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Raiders Droners of the Lost Pots

Drones putting archaeologists on trail of looted antiquities At a sprawling Bronze Age cemetery in southern Jordan, archaeologists have developed a unique way of peering into the murky world of antiquities looting: With aerial photographs taken by a homemade drone, researchers are mapping exactly where — and roughly when — these ancient tombs were robbed. .. [...]

Archaeology in Wiltshire Conference 2015

Wessex Archaeology was well represented at the third annual Archaeology in Wiltshire conference on Saturday. Alistair Barclay speaking about Neolithic and Bronze Age discoveries from the Salisbury area Organised by Wiltshire Museum and...Show More Summary

Fornvännen’s Autumn Issue On-line

Today’s my 16th anniversary as editor of Fornvännen! Issue 2014:3 is now on-line on Open Access. Ole Thirup Kastholm on dugout canoes from before AD 1 on the Scandinavian peninsula. Ole Stilborg on Late Bronze Age pottery from Östergötland. Peter Tångeberg on recently uncovered Medieval murals in Kil church, Närke. Påvel Nicklasson on early 19th…

watch the plastic age starring pharrell exclusively on i-D

We all talk about the Stone Age, the Iron Age and the Bronze Age, but what era are we living in right now? People are starting to refer to us as the - far less romantic - Plastic Age. We make 288 million tonnes of plastic a year, and...Show More Summary

A History of Marvel Crossovers: The Dark Age

3 weeks agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

When last we left off, Secret Wars was a massive success, which meant, of course, one thing: Secret Wars II. Unlike the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Ages, however, the Dark Age of Comics is nebulous at best — some people state that it started after the publication of Watchmen and Dark Knight Returns, when comics took a turn for the dark and gritty. Show More Summary

A History of Marvel Crossovers: The Bronze Age

3 weeks agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

When last we left off, the Silver Age was coming to a close with the death of Gwen Stacy. The actual end was precipitated, however, a little bit before, with a two-part Spider-Man story involving the standard "drugs are bad" lesson — a story the Comics Code Authority refused to authorized because they forbade any instance of drugs. Show More Summary

At Jordan site, drone offers glimpse of antiquities looting

FIFA, Jordan (AP) — At a sprawling Bronze Age cemetery in southern Jordan, archaeologists have developed a unique way of peering into the murky world of antiquities looting: Based on such images and conversations with some looters whose...Show More Summary

‘CSI’ meets history: Piecing together the long-lost bones of Richard III

4 weeks agoHealth : The Checkup

British archaeologist Jo Appleby has spent her career digging up skeletons, from the Bronze Age bones of unidentified peasants to Richard III, who was reburied with great ceremony in Leicester last week. The remains of the English king, slain on a battlefield in 1485, were found beneath an asphalt parking lot in 2012. Show More Summary

Ancient Egyptian Brewery Uncovered—in Israel

A construction site in Tel Aviv has given up evidence of a bit of 5,000-year-old revelry in the form of an early Bronze Age brewery in 17 pits dating from 3500 to 3000 BC, Haaretz reports. Though the pits would have stored agricultural produce, they were "all full of...

My Bronze Age Book Is Out

Dear Reader, it is with great pleasure that I announce the PDF publication of my fifth monograph, In the Landscape and Between Worlds. The paper version will appear in April or May. Here’s the back-cover blurb. Bronze Age settlements and burials in the Swedish provinces around Lakes Mälaren and Hjälmaren yield few bronze objects and…

Ancient mtDNA from cis-Baikal area

Russian Journal of Genetics: Applied ResearchJanuary 2015, Volume 5, Issue 1, pp 26-32 Mitochondrial DNA diversity in the gene pool of the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age Cisbaikalian human population R. O. Trapezov, A. S. Pilipenko, V. Show More Summary

RepiTitiationes ~ 02.26.15

Renaissance bronze makes its acting debut at age 500 — The Getty (@thegetty) February 26, 2015 Ancient monsters: Typhoeus — Mischa Hooker...Show More Summary

Richest Gathering of Hellenistic Bronzes in Centuries Goes on Tour

last monthArts : Hyperallergic

In Power and Pathos: Bronze Sculpture of the Hellenistic World, opened last week at Florence's Palazzo Strozzi, more Greek bronzes are assembled than ever in the modern age.

Bronze Age War Dog & Winner

Perfume PosseBronze Age War Dog & Winner Remember I mentioned our Cane Corso emergency foster, Cleo/Chloe?  Well, she poked a massive paw at random and picked Number 9  ALL GIRL MAFIA!  So gmail your evilauntieanita with the detailsShow More Summary

Neela Vermeire Pichola Giveaway

2 months agoBeauty / Perfume : Perfume Posse

Perfume PosseNeela Vermeire Pichola Giveaway My first trip to Venice was back in the Bronze Age.  I was sooo excited for Venice – such history, such faded luxury.  What I didn’t expect was the light, that weird, glancing light in courtyards. Show More Summary

The Bronze Age Returns! Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Shimmering Nudes

If I had to be a goddess, I would not say no to being a goddess of bronze, but what I’d really want to be is a goddess of cats. No, scratch that. I’d be the goddess of plus-size tabby cats with low-hanging bellies, because it’s all about being specific. Show More Summary

Magnificent Iron Age cauldron discovered in France

Very interesting news from France where archaeologists working for INRAP have found the remains of a magnificent bronze cauldron. It was discovered inside a large burial mound, which dates from t he 5th century BC. Most likely the final...Show More Summary

Excavation reveals ancient town and burial complex in Diros Bay, Greece

Recent research has uncovered the remains of an ancient town and burial complex that date to the Neolithic and Bronze Age. In addition to the Neolithic 'spooning' couple that has been highlighted in recent news articles, the team also uncovered several other burials and the remains of an ancient village that suggest the bay was an important center in ancient times.

Oxhide ingots in Scandinavian rock art

Antiquity / Volume 89 / Issue 343 / February 2015, pp 191-209 Representations of oxhide ingots in Scandinavian rock art: the sketchbook of a Bronze Age traveller? Johan Ling and Zofia Stos-Gale Bronze Age trade networks across Europe and the Mediterranean are well documented; Baltic amber and bronze metalwork were particularly valued commodities. Show More Summary

Bronze Age hair ring, ingots found in Anglesey

Four Bronze Age artifacts discovered in Wales by a metal detectorist were declared treasure trove at a coroner’s inquest on Wednesday. A gold and silver ring and three fragments of copper ingots were found on farmland in Cwm Cadnant, on the North Wales island of Anglesey, by Philip Cooper in May and June of 2013. [...]

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