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My Bronze Age Book Is Out

Dear Reader, it is with great pleasure that I announce the PDF publication of my fifth monograph, In the Landscape and Between Worlds. The paper version will appear in April or May. Here’s the back-cover blurb. Bronze Age settlements and burials in the Swedish provinces around Lakes Mälaren and Hjälmaren yield few bronze objects and…

Ancient mtDNA from cis-Baikal area

Russian Journal of Genetics: Applied ResearchJanuary 2015, Volume 5, Issue 1, pp 26-32 Mitochondrial DNA diversity in the gene pool of the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age Cisbaikalian human population R. O. Trapezov, A. S. Pilipenko, V. Show More Summary

RepiTitiationes ~ 02.26.15

Renaissance bronze makes its acting debut at age 500 — The Getty (@thegetty) February 26, 2015 Ancient monsters: Typhoeus — Mischa Hooker...Show More Summary

Richest Gathering of Hellenistic Bronzes in Centuries Goes on Tour

last weekArts : Hyperallergic

In Power and Pathos: Bronze Sculpture of the Hellenistic World, opened last week at Florence's Palazzo Strozzi, more Greek bronzes are assembled than ever in the modern age.

Bronze Age War Dog & Winner

Perfume PosseBronze Age War Dog & Winner Remember I mentioned our Cane Corso emergency foster, Cleo/Chloe?  Well, she poked a massive paw at random and picked Number 9  ALL GIRL MAFIA!  So gmail your evilauntieanita with the detailsShow More Summary

Neela Vermeire Pichola Giveaway

Perfume PosseNeela Vermeire Pichola Giveaway My first trip to Venice was back in the Bronze Age.  I was sooo excited for Venice – such history, such faded luxury.  What I didn’t expect was the light, that weird, glancing light in courtyards. Show More Summary

The Bronze Age Returns! Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Shimmering Nudes

If I had to be a goddess, I would not say no to being a goddess of bronze, but what I’d really want to be is a goddess of cats. No, scratch that. I’d be the goddess of plus-size tabby cats with low-hanging bellies, because it’s all about being specific. Show More Summary

Magnificent Iron Age cauldron discovered in France

Very interesting news from France where archaeologists working for INRAP have found the remains of a magnificent bronze cauldron. It was discovered inside a large burial mound, which dates from t he 5th century BC. Most likely the final...Show More Summary

Excavation reveals ancient town and burial complex in Diros Bay, Greece

Recent research has uncovered the remains of an ancient town and burial complex that date to the Neolithic and Bronze Age. In addition to the Neolithic 'spooning' couple that has been highlighted in recent news articles, the team also uncovered several other burials and the remains of an ancient village that suggest the bay was an important center in ancient times.

Oxhide ingots in Scandinavian rock art

Antiquity / Volume 89 / Issue 343 / February 2015, pp 191-209 Representations of oxhide ingots in Scandinavian rock art: the sketchbook of a Bronze Age traveller? Johan Ling and Zofia Stos-Gale Bronze Age trade networks across Europe and the Mediterranean are well documented; Baltic amber and bronze metalwork were particularly valued commodities. Show More Summary

Bronze Age hair ring, ingots found in Anglesey

Four Bronze Age artifacts discovered in Wales by a metal detectorist were declared treasure trove at a coroner’s inquest on Wednesday. A gold and silver ring and three fragments of copper ingots were found on farmland in Cwm Cadnant, on the North Wales island of Anglesey, by Philip Cooper in May and June of 2013. [...]

Hollywood beckons, but Ronda Rousey has only title defense in sights

4 weeks agoSports / Boxing :

Ronda Rousey came home from the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games the proud bearer of a bronze medal in judo and, at age 21, no freaking idea what the hell she was going to do with the rest of her life … Continue reading ? The post Hollywood beckons, but Ronda Rousey has only title defense in sights appeared first on Boxing News.

Help Me Proofread My Book

Bitte Granlund of Happy Book has sent me PDF proofs for my forthcoming Bronze Age book, looking bee-you-tiful! If you’d like to help me proofread it, please email me. Everyone who finds ten errors gets a dedicated copy sent by mail. To my delight, the response to my plea has been strong. At the moment I believe I…

The Stone Age

Simply put, the Stone Age stretches from the first documented use of stone tools by human ancestors to the advent of bronze metallurgy (the Bronze Age). To date, the earliest evidence of stone tool use has been found in the East African Rift Valley, where Australopithicines were using them by 3.4 million years ago (during the Pliocene Period). Show More Summary

Bronze Age mixing of multiple populations => Armenians (?)

As far as I can tell, the hypothesis of "several mixtures" comes from looking at many pairs of populations and seeing that different types of pairs seem like they mixed to make Armenians. Possibility (1) is that Armenians have multiple mixtures, and possibility (2) is that none of the sources work very well.Hellenthal et al. Show More Summary

3,500-year-old Bronze Age hoard found in Poland

A 3,500-year-old Bronze Age hoard containing the head of an ice axe, fragments of a spiral necklace and a bracelet with tapered ends, all made of bronze, was found last month in the village of Rzeped? in Bieszczady Mountains of southeastern Poland. The hoard was discovered by ?ukasz Solon from the nearby town of Sanok [...]

Diet and Lifestyle in Bronze Age Northwest Spain

Diet and lifestyle in Bronze Age Northwest Spain: the collective burial of Cova do SantoAuthors:López-CostasAbstract:A multidisciplinary investigation of the collective burial of Cova do Santo is presented as a novel approach to understand daily life during the Bronze Age in Northwest Iberia. Show More Summary

Siberian Bronze age armor made of bone

last monthHumor : TYWKIWDBI

I thought "bone armor" was the fabrication of sword-and-sorcery stories, but in this case it is real:Archeologists are intrigued by the discovery of the complete set of well-preserved bone armour which is seen as having belonged to an 'elite' warrior. Show More Summary

Now You Can Buy Your Very Own Bronze Age Bust from Syria, Direct to You!

The Wall Street Journal is bringing public attention to bear on the ongoing decimation of Syrian archaeological sites by market-driven antiquities looters putatively overseen and enabled by ISIS. The most recent article is notable for...Show More Summary

Improving access to endogenous DNA in ancient bones and teeth

A new technical paper on the bioRxiv. Of interest is the group of samples, which includes some nice additions, including Bronze Age Hungary, Iron Age Denmark, and Post-1200AD Easter Island. Hopefully, we'll see genomes from these regions...Show More Summary

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