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Creeping kanji

Ben Zimmer was recently in Pittsburgh, where he gave the keynote address at the American Copy Editors Society conference. He mentioned that one of the copy editors (Bill Walsh of the Washington Post) was confused by a sign for a newShow More Summary

Fancy, Evasive Language

Gary Cee beats around the bush and a video clip of the heart-stopping final moments of the 2015 A.C.P.T. provided by Ben Zimmer.

Correctly English

Ben Zimmer called my attention to this book cover, via David Adger's Twitter account: You can read for yourself what the English says.  Let's see how well it matches the Chinese: bi?ozh?n ?? standard Y?ngwén sh?ngyè huìhuà b?irì t?ng ?? ???? ??? English commercial conversation; expert in a hundred days fù Zh?ngwén dúy?n ji?shì ??????? […]

Captain Munnerlyn needs to conform to Mike Zimmer's system

ESPN Vikings reporter Ben Goessling discusses a rough season for Captain Munnerlyn.

Getting One’s Goat.

Ben Zimmer discusses the expression “get one’s goat,” which he’s been investigating: All of the sources start with a 1904 book called Life in Sing Sing, a prison memoir by the anonymous convict “Number 1500.” In the chapter on “Slang Among Convicts,” the word goat is glossed as “anger; to exasperate,” but that doesn’t get […]


Ryan Broderick,"People Are Actually Writing The Word 'Firstable' Online Instead Of 'First Of All': What has the internet done to our brains?".  In response, Ben Zimmer entered firstable in the Eggcorn Database, noting uses back to 1996: Firstable, the term “indian” and christianity were imposed in Peru through blood and fire by European conquerors.(Marxism mailing list, Jan. […]

Ben Zimmer: Linguistics Journalism Award

My first thought upon reading the following announcement is that my colleagues and I here at Language Log headquarters hasten to claim Ben as one of ours (he doesn't just belong to the WSJ!): "WSJ's Ben Zimmer receives first LSA Linguistics Journalism Award" Here's the text of the LSA announcement: The Linguistic Society of America […]

Live: Minnesota Vikings news conference

Minnesota Vikings coach Mike Zimmer will be available Monday at 3 p.m. ET, where he will address the latest news surrounding the team. Follow along as ESPN Vikings reporter Ben Goessling reports from the news conference.

Ye Olde English katakana

Via HiLobrow (8/10/2014), Ben Zimmer came across this virtuoso display of Gothic katakana on feitclub's Tumblr: I must confess that I have a hard time reading off this beautiful, ornate font, which is so different from the spare, simple, Japanese katakana. From Wikipedia, here's a chart of the latter for comparison: Goj?on – Katakana characters with […]

Mike Zimmer to test Vikings’ conditioning Minnesota Vikings reporter Ben Goessling discusses the conditioning test facing the team.

Ben Zimmer on Jeopardy

"Jersey Cite man to compete on Jeopardy", Hudson Reporter 6/29/30: Ben Zimmer, a linguist and language columnist from Jersey City, will compete on Jeopardy! on June 30 at 7 p.m. on WABC-TV.    

"Latest @OED update includes #hashtag — leading off with @stoweboyd's (uncredited) tweet re..."

“ Latest @OED update includes #hashtag — leading off with @stoweboyd's (uncredited) tweet re @chrismessina's proposal. — Ben Zimmer (@bgzimmer) June 13, 2014 ”

Steamed native

Commenting on Facebook about Ben Zimmer's Language Log post on the Iraqi "Paul is dead" buffet sign, Anne Erdmann shared this buffet sign from China: The Chinese says zh?ng t?ch?n ???, for which Google Translate gives "steamed native", while Bing Translator gives "steam products" and Baidu Fanyi gives "steamed products". But what could zh?ng t?ch?n […]

NFL Nation Buzz: Minnesota Vikings Vikings reporter Ben Goessling says the Vikings are betting on Mike Zimmer’s reputation to develop a draft class filled with plenty of potential.

NFL Nation Buzz: Minnesota Vikings Vikings reporter Ben Goessling discusses the impact Jasper Brinkley can make in Mike Zimmer’s system.

Newswire: Hans Zimmer to score the Batman-Superman movie

Someday, someone will make a big-budget superhero movie with a sensitive, Zach Braff-esque soundtrack, where James Mercer or Ben Gibbard will sing in the background as a villain gets his head smashed into a wall. Until then, filmmakers will continue to hire the people who know how to do big, loud, and exciting music. Show More Summary

Because Language

last yearLGBT / Gay : Joe. My. God.

Via the New York Times: After a year dominated by upstart words like “selfie,” “bitcoin” and “twerk,” the American Dialect Society’s Word of the Year for 2013 seems slightly banal: “because.” Ben Zimmer, chairman of the dialect society’s...Show More Summary

Are Emoticons the Future of Language? PBS Off Book’s New Video Explains

last yearHumor : Geekosystem

Don't be thrown off by this PBS Off Book video's title — this isn't a diatribe about how language is devolving to make way for GIFs and chat speak. Linguist Ben Zimmer explores the history of emoticons and writing and how they might combine to create a more reflective representation of the human experience — like punctuation, but more poignant.

It’s Suparman!

The Batman bin Suparman story, from Prof. Ben Zimmer (Slate‘s Lexicon Valley). [...] The post It’s Suparman! appeared first on The Volokh Conspiracy.

Tangible intangibles

Ben Zimmer had an interesting piece in the Wall Street Journal (subscription required) over the weekend on "intangibles." "The one thing that you can't fully measure is the intangibles Jonny Gomes brings," according to John Farrell.Show More Summary

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