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Giving "Thanks" To The Fed - Holiday Dinner Has Never Been More Expensive

As you’re probably aware, the Fed has a hard time spotting asset bubbles. Just as there was no housing bubble in 2006 according to the honorable and exceptionally “courageous” Ben Bernanke, there’s no bubble in equities today and certainly no ZIRP-induced fixed income bubble either. Show More Summary

10 Friday AM Reads

Markets continue to shake off externalities and are powering forward into the expected December rate hike. End your week right with our morning train reads: • Ben Bernanke on bubbles, bitcoin, and why he’s not a Republican anymore (Quartz)...Show More Summary

Weekend Reading: Open Letter to Ben Bernanke: Hoisted from the Archives from Five Years Ago

The five-year anniversary of the right-wing anti-Bernanke QE letter coincides with the choice for President of the Minneapolis Fed of Neel Kashkari, with his apparent belief that expansionary monetary policy are destructive: Sorry Japan, printing money is morphine. Show More Summary

Ben Bernanke Exposes The Fed's Next 'Stimulus' Plan

Personally handing out money to each "deserving" citizen... h/t @BN_Cheney

Bernanke on fiscal policy

(November 13, 2015 12:15 PM, by Scott Sumner) Fiscal policy is the one area where I disagree most strongly with Ben Bernanke. In his new memoir (p. 387), he indicated that he supported Bush's fiscal stimulus of early 2008. But why? Bernanke gives no explanation at all. He... (0 COMMENTS)

'A Debate With Bernanke Over the Fed’s Easy Money Policies'

William Cohan ("a former senior mergers and acquisitions banker") argues with Ben Bernanke over the Fed's interest rate policy. These people (the one who isn't Bernanke in this case) are nuts: A Debate With Bernanke Over the Fed’s Easy Money...

Street Scene: A Debate With Bernanke Over the Fed’s Easy Money Policies

The Federal Reserve’s decisions may have inflated the price of financial assets, but Ben Bernanke says they kept a bad financial situation from getting worse.

'Budgetary Sleight-of-Hand'

Congress enjoys a "political free lunch," budgetary illusions that make it appear that tax cuts, new spending -- whatever -- will not require cuts in other spending, an increase in taxes, or change the deficit. Ben Bernanke reveals the trickery...

Nice guys finish in the middle of the pack

Here’s a thought: Was Ben Bernanke the most powerful “nice guy” in all of world history?  Not all powerful people are as egotistical as Trump, or as ruthless as Nixon, but as far as I can tell nice mild-mannered college profs are almost never put in positions of great power.  The world really is a […]

Benanke's Memoir: Initial impressions confirmed

(November 9, 2015 09:25 AM, by Scott Sumner) Perhaps the most surprising thing about Ben Bernanke's recent memoir is the lack of surprises, at least about what was going on inside the Fed in terms of the monetary policy debate. That's probably a result of the high quality... (0 COMMENTS)

Another Abenomics Fail: New Survey Shows Inequality Growing In Japan

One thing that’s become abundantly clear in the post-crisis world is that round after round of QE are enriching the few at the expense of the many. Ben Bernanke (the architect of the current DM CB regime) will tell you that the growing...Show More Summary

Secular Stagnation vs. Ben Bernanke

Let me put here my first, much longer draft to what appeared on Project Syndicate: [The Tragedy of Ben Bernanke]( ---- Ben Bernanke has published his memoir, [_The Courage to Act_][1]. Show More Summary

Recent Serious Unemployment as Former Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke Sees Full Employment 'In Sight'

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke's editorial in The Wall Street Journal on October 5, 2015 had headlines: "How the Fed Saved the Economy" and "Full employment without inflation is in sight. The central bank did its job".Show More Summary

The Exchange: Why Ben Bernanke, appointed by Bush, is no longer a Republican

Ben Bernanke, the former Federal Reserve chairman, is unapologetic about the central bank’s response to the great financial crisis.

The bias against saving

IT SEEMS hard these days to find anyone who has a good word for savings, or savers. There has been talk of a global "savings glut" for a decade now, and Ben Bernanke, one of the original proponents, still sees the concept as a "useful perspective" for understanding current economic conditions. Show More Summary

'The Tragedy of Ben Bernanke'

I would send you to Brad DeLong's piece on Ben Bernanke through a short excerpt if I could, but when I post just a few sentences from anything appearing at Project Syndicate they get mad at me. So I mostly...

Secular Stagnation--That's My Title, of the Longer Version at Least...

J. Bradford DeLong: [The Tragedy of Ben Bernanke][2]: Project Syndicate: Ben Bernanke has published his memoir, [_The Courage to Act_][1]. I am finding it hard to read. And I am finding it hard to read as anything other than a tragedy. Show More Summary

Courage to Act; Reflections on Fed Hubris; What if Whatever it Takes is Not Enough? Fed Troika?

This past week, Ben Bernanke was in London promoting his book "Courage to Act". Today, Albert Edwards at Societe Generale pinged me with his thoughts.Edwards writes... Ben Bernanke is in London to publicise his book ‘The Courage to Act’. Show More Summary

Secular Stagnation--That's My Title, of the Longer Version at Least...

J. Bradford DeLong: [The Tragedy of Ben Bernanke]( Project Syndicate: Ben Bernanke has published his memoir, [_The Courage to Act_][1]. Show More Summary

The Fed Had Enough Money to Bail Out Lehman

In his recent book, former Fed chair Ben Bernanke claimed that the Fed do not choose to let Lehman fail, he said that it had no choice because it could not bail it out. The NYT is insisting that this account is true. "During his remarks, Mr. Show More Summary

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