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Mike's Blog Round Up

Time marches on. The Rio Grande & Trump's Border Wall, from Politicalprof. Yes, it could be kind of a problem. "ISIS has won!!!" sez a ninny, from Brad at Raw Story. Oh, geeze, is he a Satanist as well? "Stephen Bannon once kept a whiteboard...Show More Summary

'The Voice' Live Blog: The Top 12 Perform

In just one week, we have sliced the singers in half from the first round of the Live Playoffs, and each coach is down to just three contestants each. America has been voting, and our top choices are still in the game, along with one save from each coach. Show More Summary

Ooh, La, La This French ETF!!!

Markets are breathing easy following centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron‘s first round win in the French elections. Last week, this blog noted that iShares MSCI France (EWQ), in particular, looked enticing. PARIS, FRANCE – APRIL 23: Emmanuel Macron of the political movement ‘En Marche !’   Photo by Sylvain Lefevre/Getty Images As of this morning, EWQ has […]

Mike's Blog Round Up

Monday again, already? Does it ever stop? We were under the impression that un- & anti-social media had made the whole "web-log" thing anachronistic, but, to adjust an aphorism, "The present day blogger refuses to die." Here's evidence...Show More Summary

French Election Results are Coming In

The polls have closed in France and the election results are starting to come in and it looks like Macron versus Le Pen in the second round. From The Guardian‘s live blog: 1m ago14:06 Different broadcasters are giving marginally different figures, but that looks like the basic picture: Macron marginally ahead of Le Pen (some […]

Sundays With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 446

Folks ’round these parts see some strange things… They talk of a magical creature known as the tabby-corn that lives near the edge of the forest. It chases butterflies ???? all day long, and some say it makes the flowers ???? bloom. Sometimes...Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

March for science! Rewire: Trump administration at odds with scientists and advocates. Mock Paper Scissors: Jeff Sessions on Hawaii. Lawyers, Guns and Money: More on Sessions' peculiar arguments. Balkinization: The framers, democracy and the demagogue. Echidne of the Snakes: Pleasant reading about women. \ This installment by Batocchio. Show More Summary

2017 NFL mock draft: Jordan Willis to the Dallas Cowboys

Dallas finds the edge rusher it needs in the second round. In the first round of the SB Nation NFL writers’ mock draft, the Dallas Cowboys and Blogging the Boys dropped a bombshell by picking Michigan safety Jabrill Peppers. Back up in the second round, the pick isn’t as splashy but Dave Halprin is making as important of a selection. 60. Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

The Non Sequitur: The airing of grievances as argument. On the Economy: Supply-side, trickle-down nonsense on the NYT op-ed page. The Rectification of Names: Trump's immigration claims versus reality. Gin and Tacos: Trump's immigration policies versus history. This installment by Batocchio. E-mail tips to mbru AT crooksandliars DOT com.

Mike's Blog Round Up

Roar: Anatomy of an outrage. Obsidian Wings: President clickbait. Southern Beale: Lowering the bar. Naked Capitalism: It’s time to regulate the gig economy. This installment by Batocchio. E-mail tips to mbru AT crooksandliars DOT co...

Mike's Blog Round Up

Crooked Timber: The psychology of poverty (and a follow-up). First Draft: MOAB Dick. Pharyngula: Here’s what’s going to kill atheism dead in its tracks. Reading the Pictures: See war for what it is – ridiculous. This installment by Batocchio. E-mail tips to mbru AT crooksandliars DOT com.

Johnny Ward made £1.5M by blogging his way round the world

Johnny Ward, 33, from Ireland, went from backpacker to big money media boss all the while ticking off every country on the planet thanks to advertising on his first blog.

Mike's Blog Round Up

Lance Mannion: Cabaret and what Nazism really looked like. You Might Notice a Trend: Everything is broken, thanks to Mitch McConnell. Herlander Walking: Another shooting; another kiss of BS. Greg Fallis: Thoughts on Fearless Girl and Charging Bull. This installment by Batocchio. E-mail tips to mbru AT crooksandliars DOT com

Mike's Blog Round Up

Indomitable: Sean Spicer’s Holocaust comments were not a mistake. Frankly Curious: Trump was always an establishment Republican. The Debate Link: A closer look at "irrational" choices by the poor. Beggars Can Be Choosers: Let Bill O'Reilly's advertisers know what you think. This installment by Batocchio. E-mail tips to mbru AT crooksandliars DOT com.

Mike's Blog Round Up

ImmigrationProfBlog: Federal judge may issue an injunction blocking the Trump administration from withholding funds to “sanctuary cities.” Joe.My.God.: Donald Trump demands to be queen for a day in London. Ed Rendell: For the love of...Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

Montana Cowgirl Blog: Sorry, voucher fans; yet more research shows public schools outperform private ones. Intelligent Discontent: Sorry, Montanans, but Donald Jr. is coming to campaign in your state. Rewire: Sorry, Tennessee Republicans,...Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

Blue Virginia: Why House Democrats are demanding the suspension of Jared Kushner’s security clearance. Hullaboo: How the Trump White House became a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. SCOTUSblog: What goes on during a day at...Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

Plunderbund: Ohio school voucher bill could redirect up to $1.2 billion of taxpayers’ dollars a year to private institutions. Blue Jersey: The least liked governor in America, Chris Christie is now only slightly more popular than the...Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

Economist’s View: March’s job numbers aren’t as disappointing as they seem, but they’re certainly not an indication of an overheating economy. Eschaton: Chris Christie’s real legacy may be TunnelGate. Lawyers, Guns and Money: Meanwhile,...Show More Summary

Climate Change Round Up


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