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Dr. Boyce Watkins Charges Lee Daniels With Having A 'Gay Agenda'

The new hit show Empire is three weeks away from the last show of its first season and has already stirred up some intense discussion, particularly in the Black community. The show is made of all the things a good drama is made of: sex,...Show More Summary

Boyce Watkins: If America Turns a Blind Eye, We Will Have a Race War

Wednesday on CNN's "Newsroom," in reacting to the breaking news that a grand jury did not indict the NYPD Officer involved in the chokehold death of Eric Garner, Your Black World's Boyce Watkins said if America "continue to turn a blind...Show More Summary

The "Black Blue Dog Democrat" Blog (Dr Boyce Watkins") Promotes "The 6 Step Action Plan For Black American Economic Prosperity" But They Can't Bring Themselves To Look At The Low Level Of Interest, Compared To Their Interest In "Beyonce" And Begin To Ask

While it is indeed possible that "Black Blue Dog" have some positions that "Liberals Don't Want To Talk To"......................if we took a dispassionate observation about a "GUIDE MAP FOR BLACK DEVELOPMENT" which was published more...Show More Summary

Brothers Writing To Live: An Open Letter to Boyce Watkins

Dear Boyce: We come at you as Brothers who appreciate your ability to build a recognizable brand and become a voice of importance for many in our communities, but with such visibility and influence comes great responsibility. It is in...Show More Summary

What If Dr Boyce Watkins Was As Bold As Don Sterling's Ex-Girlfriend V. Stiviano, As He Recorded The Meeting In Which The "Black Racial Services Machine" Plotted To Engineer "Streaming Good News About Obama" To Feed To The Black Congregation?


How I Appreciate and Value My Husbands Role as a Father

For the last few weeks, the article “ Six ways single mothers can raise a sorry black man” by Dr. Boyce Watkins has been circulating the web. With a title like that, of course the post hasn’t come without controversy. I agree with Dr. Watkins that things like coddling, allowing laziness and rewarding “playa” behavior Keep Reading ?

Which "D'Souza" Should The Key Influencers Of A "Serious Minded People" Provoke Them To Follow As Evidence Of Their Intent To DEVELOP The People?

With Dr Boyce Watkins (and Roland Martin) It Is Important That You Read Their (More) Public Pronouncements About "What Black People Need To Do" But Take It All With A Grain Of Salt Because You Also Read Their E-MAIL PROPAGANDA MESSAGES...Show More Summary

Clear Channel's Promotion of Toxic Music in the Black Community

Dr. Boyce Watkins, writing at Your Black World, slams Clear Channel for trafficking toxic and denigrating hip-hop and rap lyrics over its airwaves. He says the company must be confronted in court to put an end to negative messaging in...Show More Summary

Dr Boyce Watkins And Derrick "Fight The Power" Boazman And Their Selective "No Labels" Movement

I choose to take these two Black men with influence (and you too Rob Redding) at their words that they ARE NOT Democrats (as both of them say) and not Progressives (as only Dr Watkins and Rob Redding have said). The better question to...Show More Summary

War in Syria: Why It Is a Bad Idea

Dr. Boyce Watkins at Your Black World says it's hypocritical for the U.S. to employ a military strike against Syria. Instead of going to war with Syria, he urges President Barack Obama to reconsider his foreign policy and shift his focus...Show More Summary

Dr Wilmer Leon/Dr Boyce Watkins Constantly Show That They Are Disciples Of The Same "Religion" Exposed At The "Harlem Book Fair"

With the "MLK2 50 Ritual" behind us there is a bunch of "Analysis Of The Analysts" to be had.I will repeat my observations of the controlled by misdirected indictment against America put forth by "MLK3"."MLK3" said "The Work Is Not Yet...Show More Summary

African-American Author Compares Black Incarceration to Holocaust

Another unhinged rant by a leading black thinker… Dr. Boyce Watkins from Syracuse University compared black incarceration in the United States to the Holocaust in his latest column. Prisoners in Auschwitz death camp. (Moaz Israel) Dr. Boyce Watkins at Your … Continue reading ?

For Discussion: Dr. Boyce Watkins Wants Humpback Hov To Apologize For Calling Harry Belafonte A “Boy” On Magna Carta Song “Nickels And Dimes”

Does he have a valid point, or is this just more fake outrage? Dr. Boyce Watkins Wants Jay-Z To Apologize To Harry Belafonte For Calling Him “Boy” In “Nickels And Dimes” Controversial talking head, scholar, and smarter-than-you know-it-all Dr. Boyce

Race Matters Update: Howard University Responds To Allegations That No Black Male Students Were Admitted To Their Medical School Last Year

Howard University Responds To Accusations Of Bias Against Prospective Black Male Students Yesterday, we reported on an article by Dr. Boyce Watkins in which she addressed the recent claim made by a conference speaker that prestigious HBCU Howard University had

Race Matters: Howard University Faces Backlash After Allegedly Admitting No Black Male Students Into Their Medical School This Year

Howard University Faces Backlash Over Admitting Male Students To Medical School Taking on a long-standing issue within the tight-knit community of Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Dr. Boyce Watkins recently penned an op-ed piece addressing concerns that there is a

How Black Racial Services Machine Voices Like Dr Boyce Watkins Serve As Enablers Of The Compromised Institutional Integrity Of The Black Community As He Protects His Friends In The Struggle

I am going to take a different strategy on this one.The latest transaction: Jeri L Wright, daughter of the Progressive Fundamentalist firebrand preacher Jeremiah Wright has been indicted for money laundering. Jeri Wright accepted payments of $28,000 from a state grant. Show More Summary

Blax News: How To Get The "Americanized Negro" To Support MANDATORY MINIMUM SENTENCES - Thwarting The Efforts Of Michelle Alexander And Dr Boyce Watkins To Focus Upon Disassembling Mass Incarceration

How To Get The "Americanized Negro" To Support MANDATORY MINIMUM SENTENCES - Thwarting The Efforts Of Michelle Alexander And Dr Boyce Watkins To Focus Upon Disassembling Mass Incarceration ANSWER: SHOW THE "INJUSTICE" OF A YOUNG WHITE...Show More Summary

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