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New Blade Runner 2049 trailer attached to Alien: Covenant?

As if you need yet another reason to be excited about seeing the new Ridley Scott-directed ALIEN prequel ALIEN: COVENANT in theaters, we now have news that the new trailer for BLADE RUNNER 2049 will be attached to the film. So much Ridley...Show More Summary

Newswire: A new Blade Runner 2049 trailer will debut with Alien: Covenant

It’s a big year for Ridley Scott—not only is his second Alien prequel debuting next month, but the long-awaited Blade Runner sequel is due out in October. The director only helmed Alien: Covenant, but he’s still feeling well chuffed about the overlap in cinematic follow-ups. Show More Summary

Blade Runner 2049 Trailer Release Date Announced

Ridley Scott confirms when we'll finally get our first look at Blade Runner 2.

When To Expect The Blade Runner 2049 Trailer

We may very well be approaching an age of smart sci-fi. Last year, we got Arrival, and this year we’re getting three adult sci-fi movies in the form of Alien: Covenant, War For the Planet of the Apes, and Blade Runner 2049. Perhaps it’s...Show More Summary

Sequel Bits: ‘Kingsman 2,’ ‘Blade Runner 2049,’ ‘Jurassic World 2,’ ‘Avatar’ Sequels

In this edition of Sequel Bits: New Kingsman: The Golden Circle pictures feature a suave Taron Egerton and Channing Tatum. Barkhad Abdi sheds light on his Blade Runner 2049 character. Chris Pratt hints at a “darker” Jurassic World 2....Show More Summary

Amazon will give you Electric Dreams with Philip K. Dick anthology

The works of late author Philip K. Dick have served as the basis of many films over the years, including BLADE RUNNER, TOTAL RECALL, MINORITY REPORT, A SCANNER DARKLY, and THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU, and some of his stories have receivedShow More Summary

Blade Runner Pistol Is Being Turned Into...A Water Gun

Blade Runner’s blaster already has a number of expensive replicas. This summer, it’s getting a water gun. Read more...

Who does Barkhad Abdi play in Blade Runner 2049?

As many film fans have been noting over the last year, we are now living within the timeline of director Ridley Scott's 1982 sci-fi classic BLADE RUNNER. Although the film's story is set in November of 2019, several of its replicant...Show More Summary

Brands treat us like the replicants in ‘Blade Runner

Many brands have come to the same conclusion as the fictional Tyrell Corporation in “Blade Runner”: by giving their products a past and a personality, they can increase their power of influence on the consumer, writes Wahyd Vannoni. Production still/Warner Bros The classic sci-fi film “Blade Runner” is set in 2019 Los Angeles. Show More Summary

Great Job, Internet!: Say happy Incept Day to Leon, the rogue replicant in Blade Runner

The dystopian noir classic Blade Runner took place in 2019, a fair 37 years after it first hit theaters. At the time, this seemed an appropriately distant but still-relatable jump in time to discuss the disjunct between humans and extremely humanoid robots, who look, think, and feel human but must grapple with the fact that they aren’t. Show More Summary

Australian Poster for ‘The Osiris Child: Science Fiction Volume One’

Hailing out of Australia, here’s the official trailer for Science Fiction Volume One: The Osiris Child, which looks like it’s inspired by all sorts of sci-fi and horror pics from Aliens to Blade Runner, Mad Max and even Fifth Element. Releasing this April, the pic actually had its world premiere at last year’s Fantastic Fest. Shane […]

Monday Links: Today is Leon the Replicant’s Birthday, According to Blade Runner

2 weeks agoArts : Art Fag City

Today—April 10, 2017—is Leon the replicant’s “incept date” from Blade Runner. Weird. [ Gizmodo ] Indonesian artist Ardian Syaf is facing “disciplinary action” from Marvel after he inserted political/religious messages into a recent X-Men issue. Show More Summary

Happy Inception Day to Blade Runner Replicant Leon Kowalski

It’s April 10, 2017, and you know what that means. Yes, it’s the 276th anniversary of the Battle of Mollwitz (everybody knows that), but it also happens to be Leon Kowalski’s birthday. Well, Leon’s inception day to be precise. Who’s Leon Kowalski? He’s a replicant from the classic 1982 sci-fi film Blade Runner. Read more...

Book Review: Take a tour through Imaginary Cities, from Blade Runner to High-Rise to Gotham

For as long as human beings have huddled together in communities, architecture has played a role in their lives. From the oldest settlements to today’s metropolises, structures and planned spaces have helped organize social relations in ways both intentional and unforeseeable. Show More Summary


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You Know What? Fine. Film A ‘Twins’ Sequel. See If I Care.

2 weeks agoFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

Today's film industry truly loves taking iconic films from decades past and revisiting them to create franchises, doesn't it? You've got your Jurassic World, your Blade Runner 2049, your various Alien projects, The Matrix, Escape From New York, Star Wars,...

Russian animators make 90 second versions of Blade Runner, The Matrix, and other films

3 weeks agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

These excellent minimalistic remakes of famous movies were created by Russian animation studio 420. [via]

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