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All the President's Staffing Problems

Why does the administration have so much trouble getting and keeping talented officials? My new Bloomberg View column looks at some recent stories that help to answer the question–and suggest that the problem is going to get worse.  All the President's Staffing Problems

Trader: The Dead Cat Bounce Is Ending, "The Situation Remains Bearish"

"To buy the dip, or not to buy the dip": over a week since the February 5th volocaust, that still remains the question, and in his overnight macro view, Bloomberg's macro commentator and former Lehman trader Marc Cudmore has a decidedly pessimistic outlook, and writes that "taking a step back, the situation remains bearish overall. Show More Summary

Monetary policy: The view from the markets

(February 2, 2018 06:34 PM, by Scott Sumner) Here's Bloomberg: "We are in a pretty good place right now economically, but we've got a monetary policy that still seems like it is in the remnants of a Depression era,'' Jes Staley, the chief executive officer of Barclays Plc,... (0 COMMENTS)

San Francisco’s IwamotoScott uses digital tools to create intricate spaces

This post was originally published in November 2015. With projects like the Bloomberg Tech Hub, the Miami City View Garage, and a private hexagonal home in Napa County seeing completion in the last 12 months, it has been a big year for IwamotoScott Architecture, the team of Lisa Iwamoto and Craig Scott. Show More Summary

Weekly Consumer Comfort Index rises to highest levels in nearly 17 years

According to the latest Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index, U.S. consumer confidence, along with a measure of Americans’ views of the economy, advanced last week to the highest levels in nearly 17 years. READ MORE

Decades-Old Baltic Dry Index Gets Revamp as Investor Interest Grows

By Alaric Nightingale (Bloomberg) — The Baltic Dry Index, a decades-old measure of shipping costs viewed by some investors as a leading economic indicator, is getting a makeover. The measure will now get its heaviest weighting from giant Capesize ships that haul iron ore and coal, while the smallest Handysize carriers are removed altogether. Show More Summary

Is China’s Arctic Expansion a Reason to Worry?

By Adam Minter (Bloomberg View) — Last week, China said it plans to build a “Polar Silk Road” that will open shipping lanes across the largely pristine region at the top of the world. It’s an ambitious idea for a country that lacks an...Show More Summary

A Month After Launch, Bloomberg’s 24-Hour, Twitter-Based News Feed Gets One Million Views Per Day

3 weeks agoWeb / Web Videos : Tubefilter

Before launching TicToc in December 2017, Bloomberg spent several months hyping up its foray into 24-hour news, which it planned to live stream via Twitter. About a month into that venture's life, it appears to be off to a good start. Show More Summary

10 Wednesday AM Reads

My midweek morning train reads: • No One Wants Your Used Clothes Anymore (Bloomberg View) • Follow the Money (Of Dollars And Data) • The Antitrust Case Against Facebook, Google and Amazon: A few technology giants dominate their worlds just as Standard Oil and AT&T once did. Show More Summary

How Wolff Got In the White House

Bloomberg: “Author Michael Wolff’s pitch to the White House to win cooperation for his book included a working title that signaled a sympathetic view, a counter-narrative to a slew of negative news stories early in Donald Trump’s presidency. He called [...]

Treasurys Tumble, Futures Slide On Report "China Said To Slow Or Halt Treasury Purchases"

The treasuries complex has sold off aggressively across the curve after the following flashing red Bloomberg headline:    - CHINA OFFICIALS ARE SAID TO VIEW TREASURIES AS LESS ATTRACTIVE.    - CHINA OFFICIALS SAID TO RECOMMEND SLOWING...Show More Summary


WOMEN HAVE HAD SEX ROBOTS FOR OVER A CENTURY. THEY’RE CALLED VIBRATORS: Maybe Sex Robots Will Make Men, Not Women, Obsolete. Question: Would the editors of Bloomberg View let a male author get by with a stereotype-slur like this one? “Men will likely have trouble with things like household chores and remembering to go to […]

Marijuana, Federalism, and the Courts

In my latest Bloomberg View column, I take the same basic view of the Justice Department’s announcement on enforcing the marijuana laws that Kevin Williamson does: The problem is the laws, not Sessions’s obedience to them. One pointShow More Summary

2017 Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index highest average since 2001

American consumers last year were more upbeat on average than at any time since 2001, reflecting more favorable views of the economy, personal finances and the buying climate. The overall comfort measure averaged 50.0 in 2017, up from 43.6 a year earlier and the best reading since 51.8 in 2001. Show More Summary

Pension Nostalgia

The Washington Post recently painted a grim picture of a future America “without pensions.” The decline of defined-benefit pensions has supposedly led us to a “retirement crisis.” At Bloomberg View, I make the case that our retirement system has improved in recent decades–and a lot of journalists can’t see the evidence even when it’s right in front of them. Pension Nostalgia

Why I write for Bloomberg View

A while ago I promised you my take on Bloomberg View [BV], and why I decided to work for them.  They don’t know I am doing this post, I don’t in any official or even unofficial way speak for Bloomberg View or for the broader company, and I hope they don’t get mad at me […] The post Why I write for Bloomberg View appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

How Progressive Is This Tax Cut?

At Bloomberg View, I use a thought experiment to illustrate how some people can see a tax cut as “skewed to the rich” and others can see it as “fair”–and both can be arguing in good faith. [The] disagreement might be easier to see by looking at a simple example: a government with two taxpayers. Show More Summary

“Georgia’s Election System Can’t Be Trusted”

Ricard DeMillo for Bloomberg View: Yet we must also worry about elections threatened from within. While Georgia’s secretary of state has failed to reckon with the external threat, local officials have failed us, as well. Instead of acting like guarantors … Continue reading ?

A Nervous Breakdown in the Press

Becket Adams has a good run-down of “Ten Terrible Days in the Life of Political Journalism.” In Bloomberg View, I write about how poorly the press is handling the Trump presidency. Botching stories is part of the problem, but there’s more to it than that. Show More Summary

Trader: UK Does Brexit Best When It Does Nothing At All

From the latest Macro View by current Bloomberg macro commentator and former Lehman trader, Mark Cudmore U.K. Does Brexit Best When It Does Nothing At All: Macro View With apologies to my compatriot Ronan Keating, there’s a non-negligible and rising probability that Brexit doesn’t happen. Show More Summary

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