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Get to Know B/R's New College Football Columnist Bryan Fischer

Introductions can be awkward. Sometimes, even more awkward than you thought possible. Over the years traveling the country covering college football, I've had my fair share of them. Sometimes it's on me, sometimes it's on the head coach...Show More Summary

Bryan Fischer Can't Help Being Homophobic, He Was 'Born This Way'

Bryan Fischer is now adopting Lady Gaga's pro-equality mantra and twisting its message for his own, anti-gay argument.  On his "Focal Point" radio show this week, the conservative host and former Director of Issues Analysis at the American...Show More Summary

WATCH: Bryan Fischer Says Homophobes Are 'Born That Way'

There's an instinctive revulsion to 'the act of homosexuality,' the antigay activist claims. read more

Bryan Fischer on Being an Anti-gay Bigot: ‘I Was Born this Way’ – VIDEO

last weekLGBT / Gay : Towleroad

Hoary old bigot Bryan Fischer has said that because he was born that way he is entitled to peddle anti-gay hysteria at will. According to Right Wing Watch, B-grade homophobe Fischer said that because was “born a Christian” with an innate ability for… The post Bryan Fischer on Being an Anti-gay Bigot: ‘I Was Born this Way’ – VIDEO appeared first on Towleroad.

Bryan Fischer On His Obsession With Gay Sex: “I Was Born This Way!”

last weekLGBT / Gay : Queerty

Bryan Fischer has quoted none other than gay icon and bisexual Lady Gaga to explain his obsession with hardcore man-on-man action homophobic beliefs, Right Wing Watch reports. The AFA’s resident closet case homophobe and conservative radio host was responding to a call from “Terry in Macon, Georgia” who demanded to know why he, as someone who was born a Christian […]

Bryan Fischer Explains How Overturning Mississippi’s Gay Adoption Ban Is Like ‘Imposing Slavery’ – WATCH

2 weeks agoLGBT / Gay : Towleroad

In another mind-boggling case of conservative rationale, or lack thereoff, Bryan Fischer declared that if gays are successful in overturning the gay adoption ban in Mississippi, it’ll be like “imposing slavery on the south,” reportsShow More Summary

Bryan Fischer: We Must Screen Every Thought We Have to Make Sure God’s Okay With It

On his radio show yesterday, the American Family Association's Bryan Fischer began by talking about how we all need to be on the lookout for Satan at all times (0:30 mark):

Ted Cruz Appears With Anti-Gay Hate Group American Family Association, Openly Advocates Theocracy

SoundCloud People sometimes ask me why I bother paying attention to the extreme right wing American Family Association and their insane caveman spokesman Bryan Fischer. Aren't they just a fringe group with no real influence? No, they're not a fringe group at all. In fact, they're highly connected politically and it's not...

Bryan Fischer: Attending a Gay Wedding is Like Going to the Opening of a Crack House

One of the bright spots during the Republican Primary Debacle Debate was when Gov. John Kasich spoke about how he would love his daughter all the same if she came out as a lesbian, adding that he recently attended a friend's gay wedding despite his personal beliefs about marriage.It wasn't exactly accepting of marriage equality, but it stood out in that GOP field.

Bryan Fischer Blasts John Kasich: Attending a Gay Wedding Like Going to A Crack House ‘Grand Opening’

3 weeks agoLGBT / Gay : Towleroad

Former American Family Association spokeshater Bryan Fisher was none too pleased with Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s rather forward-thinking (for GOP standards) response to a gay marriage question at last night’s debate. Said Kasich: Well, look,… The post Bryan Fischer Blasts John Kasich: Attending a Gay Wedding Like Going to A Crack House ‘Grand Opening’ appeared first on Towleroad.

Bryan Fischer To Save America From Satan Statues With Special Jesus Constitution

The merry Establishment Clause tricksters of the Satanic Temple held a big unveiling of their 1-ton statue of Baphomet over the weekend. Because they’re still waiting on a permit to place it next to the Ten Commandments monument at Oklahoma’s...Show More Summary

Bryan Fischer’s Latest Lie: The Lafayette Shooter “Was a Big Time Barack Obama Supporter”

I know Bryan Fischer has no credibly outside his Christian bubble, but he outdid himself with his latest lie. Usually, Fischer and his buddies (like pseudo-historian David Barton) take a shred of truth and wildly distort it to suit their needs. In this case, even that bit of truth was missing.

Video: America cannot wait—to purchase American Family Association radio equipment? Huh?!

last monthLGBT / Gay : Good As You

I see Bryan Fischer's wife among this collection of southern-accented actors: America Cannot Wait from American Family Studios on Vimeo. Join our campaign today! Visit Um, AFA, I'm pretty sure that your ability to make yourselves heard is a...

Bryan Fischer’s Gays-As-Nazis Slander Debunked By Holocaust Historian, Once And For All

last monthLGBT / Gay : Queerty

Bryan Fischer boasts a huge radio audience, religious right fan base, and a dangerous obsession with homosexuality. Even when his propaganda is disproven by facts, he keeps right on repeating it, ad nauseam. There’s his constant conflation of homosexuality and pedophilia. Show More Summary

American Family Association Spokesman Bryan Fischer Tweets Link to White Supremacist Site

Since the Charleston church shootings and the subsequent exposure of the alleged killer as a far right white supremacist, conservative pundits and bloggers have been frantically trying to spin away the connections between white supremacism and the mainstream right. Some of them are even absurdly arguing that alleged killer Dylann...

AFA Radio Host Bryan Fischer Tweets Link To Notorious White Supremacists Group

2 months agoLGBT / Gay : Joe. My. God.

Yesterday Little Green Footballs blogger Charles Johnson busted hate group leader Bryan Fischer for tweeting out a link to the infamous white supremacists group New Century. Fischer then deleted the tweet and denied having sent it. And as it turns out, the stats Fischer posted are completely false. Show More Summary

Bryan Fischer Calls For Russian-Style Anti-Gay ‘Propaganda’ Laws To Prevent Kids From ‘Choosing’ Homosexuality: VIDEO

2 months agoLGBT / Gay : Towleroad

He’s not going away quite yet. Anti-gay, anti-trans, anti-everything American Family Association mouthpiece Bryan Fischer has called for the introduction of Russian-style anti-gay propaganda laws, reports Right Wing Watch. Arguing that...Show More Summary

Five Fascinating Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Gay Sex

2 months agoLGBT / Gay : Queerty

Few things seem to rile up certain people (particularly Bryan Fischer) more than than gay sex. It’s more than a bit surprising: Homosexuality is found in every culture, in every historical epoch, in every animal in the kingdom, dating all the way back to when Adam did Steve. The number of acts of homosexual sodomy committed […]

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