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The Legacy of Margaret Sanger: On Sabrina Jones’s ‘Our Lady of Birth Control

When we consider “life-changing” advances we tend to think of things like electricity or automobiles. Birth control never makes the list. But the ability for women to take a pill and choose when or whether to get pregnant is revolutionary. The post The Legacy of Margaret Sanger: On Sabrina Jones’s ‘Our Lady of Birth Control’ appeared first on The Millions.

A Higgs Boson Scientist Created A Fertility App That's As Effective As The Pill

With a little high-tech help, the old-fashioned "rhythm" method stands to take on 21st-century birth control in a big way.

Does birth control cause depression?

A provocative new study from Denmark supports a link between hormonal contraceptive methods (like birth control pills) and depression. The association seems to be strongest for adolescent girls. Huge studies like this are based on huge datasets. In this case, the study relies on the Danish medical system’s longstanding penchant for meticulous and integrated medical […]

'The Pill Messed Me Up': 10 Women Get Real About Their Bodies on Hormonal Birth Control

Post by Wendy Robinson. Given that birth control pills are the most popular form of contraceptive used by women to both prevent pregnancy and to regulate hormones, a new study from the journal JAMA Psychiatry that appears to have found...Show More Summary

IUDs Are the Future of Birth Control . . . Here's Why

There's a good reason - actually, lots of good reasons - more young women are ditching the pill for an IUD.

Birth Control Pills

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I'm Not Stopping My Birth Control Pills Because of That Study

2 weeks agoLifestyle : xoJane

Everyone I know's mother has emailed them that study about birth control and depression that just came out. You know, the one from the University of Copenhagen that links hormonal birth control and increased rates of depression, especially in teens? I swear I'm not anti-science and have no specific... Continue reading

How Birth Control Can Change Your Skin

For Teen Vogue, by Phillip Picardi. Here in the beauty department, we’ve already told you about one particular pill that could help with your acne. You know it as Accutane, and while it certainly works for most who try it, it’s a pretty major and serious commitment. But there’s another pill you can take that’s a lot less medically controversial. Show More Summary

Birth control pills linked with a serious new risk

Since the 1960s, many women in the United States admitted they were not ready for a baby. These women were given the option to take birth control to prevent the unwanted pregnancy. While family planning has helped women's progress by leaps and bounds, some methods do come with health risks. Show More Summary

The Pill Was Revolutionary but Its Possible Link to Depression Is Too Serious to Ignore

Post by Liz Alterman. The birth control pill has long been hailed as one of the best things to happen to women in centuries -- perhaps even all time. But while ingesting those little tablets daily might spell sexual freedom for some, it can cause a host of negative side effects in others. Show More Summary

Surprise! The Birth Control Pill Isn’t For Everyone.

In the latest bit of sensationalism from Vice, which was co-founded by notorious sexist pig Gavin McInnes, we learn that hormonal birth control pills are terrifying and horrible, causing side effects like depression, spotting, long-term periods, acne, mood swings, weight … More » Surprise! The Birth Control Pill Isn’t For Everyone. Show More Summary

If you feel depressed, your birth control might be to blame

2 weeks agoHealth : Well Good NYC

A new study links the pill, IUDs, and other hormonal birth control methods with an increased risk of depression.

Birth Controll Pills Linked To Increased Risk of Depression

A new study out of Denmark shows a link between hormonal birth control and depression. Women on the pill are 23 percent more likely to be...

Study Finds Disturbing Link Between Hormonal Birth Control and Depression - Are You at Risk?

We always wonder what will happen to our bodies after we stop taking birth control, but what about what happens to our bodies while we're taking the pill? A large new study has found that hormonal methods of birth control are associated with a greater risk of depression. Show More Summary

Contraception use makes women more likely to be clinically depressed: New study

Teens who used the progestin-only pill were twice as likely to use antidepressants as young women who used no form of birth control

"Personhood" Pence: Could The VP Candidate Criminalize Birth Control Pills?

Mike Pence, Republican nominee for Vice President, is a personhood believer, demanding full legal rights--for every fertilized human egg. This is no casual opinion; the former Governor of Indiana intends to impose his belief on America. Donald Trump's running mate, Mike Pence is co-author of H.R. Show More Summary

Women Talk About How the Pill Has Completely Fucked Them Over

3 weeks agoNews : Vice News

A new study has found that taking hormonal birth control pills as a young woman makes you more likely to experience depression.

Hormonal contraception tied to increased depression risk

3 weeks agoHealth : Reuters: Health

(Reuters Health) - Hormonal contraception, including birth control pills or implants, may increase a woman's odds of depression and antidepressant medication use, according to a large study of Danish women.

Here's some depressing news for women who are on the pill.

3 weeks agoHumor / odd : Happy Place

A new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association claims that women who take birth control pills are more likely to be treated for depression. Unlike many "studies" you read about online, this one actually had a very large sample size. Show More Summary

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