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Beyond Thiel: Google, Microsoft, and the other big tech firms funding ultraconservative Ted Cruz

8 hours agoTechnology : Pando Daily

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is a grown man who wants to abolish the IRS. He also thinks birth control “induces abortions” and plays to his party’s ugliest impulses when it comes to same-sex marriage, climate change, and countries where lots of Muslims live. Show More Summary

Young Republicans think affordable birth control is great — they just don’t think it’s basic healthcare

Study shows two-thirds of conservative millennials favor contraceptive access. But they also agree with Hobby Lobby

Human Birth Control Chemicals Causing Lower Fertility in Fish, Study Claims

US government scientists have discovered a chemical in human birth control pills that messes with a fish’s fertility.

Young Republicans think women should have affordable birth control

12 hours agoNews : The Raw Story

Young Republicans may be departing from their parents’ — and party’s — views on birth control. Two-thirds of Republicans ages 18 to 34 said they thought women should be able to get affordable birth control, according to a survey released Tuesday by the National Campaign to...

Young Republicans Support Affordable Birth Control

Here's some good news amidst the furor over some congressional Republicans' angst about contraception and, for others, opposition to public funding of contraception: Almost two out of three younger Republicans say every adult woman should...Show More Summary

Fish Don't Want Your Birth Control Pills, Thanks

15 hours agoPop Culture / Celebrity : Jezebel

Bad news about birth control pills: they might keep you from getting pregnant/regulate your cycle/all that jazz, but they're causing reproductive problems in fish, who are picking up their chemical byproducts through sewage systems connected to waterways. Read more...

Your Birth Control Pill Pee Is Making Male Fish Grow Ovaries

A new study from the US Geological Survey published in Scientific Reports has found that fish all over the US are showing signs of exposure to EE2—a synthetic hormone found in oral contraceptives.

Flushing birth control down the toilet is hurting fish reproduction

"The potential for declines in overall population numbers might be expected in future generations"

Fish don’t want birth control, but scientists say they get it from your pill

yesterdayHealth : The Checkup

Your birth control pill is affecting more than just your body.Flushed down toilets, poured down sinks and excreted in urine, a chemical component in the pill wafts into sewage systems and ends up in various waterways where it collects in fairly heavy doses. That's where fish soak it up.Read full article >>

Slate’s Marcotte Finds Free Birth Control Bill ‘Condescending’

Government-funded contraception is a fine mantra, say liberals – but you’d better be careful to offer it in a way that shows you “respect women’s intelligence.” In response to an Arkansas lawmaker’s proposition that Medicaid offer free...Show More Summary

Canadian Postal Worker Complains About Delivering Mail That Goes Against His Deeply-Held Religious Beliefs

I've heard stories about Christian pharmacists who refuse to dispense birth control because they have personal religious hang-ups about it, but this is the first time I've heard of postal workers refusing to deliver the mail because they didn't like the contents:

What To Expect When You Go Off The Pill

5 days agoNews : Huffington Post

The Question: What should I be prepared for when I go off the Pill? The IUD is rising in popularity and nearly one in three women is now discontinuing her use of the birth control pill, citing dissatisfaction -- mostly from side effects. Show More Summary

Jessa Duggar Pregnant? Rumors Claim ’19 Kids And Counting’ Star Is On Birth Control, Not Rushing To Have Kids

Jessa Duggar is not yet pregnant, and if rumor surrounding the 19 Kids And Counting star are true it may remain that way for at least a while longer. Sources have indicated that Jessa has no plans to join her sister Jill in racing to...Show More Summary

In data we trust: Can the numbers on birth control & the economy strike a blow to the GOP’s war on women?

We have more data than ever on how empowering women is good for the economy. So why won't lawmakers wake up?

The Gentleman From Arkansas Will Give Poor Women IUDs To Stop Birthing Trash

You are not going to believe it, but there is a very conservative Republican state representative in Arkansas who wants to give taxpayer-funded birth control to ladies. Hooray and high-five, fellow feminazis, we have won the war at last!...Show More Summary

What Happens When You Give Teenage Girls Free IUDs? 

It's hard to think of a segment of the American population that could benefit more from long-acting contraceptives than the teenager. Effectively using birth control can be difficult no matter how old you are, but preventing pregnancy presents singular challenges for adolescents. Show More Summary

Bill Nye tells Elon Musk and Neil deGrasse Tyson educating women may be more important than technology

last weekNews : The Raw Story

Bill Nye “the Science Guy” summed up why it’s important for the future of humanity that women and girls have access to education and birth control. The popular scientist appeared Sunday on “Star Talk,” hosted by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and comedian Chuck Nice, along with billionaire...

Free Birth Control: Let's Have It, Say (Some) Religious Women

Religious leaders, who are all, "I don't want the Affordable Care Act and its free birth control pills to ruin my church-going ladies": you're in for a rude awakening. Read more...

What Do Religious Women Think of the Contraceptive Mandate?

Faith leaders have spoken out against the Affordable Care Act's mandate that employers cover free birth control in their employee health plans —but many of their female followers feel differently.

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