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5 Homemade Hairsprays To Try This Summer

Warning: Phthalates in hairsprays have been linked to increased risk for breast cancer in women. Thankfully, there are simple recipes that... The post 5 Homemade Hairsprays To Try This Summer appeared first on Lifehack.

Cross talk between hormone receptors has unexpected effects

One of the first clues pathologists look for in tissue from a newly diagnosed breast cancer patient is the estrogen receptor, a nuclear protein that converts hormonal messages in the bloodstream into instructions for the cell about how to behave. They also look for the presence of progesterone receptors, primarily to confirm that the estrogen receptor is active. read more

Genetic signatures expose drug susceptibility in breast cancer cells

Drug treatments for breast cancer patients might soon be designed based on the unique genetic autograph of their tumor. read more

Beneficial bacteria may protect breasts from cancer

Bacteria that have the potential to abet breast cancer are present in the breasts of cancer patients, while beneficial bacteria are more abundant in healthy breasts, where they may actually be protecting women from cancer, according a study. These findings may lead ultimately to the use of probiotics to protect women against breast cancer.

Cross Talk Between Hormone Receptors Has Unexpected Effects

Although the estrogen receptor is considered dominant in breast cancer, the progesterone receptor assumes control when both receptors are present and exposed to estrogens and progestins. Then, the progesterone receptor drives estrogen receptor activity. Treating tumor-bearing mice with an estrogen antagonist and a progestin antagonist caused rapid tumor regression.

Amber Marchese Diagnosed With Lyme And Cancer – And Munchausen?

Amber Marchese announced last year that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer once again. While she filmed one season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Amber did have her 5-year checkup and the doctor revealed that she was cancer free. Show More Summary

Morning Digest: Pat Toomey courts danger with his hostility to Planned Parenthood

Leading Off: ? PA-Sen: EMILY's List and Planned Parenthood are teaming up to slam Republican Sen. Pat Toomey with a joint television and digital buy. The TV spot (backed by $1.1 million from EMILY) features a breast cancer survivor who...Show More Summary

In Mice, Daughters of Overweight Dads Have Altered Breast Tissue, Higher Cancer Risk

Obese male mice and normal weight female mice produce female pups that are overweight at birth through childhood, and have delayed development of their breast tissue as well as increased rates of breast cancer. The findings come from one of the first animal studies to examine the impact of paternal obesity on future generations' cancer risk.

Medical News Today: Could hops extract reduce risk of breast cancer?

Testing the effect of hop extract on estrogen metabolism - a pathway in breast cancer development - identifies a hops compound with anti-cancer potential.

Mount Sinai's Discovery of an Epigenetic Regulator of Tumorigenesis Suggests New Strategies Against Lethal Forms of Breast Cancer

Mount Sinai scientists have identified a previously unknown mechanism by which a protein called CBX8 promotes tumor growth in the most lethal forms of breast cancer. The study, published today in the journal Cell Reports, underscores...Show More Summary

Adherence to cancer prevention guidelines may reduce risk

Following cancer prevention guidelines on diet and physical activity consistently reduced overall cancer incidence and mortality, as well as reducing risk of breast, endometrial, and colorectal cancers.

Has breast MRI been performed upside down?

A new phase 1 clinical trial evaluated the differences between pre-operative prone and supine MRI exams in 12 women undergoing lumpectomy for breast cancer. Researchers demonstrated that considerable deformity of the breast and tumor position occurs when patients are imaged in the prone position.

‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ Alum Amber Marchese Has Lyme Disease And Breast Cancer: Learn How She’s Coping

Real Housewives Of New Jersey alum, Amber Marchese has revealed that she is battling Lyme disease, Entertainment Tonight reports. Marchese, who is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment for her second breast cancer diagnosis, said that she was recently diagnosed with the disease. Show More Summary

IBM forms medical-imaging collaborative to battle major diseases - CNET

The Watson Health initiative taps "cognitive imaging" tech to help doctors worldwide tackle breast cancer, diabetes and eye and heart disease and more.

Has breast MRI been performed upside down?

BOSTON, MA - Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) has been used as an effective tool for cancer evaluation and has been found to be highly sensitive in detecting breast tumors, but there is no evidence that pre-operative MRI translates into improved outcomes following breast conserving surgery. Show More Summary

Hops could help reduce breast cancer risk

Hops, the flower cones used in beer-making, are also found in dietary supplements designed to help treat post-menopausal symptoms and other conditions. Scientists are now investigating whether an extract from the plant could also help fend off breast cancer. Show More Summary

5 Benefits of Meditation for Breast Cancer Sufferers and Survivors

As a pre-teen I watched my mother battle breast cancer for about five years. Consequently, as an adult, I spend a considerable amount of my personal time trying to find a cure for the disease. My family, friends and I started a foundation in my mother's honor devoted to this cause. Show More Summary

Low doses of common cancer drug may promote cancer spread

New research indicates that paclitaxel, which is the most commonly used chemotherapy for breast cancer, suppresses tumors when given at a certain dosage, but at low doses, it actually promotes cancer spread to the liver. The findings...Show More Summary

Battles, Scars And Perspective

I've battled. I've been bruised and defeated and scarred. I've beat a few dead horses, I've lived with a heart that felt like it was shattered into a million pieces and I have scars. Inside and out. Divorce, breast cancer and dating made their mark. Show More Summary

Can an extract from hops flowers reduce breast cancer risk?

Some sort of Hops Flowers Substance is a common dietary supplement used by post-menopausal women. A recent study looks at one molecule extracted from hops to see if it could help reduce the chance of getting breast cancer. The paper is in the journal Chemical Research in Toxicology, and is called Hop (Humulus lupulus L.)…

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