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How The Creators of Monument Valley Are Writing The Rules of Virtual Reality

The creators of one of the most beautiful iPad apps of all time has turned their sights to pioneer virtual reality in Land's End. There's only ocean as far as my eye can see. It's a swirl of pastels marking the break of dawn. Overhead, I watch a flock of seagulls fly by. Show More Summary

The Monkey Horror Picture Show

2 weeks agoNews : Jonathan Turley

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor For a bit of a break from this weekend’s topics on troublesome issues we bring you a new dawn in primate research. It is true, monkeys like horror movies. Researchers in Kyoto, Japan were interested in if chimpanzees and their cousins bonobos could display the trait of long term memory […]

We Need To Talk About That Major ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn’ Plot Hole

We just realized a major flaw in "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2," and now we're trying to make some sense of it.

Manolo Blahnik's FW15 collection includes Bella Swan’s wedding shoes

Manolo Blahnik has launched its new Fall Winter collection and it includes the pumps Kristen Stewart aka Bella Swan wore in the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. Read the rest of the story at: Manolo Blahnik's FW15 collection includes Bella Swan’s wedding shoes

Harvest Napa Valley - 9/8/15

Winemaker Kari Auringer taking brix readings with a refractometer in our Kairos Block 4 Vineyard It was almost cold at 6:30 a.m. when dawn started to break and I considered heading back to my truck to get a jacket. But by 9 a.m. it was already hot. Show More Summary

Ronda Rousey to Lead ‘Road House’ Reboot at MGM

The work of the late Patrick Swayze has already resulted in a couple of reboots and remakes with Red Dawn in 2012 and Point Break coming this Christmas. And now one more is on the way, but the role originated by the late actor will undergo a major change. MGM is working on a remake […] The post Ronda Rousey to Lead ‘Road House’ Reboot at MGM appeared first on /Film.

The Outdoor Parent

Today, The Dirtbag Diaries launches a new companion site – The Outdoor Parent. Our goal: provide stoke. Stoke to get you out of bed before dawn for a long run through the woods or a solid surf session at a favorite break. Stoke to rally...Show More Summary

'Face Off' Recap: 'Frightful Fiction'

All photos courtesy Syfy. BY DAWN FEAKESAfter the longest commercial break, er, wedding, ever, it was finally Missy who was eliminated. Farewell Mold Whisperer. Let's do this.Okay, back to business. Nora is locked and loaded to redeem herself but no rest for the weary. Show More Summary

Kristen Stewart Would Be 'Fascinated' By A Twilight Reboot!

This is probably going to make every Twihard's day! Kristen Stewart rose to super stardom by famously starring as Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga. And now, almost three years after the final movie Breaking Dawn - Part 2 hit theaters, the 25-year-old actress is already fielding questions about a Twilight reboot. In a recent interview, Kristen gave [...]

Shortages push some Venezuelans to queue overnight for food

MARACAIBO (Reuters) - As dawn breaks over the scorching Venezuelan city of Maracaibo, smugglers, young mothers and a handful of kids stir outside a supermarket where they spent the night, hoping to be first in line for scarce rice, milk or whatever may be available.

Proof that dusk and dawn are the best times of the day

2 months agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

People like dawn because it’s the start of the new day and the illusion of opportunity exists as light breaks the night. I like dawn because when I see the sun rise it meant I had a great night. But dusk is more my speed, the world comes alive in a completely different way. In any case, dusk and dawn are the best times of the day. Read more...

Repeat: Don't buy a Galaxy S3 in 2015

It's the dawn of a new era for Android smartphones. We have an influx of phones between $200 and $400 that aren't awful to use. But they're also not necessarily available in stores. And that breaks one top suggestions when someone asks "what should I get?" — hold a phone in your hand before opening your wallet. Show More Summary

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Gets Completely Torn Apart In This Fun Video

Poor Twilight. You would think that its $3.3 billion gross at the box office over the course of five films would have garnered it some respect and acclaim, but, despite its huge popularity, the series is still widely held in disdain....Show More Summary

Kristen Stewart’s 'Twilight' Director Praises Her Bedroom Scene Skills and Makes Us Cringe in the Process

Post by Adriana Velez. Rupert Sanders isn't the only director to be smitten with KStew. Her Twilight: Breaking Dawn I and II director Bill Condon says he loved working with Kristen Stewart. His praise starts off glowing but then it sure takes a strange, cringey turn. Show More Summary

The highest-ranking rooster has priority to announce the break of dawn

Tsuyoshi Shimmura, Shosei Ohashi, and Takashi Yoshimura have a new paper: The “cock-a-doodle-doo” crowing of roosters, which symbolizes the break of dawn in many cultures, is controlled by the circadian clock. When one rooster announces the break of dawn, others in the vicinity immediately follow. Chickens are highly social animals, and they develop a linear […]

Yemen's Hidden War

Dawn is just breaking on June 5th at Djibouti's international airport, but it's already boiling hot on the tarmac. Mohammed Issa, a rotund and mustachioed border-police officer, gestures to a massive U.S. Air Force transport jet — a gray C-17 Globemaster — sitting a short distance away. "Since the start of the war...

‘Sons of Anarchy’s Emilio Rivera Heads To ‘Badsville'; Monterey Media Gets ‘Sex, Death And Bowling’

Emilio Rivera of Sons of Anarchy and Robert Knepper of Prison Break have joined the cast of Badsville, a drama set amongst gangs of rival greasers from director April Mullen (Dead Before Dawn 3D). The story, set in the eponymous town...Show More Summary

Trailwalker - the home strait

Checkpoint 9 and dawn breaks cold, grey and slightly damp. A pink glow to the east tells us the sun is about to rise, but spots on the windscreen also herald the rain that is forecast. Checkpoint 8 to 9 is the longest stretch of Trailwalker and we wait for our team, Mark, Dave, Vi and Susan, all now walking through the pain barrier. Show More Summary

Bossy rooster takes lead vocal of cock-a-doodle-do

From ancient times, people have been aware of the rooster’s “cock-a-doodle-do” that marks the break of dawn, but has anyone wondered who crows first? In a new study, biologists have revealed that there is actually a systematic rule based on social ranking that determines the order of crowing in roosters.

When the Levy breaks

Dawn Fatale, at Parterre, pans the memoirs of Reynold Levy, the former president of Lincoln Center. Tony Tommasini's response is also pertinent. One might add that the book is riddled with errors. Kurt Masur does not spell his last name...

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