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Winnipeg Jets Fan Pours Beer on His Head During Live Broadcast

The Stanley Cup playoffs returned to Winnipeg for the first time in 19 years. And as you can imagine, fans are incredibly excited. In fact, one supporter couldn't help himself during a live pregame broadcast before Game 3 versus the Anaheim Ducks on Monday, drenching himself in beer. Show More Summary

Woman Catches Foul Ball in Beer Cup, Chugs It

A woman at a Chicago Cubs game caught a foul ball -- with her beer -- and then chugged it down without removing the souvenir. The epic catch occurred at Saturday's game between the Cubs and San Diego Padres and was caught by the telecast. As the announcers saw her down the beer, one said "Her beverage just got a little foamier."

Giants Fan Gets a Foul Ball Tossed into his Beer (Video)

A Giants fan found that he got a special prize with his beer as a mishandled foul ball tossed into the crowd ended up falling right into his cup. It was mildly entertaining. However, because baseball games are long and often devoid of action, the announcers made a meal out of this moment and acted […]

Definitive Proof Shows Cubs Fans Are Better Than Cardinals Fans

5 days agoSports : Deadspin

On Saturday, a Cubs fan caught a foul ball in her beer and chugged it. On Sunday, another Cubs fan, another foul ball, and another beer. So when the above Cardinals fan snagged a ball in his beer cup—at Busch Stadium, of all places—we just assumed he’d follow in the course of his NL Central brothers and sisters. Read more...

Cubs Fan Catches Foul Ball in Beer Cup, Celebrates with Impressive Chug

Note to unnamed Cubs fan featured in the following video: We don't know you. We've obviously never met you. But we have just one simple, somewhat personal question for you: Will you marry us? Cubs Fan Catch Foul Ball in Beer, CHUGS The...Show More Summary

Jays Fan Gets a Beer Shower While Trying To Catch Foul Ball (Video)

Cubs fans are masters when it comes to catching foul balls with their beer cups. Jays fans? Not so much. Check it out—from Saturday’s game between the Jays and Braves at the Rogers Centre: Your browser does not support iframes. Note to self: When it comes to catching baseballs, beer cups work much better than beer […]

Two Cubs Fans Catch Foul Balls In Their Beers, Chug ‘Em (Videos)

Catching a foul ball with a beer cup at a baseball game is a pretty rare feat, but it happened twice over the weekend at Wrigley Field during the Chicago Cubs’ three-game series against the San Diego Padres. First, during the ninth inning of Saturday afternoon’s contest, a female Cubs fan made a catch with her […]

New tradition at Cubs games: Catch ball in beer cup, immediately chug beer

Cubs fans are already famous for one great baseball tradition — throwing opposing teams’ home run balls back onto the field — and now it appears that they’ve started another. In the ninth inning of Saturday’s 7-6, 11-inning win over the Padres, a woman named Krista Dotzenrod caught a foul ball. However, she didn’t catch it with her […]

Cubs Fan Catches Foul Ball with Beer Cup, Chugs Beer

This Chicago Cubs fan knows that when a baseball lands in your cup, you have to chug your drink. With her Cubbies up 6-2 in the top of the ninth against the San Diego Padres on Saturday, this fan likely figured she'd be consuming an early victory beer. Show More Summary

Cubs Fan Catches Foul Ball In Her Cup Of Beer, Chugs It

last weekSports : Deadspin

Catching a baseball with your can of beer is a very bad idea. Catching it with your cup and then pounding your beer, however, is a great idea! Read more...

Ad of the Day: Hefty Cups Turn Ordinary Moms Into Slang-Spewing Party Animals

They may have played beer pong with red Solo cups in 1999, but moms have upgraded to crack-resistant party cups in Hefty's sharp and funny new campaign by Havas Worldwide Chicago. Three new ads all open on a wholesome PTA-stereotype mother in a docile environment (folding laundry, reading a book, and unpacking groceries). Show More Summary

9 Great Moments In Beer Drinking

Beer is one of the world's greatest inventions. Not only is it good for your hair, your skin and your heart, it's also (surprise!) really good to drink -- responsibly, of course. Whether you drink it out of a Solo cup or an iced beer stein, pretty much everyone has at least a few hazy moments of their greatest beer memory. Show More Summary

These Glowing Tubes Turn Trash Collection Into A Competitive Data Viz Game

Wecup, an installation for festivals and open air events, lets you vote with your plastic beer cup, turning trash collection into a game. One of the most annoying (and disgusting) aspects of organizing a music festival is dealing with the mounds of trash left on the ground afterwards. Show More Summary

Cubs fans are forced to pee in cups at Wrigley Field

I'm rather certain this is not flat beer. — Jeff Passan (@JeffPassan) April 6, 2015 Renovations to Wrigley Field will be amazing, but "will" is the operative term here. Right now there are a few... issues.Show More Summary

Panama City: This Florida Hotel Has a Genius Wake of Waking Up its Spring Breaker Guests

3 weeks agoTravel / Hotels : HotelChatter

When you think of Spring Break, you normally think of non-stop partying, bikinis, tank tops, shots, beer, drinking games, red Solo cups, instantly regrettable hook-ups and...The Lion King? That's what's on the "playlist" for the college...Show More Summary

Jimmy Fallon & Zoë Kravitz Go Head-To-Head And Shot-For-Shot In A Crazy Close Game Of Giant Beer Pong!

Flip Cup, Beer Pong, GIANT Beer Pong… If Jimmy Fallon isn't careful, the next game he plays is going to be Alcoholism Intervention! LOLz! [ Video: Ryan Reynolds Plays Raw Egg Russian Roulette With Jimmy! ] Jimmy invited Zoë Kravitz to have a beer or two with him — but no need to worry, Chris Pine! He was [...]

The formal advance of the research on beer-vs-coffee spilling

The research on why foamy liquid (such as beer or latte) is less likely to slosh out of a cup than non-foamy liquid (such as black coffee), has now been formally published. The study is: “Damping of liquid sloshing by foams,” A. Sauret, F. Boulogne, J. Cappello, Emilie Dressaire [pictured here] and H.A. Stone, Physics of […]

A New Wearable Zaps Your Brain To Help You Focus--Or Relax

Get the mood effects of coffee or alcohol with just some electricity—and without the downsides. Sometime later this year, instead of reaching for a cup of coffee to focus at work—or a beer to relax afterward—you might use a tiny electrode to zap your brain instead. Show More Summary

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