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A bronze age barrow and an Anglo-Saxon cemetery have been unearthed in Rothley

Archaeologists from the University of Leicester have discovered the hidden gems of the Leicestershire village during an investigation into how different generations have re-used ancient sacred places. Archaeologists have dug into Rothley's...Show More Summary

The Founders of Western Civilization Were Prehistoric Pot Dealers

5,000 years before dispensaries, dorm room dealers, and certainly before the dark web, early Bronze Age nomads embarked on the first transcontinental cannabis trade, according to a new study by experts at the German Archaeological Institute and Free University of Berlin. After poring over archaeological literature to...

Pretty sure I posted about this earlier. . . .

History made: In an astonishing Bronze Age discovery a 3000-year-old community has been unearthed British archaeologists working on the Must Farm project in England’s Cambridgeshire Fens can hardly restrain themselves. Their online diary...Show More Summary

Extraordinary 'British Pompeii' settlement was preserved in water for 3,000 years

The Cambridge Archaeological Unit is excavating Must Farm, a well-preserved British site that has provided a glimpse into daily life during the Bronze Age. Described as 'British Pompeii,' Must Farm was destroyed quickly and its buildings sank into water, where the settlement was preserved for the next 3,000 years or so. Show More Summary

PAS Fails the Public Interest Yet Again

41 Craig P (Fri May 20, 2016 10:09 am) has a "best practice" dilemma. I have a new permission and the owner has told me there is a field Historic England have told him not to plough as it contains Bronze Age Barrows. However I cannot find the site on the Scheduled monuments list. [...]Show More Summary

Must Farm excavation concludes

The excavation of the Bronze Age site of Must Farm in the Cambridgeshire Fens comes to an end this week, alas, but so many archaeological remains in exceptional condition have been found, they will be studied for years to come. The unique conditions of the site — round houses built on stilts on the Nene [...]

Archaeological finds provide a vivid picture of everyday life in the Bronze Age

last weekArts : Artdaily

Archaeologists have made remarkable discoveries about everyday life in the Bronze Age during their ten-month excavation of 3,000-year-old circular wooden houses at Must Farm in Cambridgeshire, a site that has been described as the 'Pompeii of the fens'. Show More Summary

'Britain's Pompeii' was 'Bronze Age new build' site

The beads found at Whittlesey show this Bronze Age village of the ancient Fens was nevertheless tied into a trade network that may have stretched to the Middle East An ancient village dubbed "Britain's Pompeii" was just a few months old when it burnt down, it has emerged. Show More Summary

Treasure trove proves we have been keeping up with the Joneses since the Bronze Age

Cambridge archaeologists examine a 'pristine' Bronze Age bowl CREDIT: DAVE WEBB /COPYRIGHT CAMBRIDGE ARCHAEOLOGICAL UNIT Fr om pristine gardens to the latest home extensions, trying to outdo one's neighbours has become something of a quintessential British pastime. Show More Summary

Before the Bronze Age: Ten Years Since Flipmode 3

Throughout the VHS and DVD skate video era, the brunt of the work put into the few New York full-lengths that existed was at the helm of New Jerseyians, Long Islanders and ex-pats. Then, Flipmode came along — a crew of virtually sponsorless (unless you’re counting Shut or Official flow) Queens kids who grew up […]

Were Bronze Age Weed Dealers the Founders of Western Civilization?

New research says that's entirely possible. Ever since Herodotus, we've been aware that the nomadic pastoralists of Asia Minor known as the Scythians burned marijuana as part of religious rituals and ceremonies. Now comes evidence that...Show More Summary

Lapsus linguae

Yesterday I gave a lecture on the Bronze Age and Early Iron Age "mummies" (they're really desiccated corpses, but "mummies" sounds cuter) of Eastern Central Asia before an audience of about twenty-five at the Franklin Inn Club in Philadelphia. I was talking about a Swedish archeologist named Folke Bergman (1902-1946), who worked with the great […]

Metal detectorist who struck gold with Bronze Age ring during illegal search is fined after touting it to a museum

The Penannular ring, a gold ring with a small section missing, found on a Surrey bridle path by Ricky Smith CREDIT: SWNS A metal detectorist who found a rare gold Bronze Age ring when he was illegally searching private land has been found guilty of theft after he contacted a museum about his find. Show More Summary

German 'Stonehenge' Opens To The Public

One of the most important relics of the Bronze Age, an ancient site known as the German Stonehenge, has opened to the public after years of reconstruction. The so-called German Stonehenge is thought to be more than 4,300 years old [Credit:...Show More Summary

Stolen by a UK Metal Detectorist - from us all

As a result of Operation Chronos, a Surrey metal detectorist has been fined for stealing a Bronze Age gold ring ('Treasure hunter fined for stealing ancient gold ring' West Sussex County Times, 23 June 2016 )Ricky Smith, 34, of Cranleigh,...Show More Summary

Police In Spain Seize 10,000 Stolen Artworks And Antiquities

The Guardia Civil has arrested an antiques collector in the town of Bullas and impounded an enormous cache: 4,000 archaeological artifacts, some dating to the Bronze Age; 5,000 rare coins; 150 relics, included a supposed piece of the True Cross once certified by the Vatican; 40 paintings; and 30 manuscripts, including a late medieval Book […]

Following the Pots Means Confronting the Myths of the Antiquities Trade

For the past three years, archaeologists led by DePaul University's Morag M. Kersel have used drones or UAVs to monitor looting at the Early Bronze Age site of Fifa on Jordan's Dead Sea Plain ('Drones Monitor Looted Bronze Age Sites in Jordan', February 16, 2016). Show More Summary

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