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[Review] ‘Strawberry Flavored Plastic’ is a Slow, But Thought-Provoking Thriller

Over the years, Found-Footage films have become almost unanimously associated with supernatural horror. When most people think of the sub-genre, Paranormal Activity and The Blair Witch Project are usually the first movies that come to mind, despite a few notorious exceptions like Cannibal Holocaust and The Poughkeepsie Tapes. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, […]

Spooky White House Christmas Chamber Is Creeping Everyone The Heck Out

2 months agoNews : Huffington Post

It's getting compared to everything from "The Shining" to the "Blair Witch Project."

Boo on Film

Cultural Offering gives his list of the scariest movies of all time. I would add "The Blair Witch Project."

The Blair Witch Project Might Be Turned Into A TV Show Next

There are more stories to be told about the Blair Witch mythology, but could some of them end up on TV?

Horror Movies Are Now, Officially, Preferable to Real Life

Last weekend, I went to a screening of The Blair Witch Project in an attempt to convince myself that, despite appearances and record-breaking heat waves, it actually is fall right now. But then I found myself fixating not on the various instances of demon-terrorism taking place in the film’s haunted ... More »

Blair Witch To Be A TV Series

Blair Witch will be heading from the big screen to the small screen, Eduardo Sanchez, co-director of the original Blair Witch Project film, revealed to the podcast Diminishing Returns (via Bloody Disgusting). Here’s what Sanchez had to say: “For us, it’s a very natural thing to go and say, ‘Hey, let’s do a frickin’ Blair […]

A ‘Blair Witch’ TV Series is Possibly in the Works

3 months agoEntertainment / Film : SlashFilm

The Blair Witch Project was one of the most successful, and most effective, horror movies in film history. The multiple sequels? Well, that’s another story. While follow-ups to Blair Witch haven’t been able to retain the magic of the first film, a return to Burkittsville isn’t out of the question. Show More Summary

Blair Witch TV series in the works

I have said it before and I will say it again, but THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT is in my opinion the scariest movie ever made. Hands down. And even though the Adam Wingard-Simon Barrett requel (get it?) was mostly a disappointment for its short running time, the flick boasted one of the most horrific fcking final 20 minutes in any horror film. Show More Summary

‘The Blair Witch Project’ Being Developed into a Series

While it may look as if the Blair Witch was killed by an awful box office flop last September, she’s still looking for new ways to haunt the woods in Maryland. Movie podcast Diminishing Returns interviewed Eduardo Sanchez, co-director of the original 1999 The Blair Witch Project, who revealed that the Witch isn’t dead yet. […]

[Review] ‘Creep 2’ is a Strange and Wonderful Sequel

The problem with the found footage filmmaking style, so many years after films like The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity wrote the book, isn’t that the sub-genre has ceased to be an interesting way to tell horror stories, but rather that interesting stories presented in the POV format just haven’t really been told in […]

Blair Witch Knockoff 'Phoenix Forgotten' Easy To Forget

Directed by: Justin Barber; Runtime: 87 minutes Grade: D- As The Blair Witch Project inches closer to the 20th anniversary of its creation, so too does the found-footage horror subgenre itself, marking decades during which the concept has had every opportunity to strengthen, evolve, or, as some folks would prefer, simply run its course. Show More Summary

Cycle of Grief: The Missed Message at the Heart of ‘Blair Witch

Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett’s Blair Witch, the stealthily-created reboot/sequel to The Blair Witch Project, is – in my opinion – misunderstood and unfairly maligned. There’s a little-discussed theme at the center of this movie that was overlooked in the debates over its perceived unoriginality, the found footage shooting style, and the decision to show what […]

A timeline of horror: Influential moments from 'Nosferatu' to 'Paranormal Activity'

A timeline of horror that includes "Frankenstein," "The Wolf Man," "Halloween," "Poltergeist," "The Blair Witch Project," "It Follows" and more.

Ed Gillepsie’s dog whistle

What happens when Mr. Nice Guy meets the Blair Witch Project? No, it’s not a pitch for a send-up of the horror movie franchise. Rather, it’s a question about what happens when Republican Ed Gillespie — a nice, diligent, wonkish guy who really wants to be Virginia’s next governor — decides it’s time to slap a big […]

Blair Witch’ Actors Just Recorded and Released Their Own Commentary Track

Best of all, it’s totally free! When Adam Wingard’s Blair Witch, a sequel to The Blair Witch Project, was released on home video, it came packaged with a commentary track from Wingard and writer/frequent collaborator Simon Barrett. If you were hungry for more, you’ll be happy to know that three of the film’s main actors […]

You Can Visit Pennywise the Clown in a Dilapidated House at the Corner of Hollywood and Vine

Viral movie marketing has been a thing since before we were using the word "viral" with our current post-millennial frequency and zeal. In the late '90s, there was the campaign to convince the world that The Blair Witch Project was based on a true story and that a trio of...

Why You’re Tweeting Jokes About Your Impending, Fiery, Radioactive Death

A collection of apocalyptic jokes, and an explanation for all the heavy words thrown lightly. One of the major criticisms of The Blair Witch Project, a chief primogenitor of the found footage craze, is that it was unrealistic to suggest that the lead character would in actuality keep filming the terrifying events of the movie. Show More Summary

Witchy Wednesday: 2 Witches Who May Have Inspired The Blair Witch Project

  I wanted to believe the Blair Witch was a real thing, more than I’ve wanted anything else in the world, probably — and maybe she is, but I sure as heck can’t find any information on her and her story other than what’s being purported through the 1999 movie. In my research, though, I...

‘Behind the Sightings’ Is Like ‘Blair Witch Project’ With Terrifying Clowns

Coulrophobia sufferers, look away now. A trailer has been released for upcoming found-footage horror film Behind the Sightings, said to be inspired by last year’s creepy clown sighting epidemic. The movie follows two filmmakers as they attempt to produce a documentary exploring last year’s craze. Things turn sour when, rather than finding a bunch of kids acting up, the […]

EXCLUSIVE: Behind the Sightings mixes found footage and clowns

Personally, I'm thinking this new flick BEHIND THE SIGHTINGS may have the makings of the scariest flick this year. Take the found footage genre (responsible for the scariest movies, in my opinion, like BLAIR WITCH PROJECT and PARANORMAL...Show More Summary

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