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How Forgotten Baby Memories Rewire Learning in the Brain

If you're like me, you probably don't remember anything from your life before the age of three. This phenomenon, first dubbed by Sigmund Freud as "infantile amnesia,” occurs in many different species, yet why it happens remains a mystery. Show More Summary

IT CERTAINLY SEEMS TO BE AT BEEB: Shot: Is full-time work bad for our brains? —The BBC, July…

IT CERTAINLY SEEMS TO BE AT BEEB: Shot: Is full-time work bad for our brains? —The BBC, July 18th. Chaser: BBC Scrubs ‘Ali’ From Munich Killer’s Name On TV, In Articles, AND On Social Media. —Breitbart London, yesterday.

Nurturing The Brain – Part 10, Ketogenic Diets

Fasting has been used as a form of therapy for epilepsy throughout the history of medicine. But in 1921, Dr Woodyatt at Rush Medical College in Chicago observed that that there were a couple of ketone molecules that appeared in the blood of subjects undergoing starvation or low-carbohydrate/high-fat content diets, while Dr Wilder at the […]

Prepare to Be Obsessed with Tone It Up Co-Founder Karena’s E-Sesh

Katrina and Karena, the beauty, brains, brawn and best friends behind Tone It Up have given us major #FitnessGoals since they launched their fitness empire. And now, Karena and fiancé Bobby’s engagement session (captured by one of our favorites, Jana Williams) and love story, is giving us major #RelationshipGoals. Head to The Vault to see why. […]

Could Brain Training Prevent Dementia?

It’s been a lousy couple of years for researchers who study the effects of computerized brain training. In October of 2014 a group of more than seventy academics published what they called a consensus statement, asserting that playing brain games had been shown to improve little more than the ability to play brain games. Show More Summary

Insights for Success from Neuroscience

For the seeker of enlightenment, there is nothing to fear and much to learn from the secrets of neuroscience. Brain tricks — sometimes called hacks — are mental shortcuts designed to enhance life’s success. The richness of these truths can be documented through the research […]

Reconstructing the Brains of Ancient Lungfish

Comparing the Brains of Extant Lungfish to their Ancient Relatives The lungfish might be regarded by some as a “living fossil”, a term that we at Everything Dinosaur prefer not to use, as it implies that a species has remained present in the fossil record for a very long time.  However, the six species of […]

NY Times: At Fox, Roger Ailes Was J. Edgar Hoover, Prodding Voters' 'Lizard Brains'

It’s not a compliment when New York Times TV writer James Poniewozik summarizes Ailesgate with the tweet “On Roger Ailes, the J. Edgar Hoover of TV news.” When every other broadcast and cable TV network leans to the Left, somehow it’s...Show More Summary

noaasanctuaries: Male ruby brittle stars sit atop a brain coral...

noaasanctuaries: Male ruby brittle stars sit atop a brain coral in Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary, not long before a mass coral spawning event in the sanctuary. Every year, 7-10 days after the August full moon, the reef-building...Show More Summary


CAN POST-TRAUMATIC GROWTH OVERCOME POST-TRAUMATIC STRESS? This reads a bit like the late Dr. Maxwell Maltz’s Psycho-Cybernetics, which has been in print since 1960, and is a fascinating look at reprogramming your brain to overcome its own sort of “repetitive stress injuries.”

THE NEURAL UNDERPINNINGS OF VOLITION? This Johns Hopkins University press release says researchers a…

THE NEURAL UNDERPINNINGS OF VOLITION? This Johns Hopkins University press release says researchers at the school have glimpsed “the human brain making a purely voluntary decision to act.” The research team asked ““What parts of the brain are involved in free choice?” An implication: “Now that scientists have a way to track choices made from […]

A Typical Example of #GiveFirst

I’ve started working on my next book, currently titled #GiveFirst: A New Philosophy for Business in the Era of Entrepreneurship. As a result, my brain is especially tuned to good examples that show a particular aspect of what we refer to as #GiveFirst at Techstars. Show More Summary

A New Map of the Brain: What Does It Mean?

A new Nature paper has earned a lot of media attention, unusually given that it's a fairly technical and 'basic' piece of neuroscience. In the paper, researchers Matthew F. Glasser and colleagues present a new parcellation (or map) of...Show More Summary

Scientists Find 97 Never-Before-Seen Regions of the Brain

yesterdayHumor / odd : mental_floss

The new diagram draws on multiple types of imaging to create the most comprehensive brain map yet.

Women in male-dominated career fields watch a unique US presidential campaign

yesterdayNews : The Raw Story

Dr. Linda Liau works with the precision of a master, peering into a patient’s head with magnifying loupes as she removes a brain tumor. When Liau was called into an emergency room as a surgeon more than 20 years ago to help treat a car crash victim, another member of the medical team assumed...

Mice survive brain cancer tumors lacking key surface proteins

A new scientific study has characterized a checkpoint protein that allows certain brain tumor cells to avoid the immune system. Tumors regularly avoid detection by decorating themselves with proteins that mimic those found on healthy cells. Show More Summary

Myths About Heat And Hydration After Two Sports Tragedies This Week

A 12-year old child in the Atlanta area is suffering from severe brain swellingright now due to a heat stroke during football practice. According media reports, he collapsed while doing conditioning drills in extreme heat indices and is fighting for his life. As a parent, this broke my heart because [...]

"Our poor monkey brains just can't deal with complex combinations of certain logical operators, especially with respect to the logic of contemporary American politics."

Language Log indulges in more analysis than David Frum and The Atlantic deserve for publishing the ludicrous sentence "Many wavering Republicans will come home — even if the home to which they now return has changed in ways that render it almost indistinguishable from the dwelling it used to be."

Your Brain Makes You A Terrible Listener--Here's How To Fix It

When we hear a person's words, we also try to imagine why they're saying them. Most of us suck at this. Economics used to operate under the belief that people are rational actors. Behavioral economists came along and said that's crazy—there's no such thing as a rational actor. Show More Summary

Psychology Around the Net: July 23, 2016

AAAAAACHOOOOOO! That’s me, readers, sneezing my brains out as I type this. You might remember I mentioned being sick last week? Well, this week, allergies decided to fill the void my common cold left behind. It’s been a rough couple of weeks for me and, […]

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