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In Which Ben Bernanke Asks and Answers a Rhetorical Question About the Eurozone

[Over at Equitable Growth][1]: The current and the greater onrushing disaster that is macroeconomic policy in the eurozone is, in my opinion, the result of two things: 1. Setting up a Single currency in the region much broader than any optimum currency area. Show More Summary

Presenting The Most Ridiculous Things Ever Bought By Billionaires

Despite the protestations of an indignant Ben Bernanke, seven years of global QE have not only failed to ignite the illusory "trickle down" wealth effect but have in fact served to widen the gap between the rich and the poor the world over. Show More Summary

Edward Hadas: Stop knocking the euro

Ben Bernanke thinks the single currency is failing. He is not alone. But the former Fed boss is too short term and too financial. The euro zone has tough structural economic problems. The currency is different. Its future is political, and bright.

Is The German Trade Surplus A Problem For The Eurozone?

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has once again weighed in on issues around Germany’s trade surplus, this time in the context of Eurozone structures more broadly. While his analysis is much the same as before he adds an important caveat, though buried in a footnote (italics emphasis mine): [...]

Germany is feasting on the rest of Europe (EUR)

The situation in Athens seems to have calmed down, but former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke thinks Europe has an even bigger issue to worry about: Germany. In a blog post on Friday, Bernanke wrote that the failure of the euro zone as a whole is very much related to the "highly asymmetric outcomes" among member nations. Show More Summary

Noted for Your Evening Procrastination for July 18, 2015

Must- and Should-Reads: Must-Read: Ben Bernanke: [Greece and Europe: Is Europe holding up its end of the bargain?]( Must-Read: Simon Wren-Lewis: [The Non-Independent ECB]( More Summary

Have Central Banks Brought Us Back to 2008… or 1929?

In the early 2000s, Alan Greenspan was worried about deflation. So he hired Ben Bernanke, the self-proclaimed expert on the Great Depression from Princeton. The idea was that with Bernanke as his right hand man, Greenspan could put off deflation from hitting the US. Show More Summary

Bernanke Criticizes Europe Over Greek Debt Crisis

2 weeks agoNews : Huffington Post

Former Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke said Friday that the “failure of European economic policy” played a significant role in the Greek debt crisis. “Now is a good time to ask: Is Europe holding up its end of the bargain?" Bernanke asked in a blog post on the Brookings Institution website. Show More Summary

Europe's Economic Misery Has Worked Out Pretty Well for Germany

With the finalization of a potential Greek debt deal drawing closer, former Federal Reserve chair turned blogger Ben Bernanke has a post today excoriating Europe's last five years of economic policy in which he chides Germany for more or less sucking the life out of its neighbors. Show More Summary

Remove Lew, Not Hamilton

On June 17 th, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew shocked many, including former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke, when he proclaimed that Alexander Hamilton (1755-1804) – the first and foremost Treasury Secretary – would be demoted and share the ten-dollar bill with a yet unnamed woman. Show More Summary

Disorderly Collapse - The Endgame Of The Fed's Artificial Suppression Of Defaults

Submitted by Jeffrey Snider via Alhambra Investment Partners, The Federal Reserve under Alan Greenspan and then Ben Bernanke has escaped, largely, responsibility for the panic in 2008 mostly because there is no direct link between monetary policy and the housing bubble. Show More Summary

Yes, We Should Dump Hamilton from the $10 Bill -- And Here's Why

The news that Alexander Hamilton is to be demoted from the $10 bill was received with a shudder by America's most prominent financiers. Former Fed chair Ben Bernanke was "appalled." Steven Rattner - the prominent progressive investment...Show More Summary

A clash of currency

last monthHealth : Booster Shots

To the editor: I really must agree with former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke and his opinion that the excellent Alexander Hamilton should remain on the $10 bill. ("New face for $10 bill stirs backlash," June 27)

The Simple Reason Why China's Stratospheric Stock Market Rally Can't Fuel Economic Growth

Despite Janet Yellen’s efforts to explain to poor people how important it is to build up one’s financial assets, the trickle down “wealth effect” that Ben Bernanke promised would accompany successive rounds of QE never quite panned out...Show More Summary

Opening Bell: 6.23.15

Ben Bernanke says keep Jackson on 10 dollar bill; Ackman launches $1B bond; Short sellers are lonely; P. Diddy beats son's coach with a kettlebell; and more.

Bernanke ‘appalled’ that Alexander Hamilton will be off $10

last monthNews : NY Daily News

Count former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke among those “appalled” that Alexander Hamilton will be bumped from his starring role on the $10 bill.

Bernanke: Keep Hamilton, Kick Jackson Off the $20

Former Federal Reserve chief-turned blogger Ben Bernanke has joined those calling for the US Treasury to abandon plans to drop Alexander Hamilton from his featured spot on the $10 bill and to dump Andrew Jackson from the $20 instead. In a post entitled " Say it ain't so, Jack," Bernanke writes...

Is the Hamilton Announcement Merely a Ruse?

Ben Bernanke has joined the call to keep Hamilton on the $10 bill and put a woman on the $20 bill instead, replacing Jackson. I’m probably reading too much into this, but it reinforces my suspicion that the announcement of Hamilton’s demotion is part of a ruse designed to dampen opposition to the real goal of replacing Jackson. Think about it. Show More Summary

Ben Bernanke Wants to Dump Jackson, Keep Hamilton on U.S. Bills

Former Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke is the latest to weigh in on the move to put a woman's face on the $10 bill. He's sticking up for Alexander Hamilton.

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