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Why OTC birth control is a terrible idea

12 hours agoNews : The Raw Story

In an effort to make birth control more accessible, lawmakers in Oregon and California are working on legislation that would allow women to get prescriptions for the pill from pharmacists instead of their gynecologists. The idea behind the proposal is that women wouldn’t have to go through...

Over the Pill? Facts About Nonhormonal Birth Control

Are you thinking about switching to an IUD after being on the pill? Wth the intrauterine device's rise in popularity, you're not the only one with questions about nonhormonal birth control options. Hormonal options range from the ring...Show More Summary

IT HAPPENED TO ME: I Was Verbally Harassed by Protesters at Planned Parenthood While On My Way to Get an IUD

4 days agoLifestyle : xoJane

On August 13, 2015, I called Planned Parenthood. It was a last resort.I’m employed, insured, and independent in a small city with plenty of health care providers. I wasn’t pregnant. I already had birth control pills. But my job is kind of chaotic and I have a touch of ADD (like many American... Continue reading

Birth Control Pills May Cause Bad Breath -- And Worse

Seventy-five percent of Americans have some form of gum disease, according to The New York Times. Former president of the American Association for Dental Research, Dr. Robert Genco, calls periodontal disease -- an advanced form of gum disease that affects half of Americans -- a public health concern. Show More Summary

This Is What Happens When You Skip A Few Birth Control Pills

By: Laura Geggel Published: 11/17/2015 11:20 AM EST on LiveScience Exactly what can happen if a woman misses one or more days of her birth control pills is highlighted by a new lawsuit: A company that allegedly mislabeled its birth control pills is being sued by more than 100 women who say they became pregnant because of the error. Show More Summary

This Birth Control Packaging Fail Is Enough To Make You Want An IUD

More than 100 women who believed they were being protected from pregnancy by their birth control pills have filed a lawsuit against a manufacturer. Why, you ask? Well, the pills were packaged incorrectly. More » This Birth Control Packaging...Show More Summary

Women Sue Birth Control Manufacturer For Cost of Raising Children Due to Defective Product

Qualitest Pharmaceuticals is an Alabama-based company that makes birth control pills. In 2011, the company recalled eight of their oral contraceptive lines because they’d placed the pills in the packaging incorrectly. Now, women who became pregnant while taking the pills are suing for millions, demanding to be paid for both child-rearing costs and college expenses. Read more...

Lawsuit Claims Mislabeled Birth Control Led To 113 Unwanted Pregnancies

Irish drug maker Qualitest is facing a rather hefty lawsuit. According to, over 100 women are claiming that they became pregnant due to mislabeled birth control pills. The suit, which was filed in Philadelphia last week, seeks millions in

113 Women File Lawsuit After a Birth Control Mix-Up Resulted in Unwanted Pregnancies

For birth control to be the most effective, it's important that the pills be taken in order. Now that more than 100 women have filed a lawsuit alleging that reversed pill packs led to their unwanted pregnancies, it looks like one drug...Show More Summary

Birth Control Pill Recall: 3.2 Million Recalled – 113 Women Sue Due To Sugar Placebo Pills In Place Of Birth Control Pills

Imagine the horror of taking what is believed to be a birth control pill that prevents pregnancy but instead taking a sugar placebo pill that doesn’t prevent pregnancy. That’s what at least 113 women claim happened to them when they swallowed what appeared to be birth control pills in their birth control pill packs, but... Show More Summary

Shoddy BC Pills Caused 113 Pregnancies?

When a pharmaceutical company made a huge packaging error, users of its birth control got pregnant, a new lawsuit alleges. Now they want answers.

Women Get Pregnant While on Birth Control and Want Company to Pay Up

Post by Jenny Erikson. Most people know that the only 100 percent effective form of birth control is abstinence, but still, you expect some protection when you're on the pill. When used accurately, it's just about as close to 100 as you can get when it comes to preventing unwanted pregnancy. Show More Summary

A Company Mislabeled Its Birth Control. Women Got Pregnant and Sued. Do They Have a Case?

In 2011, drugmaker Qualitest manufactured a faulty batch of birth control pills. The pills themselves worked fine, but the packaging flipped the order of the pills 180 degrees, putting a row of inert pills—which a patient would normally take during her period—where the first week of active hormones should be. Show More Summary

Women Sue Birth Control Company, Claiming They Got Pregnant From Mislabeled Pills

More than 100 women are suing a drug manufacturer, claiming they became pregnant and suffered related damages as a result of taking mispackaged birth control pills. A lawsuit representing 113 women from 28 states was filed Nov. 5 in a Philadelphia court against Qualitest Pharmaceuticals, a generic drug manufacturer. Show More Summary

Artifact of the Day: This Cocktail Napkin Covered in Racy Jokes About the Pill and Pregnancy 

Today, the birth control pill is a common feature of American life. But not so long ago, it was sufficiently newfangled as to make a punchline on this novelty cocktail napkin. Read more...

Women Sue Birth Control Company Over Unwanted Pregnancies

last weekHealth : Healthland

They say the birth control pills were incorrectly packaged

Birth Control Lawsuit Seeks Damages For Unplanned Pregnancies

last weekNews : The Two-Way

More than 100 plaintiffs say their pregnancies stem from a packaging error in which placebo and hormone pills were flipped 180 degrees.

Mayo Clinic Minute: Can the Pill Help Ovarian Cancer Patients?

  Watch Today's  Mayo Clinic Minute For decades, women have taken oral contraceptives as a method of birth control and to treat a number of other conditions. Multiple studies have shown that taking the pill is associated with a reduced risk of ovarian cancer. In a new study, Mayo Clinic experts report that women who […]

Thank You, Birth Control Pills, for an Impressive 25-Year Run

Today, the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy is asking us to take a moment and thank birth control for “all that it makes possible for individuals and society.” I took more than 5,000 birth control pills in my...Show More Summary

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