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First-of-Its-Kind Study Shows How Hand Amputation, Reattachment Affect Brain

When a person loses a hand to amputation, nerves that control sensation and movement are severed, causing dramatic changes in areas of the brain that controlled these functions. As a result, areas of the brain devoted to the missing hand take on other functions. Show More Summary

First-of-its-kind study shows how hand amputation, reattachment affect brain

(University of Missouri-Columbia) Researchers from the University of Missouri have found evidence of specific neurochemical changes associated with lower neuronal health in these brain regions. Further, they report that some of these changes in the brain may persist in individuals who receive hand transplants, despite their recovered hand function.

Unreliability of fMRI Emotional Biomarkers

Brain responses to emotion stimuli are highly variable even within the same individual, and this could be a problem for researchers who seek to use these responses as biomarkers to help diagnose and treat disorders such as depression. That's...Show More Summary

Upgrade your brain with a new language [Deals]

Spring is here, everything is new and blooming and the world invites you to explore its wonders. Of course that’s a lot easier to do if you speak more than your native language. There are few better ways to learn a new language than with Rosetta Stone. Their program is world famous for how effective […] (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

N.Y. Stem Cell Foundation Grows Brain Immune Cells in a Dish, Offerings Clues into MS Research

Researchers from the New York Stem Cell Foundation (NYSCF) have developed a method to produce brain immune cells, called microglia, from human stem cells. That can help scientists uncover biological mechanisms involved in multiple sclerosis (MS) and other neurological conditions. Show More Summary

Thinking Meat?

Question: Is it my brain that feels and thinks when I feel and think? Argument A. Meat can't think. My brain is meat. Therefore, what thinks in me when I think is not my brain. A in Reverse: What thinks...

A Summer Project: Improve Your Handwriting

Learning any new skill changes your brain. Want a new project for the summer? Improve your handwriting. It will help your math and make you a more effective learner.

Study suggests the brain's to blame for yo-yo dieting cycle

13 hours agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmag

Most people who have struggled with obesity will have felt encouraged by an initial loss of weight when starting a diet before hitting a disheartening plateau or even regaining weight as the body seemingly compensates. A new study suggests...Show More Summary

Announcing SwimSwam Surge, What’s Trending in Swimming

By Braden Keith on SwimSwam SwimSwam Surge: it's like the sweetest swimming candy for your brain. Read the full story on SwimSwam: Announcing SwimSwam Surge, What’s Trending in Swimming

Innovative brain tumor surgery leaves patients with no visible scarring

For patients diagnosed with certain types of brain tumors, surgery is absolute. Until recently, though, an open craniotomy was the only option. But, now, by combining tumor removal with a cosmetic surgery approach, some patients can undergo a minimally invasive procedure that leaves no visible scar. Leveraging the expertise of surgeons who are familiar with […]

Minibrew raises $2.8 million to help you make your own beer

The Minibrew is a little keg with a big brain. When we first met the company in 2015 they offered a whiff of high tech to the brewing process, adding a monitored brew vessel and mobile app to the age-old technique of slopping a bunch of wheat, yeast and hops together until something tasty came out. Read More

The brain starts to eat itself after chronic sleep deprivation

Sleep loss in mice sends the brain’s immune cells into overdrive. This might be helpful in the short term, but could increase the risk of dementia in the long run

Minibrew raises $2.8 million to help you make your own beer

Netherlands-based Minibrew has raised $2.8 million in seed funding after completing a successful $350,000 crowdfunding campaign to bring some smarts to the home-brew process. The Minibrew is a little keg with a big brain. When we first...Show More Summary

Does Exercise Affect the Brain's Aging Process? U-M Research Aims to Find Out

Most people know that regular exercise can keep a body looking and feeling young. What about the brain? Michigan Medicine researchers were recently awarded a two-year grant to further examine the role physical activity plays on the brain.

iZombie: Liv & Justin Hop on the Same Brain Train in Exclusive Clip

In this CBR-exclusive Eat a Knievel clip, Liv and her new boyfriend Justin share some daredevil brain for their second date. The post iZombie: Liv & Justin Hop on the Same Brain Train in Exclusive Clip appeared first on CBR.

Great Job, Internet!: The odds are worse than you’d imagine for Bachelor and Bachelorette couples

Few people who watch The Bachelor or The Bachelorette do so without some kind of game attached. Maybe it’s a drinking game—do shots when someone cries. Or perhaps it’s a brain buster—what purpose, exactly, does Chris Harrison serve? Or maybe it’s a good, old-fashioned bet, with each viewer putting cash down on a prospective winner. Show More Summary

Busy brain not letting you sleep?

Racing thoughts can be a sign of a mental health condition, but sometimes you just need a few reminders about how to fall asleep.

Recreational cocaine : Brain area involved in addiction activated earlier than thought

(McGill University) Even among non-dependent cocaine users, cues associated with consumption of the drug lead to dopamine release in an area of the brain thought to promote compulsive use, according to researchers at McGill Universi...

Medical News Today: How does poor sleep affect our ability to learn? Study investigates

A new study looks at the effects of disturbed deep sleep on the neuroplasticity in the brain's motor cortex and the ability to learn new movements.

Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and Huntington's diseases share common crucial feature

(Loyola University Health System) A study has found that abnormal proteins found in Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Huntington's diseases share a similar ability to cause damage when they invade brain cells. The finding suggests that an effective treatment for one neurodegenerative disease might work for other neurodegenerative diseases as well.

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