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1. Claims about the Irish recovery (not my view, but worth a read) 2. Sticker shock for Obamacare? 3. Bronze Age Danish woman wore garment from outside of Denmark. 4. New material on John Nash, interview with Sylvia Nasar. 5. Sleeping Beauty papers: “The longest sleeper in the top 15 is a statistics paper from […]

Danish Bronze Age girl may have been German

One of Denmark's proudest relics may not be Danish after all, researchers have found. In a feat of laboratory sleuthing, scientists on Thursday provided a background to a mysterious Bronze Age teenager who died in modern-day Denmark 3,400 years ago. Show More Summary

Scientists Reconstruct the Life of a Bronze Age Sun-Worshipping Priestess

During the summer of 1370 BCE, a young woman died in Egtved, Denmark. She was between 16 and 18 years old, and her immaculate burial suggests she was from a high status family. Slim, blonde, and 5’3” tall, the girl has become known to...Show More Summary

Bronze Age Priestess Found in 1921 Traveled Far

The remains of a Bronze Age cultic priestess found in Egtved, Denmark, in 1921 belong to a teenager who'd likely traveled all the way from southern Germany—a great distance for the year 1370 BC, researchers report in a press release. They now know this because her oak coffin was...

Bronze Age Egtved Girl was not from Denmark

Egtved Girl, the Bronze Age woman whose exceptionally well-preserved grave was discovered near the village of Egtved on the Jutland peninsula of southeastern Denmark, was not born in Denmark. Researchers from the National Museum of Denmark and the University of Copenhagen studied the remains of her body, clothes and accessories using a combination of biomolecular, [...]

Glimpse of Bronze Age girl's daily life from hair, clothes

New analyses of famous find, 3,400-year-old "Egtved girl," show she was well traveled and likely a priestess of the sun

The Bronze Age Egtved Girl was not from Denmark

One of the best-known Danish Bronze Age finds, the Egtved Girl from 1370 BC, was not born in Egtved, Denmark, reveals new research. Strontium isotope analyses of the girl's hair, teeth and nails show that she was born and raised hundreds of miles from Egtved, most probably in Southern Germany, and that she arrived in Egtved shortly before she died.

The life story of a Bronze Age female

A detailed analysis of the remains of a high-status Danish Bronze Age female, known as the Egtved Girl, reveals information about her movements, what she ate, and where her clothes came from. It seems that the Egtved Girl originatedShow More Summary

Adolph Hitler’s Horse Sculptures Found In Warehouse In Germany, Among Other Third Reich Era Art

Adolph Hiter’s horse sculptures, once thought to be lost to the ages, have been recovered by German police in a warehouse in Bad Duerkheim, a town in Germany. The life-sized bronze horse sculptures once stood watch on either side ofShow More Summary

Most European men descend from a handful of Bronze Age forefathers

Researchers determined DNA sequences from the Y chromosomes of 334 men belonging to 17 populations from Europe and the Middle East. The study shows that almost two out of three (64%) modern European men belong to just three young paternal lineage. Show More Summary

mtDNA haplogroup A10 in Bronze Age West Siberia

PLoS ONE 10(5): e0127182. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0127182MtDNA Haplogroup A10 Lineages in Bronze Age Samples Suggest That Ancient Autochthonous Human Groups Contributed to the Specificity of the Indigenous West Siberian Population Aleksandr S. Show More Summary

Red Lady of El Mirón buried with flowers

The El Mirón cave the Rio Asón valley of eastern Cantabria, Spain, has seen continuous human occupation from the Middle Paleolithic 41,000 years ago right through to the Bronze Age. The cave has been excavated yearly since the 1996 by a research team co-directed by Manuel González Morales of the International Prehistoric Research Institute of [...]

How the Perfect Article Is Framed by White Space

White space sounds like a design issue. So why should you, dear web writer, care? Because words matter. Imagine a statue. An aged bronze sculpture of a young girl, possibly eight years old, in a long dress. She stands about 50 inches … roughly four feet tall. Show More Summary

Raiders Droners of the Lost Pots

Drones putting archaeologists on trail of looted antiquities At a sprawling Bronze Age cemetery in southern Jordan, archaeologists have developed a unique way of peering into the murky world of antiquities looting: With aerial photographs taken by a homemade drone, researchers are mapping exactly where — and roughly when — these ancient tombs were robbed. .. [...]

Archaeology in Wiltshire Conference 2015

Wessex Archaeology was well represented at the third annual Archaeology in Wiltshire conference on Saturday. Alistair Barclay speaking about Neolithic and Bronze Age discoveries from the Salisbury area Organised by Wiltshire Museum and...Show More Summary

Fornvännen’s Autumn Issue On-line

Today’s my 16th anniversary as editor of Fornvännen! Issue 2014:3 is now on-line on Open Access. Ole Thirup Kastholm on dugout canoes from before AD 1 on the Scandinavian peninsula. Ole Stilborg on Late Bronze Age pottery from Östergötland. Peter Tångeberg on recently uncovered Medieval murals in Kil church, Närke. Påvel Nicklasson on early 19th…

watch the plastic age starring pharrell exclusively on i-D

We all talk about the Stone Age, the Iron Age and the Bronze Age, but what era are we living in right now? People are starting to refer to us as the - far less romantic - Plastic Age. We make 288 million tonnes of plastic a year, and...Show More Summary

A History of Marvel Crossovers: The Dark Age

2 months agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

When last we left off, Secret Wars was a massive success, which meant, of course, one thing: Secret Wars II. Unlike the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Ages, however, the Dark Age of Comics is nebulous at best — some people state that it started after the publication of Watchmen and Dark Knight Returns, when comics took a turn for the dark and gritty. Show More Summary

A History of Marvel Crossovers: The Bronze Age

2 months agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

When last we left off, the Silver Age was coming to a close with the death of Gwen Stacy. The actual end was precipitated, however, a little bit before, with a two-part Spider-Man story involving the standard "drugs are bad" lesson — a story the Comics Code Authority refused to authorized because they forbade any instance of drugs. Show More Summary

At Jordan site, drone offers glimpse of antiquities looting

FIFA, Jordan (AP) — At a sprawling Bronze Age cemetery in southern Jordan, archaeologists have developed a unique way of peering into the murky world of antiquities looting: Based on such images and conversations with some looters whose...Show More Summary

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