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Coming Distractions: The trailer for Starz ballet series Flesh And Bone looks en pointe

While the world of ballet can look glamorous and beautiful on stage, most people who have looked behind the curtain—or seen Black Swan—are more likely to recoil at the unpleasantness of it all. Big egos, backbreaking labor, and a cliquish...Show More Summary

Negative Interest Rates: The Black Hole of The Financial System

A black swan event is a metaphor for an enormous problem that develops underneath the surface and then suddenly puts the whole financial system at risk. The financial crisis of 2008 was a black swan event, for example, that slowly developed in the US real estate market where excess had ruled in the years before. Show More Summary

An Austrian Province Just Requested A State Bailout

One month ago we wrote about the ripple effects of the "mini-Greece going off in the heartland of Europe", referring of course to the Viennese black swan, the bailed-in implosion of the Austrian Heta bad bank which nobody had anticipated because the numbers were so thoroughly cooked, nobody had even the faintest clue just how bad the truth was. Show More Summary

Fossil Fuels Must Face Up To ‘Black Swan Moment’

Originally published on RenewEconomy by Sophie Vorrath Fossil fuel companies should be factoring in the risk of a climate change-driven ‘black swan event’ – such as the sudden and complete transformation of the global energy market,Show More Summary

'Mila Kunis Stole My Chicken': Alleged Childhood Friend

Mila Kunis has gone from being a "Black Swan" to an accused chicken thief. Kristina Karo, a singer from Ukraine who claims she was a childhood friend of the actress is alleging that Kunis stole her beloved pet chicken, named "Doggie,"...Show More Summary

Watch an incredibly realistic CGI black swan fly in a wind tunnel

2 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

My brain struggles to believe that this black swan—featured in the new McLaren 570S commercial— is not a real animal but an awesome render. The video compares the aerodynamics of the swan and the car by putting the hyperrealistic CGI bird inside a wind tunnel. Read more...

SAPVoice: What The Heck Is Antifragile?

OK, an admission. I’ve been avoiding reading Antifragile, the latest but now three-year-old book by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. Nothing against Taleb; I follow him on twitter and really enjoyed his earlier books, The Black Swan and Fooled by Randomness. The buzz surrounding Antifragile was mixed. A friend of mine summed up his [...]

A Supercut Examining the Different Meanings Behind Movie Scenes That Fade to White

2 weeks agoHumor / odd : Laughing Squid

Filmmaker Jacob T. Swinney (previously) has created “Fade to White“, a supercut video that examines the different meanings behind movie scenes that fade to white. The video includes clips from Thelma & Louise (1991), Black Swan (2010), Total Recall (1990), and more. What does it mean when a film fades to white? When a film […]

What Does It Mean When a Film Fades to White?

Black Swan. GIFS via When a film ends and the screen fades to black, the story ends with a certain irrefutable finality. When filmmakers invert the norm, however, and end on a wash of white, what follows can be wholly enigmatic. In his latest supercut, Fade to White, filmmaker Jacob T. Show More Summary

What is a Horror Movie?

Ok kiddos, hate to go on a rant here, but let me make this perfectly clear...BLACK SWAN IS NOT A HORROR MOVIE!!!! (phew... glad to finally get that off my chest) It is psychological thriller that examines a young woman's descent into madness. Show More Summary

Kanye West’s Armenia Gig Cut Short

Every year millions of fans flock to see him live, but Kanye West had to end his Sunday night (April 12) concert in Armenia a bit early due to fan mobbing drama. The “Black Skinhead” rapper put on a free show at the edge of Swan Lake...Show More Summary

Bundesbank Warns German Banks To Expect At Least 50% Losses On Austrian "Black Swan"

Just over a month ago, on March 1, the Austrian financial world was shaken by news that the first bank bail-in following Cyprus would not take place in Greece as many had expected, but in Vienna: judged by the rating agencies to be one...Show More Summary

Dream Dior – Black Swan EP

Vancouver rapper Dream Dior releases his first full project Black Swan EP having written, produced and mixed it himself. The EP has a dark vibe through out and delivers with the sound and lyrics, we can’t wait to hear more. Stream or download the EP below.

AIG Lite: Margin Call Claimed First Foreign Casualty Of Austrian "Black Swan"

We’ve written quite a bit lately about Austria’s Heta, the bad bank gone... well, bad, or as we’re fond of calling it, Austria’s Black Swan. Recapping, an outside audit identified a €7.6 billion hole in the vehicle’s balance sheet, prompting the institution of a debt moratorium. Show More Summary

Black Swan 2: This Is "The Next Critical Chapter In The Austrian Banking System Story"

When it comes to the sweeping of (trillions of) toxic assets until such time as the ECB starts purchasing not only government bonds but equities, bank loans and really anything else that in a normal world would have some "mark to market" value, Europe had a ready answer: bad banks. Show More Summary

One Month After Austria's Black Swan Shocker, The ECB Quietly Asks Banks to "Detail Their Exposure"

``So, doing what it does best, a month after the fact and long after the black swans have left the stable so to speak, Mario Draghi's ECB has asked Eurozone banks "to detail their exposure to Austria and provisions they plan to make after the country halted debt repayments by a "bad bank" winding down defunct lender Hypo Alpe Adria," financial sources told Reuters.''

One Month After Austria's Black Swan Shocker, The ECB Quietly Asks Banks to "Detail Their Exposure"

Nearly a month after the Hype Alpe Adria bad bank Heta Asset Resolution "unexpectedly" imploded under a house of non-GAAP and misreported cards, and which led to only the second European creditor bail-in after Cyprus in what until then...Show More Summary

These Are 2015's "Black Swans" According To SocGen

For those who recall our summary of the most popular article of 2014, there was one common theme:" what readers founds most fascinating, and troubling, was the increasing preponderance of social disobedience, of covert, proxy or outright...Show More Summary

Italian Bad Debt Hits Record $197 Billion As Bank Lending Contracts For Unprecedented 33 Consecutive Months

Repeat after us: the biggest threat facing Europe's banking system is not a Grexit, is not the Austrian "bad bank" black swan (although it is pretty bad), it is the trillions in non-performing loans on the balance sheets of EuropeanShow More Summary

The Black Swan Effect

My office has four walls, three of which are mirror-lined. I stare at myself wearing some combination of lycra/modal/spandex for eight hours a day, together with my 29 coworkers. We're each attempting to correctly execute steps based...Show More Summary

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