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Loan Servicers Didn't Create The Student Loan Debt Crisis, But They Can Help Solve It

Student loan servicers, companies that collect loan payments, shouldn't be blamed for the roots of what some have described as the student loan debt crisis. As a recent Brookings Institution research paper revealed, the students most likely to be struggling to repay their loans aren't those who graduated from elite schools [...]

Fake Indian takes real scalp

(Scott Johnson) Senator Elizabeth Warren is a blatantly fake Indian, but late last month she took a real (if metaphorical) scalp. Warren prompted the Brookings Institution to force the resignation of the Brookings-affiliated scholar Robert Litan. Show More Summary

Back To The Future: Universities Return To Their Spiritual Roots To Provide Enduring Value To Students

New York Times op-ed: The Big University, by David Brooks: Many American universities were founded as religious institutions, explicitly designed to cultivate their students’ spiritual and moral natures. But over the course of the 20th century they became officially or effectively secular. Religious rituals like mandatory chapel services were dropped....

October 7 roundup

News on legal policy front: Center for Class Action Fairness, founded and run by longtime Overlawyered co-blogger Ted Frank, merging into Competitive Enterprise Institute, Ted and all [CEI] Arnold Kling isn’t cheering Brookings Institution’s defenestration of well-known economist Robert Litan at Sen. Show More Summary

Why sell off the Postal Service if it’s still making money?

Our reporting last week on a Brookings Institution study advocating that part of the U.S. Postal Service be sold off drew angry and passionate responses from postal employees, unions and liberal bloggers. In the Brookings report, Elaine Kamarck, a former Clinton administration official, joined conservatives in arguing that a money-losing post office cannot survive as a […]

Litan Plays Victim Unconvincingly

In his effort to paint himself as the victim of a witch hunt, former Brookings Institution economist Robert Litan has published a column in Fortune this week in which he seeks to rebut recent criticisms of his study on the Department of Labor conflict of interest rule, including my Huffington Post blog from last week. Show More Summary

Brookings Institution sums up the growth position very succintly

Brookings Institution: "With the world’s population forecast to rise by 1.6 billion people by 2035, do we really think global oil demand won’t continue to rise? While I recognize that we must do everything to limit the growing use of...Show More Summary

You can't make me vote

Some bad ideas just won’t go away. Last month the Brookings Institution joined the recent chorus of voices calling for compulsory voting in federal elections. The authors prefer the softer term “universal,” but it's the same mischief: Vote or be punished. I’ve written about this issue several times...

In Litan Scandal, It Isn't the Money, It's the Economics

Robert Litan resigned his position as a nonresident senior fellow at the Brookings Institution earlier this week after it was discovered that he misused his Brookings credentials to promote an industry-funded attack on the Department of Labor's (DOL's) conflict of interest rulemaking. Show More Summary

THE GLEICHSCHALTUNG GENERATES PUSHBACK: Dem economists attack Elizabeth Warren over Brookings firin…

THE GLEICHSCHALTUNG GENERATES PUSHBACK: Dem economists attack Elizabeth Warren over Brookings firing. Five top Democratic economists are criticizing Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and the left-leaning Brookings Institution for forcing one of its nonresident economic fellows to resign. Show More Summary

Gale, Kearney & Orszag: Increasing The Top Income Tax Rate Won't Reduce Income Inequality

William G. Gale, Melissa S. Kearney & Peter R. Orszag (all of The Brookings Institution), Would a Significant Increase in the Top Income Tax Rate Substantially Alter Income Inequality?: The high level of income inequality in the United States is at the forefront of policy attention. This paper focuses on...

The Hottest Millennial Career Track You’ve Never Thought of

According to a report by Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute, two million manufacturing positions are likely to go unfilled in the next decade due to a lack of skilled workers. Another study, this one from the Brookings Institution, named manufacturing … [Read more...] The post The Hottest Millennial Career Track You’ve Never Thought of appeared first on Lindsey Pollak.

Monday Smackdown: Two Things from the Brookings Institution That Indicate a Grave Lack of Quality Control

Why am I not surprised to find the execrable Michael O'Hanlon calling for false balance on vaccination? Michael O'Hanlon: [Vaccines, autism and nervous patients]( More Summary

Brookings Institute receives Donations from Middle East Governments

Well, this makes things interesting, huh? The Brookings Institution, one of the country’s top left-leaning think tanks, has for the first time admitted to Congress that it receives millions of dollars every year from foreign governments, including Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, according to official disclosure forms obtained by theWashington Free Beacon. The disclosure […]

Netanyahu returns

(Scott Johnson) I want to share this announcement from the American Enterprise Institute: American Enterprise Institute president Arthur C. Brooks announced today that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will receive the 2015 Irving Kristol Award on November 9, 2015, in Washington, DC. Show More Summary

Netanyahu to receive 2015 AEI Irving Kristol Award

The American Enterprise Institute is very pleased to award the 2015 Irving Kristol Award to Benjamin Netanyahu. American Enterprise Institute (AEI) president Arthur C. Brooks announced today that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will receive the 2015 Irving Kristol Award on November 9, 2015, in Washington, DC. Show More Summary

News in Brief: Report: Oyster Cracker–Wise, Nation Doing Pretty Good

3 weeks agoHumor : The Onion

WASHINGTON—Citing their ready availability and consistent quality, a report released Monday by the Brookings Institution confirmed that, as far as oyster crackers go, the nation is doing pretty good. “The United States is currently in...Show More Summary

Heilemann: Hillary a 'Commander-in-Chief', Trump and Cruz 'Clowns'

John Heilemann has saluted his next President and Commander-in-Chief: Hillary Clinton. On today's With All Due Respect, commenting on Hillary's remarks on the Iran deal at the Brookings Institution and Donald Trump and Ted Cruz's comments...Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump, Iran-Deal Edition

During remarks at the Brookings Institute in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday, Hillary Clinton defended the Iran deal, now almost certain to make it through Congress intact, as imperfect — but far better than "good enough." "Is it perfect?" she asked. "Of course not. No agreement like this ever is. But... More »

Hillary Clinton Calls For Global Conference To Deal With Syrian Refugee Crisis

4 weeks agoNews : Huffington Post

WASHINGTON -- Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said Wednesday at the Brookings Institution that the United States should press for an "emergency global gathering" where countries would commit to taking in refugees fleeing...Show More Summary

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