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Bronze Age burial reveals its long held secret

Archaeologists studying Neolithic and Early Bronze Age human remains in the Manx Museum collection for the ‘Round Mounds of the Isle of Man’ project have made an exciting discovery.

Researchers may have found first polluted river from before Bronze Age

Industrial pollution may seem like a modern phenomenon, but in fact, an international team of researchers may have discovered what could be the world's first polluted river, contaminated approximately 7,000 years ago.

Over 82,000 Archaeological Finds Made By Members Of Public In UK

Thousands of archaeological finds, including a huge Bronze Age gold "torc" and a hoard of 17th century silver coin clippings, were made by members of the public last year, a report reveals. The torc is much larger than usual examples...Show More Summary

Duck Season? Merc Season? Meet 'Deadpool the Duck' #1 [Preview]

Deadpool is Marvel's most popular comedy character of the last decade. Howard the Duck was the publisher's comedy star of the Bronze Age, and he's enjoyed a recent revival. But what if these two characters were squished together into...Show More Summary

Spectacular bronze age gold torc unearthed in Cambridgeshire field

Gigantic item found by a metal detectorist is among recent finds in England and Wales reported to archaeological authorities A gigantic gold torc, so big one expert thinks it may have been worn to protect a pregnant woman, has been found by a metal detectorist in a ploughed field in Cambridgeshire. Show More Summary

Weekend Link Love – Edition 428

Research of the Week Compared to Bronze Age Europeans and contemporary Northern Europeans, Southern Europeans tend to be better at converting short chain PUFAs (linoleic acid and ALA) into long chain PUFAs (arachidonic acid, EPA, DHA). The results of many clinical trials are never published. Show More Summary

centuriespast: Late Bronze Age, about 1600 BC Place of...

centuriespast: Late Bronze Age, about 1600 BC Place of discovery: Knosos, Palace, sacred treasury-rooms Dimensions: length: 0,19 m Material: Majolica Copyright: Hellenic Ministry of Culture

Exquisite Middle Bronze Age pottery vessel discovered in Isreal

A small extraordinary jug from the Middle Bronze Age was revealed with the assistance of pupils in the Land of Israel and Archaeology matriculation stream in an Israel Antiquities Authority archaeological excavation that was recently conducted in the city of Yehud prior to the construction of residential buildings.

Rare 3,800-year-old figurine unearthed in Israel

The "thinker" figure capping an 18-cm jug was found in a Middle Bronze Age grave alongside other funerary offerings.

Archaeological finds on route of Inverness West Link

Burnt grains and timbers found while excavating a grain-drying kiln at Torvean Prehistoric and Bronze Age finds have been made during work to construct the new Inverness West Link road. Pottery fragments and the remains of kilns used for drying grain were among discoveries made at Torvean. Show More Summary

A Drunken Astronomer, a 2,500 Year Old Brew, and a Lost City Older than Machu Picchu

This week we’re looking into whether polygraph (aka lie detector) tests actually work, checking out a Bronze Age brew that really should be made today, an astronomer whose name you may not know, and more! Read more...

Rice farming in India much older than thought, used as 'summer crop' by Indus civilization

Latest research on archaeological sites of the ancient Indus Civilisation, which stretched across what is now Pakistan and northwest India during the Bronze Age, has revealed that domesticated rice farming in South Asia began far earlier than previously believed, and may have developed in tandem with - rather than as a result of - rice domestication in China.

Santorini eruption: new theory says ‘pyroclastic flows’ caused devastating Bronze Age tsunamis

Take the ferry to the beautiful Greek islands of Santorini and you will sail into a truly unique landscape forged by a cataclysm towards the end of the Bronze Age. From either the north or south your ship will leave the brilliant blue seas of the Aegean and enter a natural harbour flanked by majestic cliffs.

Bronze Age city discovered in Northern Iraq

Archaeologists from the Institute for Ancient Near Eastern Studies (IANES) at the University of Tübingen have uncovered a large Bronze Age city not far from the town of Dohuk in northern Iraq.

Significant Bronze Age city discovered in Northern Iraq

Archeologists from the University of Tübingen perform excavation work just 45 kilometers from IS territory – the settlement may have been an outpost of the Akkadian Empire.

Facial reconstruction of Griffin warrior

The face of Bronze Age fighter revealed: Scientists reconstruct face of the 'Griffin Warrior' who was part of an elite group 3,500 years ago

Ancient barley variety slowly returning in UK foods

Naked barley was an important crop in the Bronze Age, but since then has almost been forgotten in the UK. Will this ancient crop make a return in the UK?

Tom Hiddleston Heads To Aardman Animation’s ‘Early Man’

Tom Hiddleston has joined the cast of Aardman Animation's prehistoric comedy adventure Early Man. He will voice Lord Nooth, a "ridiculously pompous" governor of the Bronze Age town, who is described as a money-loving tyrant and rival...Show More Summary

Escape From This Deplorable Election!

If the build up of election awfulness is becoming too much for you, take a time out to listen to the 5th episode of my new podcast where we travel back three thousand years to the twilight of the Bronze Age to talk to historian and archeologist Eric Cline about his fascinating book 1177 BC: The Year Civilization Collapsed. Truly fascinating stuff.

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