The pictures were […]

Russian Troops Land on Baltic Sea Coast

The exercise involved warships of the Baltic Fleet, the Naval aviation and a wide range of coastal military equipment. Over 20 armored carriers landed on the coast of the Baltic Sea.

15th c. monster raised from Baltic Sea

Sweden sees your 17th century gun carriage, England, and raises you a 15th century sea monster. On Tuesday before a crowd of fascinated thousands, divers lifted the wooden figurehead of a late 15th century Danish warship from the Baltic Sea off the coast of Ronneby in southeastern Sweden. The figurehead weighs 300 kilos (661 pounds) [...]

In Light of Russian Aggression, NATO Reduces Air Patrols in Baltic Area

The Free Beacon reported: The NATO alliance will reduce by half the number of planes patrolling around the Baltic Sea beginning in September despite continuing provocations from Russian military aircraft, according to reports. “Our military commanders assess that the posture is appropriate and adequate,” stated NATO spokesperson Carmen Romero. So far this year across Europe […]

'Sea Monster' Figurehead Salvaged from Baltic Sea Wreck

A wooden figurehead of a sea monster with ears like a lion and a crocodile's jaw was carefully lifted from the sea in southern Sweden on Tuesday by divers bringing

Poroshenko Claims Putin May Attack Baltic States, Estonia Disagrees

Ukraine's president said that it is "possible" that Russia would attack Baltic states, Finland and Black Sea states, claiming that Ukraine fights not a civil war but for "democracy, freedom, the security of Europe."

1K Shipwrecks Haunt a Sea With Brutal History

The Baltic Sea's trove of shipwrecks has preserved all kinds of history—much of it about war—and recently sparked fears of looming conflict in Europe. Bordered by Scandinavia, Finland, the Baltics, the North European Plain, and accessible by Russia, the sea's 6,000 square miles contain about 1,000...

Swedish Divers to Examine Russian Submarine on Weekend – Explorer Company

Swedish divers will continue to examine the sunken Russian submarine found on a Swedish shore of the Baltic Sea over the weekend, Ocean X Team, which is representing the company behind the discovery, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday.

Moscow to Beef Up Baltic Fleet in Response to NATO – Russian Captain

The Baltic Sea always played an important geopolitical role, and Russia should strenghten its Baltic Fleet to counter the NATO's build-up along its Western borders, Russian Captain Mikhail Nenashev said.

Russia's Urals Export Higher from Baltic, Down from Novo

Russia is seen increasing its exports of Urals crude oil from its Baltic ports in August, while shipments from Novorossiisk on the Black Sea are expected to decline,

Seagrass beds as ocean acidification refuges for mussels? High resolution measurements of pCO2 and O2 in a Zostera marina and Mytilus edulis mosaic habitat

It has been speculated that macrophytes beds might act as a refuge for calcifiers from ocean acidification. In the shallow nearshores of the western Kiel Bay (Baltic Sea), mussel and seagrass beds are interlacing, forming a mosaic habitat. Naturally, the diverse physiological activities of seagrasses and mussels are affected by seawater carbonate chemistry and they […]

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