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AFA’s Bryan Fischer: Anderson Cooper Should Recuse Himself from Gay Stories – WATCH

last weekLGBT / Gay : Towleroad

Following Anderson Cooper’s excoriating interview with Florida attorney general Pam Bondi (right) regarding the Orlando massacre, hoary old bigot Bryan Fischer has said Cooper shouldn’t be allowed to cover any stories related to “the homosexual agend… Read The post AFA’s Bryan Fischer: Anderson Cooper Should Recuse Himself from Gay Stories – WATCH appeared first on Towleroad.

Bryan Fischer: Anderson Cooper is Gay So He’s “Disqualified” from Interviewing Anti-Gay Politicians

After Anderson Cooper's fantastic interview yesterday with Florida’s anti-gay Republican Attorney General Pam Bondi in which he refused to let her off the hook for her past bigotry, you knew someone would try to defend Bondi.Bryan Fischer...Show More Summary

Bryan Fischer: We Don’t Want Gay People Dead; We Want Them Cured

The death toll from last night's gay nightclub massacre in Orlando is currently at 50, and religious bigots are starting to come out of the woodwork.Bryan Fischer, whose radio show is affiliated with the conservative American Family Association, couldn't even tweet his condolences without slamming gay people in the process.

Bryan Fischer: If You Have Premarital Sex, Satan Now Controls Part of Your Relationship

If I understand Christianity correctly -- and I clearly do -- then when you get married, Jesus is always in your bedroom.But if you have sex before marriage, then Satan tags in to complete the threesome.At least that was the gist of the argument made by Christian Right leader Bryan Fischer on his show yesterday:

Jim Mora, UCLA Agree to New Contract: Latest Details and Reaction

Four straight bowl appearances has bought Jim Mora extra job security, as the UCLA Bruins reportedly rewarded their head football coach with a contract extension Tuesday. Per Bryan Fischer, Mora's extension with UCLA is for two years,...Show More Summary

Canada's Plan to Ban Anti-Trans. Speech With 2-Year Prison Sentence Is 'Mission From Devil,' Says AFR Host

Conservative radio host Bryan Fischer has responded to the news that Canada might be considering two-year prison terms for speech deemed as being anti-transgender by stating that the "gay gestapo" is on a "mission from the dark lord...

Bryan Fischer in 2011: Black People on Welfare “Rut Like Rabbits.” Fischer Now: I Never Said That!

On his radio show Friday, Christian bigot Bryan Fischer reminisced about the time the Washington Post didn't fact-check a story with him. As he explained, there was a time when people were spreading the rumor that he said black people on welfare "rut like rabbits" so they can get more government handouts. Show More Summary

Cheers and Jeers: Monday

2 months agoUS Politics / Liberal : Daily Kos

From the GREAT STATE OF MAINE… Things I Learned from Republicans in April Clear out some space in your cranium. These are gonna take up some room… Rocker Bryan Adams has declared war on Jesus. (AFA spokesman Bryan Fischer) Black people are dumb and they have tattoos on their foreheads. Show More Summary

Bryan Fischer Says of the Bible, “Do. Not. Doubt. This. Book”… While Sharing a Faith-Based Hoax

On his radio show yesterday, Bryan Fischer covered a major scientific breakthrough: Apparently scientists are having serious doubts about that whole "evolution" thing. It's "a complete sham," Fischer said. "It's a scam. It's a hoax."And he made sure to reiterate where this information was coming from in case there were any concerns:

Bryan Fischer Wishes Bryan Adams Would Stop Lynching All The Blacks In Mississippi

2 months agoUS Politics / Liberal : Wonkette

There’s a fight a-brewin’ and it’s Bryan vs. Bryan! In one corner, we have noted civil rights leader Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association. In the other corner, it’s Bryan Adams, Canadian pop star who sings about the “Summer Of ’69” and asks if you’ve ever really, really really ever loved a woman. Oh and

NCAA Bans Football Satellite Camps: Latest Details, Comments and Reaction

The NCAA banned football satellite camps, effective immediately, in accordance with Friday's ruling by the Division I Council. According to Bleacher Report's Bryan Fischer, FBS football programs are now required to hold camps at their...Show More Summary

Bryan Fischer: We Can’t Punish Women Over Abortions Yet Because They Don’t Know Any Better

While Donald Trump was quick to publicly walk back such talk, the idea of punishing women for having abortions is not a novel concept. It’s not only what happens all over the world where abortion is illegal, but the same fetal protection concerns are putting women in prison in the United States despite the fact that abortion is legal. Show More Summary

Republicans in Congress Push Extreme Anti-Refugee Bill That Mirrors Trump's Xenophobia

Backer of proposed House bill has close ties to gay-bashing anti-mosque crusader Bryan Fischer. A handful of far-right lawmakers are advancing a draconian bill that would slash the already meager resettlement of refugees in the United...Show More Summary

The Left Will Love This=> Ted Cruz Rally Includes Pastor Who Wants Gays and Lesbians Jailed

Pastor Bryan Fischer was scheduled to appear with Senator Ted Cruz at a rally today in Mississippi. Cruz was forced... The post The Left Will Love This=> Ted Cruz Rally Includes Pastor Who Wants Gays and Lesbians Jailed appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

Monday Morning News Feed: Dem Debate, Tina Fey, Bryan Fischer, China, Jimmy Carter, Wine, Bedhead

4 months agoLGBT / Gay : Towleroad

DEMOCRATIC DEBATE: NYT gives Clinton the edge: “Commentators and pundits shared the opinion that there were no campaign-altering moments, though Mr. Sanders, who was on the attack throughout, occasionally seemed to lose his cool andShow More Summary

Bryan Fischer Says Abortions Are “Like Food for Demons”

Atheists may love to eat babies, but who knew the Devil preferred the unborn?Christian Right leader Bryan Fischer explained it all on his radio show yesterday:

Bryan Fischer: Evangelicals Are Supporting Donald Trump Because of Satan

Why does Donald Trump have so much support from evangelicals? Simple. Because they're taken in by his bravado and arrogance way more than they care about what he thinks when the doors are closed.But Bryan Fischer is still under the assumption that evangelicals would vote for the most evangelicaliest candidate. Show More Summary

Who's Responsible For Donald Trump's Evangelical Support? Could It Be...SATAN?

Fearless homophobe Bryan Fischer is flummoxed about the fact that evangelical voters are floating over to Trump. But never fear, Bryan has an explanation for it all. SATAN. "You look at Donald Trump and there is something, to me, that is unnatural about his level of support," Fischer stated. Show More Summary

Bryan Fischer: Methuselah Lived to 969 Because He Was Protected by a “Vapor Canopy”

While there are many parts of the Bible that make people question its legitimacy, the age of Methuselah is a fairly simple one.How the hell did someone live to the ripe old age of 969?Don't worry. Christian Right leader Bryan Fischer has a perfectly logical explanation.It involves a vapor cloud and radiation and genetics. You know, science.

Bryan Fischer: Politicians Should Pass a Test Administered by David Barton Before Taking Office

Christian Right leader Bryan Fischer agreed with a caller this week who said government lawyers should have to take a class taught by Pseudo-historian David Barton before they get hired.Fischer actually took it farther, saying that rule should apply to members of Congress as well. Show More Summary

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