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Looking Forward to Labor Day

by Bill McKibben and Sue Halpern We used to think we worked pretty hard, but that was before we agreed to help out this week in Andrew’s absence. As Dish guest-bloggers were each doing three posts a day, and the pressure seemed unrelenting – we’d sigh the minute one went up on the site because […]

Three Weeks From Now

by Bill McKibben A lot of us who care about climate change will be marching through the streets of New York. If you want information, it’s here. Several people have written in to ask me what good it does to march. Wouldn’t it be better to have a carbon tax? And there are people – […]

On Learning New Things

by Bill McKibben It turns out that Ta-Nehisi Coates spent the summer just down the hill, at Middlebury College where Sue and I both hang our hats. In the summer Middlebury’s famous language school–which makes students sign a pledge that they’ll only speak the language they’re studying all summer–takes over the campus, and this year […]

Burning Earth

by Bill McKibben At Burning Man in the desert, where the proprietor of this blog, Grover Norquist, and a lot of other people are gathered this week, they had a rare heavy rainfall, which “intensified the misery of people waiting in the will call lines” at the box office. That soaking in the Mojave Desert […]

Why Oil Companies Are Rogue Actors

by Bill McKibben A reader writes to complain that fossil fuel divestment is a pointless waste of time: What divestment does do is make people feel good. That they’re “doing something”, without having to do the thing that they actually need to do: use much less fossil fuel. It’s like a room full of chain […]

Golden Age of Radio, Ctd

by Bill McKibben So many great responses to my musings on audio documentaries yesterday with lots of suggestions:, with the inimitable veteran Christopher Lydon and his equally inimitable producer Mary McGrath; 99%...Show More Summary

An Actual Exit from Climate Hell

by Bill McKibben Earlier today I went after libertarians for their troubles with climate change. But it’s conservatives in general that have been the real hypocrites here, given that the least conservative thing you can possibly imagine would be running the temperature of the earth way out of the range where human civilization has previously […]

Let Them Build Seawalls

by Bill McKibben As a good Dish reader, I know I’m supposed to take libertarianism seriously, and so I try, even if every time I contemplate Ayn Rand I find myself wishing I’d been born to a different species. It’s possible that my trouble stems from the fact that dealing with climate change is notoriously […]

One Perfect Thing, Ctd

by Dish Staff Inspired by Bill McKibben’s musings on his beloved solo canoe, readers share stories of their prized possessions: I’ll pony up one: my Dad’s old 6? Criterion Dynascope telescope. He bought it shortly after I was born and took it out all through my childhood. About the time he moved out of the […]

The Golden Era of Radio

by Bill McKibben I may have mentioned that must of this week is being spent cleaning. That means I’ve had my earbuds in for several hours at a time. And that means, in turn, I’ve been reflecting on just what a golden age of radio, or at least of words spoken magically through the ether, […]

Climate Trial-Ballooning

by Bill McKibben The NYT is out with a story today that the Obama administration is “devising” a politically ingenious strategy to get around the fact that no Senate in the foreseeable future will ever muster a 2/3 vote to approve an actual treaty on global warming. The story really isn’t news—everyone has known this […]

Walter Bernstein, Still Kicking

by Bill McKibben and Sue Halpern Okay, admittedly, we can put a headline like that our post because we know Walter Bernstein, and chances are, so do you. Remember “You Were There?” (Probably not, you’re too young). Remember “Fail Safe?” “The Magnificent Seven?” Bernstein, who just turned 95, wrote the screenplays for all of them. […]

The environment and the news cycle

I loved this bit from US environmental activist Bill McKibben, who is guest blogging on Andrew Sullivan's site: Every day there’s something more immediately important happening in the world: ISIS is seizing an airbase this morning, and...Show More Summary

Hair–And World–On Fire

by Bill McKibben This afternoon a draft of the next report from the world’s climate scientists to the world’s political leaders leaked to a few reporters. In the words of Justin Gillis at the NYT, it showed those scientists using even “blunter, more forceful” language than ever before to warn that Runaway growth in the […]

Goodman Mountain

by Bill McKibben New York State officials are gathering in a remote part of my beloved Adirondacks this splendid August day to dedicate a new hiking trail up a mountain with a new name: Goodman Mountain, in honor of Andrew Goodman, one of the three civil rights volunteers killed fifty years ago in Philadelphia Mississippi […]

Massive Selloff

by Bill McKibben Well, sort of. News overnight that Australia’s prestigious Sydney University has announced its endowment will stop making any new investments in coal, and start reviewing its existing holdings. It comes after an intensive campaign from Greenpeace Australia, and my friends at, and is only one of many victories for the divestment […]

Gas Attack?

by Bill McKibben A new study in Nature describes a new possible climate threat. We’ve known for some time that there is lots of methane stored in frozen form in the world’s oceans. The best known of these clathrate formations are in the Arctic, but today’s study finds them across the Atlantic, and by implication […]

One Perfect Thing

by Bill McKibben Always a bit disconcerting to find yourself part of a trend, but on a day when the most e-mailed story at the NYT is about older people getting rid of their clutter, Sue and I are…waiting for the delivery of a dumpster, so we can dispose of some of the detritus of […]

News Of The World

by Bill McKibben Every day there’s something more immediately important happening in the world: ISIS is seizing an airbase this morning, and California is recovering from an earthquake, and Michael Brown is being buried. But there’s nothing more important that’s happening each and every day than the ongoing deterioration of the planet on which we […]

Summer’s End

by Bill McKibben Yikes, I’ve been looking forward to doing this ever since Andrew asked in mid-summer, but now I feel like Sue and I have been given the keys to a shiny car that we’re a little unsure how to drive. I note with some relief that the week before Labor Day is the […]

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