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Kyara—Takara’s Daughter and the ‘Last’ Orca to Be Born at SeaWorld—May Be Dying

SeaWorld has acknowledged that the newborn orca, who the park claims will be the last one born in captivity, may have pneumonia, a potentially deadly illness. The post Kyara—Takara’s Daughter and the ‘Last’ Orca to Be Born at SeaWorld—May Be Dying appeared first on PETA.

Saturday Profile: The Female Warlord Who Had C.I.A. Connections and Opium Routes

2 days agoNews : NYTimes: News

Born to royalty in Burma, Olive Yang, who died last week at 90, rejected her birthright to become a cross-dressing warlord and opium trafficker.

I Just Turned Off Spotify's Sharing Feature, And I Feel So Free

I'm listening to Lana Del Rey right now. Her first album dropped during an emotional phase of my life, and while I'm sometimes embarrassed to admit it, I really like Born to Die. But, until a week ago, I avoided listening to it because my listening activity flipped a switch with my friends who could see me listening to Lana Del Rey on Spotify. Show More Summary

On Lust for Life, Lana Del Rey Searches for Happiness in a Dark World

For five years, Lana Del Rey has made a mint mixing old Hollywood iconography and spurned love stories. Her music was dour and gauzy, glacial and bass-heavy with a kiss of hip-hop flair. 2012’s Born to Die came from nowhere with a fully-formed Natural Born Killers aesthetic that was perhaps ... More »

Dear media: When you cover death by suicide, do it thoughtfully

When a family member died by suicide, my parents chose not to tell me his method. They wanted me to remember him as he lived, for both of our sakes. While I didn’t understand their decision at the time, I now see it as one borne out of deep care. I was especially thankful for my parents’ thoughtfulness...

Lana Del Rey is Cooling It with the Americana Imagery Now That Trump is in Office

Lana Del Rey’s next performance probably won’t feature her wrapped in an American flag or show one billowing in the wind. Since “Born to Die,” Americana has been an integral part of Lana Del Rey’s visuals, but Donald Trump’s election has made her rethink her aesthetic. “It’s certainly uncomfortable,” Lana ... More »

America’s gap between black and white infants’ mortality has stopped narrowing

6 days agoNews : Daily Chart

BLACK babies born in America are more than twice as likely as white ones to die before their first birthdays. A large racial gap has been present for as long as statistics have been kept.

Julius The Giraffe Has Died After One Month On This Godforsaken Planet 

Photo. Maryland Zoo On Sunday, animal lovers around the globe expressed their condolences for Julius, the baby giraffe that was born at the Maryland Zoo in June. In a statement, the zoo said that he was never able to learn how to nurse properly. More »      

Natural Hair Vlogger Meechy Monroe Has Died Of Brain Cancer At Age 32

Meechy Monroe, born Tameka Moore, who rose to renown on YouTube for tutorials showcasing how to care for and style natural black hair, has died of brain cancer at age 32 in Westmont, Ill. Unfulfilled at her day job in marketing, Monroe...Show More Summary

Baby squirrels are less likely to die if they’re born early

The early bird gets the worm, and the early squirrel gets the... home? It's not as quippy, but researchers at the University of Guelph found that squirrels born earlier in the year have better survival rates—probably because they have their pick of new real estate while their tardy competitors are still babes in the nest. Show More Summary

Old pals graduate to midlife crises in Netflix's 'Friends From College'

Into every generation a moment is born when its members realize that they are no longer young — no longer the Young People — and that they will grow old and die, etc. Some of them will be inspired to make movies and TV shows from this dark, hilarious realization: epics of midlife crisis, looking...

Born To Be Wild - Until My Very Last Breath

last weekHumor / odd : Neatorama

Born to be Wild by ursulalopez Link is the true nature's child, he was totally born to be wild and he never wants to die, but the people who pull his strings keep making him lose heart, which is totally lame. If only Link were in control...Show More Summary

Twins are Born After Husband Keeps “Brain Dead” Pregnant Wife Alive to Give Birth

Muriel Padilha almost lost his wife and unborn twins in the same week. But the Brazilian family experienced a miracle in the midst of tragedy. Though Padilha’s wife died, doctors were able to keep the twins alive inside their mother’s body for months until they grew big enough to survive outside the womb, according to […]

The gap in America between black and white infants’ mortality has stopped narrowing

last weekNews : Daily Chart

BLACK babies born in America are more than twice as likely as white ones to die before their first birthdays. A large racial gap has been present for as long as statistics have been kept.

Come and take a walk on the wild side...

2 weeks agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

by Night Slogger Let me kiss you hard in the pouring rainYou like your girls insaneSo, choose your last words, this is the last time'Cause you and I, we were born to die [ Comment on this story ] [ Subscribe to the comments on this story ]

R.I.P. Stevie Ryan (1984-2017)

Stevie Ryan, one of the first YouTubers to score her own comedy series on TV, has died. She was 33. Ryan, born June 2, 1984, and raised in Victorville, Calif., moved to Los Angeles at age 19 to pursue a career in show business. After booking various commercial projects, her YouTube videos caught the eye of […]

In the U.S., infant mortality gap costs the lives of about 4,000 black babies each year

If black infants born in the United States had all of the health and medical benefits enjoyed by white infants, nearly 4,000 fewer of them would die each year, new research suggests. That would amount to a nearly 60% decrease in the number of black infants that die each year. Instead, black babies...

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 98

This is the grave of Billy Sunday. Born in 1862 in Iowa, Billy Sunday (his actual name) grew up poor. His father was in the Union army and died four months after his son’s birth of pneumonia, a pretty normal way to go in a war that killed far more soldiers by disease than bullets. […]

When government says your baby has to die

3 weeks agoNews : The Raw Story

Meet Charlie Gard. He’s a 10-month-old baby from London who was born with infantile onset encephalomyopathy mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome (MDDS). Thanks to the British state, it’s possible he’ll be dead by the time you finish reading this. That isn’t me adopting the scare tactics of those...

A Hospital Will Kill This Boy Today Even Though His Parents Want Him to Live

Today, the case of a little boy who is soon to die. His name is Charlie. He was born looking quite normal, about 10 months ago, in England, but he suffered from a rare, and lethal, cellular condition for which no cure is known. After many months of care in a British hospital, doctors told […]

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