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TechDirt on Brett Kimberlin Lawfare

TechDirt: Reading Weigel’s account of the trial, you can quickly see why the judge ruled that way. So many of the points raised by Kimberlin clearly had nothing to do with anything coming anywhere near defamation, but rather were focused on “people said mean things online.”.... After the ruling, Kimberlin made […]

The Brett Kimberlin Saga: A Story Of Wacko Vexatious Lawsuits

last weekIndustries / Law : Techdirt

For years we've been paying somewhat loose attention to the saga involving Brett Kimberlin and his ongoing lawsuits against bloggers. The story was complex and convoluted from the beginning, and only got more so over time. In fact, it got so confusing that it almost became too difficult to jump into the story mid-stream. Show More Summary

Dave Weigel Covers the Brett Kimberlin Trial

Dave Weigel has this lengthy recap of the state trial between Brett Kimberlin and four conservative bloggers. Notable: “These guys are going to come out today and say I’m a pedophile,” said Kimberlin. “And tomorrow, I can file another lawsuit against them. And now I know what I need to do. It’s going to be […]


SO I GOT A VOICEMAIL FROM STACY MCCAIN SAYING HE WON HIS TRIAL AGAINST (CONVICTED TERRORIST BOMBER) BRETT KIMBERLIN. No surprise there. As I said at the very beginning, nobody with any sense tries to out-crazy Stacy McCain. I’m sure that Stacy will have a full account on his blog once he’s finished celebrating. Patterico [...]

Bloggers defeat Kimberlin defamation suit in state court trial

We mentioned earlier today, in our post about the federal court suit by Brett Kimberlin, that some bloggers also were subject to suit in a state court case as to which the trial was ongoing. Dave Weigel from was

Motion to Dismiss Brett Kimberlin’s Absurd RICO Lawsuit Against Me and Over 20 Others

The motion was written by Ron Coleman, who has asked me not to comment on it. I will disregard that advice only to praise Ron for the excellent job he has done here. If you have any questions about this lawsuit, many of them will be answered in this document. Motion to Dismiss Brett Kimberlin’s […]

Paul Alan Levy, First Amendment Lawyer Specializing in Protecting Online Speech, Opposes Brett Kimberlin's Attempt to Convince a Court to Provide Him With My Personal Information

Paul Alan Levy is one of the nation's top First Amendment lawyers and the nation's top expert, period, in a particular specialized field-- in the defense of John Does, anonymous writers, from subpoenas seeking to "out" them as part of...

Holder: Give Felons the Right to Vote

Of course. What kind of land doesn’t allow folks like O.J. Simpson or Brett Kimberlin to vote? Note the way Holder phrases his objection: Disenfranchisement of the formerly incarcerated is unnecessary, unjust and counterproductive, Attorney General Eric Holder told an audience at the Georgetown University Law Center on Tuesday. “At worst, these laws, with their [...]

Hilarious Sock Puppet FAIL at Pro-Kimberlin Site “Breitbart Unmasked”

“Breitbart Unmasked” is a cheap little site that runs blatant propaganda for Brett Kimberlin. If anyone is trying to hide the relationship, they’re either not trying very hard, or really bad at it; Kimberlin often provides the site with exclusive information that could not have come from any source — such as the photographs of [...]

Convicted Bomber and Perjurer Brett Kimberlin Sues Patterico, Michelle Malkin, Glenn Beck, James O’Keefe, Erick Erickson, And Pretty Much the Entire Conservative Blogosphere

As many of you may have already heard, I am one of 20 defendants in a lawsuit filed by Brett Kimberlin in federal court in Maryland. Kimberlin has sued myself, Michelle Malkin, Glenn Beck, James O’Keefe, Erick Erickson, Red State, Simon and Shuster, Stacy McCain, Aaron Walker, Lee Stranahan, Bill Hoge, Mandy Nagy, and about [...]

Popehat Seeks Help for Bloggers Sued by Brett Kimberlin, Receives Spam Attack

Regular readers will recall that Kenneth P. White (Ken from Popehat), and Ron Coleman (from Likelihood of Confusion) successfully defended me against a frivolous lawsuit brought by Nadia Naffe. Now Ken is putting out the Popehat signal for people who have been sued by anti free speech thug Brett Kimberlin. The post is titled The [...]

Brett Kimberlin Sues R.S. McCain, Aaron Walker, William Hoge, Ali Akbar, and “Kimberlin Unmasked”

The joint statement is at McCain’s blog and Hoge’s blog, and reads as follows: Convicted felon Brett Kimberlin has filed a Maryland lawsuit naming bloggers Aaron Walker, W. J. J. Hoge, Robert Stacy McCain, National Bloggers Club President Ali A. Akbar and the anonymous blogger “Kimberlin Unmasked” as defendants. The defendants believe that the suit [...]

R.S. McCain: “Vile Lie-Peddler @Karoli Kuns and the Posthumous Vindication of Breitbart”

An absolutely beautiful blog post about an especially nasty lefty partisan: Crooks & Liars liar Karoli Kuns, one of the prime apologists for Neal Rauhauser, Brett Kimberlin, and their creepy pals. Excerpt: Whereas in 2012, you were certain that Anthony Weiner was an innocent victim of a “setup” by “Breitbots” — and thus, Weiner’s defender [...]

Is Brett Kimberlin Using An Employee of His NonProfit to Terrorize His Estranged Wife?

William Hoge has a fascinating post about the guy that Brett Kimberlin used for the purpose of taking photographs of (and taunting) the participants at BlogbBsh. Turns out the guy apparently met Kimberlin in prison: Craig Richard Gillette, age 48, U. S. Bureau of Prisons Register Number 43193-083, was released from prison on 23 March, [...]

“Breitbart fucked with me, fucked with Brett [Kimberlin], and now his ass is dead.”

Heard him say it, just now, on the Vince in the Bay show. “Breitbart fucked with me, fucked with Brett [Kimberlin], and now his ass is dead.” — Neal Rauhauser, just now, on Vince in the Bay show. — Patterico (@Patterico) April 29, 2013 About 50 minutes in.

Conservative Pundit Argues With “Team Kimberlin” Member Bill Schmalfeldt, Is SWATted

Yesterday Erik Rush, a conservative pundit who appears on Fox News, got into a Twitter argument with a man named Bill Schmalfeldt — a prominent and vocal supporter of convicted bomber Brett Kimberlin. Kimberlin’s story became national news last May after it was reported that several of Kimberlin’s critics have been SWATted, including your humble [...]

Further Proof That Someone Close to Brett Kimberlin Drove by Aaron Walker’s House

This morning I noted various items of evidence that Aaron Walker has been stalked by Brett Kimberlin and his associates. You’ll never guess who came up with an idea that further confirms this evidence of stalking. Aaron Walker’s nemesis “Kman.” First, let’s review some of the evidence of stalking that I mentioned this morning: Kimberlin [...]

Maryland Prosecutor to Aaron Walker’s Wife: “If you’re so concerned about your safety, don’t come to Maryland.”

Last month, I showed you pictures that Brett Kimberlin took of Aaron Walker and his wife as they were conducting business at a Maryland courthouse in a different county from where Kimberlin lives. I blurred out the faces. The web site that first published them, the Kimberlin-related Breitbart Unmasked site, did not. As I told [...]

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