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Stop Everything and Watch This 2nd Full-Length Mad Max Fury Road Trailer NOW

38 minutes agoFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

If you thought the first trailer was crazy, your brain won't even believe this heart-pumping, balls-to-the-wall madness.

TV Club: iZombie: “The Exterminator”

One of my biggest concerns about last week’s iZombie was how the device of Liv attaining the personality traits of the people whose brains she eats was potentially affecting us getting to know Liv as an actual character herself. “The...Show More Summary

True confessions

When my brain was completely full on Thursday at the ACRL Conference, Jad Abumrad’s keynote felt like a spa for my brain. For those who don’t know, he is the co-host of Radiolab, a very cool and innovative show on NPR, and the recipient of one of those fancy schmancy MacArthur genius grants. Good call...

President Obama has reshaped the federal judiciary, but only because of Harry Reid

Well, Harry Reid and us. Filibuster reform started in the brain of our very own David Waldman (KagroX) back in 2005. As CNN detailed in this great story on the history of filibuster reform, Waldman foresaw the kind of Republican obstruction...Show More Summary

Can You Mend A Broken Heart?

Animals and people can die of a broken heart. The pain and grief we feel when we lose a loved one activates some of the same brain areas as those that formed that love in the first place. Moving forward with the scars of loves we have lost can make us wary of opening up to new relationships.

Stop Playing 'Whack-A-Mole' With Toxic Flame Retardants, Health Advocates Urge

As the public has learned of health risks tied to chemicals in everyday products, many companies have responded by eliminating, one by one, the suspected cancer causers, brain damagers and hormone disruptors. But even prompt action doesn't...Show More Summary

Poverty linked to brain structure in children, new research shows

A provocative new study suggests that poverty affects brain structure in children and teenagers, with children growing up in the poorest households having smaller brains than those who live in affluence.Read full article >>

How Deep Relaxation Affects Brain Chemistry

Deep relaxation and meditation have long been known to help with anxiety disorders and major depression. Since both anxiety disorders and major depression reflect an imbalance in brain chemistry, it would seem that relaxation techniques can influence brain chemistry. How do they do that?

Couple Pregnant With Twins Reject Abortion When Told One Baby is Brain Damaged

(LiveActionNews) — In September, 2014, Christina and Shawn Byrum, parents to seven children, were surprised and excited to discover that Christina was pregnant with identical twin boys. They thought their biggest concerns would center on finding a bigger home. However, at 12 weeks gestation, they were told that one of the babies had acrania, which […]

Shared Control Systems Aid Brain-Computer Interfaces to Control Prostheses

Researchers have been perfecting technologies that allow disabled people to control wheelchairs and prosthetic devices by simply focusing their brain on certain tasks. While amazing, this technology can be very tasking on its users, requiring the constant ability to clear the mind and quickly focus on activating the prosthesis. Show More Summary

In Alzheimer's mice, memory restored with cancer drug

Memory and as well as connections between brain cells were restored in mice with a model of Alzheimer's given an experimental cancer drug, researchers report. "With this treatment, cells under bombardment by beta amyloid plaques show...Show More Summary

BigNeuron: Unlocking the Secrets of the Human Brain

To find a standard 3D neuron reconstruction algorithm, BigNeuron will sponsor a series of international hackathons and workshops where contending algorithms will be ported onto a common software platform to analyze neuronal physical structure using the same core dataset. Show More Summary

4 Simple Steps to Supercharge Your Runs and Your Brain With Mindfulness

Photo Credit: Kennan Harvey, It seems mindfulness is all over the news these days, whether here on HuffPost, on 60 Minutes, or on the cover of your favorite magazine. It's an ancient technique with modern adaptations,...Show More Summary

10 Best Places to Learn About Data Visualization For Your Business

Image Source Did you know that the human retina can transmit data to the brain at roughly 10 million bits a second (roughly the rate of an ethernet connection)? That's a lot of bandwidth, but it doesn't get effectively used in all of your old... Read more

Financial Success Is More Than Math: It's About Mindset

Spend less than you earn is the golden rule of personal finance. It's incredibly simple, but it's not easy. Your brain likes to get in the way by tricking you to go against what you know to be true. Here's how your brain sabotages your finances, and how you can overcome those tendencies. Read more...

Reshuffling the Dekk (Finally)

There was something wrong with me. Not physically, mentally. A sort of blockage between my brain and my fingertips. A hyperbolic sickness that reared its ugly head every time I sat down to write. From Christmas on, I took in… Continue Reading ? The post Reshuffling the Dekk (Finally) appeared first on CollegeHoopsDaily.

New ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Trailer: More Amazing New Footage, As If You Needed Convincing

A lot of clips from Mad Max: Fury Road have been showing up online over the past few days. Well, forget those. Warner Bros. has released a brand new, full length Mad Max Fury Road trailer that’s sure to melt your brain. Check it out below. Show More Summary

Mollie Jones, Dead: ‘X Factor,’ ‘The Voice’ Aspirant Dies Of Brain Hemorrhage After Collapse At Kentucky Fried Chicken

Mollie Jones, former X Factor aspirant is dead. Daily Mail is reporting today that The Voice and X Factor candidate died on March 3—two days after she collapsed from a brain hemorrhage on the job. The events happened on March 1 at the...Show More Summary

Brain's 'gender' may be quite flexible: Mechanism that plays key role in sexual differentiation of brain

During prenatal development, the brains of most animals, including humans, develop specifically male or female characteristics. But scientists have known little about the details of how this differentiation occurs. Now, a new study has illuminated details about this process. Show More Summary

Score! Video gamers may learn visual tasks more quickly

Video games not only sharpen the visual processing skills of frequent players, they might also improve the brain's ability to learn those skills, according to a new study. Gamers showed faster consolidation of learning when moving from one visual task to the next than did non-gamers.

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