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Did Blue Bottle Coffee “Sell Out” To Nestle?

Soon after hipster coffee brand Blue Bottle Coffee sold to Nestle, founder James Freeman gave this wonderfully candid interview where observes how the deal probably dragged on because lawyers get paid by the hour. When asked about the backlash on social, he rightly noted: “nobody grabs their telephone and opens up Twitter and types in

Has Craft Coffee Finally Peaked?

What Nestlé’s purchase of Blue Bottle really means What they’re saying is that it won’t change us,” a barista at one of Blue Bottle’s Manhattan locations said as he carefully poured hot water over a pile of coffee grounds. ReferringShow More Summary

James Freeman Understands the Backlash, But Says Nestlé’s Investment Won’t Change Blue Bottle

“The world is not filled with examples of small companies improving after transactions like this.”

How the tech elite's addiction to fancy coffee turned Blue Bottle into a tech startup

Blue Bottle's fancy coffee shops have long been a favorite haunt of Silicon Valley's movers and shakers. So at some point, a who's who of prominent venture capitalists decided that since they were pouring money into everything else, they might as well fund their preferred baristas too. Show More Summary

Blue Bottle Coffee now has some of the same problems as the craft beer industry — and customers are ready to boycott (CHF)

Craft beer brands from Wicked Weed to Funky Buddha have been inundated with criticism and boycott threats over the last year following the news that they're being acquired by beer industry giants. Now, hip roastery and chain Blue Bottle...Show More Summary

What exactly does a big company like Nestle get when it buys an upstart like Blue Bottle?

Big companies are good at lots of things. Managing complex supply chains. Buying in bulk to get the lowest prices from suppliers. Getting products on lots of store shelves and in front of lots of consumers. But they’re not good at everything. Like being cool. Which is why, over the past few years,...

The Secret Blue Ice Cloud in Every Champagne Bottle

Like ice-cream and revenge, champagne is best served cold, ideally between 42.8 and 53.6 degrees Fahrenheit. But if you're forced to drink it at 68 degrees Fahrenheit, just below room temperature, something fleeting but amazing will happen. Show More Summary

Nestlé just spent up to $500 million on a major step to fix its reputation

Nestlé's most recent investment could provide the company a much-needed reputation boost. On Thursday, news broke that the $259 billion Swiss company had bought a majority stake in Blue Bottle Coffee, a hip chain and roastery that'sShow More Summary

Silicon Valley weeps as overpriced hipster coffee maker Blue Bottle sells out to conglomerate Nestlé

The Bay Area may be imploding beyond recognition as housing prices skyrocket, regional train service BART becomes increasingly unreliable and unaffordable, and homeless encampments spill into city streets. But at least there is Blue Bottle to make it all better by giving some folks a place where they could stand in extraordinarily long lines while […]

Morning Agenda: Where’s the Next Big Deal for Fancy Coffee?

Nestlé’s deal for a majority stake in Blue Bottle Coffee is in part an effort to reach coffee-loving millennials. Other food giants may be hunting similar targets.

Nestlé and Blue Bottle couldn't be more different — but here's why the companies could be the perfect match (CHF)

Nestlé is dropping up to $500 million to take a majority stake in the hip coffee brand Blue Bottle Coffee. At first glance, the two companies have little in common: one is a hip coffee chain with roughly 50 locations, and the other is...Show More Summary

Bono, Jared Leto, and other celebs are gonna get PAID from the Blue Bottle deal

Finally, Bono caught a break. SEE ALSO: I am the empress of fall and if you drink hot coffee before the equinox you are dead to me The U2 frontman is one of several noteworthy investors who are going to pocket some nice change afterShow More Summary

Nestle takes majority stake in premium coffee company Blue Bottle

Nestle already owns brands such as Nespresso, Nescafe and creamer brand Coffeemate. Blue Bottle Coffee will continue to function as its own entity.        

Nestle scoops up Blue Bottle Coffee, buying a majority stake

Blue Bottle Coffee, the Oakland-based coffee roaster and retailer known for its high-end specialty coffee, is now part of Swiss food giant Nestle. Nestle and Blue Bottle announced the acquisition — a majority stake for Nestle — on their respective websites Thursday. Blue Bottle will continue to...

Blue Bottle Coffee Sells Majority Stake To Nestle

The cycle from homegrown, artisanal coffee bar on an alley to selling out to an international food conglomerate is complete. [ more › ]

Nestle Buys Hipster Coffee Brand Blue Bottle

The food giant now owns 68 percent of the Bay Area-based roaster Indie coffee brand Blue Bottle isn’t so indie anymore: Nestle is acquiring a majority stake in the Bay Area-based company. The world’s biggest food and beverage brand now...Show More Summary

Nestlé acquires a majority stake in Blue Bottle Coffee at a valuation north of $700M

Blue Bottle Coffee, one of Silicon Valley’s favorite coffee projects, is selling a majority stake to Nestlé in a big semi-acquisition this morning that’s no doubt going to validate a lot of interest in the potential of coffee markets. Nestlé...Show More Summary

Nestle just spent $500 million for coffee chain — and made Instagram's CEO, Bono, Tony Hawk, and Jared Leto a lot of money

Nestle is buying a majority stake in Blue Bottle Coffee, an Oakland-based coffee company valued at $700 million in the deal — and Silicon Valley is rejoicing. Why? Because since its inception in 2002, Blue Bottle Coffee had taken inShow More Summary

Why people are crazy about Blue Bottle, the coffee chain that Nestle just acquired for up to $500 million

Nestle announced Thursday that it had acquired a majority stake in high-end coffee retailer Blue Bottle Coffee, long a favorite of the tech community. According to the Financial Times, Nestle will be paying up to $500 million for a 68% stake in the chain, which plans to have 55 locations by the end of the year. Show More Summary

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