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Happy Birthday to GIF, a Tech Term That's Aged Well

Thirty years ago, the GIF was born. Ben Zimmer on how this technology term has aged remarkably well—even though how to pronounce it is still debated.

Hans Zimmer Misses Bale's Batman, Isn't Happy with Affleck

Hans Zimmer reveals that Christian Bale will always be the ultimate Dark Knight, and that he's not a fan of Ben Affleck as Batman.

Hans Zimmer Breaks Down The Difference Between His Two Bats

Who better to compare Ben Affleck and Christian Bale's performances then he man who wrote their themes?

Hans Zimmer says scoring Ben Affleck’s Batman led him to quit superhero movies

"It just did my brain in to have written Christian Bale as Batman, and suddenly it’s Ben Affleck."

Ben Affleck’s Batman Pushed Hans Zimmer To Retire From Superheroes

After scoring the Dark Knight trilogy and DC's new films, the composer reveals why he stepped away from superheroes. The post Ben Affleck’s Batman Pushed Hans Zimmer To Retire From Superheroes appeared first on CBR.

Hans Zimmer, Unsatisfied with Batfleck, Really Misses Christian Bale’s Batman

Hans Zimmer misses the old Batman, straight from the go Batman, chop up the soul Batman (yes, that works). The legendary composer isn’t so sold on the new Batman, the bad mood Batman, sad in the news Batman: That is to say, Ben Affleck’s Batman. Zimmer told Inverse that it ... More »

Why Ben Affleck's Batman Convinced Hans Zimmer To Quit Superhero Movies

Hans Zimmer is one of the most prolific composers in all of film. He's made the music for many of your favorite films, but he says he's not going to do superhero movies anymore, and that's all because of Ben Affleck.

Iron Crotch

Here on Language Log, we have devoted a considerable amount of attention to the terminology related to kungfu: "Kung-fu (Gongfu) Tea" (7/20/11) See also Ben Zimmer's masterful article on Visual Thesaurus: "How 'Kung Fu' Entered the Popular Lexicon" (1/17/14) Now we have documentation for another type of kungfu that has hitherto eluded us: This #KungFu […]

Taking a Bite Out of “S--t Sandwich”

This post originally appeared on Strong Language, a sweary blog about swearing. These are the best of times for the hard-working shit- prefix. Last week, here on Strong Language, Ben Zimmer investigated the origins of shitgibbon—an epithet...Show More Summary

Shitgibbon antedated

The latest from Ben Zimmer — "A New Breakthrough in the History of the “S—gibbon: The Insult’s Originator Steps Forward", Slate 4/13/2017. Following up on a comment by David Quantick on Ben's Strong Language Blog post, Ben found this passage in the 1/13/1990 issue of the New Musical Express, in which David Quantick and Steven […]

The scansion of disapprobation expressions

In case you missed it — Ben Zimmer recently turned his meticulous scholarly attention to the lexicographical and metrical analysis of shit-gibbon: "The Surprising Rise of the 'S—gibbon'", Slate 2/9/2017. The metrical part: Shitgibbon has a lot going for it, with the same punchy meter as other Trumpian epithets popularized last summer like cockwomble, fucknugget, and […]

Language for the people!

Four sure-to-be-amazing talks on language are coming to central Texas on January 8 and all are invited! The four speakers include two of our Language-Logistocracy, linguists and popularizers extraordinaire Ben Zimmer and John McWhorter. Wanna know how English is changing? They'll tell you. Third, Stanford Linguist Eve Clark, who's somehow managed to publish two books […]

Profanity Censorship Is Arbitrary. Stop Doing It.

This post originally appeared on Strong Language, a sweary blog about swearing. Ben Zimmer called the dissemination of Donald Trump’s recorded conversation with Billy Bush a “watershed moment in public profanity,” since major news outlets such as CNN and the New York Times presented Trump’s remarks without bowdlerization. Show More Summary

Mike Zimmer: Adrian Peterson’s knee “has calmed down now”

They’re still awaiting the results of an MRI this morning, but there’s some sense the news on Adrian Peterson could be something other than the worst case scenario. According to Ben Goessling of, those close to the Vikings running back said they hoped he had avoided major injury after injuring his right knee in last…

When Uptalk Went Viral

This is a guest post by Cynthia McLemore, following up on Ben Zimmer's post on "'Uptalk' in the OED", 9/12/2016. Twenty three years after James Gorman coined a word for “those rises” in the New York Times and unleashed a viral phenomenon associated with my name, and on the occasion of the OED's latest entries, […]

Vaina == jawn?

Philly has jawn — see Ben Zimmer on "The Etymology of Jawn", or listen to this story from WHYY: According to Philly native Mary Seaborough, who works at Cook-Wissahickon elementary, where my kids attend school, "It really can mean anything you want it to mean."  Seaborough grew up in South Philly. She uses "jawn," and […]

Adrian Peterson has a pulled hamstring

Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has lamented the grind of training camp. Training camp is here for the Vikings, and he’s not yet grinding. Via Ben Goessling of, coach Mike Zimmer said that Peterson has a pulled hamstring. He got the injury while working out on his own before camp. But Peterson passed his…

Screw the Pooch.

Who can resist such a lovely and slightly naughty-sounding expression? It’s well known from The Right Stuff, but where did it originate? Ben Zimmer tells the story (or as much of it as can be found) at Slate: Searching for clues, I noticed that the entry for the expression on Wiktionary had been anonymously edited […]

"Among the New Words"

Ben Zimmer, Jane Solomon, and Charles Carson, "Among The New Words", American Speech May 2016: In this installment we continue our consideration of items nominated at the American Dialect Society’s 2015 Word of the Year proceedings […] The overall winner is considered here: they used as a singular third-person pronoun, a gender-neutral (or “epicene”) alternative […]

Silicon Valley Startup Speak Gets a Dictionary

12 months agoTechnology : Tech -

Dogfooding? Decacorn? Those mystified by Silicon Valley jargon now have their own dictionary, says Ben Zimmer.

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