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Thanks To Obamacare, The Average Woman Is Saving $255 Per Year On Her Birth Control Pills

The numbers are in: Birth control is cheaper than ever before, thanks to health care reform. The post Thanks To Obamacare, The Average Woman Is Saving $255 Per Year On Her Birth Control Pills appeared first on ThinkProgress.

What to Do If You Miss a Birth Control Pill

Birth control pills should be taken every day, at the same time—but how precise do you have to be? It depends on the type of pill: for some, you have a day or two to realize your mistake. For others, you only have a window of a few hours. Read more...

5 Myths About IUDs You Need To Stop Believing

3 days agoNews : Huffington Post

Intrauterine devices are one of most effective methods of birth control on the market, especially when you account for human error, such as condoms breaking during sex or occasionally forgetting to take a birth control pill.  Based on...Show More Summary

Hoope STD Testing Ring to Let You Check Partner Before Shagging

The birth control pill liberated sexuality in the western world, while sexually transmitted diseases rolled it back considerably. A new device, in the form of a ring, is being developed that may offer a new level of safety for couples wanting to hook up. Show More Summary

Bookmark This Page For When You Forget to Take Your Birth Control

Accidentally skipping a birth control pill, or two, can leave you beyond worried. We turned to a board certified physician to offer advice on when you've missed a dose, or two, or three, of birth control pills. Keep reading to hear what...Show More Summary

Schools Put Girls as Young as 12 on the Pill Without Their Parents Knowing

In Britain, one in 20 minors are being prescribed birth control pills without their parents’ knowledge. The Daily Mail reports that some of these girls are as young as 12-years-old, and approximately 75,000 girls under the age of 16 receive the pill every year. This is a 50% increase in a decade. Unfortunately, parents are […]

Stat Of The Week: The Pill = More Women Lawyers?

In 1970, women made up 10% of first-year law students. Today, just under half of first-year law students are women. Is it because more women are using birth control pills?

Dear Bossip: After 2 Months I Got Pregnant, He Moved In & Now I Regret It

Dear Bossip, I’ve been with this man for about a year and a half. I was on the birth control pill for 3 years. I first got pregnant 2 months of being with this man. We were happy, or

Even short term use of birth control pills can lower uterine cancer risk decades later, study says

3 weeks agoHealth : The Checkup

When it comes to the impact of oral contraceptives on cancer risk, the picture is mind-numbingly confusing.One large analysis showed that the pill can slightly increase your risk of breast cancer. But there's evidence your risk might go back to normal 10 years after you stop taking it. Show More Summary

Birth Control Pills Save Women's Lives, Says Major New Study

Post by The Stir Bloggers. The verdict is in, ladies: The pill helps prevent cancer. Since women first started taking oral contraceptives, there's been a concern that the hormones in the daily dose would promote lady cancers. Now, researchers...Show More Summary

Medical News Today: Birth control pill 'provides long-term protection against endometrial cancer'

Researchers estimate that over the past 50 years, use of the birth control pill has prevented around 400,000 cases of endometrial cancer in high-income countries.

Birth control pills may reduce endometrial cancer risk

3 weeks agoNews : The Raw Story

Birth control pills can have a number of positive health benefits that go beyond avoiding unwanted pregnancy, including lighter and less painful periods, reduced symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and even fewer pimples. Now new research suggests we can add cancer prevention to the list. A paper...

Hundreds of Thousands of Cancer Cases Prevented By Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills are revealed to have prevented hundreds of thousands of cancer-related cases, according to a new study published by The Lancet Journal. Read more...

It’s Official: Birth Control Pills Prevent Endometrial Cancer

Since the 1960s, an uneasy question has been whispered among medical communities, media, and feminist circles: Could the birth control pill—arguably the most important innovation for women of the 20th century, if not the past 2,000 years—cause...Show More Summary

Public Attitudes about Birth Control

Fifty years ago, just five years after the FDA approved the first birth control pill, the Supreme Court struck down a Connecticut state law that prohibited the use of "any drug, medicinal article, or instrument for the purpose of preventing conception," thereby making birth control legal nationwide for married couples. Show More Summary

Allergan Is Using Emojis To Target Millennial Women

I am a millennial, a woman, and a daily user of a birth control pill made by Allergan. I think that gives me some authority to say that the campaign it's announcing today, which aims to use hashtags and emojis to engage women like me, feels clumsy.

Why I Chose to Keep My Unplanned Child

It wasn't because I was horrible at taking my birth control pills as consistently as I should have. Although, honestly, I was. It wasn't because I felt a moral obligation to see the consequences of a sexual act through. I didn't consider...Show More Summary

California, Oregon first to allow birth control pills without prescription

California and Oregon will be the first states in the nation to allow women to get birth control pills and other hormonal contraceptives directly from their pharmacists -- without a doctor’s prescription. Continue reading ? The post California, Oregon first to allow birth control pills without prescription appeared first on PBS NewsHour.

Birth Control That Texts You If You Forget A Dose

Medication adherence is tricky business, but the Pill is uniquely primed for smart disruption. You can build the world's best reminder apps, and ingeniously packaged drugs in personalized pre-portioned packs. But at the end of the day, how can anyone know whether or not they actually swallowed the right pill at the right time? Read Full Story

Oviary, an Electronic Solution to Make Sure You Don’t Forget The Birth Control Pill

2 months agoIndustries / Medical : medGadget

Women on “the pill” know all too well that skipping a day’s dose may lead to an unwanted pregnancy, yet many still end up forgetting or put it off to the next day. A young OB-GYN doc, herself a fan of the pill, has come up with a technological...Show More Summary

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